Monday, September 25, 2017

They Learned From The Master

My grandfather used to say “You don’t s*it where you eat.”

There's an extremely interesting article in today  about this whole NFL flag controversy. Give it a shot.  It's title: 'As much as I detested the last president'.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Maxine Waters Is A Modern Day Miracle

Diogenes Middle Finger

Nancy 'Stupid' Pelosi Enters The NFL Controversy

"Meet The Press" host Chuck Todd asked Pelosi on Sunday to weigh in on the debate; she responded Trump should "bring people together" as he promised.
"He should see this as an opportunity," Pelosi said. "Somebody—Colin Komper—Komper—Kumpernick [sic] doing what he did says this flag enables me to do this. This national anthem enables me to do this."
Pelosi said she'd always felt sports and the arts can bring people together.
Kaepernick played for Pelosi's hometown San Francisco 49ers and reached a Super Bowl with the team in the 2012 season but is currently a free agent.
WashingtonFree Beacon

Is It Worth The Risk

Ever Wonder Why College Kids Fail Basic Math

Scrolling through a spreadsheet listing every possible diversity class within the University of North Carolina-Charlotte’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences might take some time.
That’s because the inventory is very extensive.

The 21-page list, dubbed “CLAS Diversity Courses,” details 345 classes representing a broad spectrum of fields and majors, including Religious Studies, Women’s and Gender Studies, Languages and Culture Studies, and Africana Studies.

Legal Insurrection

When Did Madonna Die

Madonna released a live album last Friday. News to me. News to everyone, apparently.
The “Rebel Heart” Tour album sold just 3,848 CDs and downloads according to Buzz Angle and It had no streaming that was reported.
Stranger, though, was that the album wasn’t released on Interscope, which put out the original “Rebel Heart” album. But maybe not so strange since “Rebel Heart” sold only 238,000 copies in the US. Madonna once sold millions of albums. (So did everyone.)

It's Spreading Like A Virus

One needn't look at the photo above and not understand the following text. If it isn't an 8-year old peewee football team in Bellevue, Illinois then it's members of a professional football or baseball squad.

Far be it from me to chastise these young men and women. Cripes, I'm over seventy years old and there are days I don't make my bed leaving the chore to Her Majesty.

Here's my point. This latest wave of exercising our constitutional right of protesting is nothing new. One problem I have is I'm not convinced these young people understand the rights given to them by our Forefather's and the history behind them. In other words, they don't have an appreciation of the gifts given to them. It's like having a birthday. Grandma gives you a $100 and you don't have the common
decency to say 'thank you'.

Roger Goodell, the head of the National Football League has come to the defense of his players after Pres. Trump blasted players for their perceived anti-American actions. Goodell has to come to the aid of his players. The NFL has a lot of money riding on what he does so he criticized the president for his recent comments. It just seems that everyone from my wife's manicurist to the bag boy at my golf club has an opinion on this issue but, know what, it's their right to do so. . It's also my right to not get involved.

Stephen Curry of the World Champion San Franciso Warriors announced he he was torn between going to the White House or not. That's fine. The White House rescinded the invite.

There is a parallel here, guys. Some of these people take a knee to protest what they perceive as social injustice and are cheered. Tim Tebow, a lightening rod for the Far Left, takes a knee to praise the Lord and he becomes a symbol of the hate the Left is trying to destroy. You can't have it both ways or can you? It's like saying vanilla is the best ice cream to eat and then fly into a rage when someone tells you you're nuts.

And how, you might ask, would I not become enmeshed in this recent controversy? For example, there's a beautiful smallish river called Darby Creek just five miles west of us in Plain City, Ohio. It flows through the beautiful woodsy terrain of Central Ohio. It would be a very nice setting to use different lures by casting them in its flowing waters. I would be enjoying the gift of nature and if another fisherman happens to come near my spot the chances of his casting on one knee is nil.

