Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Learning To Ride A New Bicycle

My parents bought me my first two wheeler when I was six. I don't know why. Maybe a kid up the street had one or, possibly, and this is how my folks oftentimes worked, if they bought me big time items then I might love them more.

Anyway, I received a black and white Hawthorne. It didn't have training wheels so I was on my own and received the normal amount of cuts and bruises but after awhile I picked up the knack.

And so it is with my new computer. My Hewlitt-Packard died. Well, it didn't really die but the hard drive was so worn out I was forced to stop and start about every five minutes.

I shop at MicroCenter in Columbus, Ohio. They know me by name for a couple of reasons: 1) I'm clueless when it comes to these contraptions and 2) I walk in and look for the least expensive item.

One of the salesmen tried telling me about gigabytes. I told him he might as well stop because he was only exercising his lungs.

My senior son is the computer expert. He told me to purchase a chrome computer. The only functions I use for one of these frustrating pieces of sh----excuse me-------technology is to send and receive emails, look at my favorite news sites and write my blog.

J've had this little gem for three days and haven't quite mastered the art of cut and paste but I will. So, bear with me.

I'm not your average moron when it comes to computers. I'm way above average.

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