Monday, October 19, 2015

Erectile Dysfunction Is Dysfunctional

Adam Wainwright is a pitcher for the St. Louis Cardinal baseball team. Today, Mr. Wainwright, via twitter, stated that it's wrong to have Major League Baseball garner commercial money with the erectile dysfunction ads. He stated, "It's not right I have to flip channels while these are running to keep my kids from watching".

I agree but not for the reasons written by Wainwright. There have been four, maybe five, Viagra ladies in the past couple of years. One was Australian. Another a very attractive black woman. As the commercial proceeded the babes would get off of a bed then, in slinky almost see through negligees, saunter out of a beach front cabana while gazing at ocean waves. My suspicion at the time was they were in there late 30's, possible their early 40's. Not old but not young.

Today's flavor of the month cannot be over 29, the same number she's sporting on the football jersey covering her frame. She's hotter than hot. I promise, if she was in my house, the last thing in the world I Would need to get excited would be a blue pill. Being within three feet of her would get the job done.

If the erectile dysfunction companies wanted to strut their stuff they'd hire granny pictured at the top of this blog piece. Blue pills might work but I'd have to be given the time to chug a twelve pack of Budweiser.

Isn't that how 90% of us were conceived in the first place?

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