Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Heath Mello Aborts Himself In Omaha Mayoral Election

A few weeks ago the head of the Democrat National Committee(DNC), Tom Perez(he shares the position with the Muslim from Minnesota, Keith Ellison) came out with a profound statement regarding abortion.

He stated: any Democrat who is pro-life does not belong in the Party. Right away the worrisome in his party blasted him knowing full well there were a heck of a lot of Catholics still clinging to the JFK Democrat methodology, Nancy Pelosi being one of them.

Their was a mayoral election in Omaha yesterday. The candidate for the donkey party, Heath Mello, is staunchly pro-life having voted in their unicameral state legislature for six amendments protecting the unborn.

The good news is a women, Jean Strothert, whomped Mello's rear end due in great part to the fact that pro-abortion Democrats didn't support their candidate and refused to go to the polls. I guess they showed everyone.

A woman who happens to be a Republican wins. Someplace, somehow Hillary has to be happy that the glass ceiling has been broken.

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