Saturday, May 31, 2014

Doggy Poop

A US Airways flight from Los Angeles to Philadelphia was forced to make an emergency landing in Kansas City after a service dog started pooping in the aisle and the flight crew was unable to contain the mess.
The passengers aboard US Airways Flight 598 could only sit back and watch while a big dog defecated in the aisle not once, but twice.
After the dog went to the bathroom for the first time about an hour into the flight, the crew did their best to deal with the mess but they were unable to contain the smell.
"An hour later, it still smelled bad, and after they cleaned it all up, it pooped again," Passenger Steve McCall told INSIDE EDITION. "A couple of people started dry-heaving, a couple of people were throwing up."

Friday, May 30, 2014

Right Back At Ya'


Double Good Feel Good Story Of The Day

Legendary New York DJ Dave Herman died behind bars Wednesday while awaiting federal trial on charges of trying to seduce a 6-year-old girl.
The 78-year-old ex-WNEW-FM morning man apparently suffered a fatal aneurysm inside the Essex County Jail in Newark, according to his lawyer, Marc Agnifilo.
Herman was locked up following his arrest last year in the Virgin Islands in an undercover sting operation conducted by Bergen County prosecutors.

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Being a neophyte blogger(it's been in existence for four years) I do not understand my audience. Looking at the latest state for the week I should be under surveillance by the our government. Either that or the communists figure I'm one of theirs. If any of you have an explanation let me know. I'm clueless.

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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Things That Are Most Important

The wife and I are at our Minnesota lake cabin. It's located one hour from civilization in any direction. She loves it here. Me, not so much. The weather has been amazingly warm for this time of year. My neighbor and his better half spent the winter at Ten Mile Lake. In retrospect that defined insanity. They both endured forty consecutive days of minus degree below zero temps with the dreaded chill factor not figured in. One morning, just to be obnoxious, I called them and asked what it was like living in -45 degree temps for eight days in a row. I have noticed that the mosquito population didn't suffer from the winter onslaught. Sadly, they are thriving.
I've developed a daily routine. Coffee comes first then a quick glance at the computer starts the day. I always have a note from my Oklahoma stock broker and good friend. If there wasn't one I'd think he had died. After this I hop in the boat and troll for anything that might jump on my lure. Lures in this lake have no fear of being attacked by anything with a fin because there aren't any.
Next up on the agenda is a trip of eight miles to the local golf course and driving range. It's a cheap two hours. Members get free range balls then leave half of them for slackers like me to hit. The best thing about smacking golf balls are the people who show up. I've made scads of friends swinging the stick. Invariably I'll strike up a conversation and it leads to where people are from and what they did for a living. A guy can learn all kinds of neat things about people on the range. This morning I started talking to a fella from the Twin Cities. After five minutes I realized he was going to be the talker and I the listener but that's okay.
I never talk politics on the golf course. There's no sense in it because no one wins. A few years ago at a course near here called Long Bow I teamed up with a married couple my age. We were having a pleasant round when on the ninth hole it was found out that I had voted for GW Bush. That was it, done and over. They told me that they "just couldn't play alongside a Bush voter". Silliness, huh?
Anyway, this fella from The Cities brought up the state of the country and what a mess we were in. I was surprised because most Minnesotans are communists and vote that way. I shouldn't say that as a general statement. Most likely it's those folks who inhabit Minneapolis and St. Paul who are the takers.
So my guy said, and I agreed whole heartedly, that people in government are only concerned with power. They could care less about the citizenry. As long as they are elected the heck with everyone else.
Have you considered what are the most important issues facing our government today. Our foreign policy is nil. We've lost the respect of friend and foe alike. It's the same at home. The party in power seemingly has hung it's hat on three issues: abortion, all issues dealing with LGBT and homophobia plus global warming. That's it. Our Sec. of State goes plane hopping around the world giving speeches on global warming. We have an ex-army soldier being held captive in a dungeon of a prison across the border from Texas and John Kerry is on the world stage speaking about polar bears. In the big scheme of things the American people rank global warming down there with saving the blue darter snail from extinction.
I have nothing else to add. I had the chance to hammer away hitting free golf balls, my children and grandchildren are safe from terrorism for now and our cabin hasn't burned down. If only our politicians would get their heads out of their rear ends life would be good.

Monday, May 19, 2014

What's Love Got To Do With It?

