Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Does Every Day Have To Be A Struggle

It's no wonder there are so many people trying to escape reality through drug use and alcohol. People who commit suicide? Go for it if that what it takes.

We (you know who I mean) arrived back in Ohio fro a month's stay at our Minnesota lake money pit two nights ago. The first order is business is to go through our mail; some good, some bad but most being trash material.

One item for me was an Iowa Hawkeye logo'd watch. I'd purchased it in mid-May. After three days use it decided to stop running at promptly 4 AM each morning. For the next four days I'd reset the time hands. Then, on day five, those hands quit working. I received a COD form and mailed it back to the distributor. They promised it would be fixed. That watch was in the mail when I returned home. Guess what? The fools(or could it be me) did not do one damn thing to fix it. I guess somebody didn't receive the work order. Anyway, I spent two hours on the phone trying to get the situation rectified. In a week or so I'll report back. My educated guess is the manufacturer will try to wear me down with frustration hoping I may write off the whole episode. They may be correct.

I've decided to donate my 'beater' car to a charity. Two months ago I decided to replace my left front tire. I mean, if you donate an item it has to be in fairly decent condition. That's what God wants.
The tire cost $100. When I looked in the garage after our trip home. I saw the right front tire was nearly flat so I bought another. It was installed this afternoon and I was told the price would be $179.50. I sort of felt sorry for the kid behind the counter after I laid into him------but not that sorry. Fifteen minutes later the readjusted tire came to $95.00 even but why was I being forced 'lose it'? Young people won't understand the axiom, the wheel that squeaks get the grease, but it does.

So, here's the point. When you lie in bed at night after saying your prayers and think about the days events how many times can you say, it doesn't suck to be me? Not many I'm guessing.

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