Also, I'm too old to get involved in this nonsense. Maybe, if God gave us one 'do over' then I'd give this consideration. Possibly in the next life.

I would be willing to wager my monthly social security check that 90%of the population of the Amazon River basin and all of its tributaries are unaware of the raging 'kneeling' controversy in America. The same goes for the entire populations of Tibet, Somalia, Uzbekistan----combined.

Besides, why sweat it, folks. Next year it will be something else.

Counterpoint: There's an interesting blog called The Rightly Guided. I put an excerpt from today's post:

Devoted Cowboys fan since I was 10 years old. They were the game on our local TVs that Sunday and my buds and I knew every name on the roster. (Don’t ask me any of them now, too long ago to remember).  But I am losing my NFL religion, lately.  A Commissioner who fires back at the President and owners that grovel along with him have just chased away a life-long fan.  But of course I’m just one old guy…who cares?
Besides, it’s an Evil, Racist, White Supremacist Organization that deserves to fail along with the rest of Evil, Racist, White Supremacist America on account of some cops shooting black people and also People Of Color dead just ask poor and unemployed Colon Krinkledick, he will tell you if you care to listen. (No that’s just a link to how much he’s worth. I won’t link to his Marxist garble, wherever it is.)

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Because It's Funny

pet thread cover.jpg

And The Next Day 13 Kids Had Broken Bones

How Teachers Receive Reprimands

Let's say you happen to be an elementary school teacher and want to make a point to your students. "Hey kids, watch me take this magic marker and cross out the word 'Men' as in 'All Men are created equal' to 'All humans are created equal'.

This happened in Arizona. The teacher wants to make all of( is it safe to write her), of their education gender neutral.

I've a better idea. Why not teach kids words that are wrong as they grow up in the home. For example, my parents could have taught me the proper name for a cup isn't that at all. They would have said it was an elephant or whatever came to their mind. The world is so screwed up now what difference would it have made?

Think about it.

John McCain, The Perfect Pol-------He's A 1st Class Liar

reelected him in 2016 that he'd repeal ObamaCare, but only if the Senate followed all the proper "procedures." But that's his excuse now for killing what is likely the last chance to get rid of this law.
After signaling that he could support the latest ObamaCare repeal-and-replace effort authored by Sens. Bill Cassidy and Lindsay Graham, McCain issued a statement saying that "health care reform legislation ought to be the product of regular order in the Senate."
This is, he says, "the only way we might achieve bipartisan consensus on lasting reform, without which a policy that effects one-fifth of our economy and every single American family will be subject to reversal with every change of administration and congressional majority."
McCain's own actions prove that he's wrong.
Remember, ObamaCare itself was hardly enacted using "regular order." The Senate passed the bill using the exact same technique that Republicans have been trying to use to repeal it — called reconciliation — so they could get the bill approved without worrying about a Republican filibuster. Not one Republican voted for ObamaCare
Investors Business Daily

Presidential Doctrines

Friday, September 22, 2017

It's No Wonder They Wear Veils

What 487 Means And Why It's Important

What the 487 means, and why it’s important

487 Mondays: As we see all of the protests and other civil unrest in America, it’s easy to think that it’s a groundswell of outrage. Knowledge takes us beyond that mere information!
Ever since the 2016 election, we’ve seen an increase in violence in America. The media would have you believe that this a country wide, groundswell of discontent. Many good folks are getting scared. Well, the good news is that the bad news is more “fake news”! I’ve been studying the violence and tracking it on a map. The map I’m using is the one that shows which counties Hillary won and which Trump won.
It’s happening in one of the 487 counties that Hillary Clinton won in 2016! The protesters know that they are breaking laws in a community where the local politicians and police are “protestor friendly”.
I wasn’t surprised to see that virtually 100% of these protests and violence was happening in one of the 487 counties that Hillary won! Other than the sheer logistics of being in those counties, I believe that the real reason for their doing these protests in 487 counties is because they own the entire political spectrum in those counties. The own the government, the police and the sheriff. They know that they can protest with little fear of being punished.
Knowledge Is Good

Cedar Rapids Iowa And A Young Kid In Need Of Help

I read the Cedar Rapids(Iowa) Gazette every morning for a number of reasons. Primarily, as with other major newspapers that charge a fee, the Gazette does not. Cedar Rapids is located in east central Iowa with a population of around 'I don't know' up to three hundred thousand.

