Saturday, May 27, 2017

Like Father Like Son

Tim Kaine’s youngest son was one of eight people charged in Minnesota Friday in relation to their alleged disruption of a rally supporting President Trump.

Linwood Kaine, 24, was charged with one gross misdemeanor count of obstructing the legal process and misdemeanor counts of fleeing on foot and concealing his identity in public.(If my dad was Tim Kaine I'd want to conceal it, too.)

A criminal complaint says Kaine and others changed into black clothing during the March 4 rally and entered the state Capitol. One group member threw a smoke bomb inside. The complaint says the 24-year-old Kaine was among those who ran away, and he initially resisted arrest.
My question is, who in their right mind would name their kid Linwood? The only place I know of with that name is a cemetery in Boone, Iowa.

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