Wednesday, August 17, 2016

When It Comes To The Economy I Must Be A Dumbo

My high school economics instructor was Hal Lyness. He was dynamic and expected his students to understand how the economy worked. Two years ago, fifteen years after he died, I found out he was a hard core Democrat. This really frustrated me but I'll cut him some slack because his form of politics preceded George McGovern.

Economics is to say the least, for the common man, more than boring. What isn't this is cash put on a normal families dinner table. The middle class, and this is the truth, is $17,000 behind in wages from the year 2008.

If you'll recall this is when the black savior, Barack Obama took office.

Pay attention: Our Gross Domestic Product
the total value of goods produced and services provided in a country during one year. Compare with gross national product.since Obama took office has averaged 2.5%. Consider this. 3.0% is average. Anything above is positive. This next sentence is extremely important and you'll never hear it from the main stream media. Never, not once, in the history of the United States of America had the GDB been this low. And if you happen to be historically deficient this dates back to George Washington.

Let's talk about the screecher, Hillary, for a moment. I've seen one of her economic ads. She has two points to get the econony moving: (1) To raise the taxes drastically on giant corporations who are taking advantage of the middle class. And all of her minions cheer. This is so silly. Smart people realize if corporate taxes rise they will be passed onto those below them. As much as prog's hate to admit it it's called 'trickle down'.

Her second economic saving point is to raise taxes on corporations leaving the US for more fertile ground. She is such a lying boob. Our corporate tax rate is 36%, the highest in the world. Why wouldn't these companies leave the states to secure profits?

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