Friday, April 21, 2017

Another 'Ah Crap' Moment

Who said a picture is worth a thousand words? They were incorrect. A photo is worth hundreds of thousands of words. The instant I saw this picture I was reminded of an incident that took place on our 5,000 acre lake, Ten mile, in northern Minnesota.

We had a neighbor who lived a quarter mile south of us. He was bragging to a group of men at our monthly coffee gathering about the $20,000 motor he had recently purchased for his big time boat. He wanted us all to come down to his dock the day he put it in the water. "You guys will be amazed at the power generated by this monster", he stated.

On the appointed day we, under duress, met at his dock. Of course, he had to explain every little nuance and feature of his own personal 'water monster of Ten Mile'. I feigned interest but really wanted to get back to our place and do important business like read the paper.

At the moment of blast off, with his engine at full throttle, our host headed out on the lake. About around a quarter mile out, with 90 feet of depth below him, the motor lifted off the craft like a rocket going into outer space. The man's new toy had found it's way to Davy Jones locker.

It seems the skipper, in all his excitement, neglected to bolt down his prize. Insurance? He hadn't yet purchased any. Embarrassment? A thousand fold. Did we offer sympathy? Of course-----until we got in our cars to drive home.

I've never laughed so hard and long. It's he stuff of which legends are made.

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