Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Democrats Continue To Be Brain Dead

In my opinion with an emphasis on opinion is this country is in a helluva mess due to three specific groups:

The mainstream media leads the pack when it comes to complete boobs. They are so in the tank for Hillary and other Democrats it's nauseating. My college basketball coach, Jerry Bean, made a statement in class one day that perfectly describes the media, college professors and Democrats, in general.

He said and not referring to the above groups but the 60's rabblerousers on campus, "They have their heads so far up their rear ends they have to spray their stomachs with Windex just to see where they're going".

Much is being made of Trump and his off the cuff remarks about the NRA and Hillary taking away their rights. His comment, "Some of the NRA might do something about it" is causing apoplexy among the hardcore Left. "He's calling for her assassination", they say.

Are you aware that a full length movie was made in 2006 detailing the murder of GW Bush? You didn't know this? Why is that? It couldn't be liberals are biased is it?

The father of the Muslim sympathizer who murdered 49 innocent folks in Miami sat directly behind Hillary at a rally only 20 miles from the scene of the disaster. I've seen reports on Fox. Other than these folks it's a big yawn. Do you believe if a relative of a mass murderer was in support of Trump we'd only hear crickets?

The media, college professors and democrats all have one commonality: toilet material.

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