Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Democrat Desparation

Georgia held a special election yesterday for candidates who desired to replace the former Dr. Tom Price who Trump appointed to a cabinet position.

The way it works is thus: If a candidate receives more than 50% of the vote they then are declared the winner. Considering the Dems offereded only one candidate on the ballot, Jon Ossoff, while the Republicans had 9 the idea for the Pub's was to keep the vote total under 50 then have the top candidate available in a mano y mano election in June. It turns out the person for the Republicans, the top vote getter, was a woman which should have made the Lefties happy but it didn't.

Ossoff is a newbie candidate. He's never run for any office which is neither good nor bad. But, and tis is ridiculous, he doesn't even live in the district. He has strong ties to Hollywood and the boobs sent in all the radical Lefties available to infiltrate the Peach State. They also brought their cash, about 9 million dollars.

Not to worry. This will be a seat that stays in the hands of the party that is the lesser of two evils. Once again the Communist Party of America has failed.

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