Monday, February 28, 2011

Do You Know This Woman?

Do know this woman? Have ever seen her on the news? Probably not. A colleague of hers, sitting next to her, turned to look at her and said, "You're F'ing dead". And it wasn't F'ing either. It was the entire word. Maybe it had something to do with a collective bargaining vote. This particular colleague had been busted the previous week for paying cash to have his--ahem---stress relieved. The trouble was the 'stress reliever' is only legal in Nevada at the Bunny Ranch.
The lady's name is Michelle Litjens. She's a Republican member of the Wisconsin Assembly from Vinland.
The dirt bag is Gordon Hintz(D-wad) from Oshkosh b' Gosh. He was on the Charlie Sykes radio show, WTMJ out of Milwaukee when he admitted this. Who does he think he is, Charlie Sheen? The guy must be gay. Why would a straight fella verbally attack an attractive person like Litzens unless he was light in the loafers? Helen Thomas,yes!---Litjens,no way in Hell! But this isn't the point, is it? Need I explain? Nope, you get it.
Strange that I haven't heard this story on NBC, ABC or CBS. Hintz had no further comment. His family declined to talk to the press citing a bad case of "mortification".
Ms. Litzens did accept his apology. She also said that Hintz should be disciplined in the Assembly. I love her attitude.


Lizzie and I 'kind of' watched the Academy Awards last night. After two hours she went to the bedroom to watch on her TV. I stayed in the living room so I could surf. Surfing, ladies, is a man thing. Regardless, you know by now that actress, Melissa Leo, won an Oscar for best supporting. You also know she dropped the F bomb. Considering her acceptance went on and on and on for infinity one would almost think it was contrived. I did a piece on cursing a couple of years ago. I like to swear but it depends on the situation. I do it a lot on the golf course. I'd also like to say I do it when I smash my finger with a hammer but since I rarely pick one up that'd be a gross lie. I've learned when to and when not to say unacceptable words depending on the company. Maybe in Hollywood it's okay. Teenagers across America who out of boredom had nothing to do and watched the show already know the word. It's almost like 'getting a Lewinsky". All of a sudden it's okay since someone of semi-prominence says it. "Hey teacher, F you. Melissa Leo says it's okay".
My main point in all of this is the Awards is supposed to be a family show. Uh-uh, it ain't. If my grand kids happened to be in the room watching why should I have to squirm?
Here's another example that causes me great embarrassment. My grandson is getting into golf. I'd like to sit with him and watch some of the PGA Tour events; the biggies like the US Open and the Masters. So, then, explain to me why I have to have my hand on the remote when a commercial comes on for erectile dysfunction. Is nothing sacred anymore?
Maybe this has been this way for a long time. After all, our grandparents thought we were going to hell watching Elvis' below the hips gyrations. At least in those days he had his clothes on.
Today, "when a touch can make the moment just right" we see two older adults head out for the bedroom to do what, play checkers?
Sometimes, things are better left unsaid.
Dysfunctionally yours,
MJ Hawkeye

Loading Up

Vacation has about come to an end. Lizzie gets dropped off at the Peensacola airport tomorrow morning and MJ heads out for Olathe, Kansas. It's only a fifteen hour drive from Destin. What else is there to do? As you well know how much I detest driving through Bill Clinton's home state but it has to be done. I have made an executive decision. I will not get a motel in Arkansas. I will do my very best to keep from buying so much as a bag of pretzels in Arkansas. I will drive til' my eyes are in my lap, pull into a Holiday Inn parking lot and snooze.
Destin, Florida is a unique place. Most of the vacationers are from Ohio, Michigan, Missouri and Iowa. Actually, Canadians outnumber us all. We oldsters populate the panhandle until March 1 then head out for home. Destin is a poor man's Ft. Myers. The weather ranged from 45 when we arrived and inched it's way up to the upper sixties by late February.
Beginning March 1 the youngsters populate the area. Spring break with the college kids and families with small children begin to take over. It's just as well were leaving. Scantily clad females on the beach are not conduscive to husband/wife communication. It's difficult to talk with the spouse while trying to take a peek out of the corner of the eye. Blinders are a necessity for males of all ages.
Things I did not do on vacation: I did not walk on the beach. I did not play good golf. So, what else is new? I did not lose any weight. So, what else is new? Lastly, and most important, I did not shovel snow!
Things I did do: eat, sleep, play on the computer, go to the bathroom, shower and shave, watch television. Jealous aren't you? It was like being at home except, I did not shovel snow.
I'm off to Kansas to see three more grandchildren, one of whom will be for the first time. Evie and Tommy will get spoiled by me. The car is loaded with gifts, already. I can hardly wait.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Where Are The Protesters? He's A Dem!

