Thursday, June 8, 2017

Drunk Philly Reporter Had Only One Drink, Okay, Maybe Five

On Sunday, standing outside the Helium comedy club in Philadelphia, 28-year-old Colleen Campbell went on a drunk tirade directed first at the club and then at the police. The (now former) PHL 17 reporter was apparently upset about being thrown out for "loud whispering." Police had asked her to walk away. Instead she attempted to spit at a club employee and was subsequently arrested. She then claimed she hadn’t spit on the man, but of course she was caught on camera. The extremely profane video was captured by comedian Wil Sylvince. (Nevertheless, I did enjoy hearing bits of her Philly accent, as when Campbell says "laugh" and "audience" around the 0:20 mark.)
Needless to say, Campbell is horrified by her actions and has little or no recollection of the events. "Everything was foggy," she told Philadelphia magazine. "I do remember coming in to Helium. I do remember getting into an altercation there, but I don’t remember what it was about. I only had two drinks at Helium." On her now-shuttered Facebook page, Campbell claimed to have had one drink. But as she elaborated to Philadelphia, "I was working at Devil’s Den. I bartend there. And then we went to Cantina for a margarita, and I had two shots. But that was an hour before. Then we went to Helium, waited in line, got our drinks. I don’t even remember going out to the lobby. I do remember getting into the cop car."
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But, it wasn't her fault. She was drunk

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