Friday, May 7, 2021

This, That And The Other Thing From Dublin Ohio

 Hey, how's your luck holdin' out? It's not bad enough the Chinese throw death and destruction with viruses every year They've now come up with a space rocket that is going to come crashing to the earth this week-end. Not to worry, It's only 150' long and weighs a measly 23 tons.

Bob Evans restaurants are based in Gallipolis, Ohio but located all across the country(except, thankfully, California). If you aren't familiar then think Denny's or Waffle House. The powers to be at corporate have come up with a new idea; beer for breakfast. Heck, I didn't know they served beer at lunch or dinner.

Day 30 of my Nutri-System is complete. The good news is I've dropped 18 lbs. The bad news is I'm weak from starvation. Charlie has decided to join in. I had to leave the house for an hour this morning. He broke into my breakfast cache. I hope he enjoyed the protein bars. Only 30 days more to go. It's agony.

Why is it Facebook as a private company can decided who can and can't have their material posted but a baker is sued because they don't want to make a cake for gay/lesbian weddings?

If Iran and Israel went to war who would our country support? I'm waiting.

In 2020 there were 17,000 murders in this country and 48,000 suicides. Of these suicides 6.100 were performed by kids ages 15-19. What does this tell you? I'll be interested in finding out the rate for 2021.

There's a book out written by a guy in the Obama administration. The name of his work is Unsettled Science. He has the temerity to say global warming is bunk.

In 2017-18 48 million Americans were sickened with the flu. This is where it gets hairy. 21 million made medical visits while 810,000 were hospitalized and 61,000 died. It is estimated the flu vaccine, even though taken, took 5,700 lives. it's a 50-50 deal, folks.

Joe Biden at 78 looks really, really old. Now I know what Methuselah looked like.

I feel a road trip coming up in June. In mentioning Ozark, Missouri last week another town close to it cropped up called Nixa. Both Chambers of Commerce have forwarded information. My big worry is we'll move and after a week I'll tell the Queen we should have stayed in Dublin. Can you say frying pan-head-dead?

Charlie and I made a quick trip to Kroger Foods today and ran into a woman around age 45 along with her 19 year old son. We are, after talking, kindred spirits. The lady is a nurse at Ohio State medical center. Oh, her mask was down below her chin. After my initial comment about masks she took the floor; told me very few of the doctors and nurses wear masks except under duress. I told her if she filed for divorce I'd follow suit so we could live happily ever after.

Do you know why elderly guys like me give up drinking beer? It's because after three they'll be going to the bathroom every ten minutes for the next 8 hours.

Joey B's job numbers for April are so bad CNBC thought they were a typo. 

Whatever happened with QAnon the supposed right wing violent group. It appears they were used as a fake threat. To date no a single soul from Q has been accused of a terrorist murder.

Enjoy the week-end. I've got my eyes out for the Chinese rocket.

And Tony Is Responsible

It Will Melt The Hardest Of Hearts

 There's  nothing like a video of a small child holding and caressing a pet.

It's The Way I See It

I'd have to guess about 95% of Americans who mainstream  media call 'Far Right' want only to work for a living, keep most of their money, raise their kids in piece and educate them without left wing indoctrination, own a nice home and be left in peace.

In other words, they extremists.

A Real Life Story For Us Oldsters

The Marryin' Kind

I take great pride in appreciating the finer things in life. It's no secret, not even from The Queen, that I appreciate the female form. When I'm in an airport it doesn't bother me to sit around for four or five hours. Ladies such as the one posted here abound.

For some reason I gazed at this photo and conjured up what I thought she might be like in real time. I doubt she's ever cursed and not once in her life did she have a blemish on her face. She never has to have her teeth cleaned, either. Her first words in the morning and the last of night would be, "Honey, I'm so lucky to have you for a husband. Why don't you tomorrow go golfing then after drink beer with your buddies until 2 am.

As a side note, when I was five I thought Snow White was a real live person.

Do They Mean New York, Chicago, Philly, St. Louis, Portland?