The City is bisected by I-380 running from Waterloo to I-80 on the west side of Iowa City twenty miles to the south. If one happens to reside in the Hawkeye State this is THE place to be. Halfway through CR I can see Coe College, my school of lower learning. If you'll recall I once received two D's and an F for one quarter and my GPA skyrocketed upward.
The Cedar Rapids Gazette gives me the news on the Hawkeyes And Cyclones--for free. I used to enjoy reading stories about prep coaches and Iowa High School sports but since all the coaches of my era are now retired or dead what's the point.

In this morning's issue a reporter, Makayla Tendall, wrote a piece on(oh how I hate to get into this): global warming on Iowa farms. The premise of the study, of course, dealt with animal flatulence.

I sent Ms. Tendall a note on faux GW: anytime, anyplace, anywhere and she responded back asking for my link. It came from Investors Business Daily, not exactly Mad Magazine. It was obvious from her photo she was a youngster so I treated her kindly, not as though she was Michael Moore.

I responded to Ms. Tendall again: 'One link? I could send you three thousand links". Hasn't this women
ever heard of DuckDuckGo?

For your benefit I've placed a paragraph or so from Investors Business Daily on the latest about global warming:
"And, of course, he's quite right. As we've noted here numerous times, the much-feared "global warming" trend seems to have halted somewhere around 1998. We know this is true because satellite temperature readings — the most accurate temperature gauge since it takes in the entire atmosphere, not just parts of it — show there's been virtually no change.
Based on the U.N.'s models, temperatures should have been shooting up sharply starting in about 1995. By this year, model temperatures show we should have had just under a 1.0 degree centigrade rise in temperature, a significant temperature spike in what is, in geological time, an extremely short period. It was those models that were used to sell the world on the idea that we needed a drastic reordering of our global economic priorities immedialy.
The reality: virtually no change in temperature. Put simply, the models are wrong.
Investors Business Daily
I have a question for all of you, especially those who believe in GW or Satan and not God or Aliens who have inhabited the inner core of the earth for millions and millions of years. Heck, if someone could explain Scientology to me without mentioning 'give us your money' I'd be thrilled to death.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

A Politician Is A Politician Is A Politician

This is too rich. There was a news story out of NBC4 TV, Columbus , Ohio, tonight about the Marriage Penalty Tax and how it is unfair to us marrieds. The politician speaking out against the tax is one David Leland, a democrat and long time member of the state democrat party.

 As soon as I saw and heard his proposal to rid the state of the tax my radar went up. When was the last time a Dem wanted to get rid of a tax? Can you say never?

It didn't take much research to come up with this gem. Guess who, in 1983, proposed the marriage tax for the State Ohio? Need I tell you but I will. It was David Leland.

My take on this. I'd say there's a Republican candidate running against Leland in the next election who poses a major threat to his throne.

There Is So Very Much Wrong With This Story

Texas A&M cross country runner Ryan Trahan claims that he has been ruled ineligible after using his name, image, and likeness as an Aggies athlete on his YouTube page to promote a water bottle company that he started before enrolling at the university
The NCAA has come under fire in recent years for rules that prohibit student athletes from earning money off of their own image, which effectively prevents amateurs from doing endorsement deals of any kind.

As Trahan explained on YouTube, he spoke about his company with an academic advisor, who instructed Trahan to fill out a waiver that would allow him to continue in his role as co-owner of Neptune Bottles. Unfortunately for him, until the matter is settled, he will remain ineligible.

