Monday, August 7, 2017

A Meaningless Birthday

Sometimes state legislatures pass laws so ridiculous they are appalling. When I was teaching in Illinois we received a day off from school to celebrate Thaddeus Kosciusko day. I taught at a Catholic high school in Rock Island, Illinois. So impressed with Kosciusko was I it never behooved me to see who the heck he was.

The Queen and I live in a suburb of Columbus, Ohio. Do the kids get that day off. I don't think so but, then again, Columbus was a white guy who killed Indians and brought disease to America.

The Illinois legislature has struck again. They are now celebrating the birthday of Barack Hussein Obama and with this announcement all federal buildings will be closed and the workers will still get their paychecks.

As for the students throughout the Land of Lincoln. Ninety-nine per cent are clueless as to who this clown is but they do know one thing. They don't have to go to school. What a country.

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