Monday, June 5, 2017

This N' That From Dublin Ohio

Yours truly is watching the Memorial golf tournament on TV even though I've had tickets for all four days and the front gate is 200 yard from my home. Why do I not attend you may ask? It's easy to explain. My toilet is eight paces away from my couch. The refrigerator a mere twenty steps and I love my couch much more than standing in the sun.

As I do every year I'll announce to robbers and other crooks we're leaving for our Minnesota lake place this week. Speaking of robbery; someone took two golf putters and my favorite driver out of my garage. Lucky me. God only knows why this person didn't abscond with two sets of golf clubs and fifteen pair of golf shoes. What a moron.

Did you know that God is dead? That's what atheists say. If God is dead does that mean He was never alive?

This, personally is scary. I started teaching high school kids in 1968.Those 'children' are now 66 years old.

I received noticed yesterday about a man, a WWII veteran named Chuck Lovin who passed away. He was 100 years old and was a teacher and mentor of mine in high school. He is the very last teacher/coach I had. I remember as a ninth grader he cold cocked me when I smarted off. He was old school and I deserved it. I loved the guy and saw him frequently when I returned to my home town of Boone, Iowa. There aren't any old school guys around anymore.

Dublin is becoming fancy schmantzy. In Old Town investors are building apartments selling for $ one million and, no, I won't be a purchaser.

For the last week Dublin has been  experiencing the infamous seventeen year locust infestation. The critters are every. An entomologist I am not. I have a question. Do the locusts do their thing every 17 years across the nation or are the egg droppings regional. The Queen thought it was a good question. I was surprised. I thought she knew everything.

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