Read more:

That Settles It

Image may contain: one or more people and text

Valerie Plame: You Know, American Jews Are Responsible For Most of American Wars

You remember Valerie Plame, right? She suggested her husband for the job of debunking Bush's claims about Iraqi weapons research.
The media made her a hero when she was "outed" -- in the context of letting the world know how her husband had gotten this job -- even though she wasn't really "in" in the first place. She worked out of Langley -- actual covert spies avoid Langley, for obvious reasons.
Since then she had a movie made about her, glamorizing her and indeed beatifying her. She's also a big supporter and fundraiser for Hillary Clinton, and is on the board of Ploughsares, a key part of Ben Rhodes'/Obama's "echo chamber" to give Iran the nuclear bomb so that it can wipe Israel off the map.

Ace Of Spades

How To Handle A Tryant

Donald Trump doesn't mess around. Today, he laid down the law against 'Rocket Man'. Our president has decided that any nation or business doing work for North Korea for financial gain will suffer the consequences. In other words, we will use sanctions against them.

I'm waiting for the left to chastise Mr. Trump. The problem for me is what will be their excuse? Hey, I know. Let's ask Hillary. She has all the answers.

I Didn't Know Dick Gregory Died. What An Amazing Memorial Service

During comedian Dick Gregory’s funeral on Saturday, Waters quickly turned what was supposed to be a memorial of her friend into an anti-Trump political rally, reports The American Mirror.
“And then comes along this person,” she said of Trump. “This person who does not respect you. This dishonorable human being who cheats everybody! This dishonorable human being who will lie at the drop of a hat. This dishonorable human being who has the alt-right, and the KKK and everybody else inside his Cabinet!”
Shockingly, the audience applauded as she hijacked the memorial.
“I’m gonna say ‘Impeach 45 everyday,’ ‘Impeach 45 everyday,’ ‘Impeach 45 everyday,’” she yelled.

Thought For The Day

You call them swear words.

I call them sentence enhancers.

Doppelgangers On Parade


Cutting Off The Hand That Feeds You

A Charlotte, North Carolina charity was forced to cancel their event, raising money for kids with terminal illnesses, after participants couldn;t handle the name of the event venue: the Trump National Golf Course.
The “Tri at the Trump” is a three-stage race (running, swimming and biking), where competitors raise money for various local charities that benefit children suffering from cancer and other devastating conditions.

When Is A Bad Deal A Bad Deal

Pres. Trump Is reassessing the nuclear power deal with our good pal and ally--ahem!----Iran just that. Pres. Obama promised to give the mullahs $140 billion in cold hard cash for their promise to not step up their nuclear weapons program. Seriously, those who believe this promise would be fulfilled move to the left. Those who don't stay in the human race.

One hundred forty billion, if you're a mean evil capitalist, a heartless bastard would build a wall between the U.S. and Mexico nine and a half times over. Yipper! It's so very easy to psend other people's money.

Adults Can't Take A Joke Anymore

Modesto parents are upset that their 5-year-old son's "pretend play" resulted in him being suspended from school, and said they want the disciplinary action removed from his permanent record.
Jackson Riley attends the Great Valley Academy public charter school in Modesto and was suspended for a day for making terrorist threats, TV station Fox 40 reported.
The incident occurred Aug. 31, Jackson's father, Ian Riley, told The Bee. He got a call from the school saying the kindergartner had refused to take off his backpack and, when asked why, said there was a bomb in it that would explode if he did so.
Modesto Calif. Bee

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Damn! We're Screwed!

CBS Local — If you had plans for the weekend, a Christian numerologist says you won’t get to them because the world is about to end.
David Meade, a self-proclaimed “researcher,” is predicting that a series of apocalyptic events will begin on Sept. 23 and, “a major part of the world will not be the same.”

