Sunday, August 13, 2017

No One Blamed 'The Bern' When His Supporter Shot A Congressma

When a Bernie Sanders supporter attempted to assassinate Republicans, the media were quick to disassociate a politician from his radical supporters

We’re all so used to double standards from the media that we barely notice them.  But right now, the unfairness is so acute that we must take a step back and remember something hideous that happened only this year. President Trump is being roundly criticized by most of the media for failing to criticize one side over the other in the Charlottesville riots.

So let’s take a short trip down memory lane and recall how the media treated the attempted assassination of House Republicans by a Bernie Sanders supporter. James Hidgkinson, who evidently put a lot of thought and planning into his massacre. He had a prolific history of outspokenness in support of Sanders and was known to be fanatical.  No one on the left raised a peep about him.

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