Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Planned Parenthood: It's All About Money

Every so often I get on a rant but only to let people know I'm vehemently against killing human beings. It just seems wicked and brutal. Also, two other things: PP does not perform mammograms and they're only in the game for profit.

I quote from LifeNews:
Planned Parenthood, a group that has performed approximately 81,567 abortions since Trump's inauguration on Jan. 20.  That's about 877 abortions per day, 36 per hour,  or 1 every two minutes.

Think about the number of murders. It's so sad. I'm sure some of these babies would have grown to be absolute thugs and murders, rapists and thieves. But they were all God's children. I was watching a local TV show last night. A segment shown was about a young black boy who is outstanding in his community of Columbus, Ohio. He's a very talented violinist, does community work and it was announced, yesterday, he won a full scholarship to Harvard. He wants to be come a neurosurgeon. So, let's talk about the rapists, murderers, thieves in comparison with one young man who might change the world. 

When God was asked about Sodom and Gomorah what it would take to save one life. Hmmm!

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