According to Meade, the mysterious rogue planet Nibiru, also known as Planet X, is on a collision course with Earth, which will bring world-ending tsunamis and earthquakes. The numerologist claims the dates of recent events like the Great American Solar Eclipse and Hurricane Harvey’s flooding of Texas were all marked in the Bible. Meade now says his “Planet X theory” lines up with more bible codes and ancient markers on the Egyptian pyramids.
Philadelphia CBS

*PS. Send in your donations to either Meade or Jimmy Swaggert


What Ever Happened To Clock Boy

better now

Ms. Lindsay Graham Calls For Carbon Tax

“I’m a Republican(sissy boy). I believe that the greenhouse effect is real, that CO2 emissions generated by man is creating our greenhouse gas effect that traps heat, and the planet is warming,” Graham told an audience at a Yale University event hosted by former Secretary of State John Kerry on Tuesday.
“A price on carbon—that’s the way to go in my view,” Graham said, according to Time.

Quote Of The Day


Has Anyone Ever Considered Hillary Might Be Bat Crap Crazy

Off and on for the past eight years in discussing the 'smartest woman in the world' maybe she isn't.

Listen to her give a one on one interview. In the course of a five line paragraph she'll pepper it with 'you know' scads of times.

The head of the Democrat Party(up until November) failed the Washington D.C. Bar Exam twice. Only when she moved to Little Rock did she finally pass. My granddaughter passed the Arkansas Bar Exam when she was six and she'd never heard of Webb Hubbell.

Hillary is a congenital liar. We all know this. From dodging sniper fire in Bosnia to having been named after Sir Edmond Hillary she's proven her ilk as to being possessed.

So, after much contemplation considering the excuses for her massive defeat in the election is it possible there's another explanation for Hillary. Maybe, just maybe, she's nuts.

How Do They Get Away With It?

What about Hillary’s Uranium deal with Russia? Nearly 20% of the U.S.’s Uranium assets were sold to Russia while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State in exchange for $150 million to the Clinton Foundation.
Bill Clinton also gave a speech to the Russia-based Renaissance Capital in Moscow on June 29, 2010.

ill Clinton spoke in Moscow for one hour for half a million dollars. (Breitbart)
But the media has pushed a Trump-Russia collusion conspiracy theory for almost a year with zero proof.
Hillary Clinton used this projection technique on her opponent by acting like she was ‘anti-Putin’ and ‘anti-Russia’ while claiming Trump was somehow colluding with them.
Hillary Clinton was good friends with the Russians and Vladimir Putin until she no longer saw a way to profit off of them financially. She then turned them into the ‘boogie man’ in order to blame her loss on something and delegitimize President Trump.

What a truly sick woman. Thank God she lost the election. We really dodged a bullet.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

This Man Should Be A U.S, Senator

CNN is lamenting the fact that GOP frontrunner for the U.S. Senate in Alabama Judge Roy Moore told pastors and Christians in a speech last month that shootings and killings in American society are the result of removing God from schools.

It's Good To Be A Kennedy

Matthew 'Max' Kennedy was all smiles on Tuesday as he walked out of a Cape Cod courtroom in a gray suit and Prada shoes after criminal charges were dismissed against him following his arrest last month for a booze-fueled brawl with local police.
Prosecutors recommended to the court that disorderly conduct charges be dismissed if the son of Robert F Kennedy admitted he was 'responsible' for a noise violation at a rental house near the Kennedy compound on August 20.
The 52-year-old paid a $150 fine in Barnstable District Court wearing a trim suit with a blue tie and sporting a neat haircut, in direct contrast to the disheveled white mop he sported in his mugshot.
The son of the late senator allegedly taunted police saying, 'You don't know who you're messing with,' and was arrested with his daughter Caroline Summer Rose Kennedy, 23.
Caroline was not in court on Tuesday. 
She  allegedly had choice words for officers, saying: 'I went to Brown and I'm a teacher, sweetheart!' before sticking out her tongue and bursting into tears

Read more:

4.000 And Counting

I'm more than pleased the market us up over 4,000 points since Trump took office. Know why? It's because I have more money to do with as I wish in my declining years. Ain't life grand?

