Friday, October 9, 2015

On Hiatus To Washington D.C.

The Queen and her servant took a quick trip to DC and surrounding areas this past week. The highlights were to Gettysburg, Antietam and Manassas to view the Civil War battle sites. To this day we are saddened by the carnage that took place. If the Union forces didn't have such dumb generals the war would have been over in a year.

Whenever we go to the District of Columbia a trip to Arlington National Cemetery is a must see. The changing of the Honor Guard should be required attendance by every high school student in America.

Interestingly for me nothing out of the ordinary took place. I'm a people watcher and we didn't see any weirdo's. Excuse me for a second. I did run into one blithering idiot at Dupont Circle in Washington DC.

 Gettysburg, Pennsylvania is a quaint village of 7,600 and founded in the 1760's. We took the opportunity to walk the streets and scavenge through souvenir shops a few blocks from downtown. Prior to arriving I knew I was going to buy one item, a Confederate flag. I did. The only reason the purchase was made was to defy political correctness. Chances are more than 99% it'll never leave the bag it came in. At the counter I spied a Confederate stocking cap. It will look good on me when the winds chill and on the golf course. A pox on PC people.

Traffic in DC is horrid but we didn't get shot and that's a good thing.

Admittedly the best part of the trip, after visiting the Civil War sites, was coming home. Traveling on Interstate 68 from Hagerstown, Maryland to Morgantown, West Virginia is breath taking. Try it some time.

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