Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Question Of The Day

If you know me then have have to be aware there are always 'Cliff Clavins' running through my brain. A few hours ago I put my belly on the bar at my favorite sports bistro in Dublin Ohio called Yogi's.

It's not a sports day with current action so I watched football replays, college and professional from 2016. Then it hit me. I cannot recall a placekicker, ever, being of the Afro-American persuasion. I do remember the Univ of Iowa had a punter, Reggie Roby from Waterloo, Iowa who made the pro's, but a field goal kicker------------never. Is this racism?

One of my friends always said Blacks have to be running backs, wide receivers or defensive backs because they get their quickness from running away from the police. That seemed cruel.

Regardless, if you can recall a Black placekicker(other than at Grambling)let me know.

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