Naturally, there will be the naysayers, the foolish ones, who will say the market is for the rich while the common man suffers. Ah Pshaw! If these people wanted more money in their wallets they couldn've have given up beer, cigarettes and potato chips not to mention cable TV. Crimminy sake, we'd been married 8 years before we broke down and bought cable and that's only because we didn't get Sesame Street on regular television. I didn't want my kids to think I was a complete ogre.

Back in the 80's the queen and I were living off 14K per year yet we slugged $20 a month into the market. It was a start.

I've known people who complain about investments and yet are clueless. I once knew a guy who bemoaned the fact that people made money off of big tobacco. He was a school teacher and was in Zombie Land when it came to the fact that his 401K investments, partially, were going to P. Lorillard.
Twenty years ago The Queen had a broker out of Des Moines who handled her finances. She told him she wanted to put her money in a new, thriving company. He told her she was nuts. The company? It was called Apple. Three new cars later____________.Some win and some lose.

I'm sort of diggin' this 4K increase in the market. We may have to take another trip to Europe.

Hey, you can't  take it with you, pards!

Can Jennifer Lawrence Be This Stupid

Image may contain: 1 person, meme and text

Boycott Hobby Lobby--Again

Image may contain: bird

A Texas woman has been getting ridiculed online for being “too sensitive” after she blasted the arts-and-crafts chain Hobby Lobby for selling faux raw cotton stalks — which she found offensive. “This decor is WRONG on SO many levels,” Daniell Rider posted on Facebook this past Thursday, along with a photo of the phony textile plants. “There is nothing decorative about raw cotton…A commodity which was gained at the expense of African-American slaves,” she said. “A little sensitivity goes a long way. PLEASE REMOVE THIS ‘decor.´” Rider, who is black.

New York Post

What's All The Nonsense About Mexicans

“The sheer volume of fentanyl pouring into the city is shocking,” said Special Narcotics Prosecutor Bridget G. Brennan.
Investigators first recovered more than 140 pounds of fentanyl during a raid on a Kew Gardens apartment along with nearly 59 pounds of fentanyl mixed with other narcotics.
A fentanyl dose weighing just two to three milligrams can be deadly. The amount of pure fentanyl seized could have yielded approximately 32 million lethal doses.
They arrested Rogelio Alvarado-Robles and Blanca Flores-Solis in that bust.
Investigators also recovered 55 pounds of fentanyl and heroin in a
September seizure in the Bronx. They took two people — Edwin Guzman, 35, and Manuel Rivera-Santana, 32 — into custody.

Fentanyl is approximately 50 times stronger than heroin and is increasingly found mixed into the illicit narcotics supply in New York City. The drug is driving a spike in fatal overdoses
PIX News New Youk

Monday, September 18, 2017

Hillary: The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Hillary Clinton told host Terry Gross on NPR’s “Fresh Air” Monday that she may challenge the results of the 2016 presidential election.
“No, I wouldn’t rule it out,” Hillary said in a response to a question asking if she would “rule out questioning the legitimacy of this election.”
Clinton stated that she believes the Russian government influenced the election in favor of Trump, and that this could make the outcome illegitimate.
“[Trump knew] they were trying to do whatever they could to discredit me with emails, so there’s obviously a trail there… There’s no doubt they influenced the election: We now know more about how they did that,” Clinton said in the interview.
Daily Caller

Ex-President Stands Up For The Common Man

Former President Obama is pulling in hundreds of thousands of dollars giving speeches to Wall Street firms, according to a new report.
Obama made $400,000 for a speech he gave to clients of Northern Trust Corp. last month, Bloomberg reported Monday. He gave a speech to Carlyle Group LP last week and is scheduled to headline Cantor Fitzgerald LP's healthcare conference next week.

A spokesman for Obama defended the former president, saying he has given speeches "true to his values."

Ace of Spades

That's Not A Mushroom!

