Saturday, August 6, 2016

Ginny Thrasher Had Better Tighten Her Buckskin Breeches

PHOTO: Virginia Thrasher of the United States poses with her gold medal in the Womens 10m Air Rifle event at Olympic Shooting Center during the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Aug. 6, 2016.
Dedicated to my favorite hunter from Oklahoma

Ginny Thrasher appears to be a nice young lady. That's what Lester Holt from NBC tells us. At age 19 the Virginian who attends West Virginia University is the toast of the town in her hometown of Springfield, Virginia and Morgantown, where she matriculates. (And you didn't believe a Phy. Ed Major could come up with such a word.)

Ginny, you see, won a gold medal at the Olympic Games in Rio. Hooray and hallelujah, kid. "As they say in West Virginia "You done good gal" (sometimes in WV it's spelled 'gud'). But poor Ms. Thrasher, I'm afraid, is about to become a cause celeb against her sport of choice. Can you say, #airgunskill? Yipper, the little lass won the 10 meter air gun competition. For me this was a revelation. Who knew an air gun could bring fame and fortune, temporarily anyway. Factually, there are a number of--gasp-gun events(16 in all and some even some using live ammo). I wonder how Democrats feel about this. I wonder if Ginny will be invited to the White House. My wildest wish is the NRA makes this girl, lady, female, babe, hottie, chick, woman etc.(only tweaking the fems) a spokesperson and provides her with a boatload of cash.

Some of you might say I'm making a big deal out of nothing. Not so. How many kids, kindergarten let's say, have been suspended from school for pointing their thumb at the sky and index finger at another kid? Don't scoff because I know I'm correct on this. I've heard of school children who drew pictures of futuristic ray guns on a sheet of paper and were sent to the principal's office for a good reprimand. A kid can get in less trouble in school for cutting the cheese on cue than he can drawing a picture of a weapon.

When Ginny returns to classes in Morgantown expect two or three anti-gun nuts demanding she give up the medal because its acceptance is racist. Somewhere in American History, I'm certain, there's a manuscript detailing how a black slave was shot and killed by a thumb and-----no wait---an air gu---no wait---a pistol containing a bullet or two.

If she's in a sorority expect the girl to be drummed out. This dictum will come from the President of the university after a pointy headed diversity appreciation instructor sends out a list of demands. One of these being air guns will not only be banned from campus and all sorority functions but also from Morgantown's Wal-Mart(I know they have one because I once used their restroom). If she has a job she might as well consider herself fired unless it's a Chick fil-A.

The next we'll hear from Ginny Thrasher is she will be seen standing on a street corner in a remote community in West 'by God' Virginia, maybe Cabin Creek, holding a sign reading: 'Will shoot air gun for food'.

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