Tuesday, September 1, 2015

What's Up With People In India

Four or five years ago I was visiting my son and his wife. I don't recall the exact conversation but it had something to do with religion and India.

I made a comment, "What can one expect from people who worship monkeys and cows"? My daughter in law gave me one of those stares that would kill. It's as though I said I wanted her in my bedroom for fun and frivolity.

Admittedly, the Indian culture has been one of consternation for me over my lifetime. It's not that the dot head thing bothers me. I've always found it unrealistic that the caste system is still in place.

I should be more understanding because every country and society has a system of their own. Ours is based on race and economics. One of my students, in history class in 1984, told me there was a Black class system. She was light skinned and said that dark skinned Blacks were frowned upon by lighter ones.

I came across a story that illustrates the oddity and inanity of the Indian culture but from my viewpoint. It might be one that you agree with, too.

So, the story goes like this and I quote:

"A 24-year-old Indian woman was forcibly married and gang-raped as a brutal 'honor punishment' after her brother eloped with his girlfriend, it emerged today.

The woman - who cannot be named for her own safety - was told she would wed the husband of her brother's new girlfriend as 'revenge' for the couple's adultery".
Does this seem odd to you especially in the 21st century? It does me but I don't know why.
In the US the Supreme Court has allowed marriage between people of the same sex which has opened the door for bestiality. I'm not sure if it's okay to do it with a female sheep but all bets are off.

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