A children's TV show has come under fire as it appears to feature a very rude drawing. 
Mother Chey Robinson shared a clip from the first series of the Netflix show Maya the Bee, which saw Maya fly into a log to hide, after spotting something amiss on the bark.
Chey was horrified to discover that the log featured what looked like a drawing of a penis, which she says 'disgusted' her.
The clip has since been viewed over a million times on Facebook, with fellow parents sharing in Chey's shock at the inappropriate clip.

Maya the Bee appears to feature a drawing of a penis when the titular character hides in a log and the crude picture appears behind her

Are You Like Me

Every so often I'll receive an email forward that is absolutely frustrating. I like my emails to be up front and forward. If I have to think about this it's am automatic delete. As an example, this morning I received one of this type below. As soon I I saw it I said to no one in particular, "Adios."


Senior Citizens Do It Best

It's Time To Switch To DuckDuckGo

People flee Google as DuckDuckGo grows

Now that Google does not even hide that they monitor you, it's good to have an alternative. The search engine DuckDuckGo has had huge growth in recent months.

In 2013, Edward Snowden released documents proving that the NSA was conducting warrantless online surveillance at a massive scale, something many had already suspected. In the subsequent year, many people have sought out more secure software to help ensure that their digital privacy remains intact. Groups such as the Electronic Frontier Foundation have subsequently promoted alternatives to popular software which can be easily adopted; such as DuckDuckGo to replace Google. As a result, DuckDuckGo’s popularity has skyrocketed.

DuckDuckGo has been a bit of a magnet for privacy-oriented folk with it promising not to store personal information, track you around with ads, or in any other fashion. 

How'd He Get Away Without Having A Colonoscopy

Dana Milbank, a writer for The Washington Post, believes President Donald Trump is literally killing him.
Milbank said he discovered Trump’s presidency is affecting his health after visiting the doctor for his first physical in 49 years, in an opinion piece published Friday. Milbank said he had to report that he had not been feeling well recently.
“President Trump is killing me. No, really. He’s killing me,” Milbank wrote.
The WaPo writer said he has been suffering from fatigue, headaches, trouble sleeping, and chest pain. Milbank said his blood pressure was “alarmingly high” after his doctor tested it, making a point that his blood pressure has “always been normal.”
Weasel Zippers

Happy Birthday United States Of America

Yesterday was a very big day in the history of this nation. It's too bad the great percentage of our citizenry don't realize it. Two hundred thirty years ago our Founders signed the Constitution of the United States. It is the oldest living governmental document in the history of mankind guaranteeing its citizens the basic rights of human beings.

As anyone, I dare you, to ask the average man on the street to name you any of its laws. Go ahead, I double dog dare you.

Well, it contains our Bill of Rights, those rights guaranteed to you; freedom of speech, the right to bear arms, etc.

The brilliance of the men who authored and signed this masterpiece cannot be denied. The year was 1787. The had the foresight to include what is called the 'necessary and proper clause'. The knew over time that conditions would change, that our nation would not be what it was in 1787. Therefore, they allowed to laws, amendments to the Constitution, to be added to meet our changing times.

I've always stated that God had his hand in it's creation. Never before nor ever after have their been such a diverse group of men gathered together to create the greatest document created by mankind.

Mark Twain Was An Intelligent Guy

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Sunday, September 17, 2017

What A Beautiful Story

This reminds me of an NCIS episode in which Gibbs takes out a wise-mouthed terrorist just before he’s about to kill DiNozzo, McGee and Ziva. Gibbs is on a mountain top at least a mile away with a high-powered rifle, and he puts a bullet right through the bad guy’s forehead. Amazing. But it’s TV. No one can really do that, can they?
Well. Yes. Apparently they can. But this sniper took a different approach. As 12 ISIS hostages were about to be torched alive with flamethrowers, the sniper aimed at a fuel tank on the main executioner’s back - striking it, blowing it up and taking out four ISIS thugs in the process.
And yes, he did it from a mile way. Beautiful:
Canada Free Press