Friday, June 16, 2017

The Democrat Revolution

It's the new fad and it's called The Revolution. Any and all against the Trump regime need to do whatever possible to destroy this man(assassinations have been called for) via impeachment.

You know how it goes, don't you? College profs and progs from the 60's, today's kids who've never shoveled someone else's sidewalk for walking around money, dropouts from any level of education will do.

And then, today, it hit me. It isn't Trump these clowns are trying to shut down. They're after every Republican since Eisenhower who ever resided in the Oval Office. Think about it. Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan, George Bush II. From the exacted moment they were elected(except in the case of Al Gore who made a fool of himself with the recount) these guys had no election holiday. The Left busted them from day one. It's no wonder they can't control a legislature in this country.

Thank God, especially for Ronald 'Renaldo Magnus' who put them in their place.

Sometimes, I pat myself on the back for being on the right side of history.

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