While driving to my local Firestone Auto shop this morning I started thinking about the word love. Have you ever given thought to it's true meaning? More and more it seems to me that saying "I love you" to another is akin to saying, "Please" and "Thank you". In other words, it doesn't bring down the thunder. Have you ever received a card from someone and at the bottom it reads; "love Ya"? I rest my case. When I write a note or letter to a person of whom I think highly I will end it with, "love". In my mind that means the very best of health and good wishes because I believe them to be a wonderful, loving, caring person. Don't argue with me. It's the way I am.
High school boys and girls say, "I think I love you" to each other after they've had a few dates. Then the guy convinces himself it's an open invitation to a perpetual game of smash mouth(and whatever) in the back seat of his car.
There's a Seinfeld episode when George is torn as to whether he should tell his girlfriend, Sienna, that he loves her. His major concern would be that she wouldn't have a positive response and he'd feel like a worthless dufus. This scenario has stopped many men in their tracks. This I can understand. I had a young lady tell me she loved me. That was ten minutes before I told her we should start seeing others.
I don't remember when I told my wife that I loved her. Knowing me I most likely uttered those famous words while we were eating a Dairy Queen. "Hey, girl, how's your ice cream and by the way "I love you". I'm sure as I look back there might have been some trepidation on my part that I'd get the big, "And I think you're a nice guy, too". Now that I think about it she did say something about "It's always darkest before the dawn" whatever the hell that means. Since this was forty-four years ago I'd say things have worked out nicely.
The other day I had a close relative tell me that she loves me and wondered why I never said the same to her. That was a dandy question and I might have the proper response. I'm not one to frequently utter the L word. As I've aged it seems that instead of love being a two way street it's a one way response. Love isn't one of those giddy feelings you have in the pit your stomach. That's what's called puppy love. Love is sacrifice to others in your life without thinking about the reason why. It's like a Nike commercial. You just do it.
I'm convinced that the true test of unconditional love is if I'd take a bullet for someone. I'd take a bullet for my wife unhesitatingly. I'm not talking about a bullet in the thigh or foot, either. I'd bite the bullet knowing the barrel of the gun was located at the base of my skull and about to bring about the big finis. I'd do the same for my children and my ten grandchildren, too. This is easy for me because they are my legacy and have my blood coursing through their veins. I love my children and my grandbabies. I want to say I've loved them from day 1 but being a man it's when they have birthday number one. That's when they become real people and the love part automatically kicks in.
You see, I love that my relatives are a part of my family but I'm not going to offer myself up to the Big Guy as a trade off. Can you actually believe someone, other than my immediate family, would say to me, "Won't you die for me, please"? And I'd answer "Un-uh".
There are some folks who would die for their pets. This seems silly to me but I've also heard of people who die and leave the bulk of their estate to either Fluffy or Fido and that also makes no sense to me.
I'd like to think that I'd die for my faith but I haven't been tested. Have you read about the 27 year-old women in the Third World country of Sudan. He father was a Muslim and her mother a Christian. The woman, did I tell you she was pregnant, is going to given a hundred lashes then hung to death after her child is born. Why is this? Quite simply, she will not follow the practices of Islam and the Sudanese government calls this blasphemy thereby insuring that she will meet her doom. There are a heck of a lot of folks who would tell the government they've had a change of mind and start screaming, "Allah is Great" then leave the country and go back to what they want to do when they want to do it. Not this lady, though. If there is such a thing as a true martyr then Meriam Yehya Ibrahim is one of those and has a non-stop ticket to heaven if she is put to death.
There isn't a proper answer to this post about love. The only thing I can suggest is when you tell someone you love them make sure you mean it because, and oh how I hate to write it, "Love means never having to say you're sorry". (With apologies to Ali McGraw)

Thursday, May 15, 2014

A Funny Streak: Women & Cats

Interestingly, for me, I received a comment on my last post of a month ago from a long time reader. It humbled me in such a way I thought I'd put something down on paper as I watch Seinfeld.(Do ya' think this show will ever go out of fashion?)
Anyway, I'm out of the politics mode--to much nonsense going on and nothing can be rectified especially by moi.
Therefore, I'm going to be more like Lewis Grizzard. No, I don't mean like a dead Lewis Grizzard but a cleverly funny one. It's going to be a real stretch because there isn't much hilarious going on in America but I'll give it a shot.
As an example, I found this gem on a web site titled Common Sense Evaluation. The site is quite clever and has a variety of educational, humorous and political jokes(what can be funnier than a politician with his head up his rear end).
So, here goes:
"I’ve never understood why women love cats. Cats are independent, they don’t listen, they don’t come in when you call, they like to stay out all night, come home and expect to be fed and stroked, then want to be left alone and sleep. In other words, every quality that women hate in a man, they love in a cat".
Pretty good, huh?