Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Do You Live In One Of These Three Zip Codes

Read these zip codes very closely: 99691,99648 and 87828. Do you live in either of the three. If you do then you must be a saint on earth.

The first of these(99691) is located in Nikolai, Alaska. It is composed primarily of Eskimos. The second(99648) has a few citizens(113) and is the home of folks from Perryville, Alaska. The last one(87828) is located in Polvadera, New Mexico and has a population of 269 hearty people.

There are in this nation between 43,000 and 44,000 zip codes.

The three listed zip codes are more than unique. They are the only ones in the United States containing people without an Ashley Madison account. Do you find this mindboggling.

Our morality system must be way below the Sodom and Gomorrah Line.

I wonder how and when our values changed so much. God forbid it took place in the 1960's with the accepted social changes. Who would have thought the ramifications of our legislators and judges would send us down the path to Hell. Ladies and gentleman, the answer is quite simple. It's called liberalism.

Three zip codes. That is pathetic.


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