Saturday, July 22, 2017

This Is How he 2nd Amendment Works

Believe me, you won't see this story on the mainstream media.

Liberals may simply try to wish away the crime — but a 17-year-old girl’s brush with death, and subsequent use of a gun, shows without a doubt that the Second Amendment saves.
The story of Kimber Woods, who fired into the ground and scared away a home intruder, is one for the political books. Strangely, liberals are pretty silent on it, though.
Woods was alerted by her boyfriend of a possible burglar, called her dad to ask if she could use a gun, and when told yes, slid one under her pillow. When the burglar did indeed enter her home, Woods pulled out the firearm and pointing it right at his face, demanding he leave. For extra emphasis, she ran outside and fired a shot into the ground.
The burglar fled. Mission accomplished.
Nobody was even physically harmed.
This is how the Second Amendment works.
Washington Times(story courtesy of the Council Bluffs Cowboy)

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