Sunday, June 25, 2017

Northern Minnesota Road Kill

Since we arrived at our northern cabin in Hackensack, Minnesota I've noticed a tremendous number of bambi's on the roadside.

I've come to the conclusion that the lack of a dreaded winter in these climes in the winter of '17  most often experienced in this part of the world the animal life had it easy. Many is the time I've thought, "know what. I'd bet if these critters were newly deceased they'd make a wonderful meal". I've witnessed eight deer residing along the highway from my place to the Indian casino only five miles up the road.

Yesterday I saw what I thought was a newly deceased raccoon along highway 2 just outside of Walker, Minnesota. For a moment I wanted to pull along side the highway and check it out but since the Queen was with me I relented. Raccoon stew: sounds good to me. At the least I could have cut off it's tail and hung it on the cabin wall.

I'm a city guy guy but when I get in the north woods  I turn primitive. Maybe it's because I've always admired Davy Crockett.

My request to you, if you're interested in the simple life come to Hackensack, Minnesota. A guy can go to church in his underwear and nobody cares. You're allowed to swear even in front of your wife. A guy can tell off color jokes but not in front of his wife if she's like mine and, this is most important, you can cook road kill over your pit and and your neighbors will join in the feast.

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