Saturday, August 12, 2017

What Bill Clinton Said About NoKo In 1996

From the NY Times:

The North Korean Government accused President Clinton today of provoking it with threats of war after he warned that the United States would retaliate if North Korea developed nuclear arms.

The statement by the Communist Government of Kim Il Sung came just hours after it handed over what it said were remains of 17 American soldiers killed in the Korean War.

On his weekend visit to South Korea, President Clinton warned that if North Korea developed and used an atomic weapon, "we would quickly and overwhelmingly retaliate."

"It would mean the end of their country as they know it," he said. 'Rash Act' by U.S.

The North Korean Government lashed back today through its Korean Central News Agency, monitored in Tokyo.

"The United States must ponder over the fatal consequences that might arise from its rash act," the statement said. "If anyone dares to provoke us, we will immediately show him in practice what our bold decision is."

And what, pray tell is the difference between Clinton's utterances and those of Donald Trump? The answer is absolutely nothing except the MSM controls the agenda.

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