Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Life Can Be Like A Bucket Of Spit

Frustrating, Irritating, careless, mindless wandering. Those are apt words to describe my blog work for the day. Sometimes, I churn out material asap without research. Not tonight. I gave it the college try.

For the past two hours I patted myself all over my sexy body for the very magnificent piece I wrote on the Ashley Madison scandal. It was peppered with metaphors, similes and all other grammatical words and phrases necessary to write the great American masterpiece and make myself proud.

And then I did it. Instead of pressing the completed button my finger hit delete. And all my dreams for a Pulitzer dissolved before my very eyes.

The gist of my work was this: Ashley Madison was for naughty people. That's it.

And this didn't even take me five minutes to put out.

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