Friday, August 11, 2017

Do Not Get Fat

Oregon State University is now offering “fat studies” courses to students. The courses regard the concept of “weightism” and “fatphobia” as a hot-button civil rights issue. The courses further examine how body weight, shape, and size play key roles in societal privilege and discrimination.
Gateway Pundit

You do realize what this means? A college degree is absolutely worthless. Universities are eliminating from their curriculum math and English because some segments of society weren't privileged enough to be born in white society. The best courses to take are women's studies, sociology, hating white men, white women and white people who own dogs and cats. A college degree means a person is on the road to free government programs for the rest of their lives.

This is what I'm talking about.

An Oregon school district has decided to remove the word “lynch” from three school names due to the negative association the word carries with lynching despite the fact that the schools were named after a family who donated land for the schools to be founded.

And there's more:
An assistant professor at the University of Iowa has pledged to devote her classes to making her “mostly white” graduate students aware of their “white privilege.”

Jodi Linley, an education professor at the University of Iowa, detailed her extensive commitment to teaching classes that “deconstruct whiteness” in an academic journal article published Monday, arguing that to do otherwise would make her “complicit” in perpetuating white supremacy and white privilege. Weasel Zippers

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