Sunday, August 13, 2017

Trump Didn't Give In To #BLM, Antifa

The left is farcical, in high dudgeon that Trump blamed “many sides” for the Charlottesville violence.
It’s not “many sides” doing the fighting?
Who are the “domestic terrorists/KKK/alt-right” fighting with? Freedom fighters?
#BLM is responsible for the death of policemen.
#Anitfa is a fascist organization who pretends to be combatting right-wing fascists.
Antifa would, if given the chance, shut this blog down. I am not a bigot, a white supremacist or in the KKK.
They’ve been violent at Ann Coulter speaking engagements, as well as Milo and Ben Shapiro.
Are they the KKK? Are they racists?
BFH @ iOwnTheWorld

Trump’s remarks were spot on. The left is not going to bully Trump into giving a leg up to the actual fascists—> #BLM and #Antifa.
Imagine if we had a president that endorsed the left’s beliefs, beliefs such as this-

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