Sunday, May 14, 2017

Famous People Who Might Not Be Alive

In perusing a favorite blog from Dan Cirucci I came across a cartoon depicting what might have happened if the now famous might not have been on this planet because they were aborted.

Then, I went to another site that listed 17 famous people whose mothers backed out abortions at the last minute because of their conscience or that they went against advice from a doctor. How many abortions have been done in this country not to mention around the world that might have spawned brilliant minds? We'll never know but I do have a listing of those who survived. Interestingly, I saw John Paul II on the list.

Andy Berlin
Anthony Williams
Art Linkletter
Bo Diddley
Buffy Sainte-Marie
Carl-Theodor Dreyer
Charlotte Anne Lopez
Celine Dionne
Daunte Culpepper
Dave Thomas
Debbie Harry
Eric Dickerson
Faith Daniels
Faith Hill
Freddie Bartholomew
Greg Louganis
Jack Nicholson
James MacArthur
James Michener
Jesse Jackson
Jim Palmer
John Lennon
John Paul II
Langston Hughes
Larry Ellison
Lee Majors
Leo Tolstoy
Les Brown
Melissa Gilbert
Michael Reagan
Nancy Reagan
Nat King Cole
Nelson Mandela
President Gerald Ford
President William Clinton
Priscilla Presley
Ray Liotta
Sarah McLachlan
Scott Hamilton
Sen. Paull H. Shin
Sen. Robert Byrd
Steve Jobs
Tim Tebow
Tim McGraw
Tom Monaghan

I'm certain there are thousands of others. My blood grandmother would also fit into this category if she had not decided to give up my mother for adoption.

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