Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Coffee: It Ain't Just For Drinking

The household has been undergoing a infestation of ants. Hollywood could make a horror movie out of what goes on in our condo. Hundreds of thousands of mighty mites have invaded my man cave. The upstairs bathroom and shower area is disgusting. Yesterday, I put my foot down, literally, on millions of the critters and they kept on coming. Yeech!

The last order of business was to tell Her Majesty because I was certain she'd say, "MJ, they go where you drop food". I hate it when she does that. Anyway, she may have been half right. You know what I mean, the man cave and all. But the biffy? Give me a break. In my 69 years of going without diapers I can honestly say I've ever so much as eaten a Snickers bar on the can.

At diner this even The Queen said, "You know why we don't have ants in the kitchen don't you"?
I've long learned to tell a women anything about a kitchen. She stated that ants hate the smell of coffee.

Naturally, I was a skeptic because whoever heard of a ant having a cup of coffee so I got on the internet and looked it up. And she was correct. Coffee grounds are a deterrent for having the pesky critters around. Vinegar is one of these, too, along with chalk.

I was kind of hoping beer would be on the list but it didn't make the cut. Crud!

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