Friday, July 21, 2017

Dunkirk The Movie

The Social Justice Warriors(SJW) are on the warpath again this time over the release of the movie Dunkirk. In the event you're historically illiterate Dunkirk was a battle which took place on the coast of France between May 26-June 4 of 1940. The Allies were in danger of being decimated by the Germans and nearly 400,000 of them were in danger of being captured or decimated.

A call was sent out and hundreds of small British craft sailed to France and rescued their boys so they could fight again another day. As it was 340,000 French, Belgian and Canadian troops were rescued. Another 50,000 we left behind to live a fate of death and imprisonment.

There is something called revisionist history. If a person doesn't like the truth then make up another story or create a different scenario.

The Social Warriors have done this with the movie. Their main complaint, quite simply, is that the producers failed to include enough women and blacks in the film. Diversity in WWII? I don't think so.

And life goes on.

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