Thursday, June 15, 2017

The American Left: A Basket Of Deplorables

For your information the scum bags name is Donna Potter from South Carolina. I sorta kinda doubt her business is going to survive but only time will tell. There is a follow up from this person. I'm certain she didn't realize she'd make the national scene.

Donna Potter of DP Consulting deleted the tweet after she received a serious amount of blowback on Twitter. Instead of apologizing, she first tried to pretend that the offensive tweet was just a joke, then she tried to blame it on a typo, and then she tried to blame it on a lack of caffeine -- all while attacking people in her timeline who were offended.FYI insane people. It was a joke! I deleted it hours ago! Certainly was not intended to incite anyone's crazy reactions! 1st amend hello..
Then she tried to play the sympathy card:
And the "Christian" card:
I didn't see any apologies. And through it all she continued to post tweets slamming "evil" Republicans and linking to left-wing conspiracy sites.
What a piece of work, eh?
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