Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Preparing To Leave Minnesota With Empty Pockets

The first of our brood leaves this morning, headed back to Ohio. There will be five less souls sleeping in beds tonight. This means our motel will be housing only twelve for the rest of the week. Tears have already flowed from my 'go home' granddaughter. She doesn't want to leave. How do I know?
Last night she asked if I'd give her the money to buy an airline ticket and leave later in the week. Yeah, right.

MJH is on the verge of a financial meltdown. In the past ten days I've lost a car transmission. It's still in the shop. A very large pine tree fell on my boat trailer. One of the grandkiddies dropped one on my fishing poles and reels in the lake. I am clueless about where my cell phone is hiding and the most mindboggling one: my boat cover is gone. We haven't had a wind greater than 5 mph in the past three days and it must be in the lake along the shoreline.  If that adventure doesn't turn up anything I'll be driving to Fleet Farm in Baxter, Minnesota. It's only an hour away and, heck, what's another $250.
 This morning I'll scour the water over to my neighbors. I'm certain there are other financial setbacks escaping my brain. They'll come to me later.
Oh, yeah! There was the cash for the tree cutters to cut three pine trees and get them off our road from the windstorm. The toilets backed up so an emergency phone call was made to rectify the poop perk.

I do feel like I work for Budweiser Brewing. Counting our children and their spouses I make a daily run to the Hackensack Liquor Store.

One of my son's is a graphic design artist and produces t-shirts with witty sayings. Our neighbor told him, in reference to Minnesota, he should come up with one reading: '#BlackFliesMatter'.

I thought that was pretty good. If you don't understand then you've never been in the Gopher State.

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