Saturday, August 12, 2017

Riot In Charlottsville

Counter-protesters flocked to the march in retaliation (pictured) against the white nationalists, screaming: 'We're here, we're gay, we fight the KKK!'

As you know I'm not one for protests; didn't do it in the 60's and, unlike some of these folks shown in the photo, wouldn't do it today.

Evidently, a group of Alt Right(hard core right) and members of the KKK were protesting the removal of a Robert E. Lee statue from the college campus. Weird isn't it? When I was a kid adults instilled in me the idea of having great respect for Lee because he followed his principles of not fighting against his home state.

This is what really torques my bones. Not one single word has been spoken nor written about antifa(communists) or the Black Lives Matter thugs who spread their garbage at the protest.

Anyway, the folks shown came shouting a slogan: "We're here, we're gay, we fight the KKK".

I do't know about you but I'd be yelling: "I stayed home because I didn't want to get bloodied".

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