Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Hillary Bumper Stickers

It's been a very hectic last couple of days. The Ford Taurus X(with a new transmission and motor mounts) made it safely back to Ohio via Miami, Oklahoma but with my wallet slightly lighter.

It's not that I was lost or didn't know how to use a GPS. My college roomie, financial adviser and long time friend was having a 70th birthday/retirement party in his hometown in northeastern Oklahoma.

I do believe he was surprised when I walked in the front door of his home. It was a 12 hour drive from our Minnesota lake home then another 12 hours driving the interstates  back to the Buckeye state but the out of the way venture was more than worth it. There's nothing like having good friends especially when you don't see them that often.

Did you know it's election season? I'm always, at this time, on the lookout for bumper stickers. I have two on my car. They aren't obnoxious as in: 'Hillary, Kiss My Sweet Ass'. On the lower left hand corner of my back window there is one reading, 'Hillary Lied And Four Men Died'. That's fairly truthful. In the lower right hand corner there's a circular picture. It shows a soldier in black silhouette
with a yellow background. The Queen and I picked it up at Gettysburg last September. It's main purpose is as a guide when I get lost in Kroger's parking lot.

So, I drove 24 hours getting home. Since I'm always on the look see for unique bumper stickers I expected, at this time of year to see the kind that make me either smile or gag. For instance, If I saw one reading, '#BlackLivesMatter' I wouldn't like it. If I read one with the words, '#BlackLivesMatterSucks' I'd take note then wait for a drive by shooting.

I saw two 'COEXIST' stickers, both with Colorado plates. One of then also had a sign reading 'PEACE'. This is a little known fact. The great prophet, Abraham, over 5,000 years ago started the 'COEXIST' sticker. He'd slap it on the rear end of his camels. I don't think it worked out for him.

I didn't not see one Hillary sticker; not a single one. And, I drove through Minnesota. I'd never expect to find a Hillary bumper sticker in Kansas or Oklahoma. In the last election not a single county voted for Obama. Oklahoma has some of the most intelligent folks on earth.

I drove through Missouri, Illinois and Ohio; not one sight of Hillary. At my friend's retirement party I mentioned the Hillary thingy to a friend, Gator, from Muskogee. Then I remembered my assumption wasn't all that fair because I'd bypassed north Minneapolis, Madison, Wisconsin, Ann Arbor, Michigan and all of New York State.

Finally, it's wonderful being back in Dublin, Ohio. We always vote 90% against the communist party.

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