Tuesday, April 18, 2017

This 'N That From Dublin Ohio

It's been an eventful week----for an old guy. It was Easter weekend which was beautiful to say the least. We participated in the Easter services with our son and his family in Madiera, Ohio a suburb of Cincinnati.

On the Saturday before the Queen and I drove down to Xenia, Ohio to watch our 12 year-old grandson play soccer. Xenia's claim to fame was a tragedy of sorts, I 1973 a tornado swept through town killing 33 of it's citizens. The community, while driving through, reminded me of my hometown of Boone, Iowa----old.

On the highway to Xenia we were forced to go through the village of Yellow Springs. It's a unique experience. Buildings are quaint and tourists abound to visit the eateries and mostly wander though shops selling rings, necklaces and other junk normal people don't wish to purchase.

Yellow Springs is also the home of Antioch College with a student enrollment of 270. For just a moment think about the most liberal bastion of liberal education in America. Antioch has all of them defeated my a country mile.

On the street near the center of town were six from the 'Check Out Generation". I figured they were hippies from the early 60's or when marijuana became the 'Breakfast of Champions' for weirdos.

Of course these long hairs had placards with words such as, 'Peace' and 'Love Your Fellow Man'. One guy was holding a sign with only the earth painted on it. His last haircut was during the Eisenhower Administration.

I've saved the Xenia soccer game for my blog exit. As a grandparent I've always been supportive of what our offspring are up to. I encourage them and tell them how wonderfully they played even when they didn't.

Here's the thing about soccer: It's as boring now than it was when Pele' played. I'd rather watch Oscar play marbles than go to a soccer event. The most difficult for me to believe is parents actually spend gobs of money to have their kids play the most wretched game in the world. They'll put them on travel teams then travel the Midwest to watch them fall down on grass, Ye gods, what an abuse of the almighty dollar.

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