Thursday, June 15, 2017

It's About Me And Guns

I happen to be a strong support of the 2nd Amendment. I've even given money to the NRA, only $20, and received a nice camo bag for my efforts in return. A year later a lady from the NRA called my home asking for more cash. I told her no and the reason being I only wanted to make a statement.

I don't hunt. I'm actually afraid to carry a weapon but only because I know what would happen. I'd shoot myself in the foot, the penis(useless at my age) or some other important part of my body. In other words, I'm a scatterbrained dufus.

My youngest son is a hunter. I gave him an extra special, very expensive shotgun given to me by my neighbor before he died.

When I turned 65, my wife, as a birthday gift gave me a gift certificate at a local gun shop to learn about handguns. I shot off a couple of rounds then sat down with the owner and asked him more questions about guns than he wanted to answer.

One time, when I was in Oklahoma at my good buddy's house we went to his twenty four acre hunting plot of land. He gave me a hand gun to practice with at a target. Or, was it a rifle? I don't know but I knocked a can off a tree five straight times and he accomplished the feat only twice and he's an expert. I felt like Davy Crockett.

The point of this blog post is significant at this stage of my life. I firmly believe we are headed for a civil way' Back Lives Matter, Antifa, you name it.

I have decided I am going to purchase a personal weapon for myself and any person near me who might be in danger who I love and adore. In other words, Her Majesty.

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