Thursday, May 4, 2017

What Goes Around Comes Around

In 1954 the racist senator from Texas, Lyndon Baines Johnson sponsored a bill named after him. It called for the elimination of political speech offered in churches across the nation. Primarily, most political talk in those days came from Black churches denouncing segregation. Obviously, this legislation called for the elimination of free speech.

Little did Johnson know in twenty short years Blacks would align themselves with the Democrat Party. Thank you Jesse Jackson for being the leading poverty pimp of America. Even so, Blacks talked from the pulpit. Even the every gracious Hillary Clinton hit the pulpits. Who can forget her famous, "I ain't no ways tarred(tired) speech? Such talk from churches was to be considered a violation of American. It was considered a violation by the IRS laws and subject to fines. Even though against Black ministers nothing happened.

Today, Donald J. Trump signed an executive order rescinding this law. In addition, it is now illegal for members of religious organizations(Catholic nuns) to abide by the laws of supporting reproductive contraceptive law.

God bless Donald Trump and God bless America.

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