Friday, October 23, 2015

A Tidbit On Benghazi

After Hillary's 'testimony' of yesterday it appears that 44% of the American people believe she's out of danger(and never was). Another 44% think she's a liar and culpable for crimes against the dead men.

This is understandable. You either love her or hate her. The late New York Times conservative writer, William Safire, called her a congenital liar. This determination dates back to her days on the Watergate Commission when she was fired by her prosecutorial boss for being immoral and unethical.

I took a clip from this morning illustrating how the American people view Hillary's testimony.

Hillary Clinton triumphed
at the Benghazi hearing
by not losing her cool
Washington Post, by Chris Cillizza    Original Article

You can read the article but the headlines says volumes about American
character.  It matters not if Hillary lies. In essence lying, for liberals,
 is a good trait.

It doesn't make a difference if Hillary personally pulled the trigger on the
four dead at Benghazi as long as we're led to believe she has the ability
to perspire under the klieg lights while being questioned. It's a long
practiced 'Clintonism'.

Both she and Bill are admired by their minions
for having the ability to lie and get away with it.


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