Thursday, July 19, 2018

Never Let A Crisis Go To Waste

The Turtle Racing Capital Of The World

Every Wednesday in Longville, Minnesota located on the eastern side of Cass County, the City Father's close off Main Street to have what is called Turtle Days. Shutting down the main drag isn't that big of a chore since it's only 1 block long. A circle painted in green, about 30 feet in diameter, is painted on the pavement. In the center, also painted are the letters START. Kids from the surrounding lake areas, mostly vacationers, vie to have a turtle race to the outside of the circle to win a prize. The kids place their turtles on the START mark and when some dude yells 'Go' the animals race to the outside of the circle.

This sport has been going on in this community of 150 for 51 years and every time my grandchildren are at our lake home we drive over for the festivities. It's a 30 minute drive but the scenery is magnificent. Lakes on either side of County Road 5 make for an interesting sight.

I have to admit whoever named these lakes must have had other more important items on their agenda. Along the way you'll see Woman Lake, Boy Lake, Girl Lake, Child Lake. You get the picture.

Sometimes, when I see events I begin to ask questions. Take for instance the turtle races. There must be around 100 of these reptiles in a tub of water. There are heats, 15 kids at a time and a total of 100 signed up. At the end the winner of his or heat races for the championship. It seems to me this is a lot of physical pressure on Tudor the Turtle.
I'm mystified that PETA or some other humane society hasn't brought suit to stop this inhumanity toward our little shelled friends. Trust me when I write it'll happen some day. The only reason it's lasted this long is no one can find Longville.

My grandkids didn't want to do the racing thing. They love playing games to get prizes all of which had to be made in China. The games are simple in nature; a ring toss, throwing a bean bag in a hole, etc.

Every kid wins every time. If a kid is under 4 all they have to do get get a prize is be breathing. They don't even have to try.

I took three grandchildren; a girl 10, a boy age 7 and another girl age of 4. There are thousands of rinky dink prizes, mostly junk. It did my heart good to see the grandson grab water pistols, paper airplanes and plastic knives. The lasses went for wrist bands and small girlie purses.

My grandchildren are aware of their identity and that's a good thing. Makes a Grandpa proud.

Trump Vs. Putin

Evidently the liberal faction would have only been happy if Trump would have shot Vlad dead.

I saw two photos of Putin and Schumer today---together from 2016. In one Chuck was bowing to the Russian leader. In the other they both were chortling at each other while munching at Dunkin' Donuts.

Schumer missed his big chance. He could have cut him down dead or poisoned his apple fritter or both.

There must be some kind of parallel between these two guys and the relationship of FDR and Uncle Joe Stalin. I don't doubt Putin has had thousands murdered. This pales in comparison to the millions murdered by Stalin in the 30's and 40's. Yet, these two guys laughed together, smiled together and drank together.

I remember as a kid when Nikita Khrushchev made a visit to Iowa and the farm of his good buddy, farmer Roswell Garst who lived outside Jefferson.

Khrushchev was such a good guy we almost went to war with the Soviets during Kennedy's administration over Cuba.

I can't figure out why the Libs are so upset over a good relationship with Russia. No war--good thing. War--bad thing.

When Reagan was in office and went to Berlin he made a speech whose words will live forever, "Mr. Gorbchev, tear down this wall" and during George Bush's administration they did. At this period in history Libs loved the Soviets under Gorby. Reagan, not so much.

I wish liberals would make up their minds about whether or not the Russians are good or bad. All this hullabaloo leads me believe it might be about getting votes and taking back the congress.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

A Little Bit About Slavery

Every so often a member of the Black community will bring up the subject of reparations; giving away money to Black Americans for our history of slavery. Other than it's absolutely a stupid idea I wonder how the give away would be ministered. Every person applying for funds would have to give a blood sample to determined what percentage of black blood was coursing through their body. Talk about problems.

Slavery, if you didn't know has been around for thousands of years. Two sides battle and to the winner go the spoils.

But the reparations crowd is only interested in the North American continent. First, we know the slaves were brought from Africa. But Whitey didn't set up shop on the shores of the Dark Continent. Other blacks did this for profit. It was the white traders, ships captains and their crew, who brought them to this side of the Atlantic.

Did you know, and I find this fascinating, only around 336,000 slaves were brought to this continent. Doomsayers will say 20 million died in the passage but I find this to be a magnificent exaggeration.

Think about this, please, while you contemplate the figure I just gave you. In history around 10.8 million blacks were shipped off to South America. That's a goodly number. I'm not privy to this information but I wonder the demand for reparations in the continent below us, Caribbean Islands included.

How To Get A Purple Heart

Putin's Lucky Escape

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Obama Calls For Universal Income

Hey gang, Barry's in Kenya for a big event; raising cash for his sister. You remember Kenya. It's the homeland of his dad and the country where every citizen has to do a #2 by digging a hole in the ground.

You'll recall in '09 when he and Biden were recently elected and made a trip to Toledo, Ohio. He told a guy who became famous as 'Joe the Plumber' that at some point we'd have to spread the wealth around. I.e. socialism if you will.

Anyway, after Mr. Chicago had moved on to Johannesburg, South Africa to received a Nelson Mandela he gave a speech announcing that the world needs a universal income. What the hell? We already have it in the U.S. It's called EBT cards. How many times is this community activist going to show his economic ignorance? There's an old saying, "If Socialists understood economics there wouldn't be socialism. However, we in the real world understand when Bomma makes these utterances. He's talking communism.
I was searching for the perfect cartoon to illustrate our 44th presidents ineptitude.I do believe I found one.