Wednesday, October 14, 2015

It's Tough Writing About Excitement When It Isn't There

One of my readers once told me he enjoyed the personal interest stories I wrote instead of those dealing with politics. I agree. Since returning from Washington D.C. a week ago I've looked in every nook and cranny for funny, self-deprecating situations and even tall tales but there just aren't any to be found.

I do have to give myself a personal pat on the backside for what I did while visiting our nation's capitol. I left at home my computer. Not once did I read a newspaper or listen to the news or talk radio. This has to be a record worthy of Guinness.

What I do find is that I'm in a tedious routine. Upon waking and coming downstairs in the morning I drink two cups of coffee and look at my favorite web sites on the computer. After this I hop on over to the Safari golf course driving range. Afterwards it's lunch time again perusing the computer.

At 4pm I'll watch Neil Cavuto followed by The Five. Dinner at six and some more television until bedtime at 9:30. If Eisenhower had had this routine we'd have never won the big war.

Since it's now the Fall of the year I did make a keen observation. Five days ago the leaves on our Ohio trees were green. Now they're a bright orange and yellow. It's weird how God makes things happen so quickly.

I'd like to write a few paragraphs about my beloved Chicago Cubs but there's a word called jinx and I don't want to be accused of ruining the season.

Do you like baseball? I do. It's my very favorite team sport. Anyway, and I was flabbergasted to find out this bit of info about the Pittsburgh Pirates. They finished second in the Central Division of the National League 38 games over .500. That's heady stuff when playing .500 is pretty good. Anyway, the Pirates did not have a winning record against any team in their division. Folks, they were losers against the pitiful Milwaukee Brewers and Cincinnati Reds.

The more I consider my life a routine it isn't all that bad. Every day seems to be average and you know what they say about average, especially from a salesman's point of view: Average is the best of the lousiest and the lousiest of the best.

The last week has been more than average. I can live with that.

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