Tuesday, July 11, 2017


First, ask any question or make any statement about Trump collusion with Russia and I'll make this announcement: "I don't care."

The Lefties are all ginned up today because of emails offered by Trump junior and his meeting with a Russian female lawyer. She has ties to the Kremlin. I don't care. The rumor was, before the election this woman had dirt on Hillary that would hurt her campaign. Junior set up a meeting but it seems there was nothing there.

Now CNN and its cronies are screaming foul. I don't care. Let's say there is dirt on Hilly Mae.(Does anyone in their right mind doubt there isn't)? If my dad was running for the presidency I'd certainly want to know the juicy details. But no, the libs are screaming foul. Okay, let's go on that premise but let me propose another scenario.

Let's say a guy is about to get married. Then let's say a friend approached him with information that his fiance' pulled a train for the University of Alabama football team. But his fiance, in her despair cries foul. "This isn't fair", she utters has he boots her in the kiester and out of his life.

I don't care about any one this nonsense. I don't care about Democrats. I don't care about Never Trumpers. Donald Trump has accomplished more positives in the first months of his presidency than anyone dating back to Ronald Reagan.

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