From The ConservativeGlob:

The left must know that the mayor of Providence, RI is a Democrat. How can we be sure? Simply note the lack of protesters carrying signs calling him a nazi fascist dictator.

In case you haven’t heard, Providence Mayor Angel Taveras is a Democrat…

Taveras, 40, a Democrat, is the son of immigrants from the Dominican Republic. He grew up poor on the city’s South Side and went on to Harvard and the law school at Georgetown University. He was a lawyer in private practice who specialized in election law before being elected mayor in November.

And yet, he just fired every single teacher in the city of Providence…

BOSTON —" A day after the school board in Providence, R.I., voted to send termination notices to all of the city’s 1,926 teachers, Mayor Angel Taveras sought to calm the uproar by saying that an “overwhelming majority” would not, in fact, lose their jobs".

Mr. Taveras, a Democrat who took office last month, described the extraordinary step as a pre-emptive move to guarantee flexibility in addressing the budget deficit.

I guess you’re not a fascist as long as you have a “D” after your name.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

"Hey America, Screw You"

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar said that U.S. regulators would not bow to political pressure to restart deepwater drilling in the Gulf of Mexico before they are certain the oil-and-gas industry is capable of containing an oil spill like the one that followed last BP’s Deepwater Horizon disaster.
From RogZone


Are you on Facebook? If you aren't you might be the only human being who isn't. I signed up for Facebook about three years ago. After thirty minutes or thereabouts my thought was, "this is kind of stupid". I know about as much about Facebook as I do constructing a nuclear weapon. My son mentioned about a 'thread' and I was clueless.
Anyway, I did it again a month ago, signed up, that is. I'd like to get off but I can't figure out how to do it.
I hope my friends on Facebook don't take offense but what's the purpose? I have people on my email list who want to be my friend. These are close friends. Why don't they send me a personal note or, and this would be novel, call me on something called A TELEPHONE!
I used to believe that anyone over the age of fifty only used Facebook to feel like they belonged. It would be kind of like being in the Elks or Lions; maybe even the PTA. Better still, I thought they were looking to reconnect to that high school girlfriend who so lovingly tittered their fancy. Not so anymore. Everyone has joined but, once again, why? As much of a simpleton as I can be I'd write a gossipy note and proceed to insult monks, the Pope, homeless people I'll never meet and transvestites. That's why I stay away from it. There's no sense to make an ass out of myself in front of 300 billion people when I can do it walking down main street.
My wife has a very good friend. They are like Lucy and Ethel. They call each other fifteen times daily. They talk about recipes, grand kids, movies, you name it. Lizzie's friend asked her to be her friend on Facebook. Go figure!
Lizzie and I were on our condo patio this evening watching the sun go down. It's quite romantic. She looked at me and asked the question that led me believe could consummate our love later in the evening. "MJ", she said, "would you be my friend on Facebook"?

Obama Makes Fun Of Openly Gay Aide

This isn't a very humerous picture and does show the insensitivity of the President as he is about to announce the name of Jeremy Barnard as the new White House Social Secretary. Barnard, from California, is an openly gay man from California who raised loads of cash for the President in the campaign.
White House spokesperson, Jay Carney, has been bombarded with questions about how Mr. Obama began the press conference announcing Barnard's appointment.
According to Carney, "If anybody is offended by the 'limp wrist' we apologize".

Friday, February 25, 2011

It's No Wonder He's Insane

You know the dictator of Libya, I'm sure. Everyone except California college and high school students most likely do.
He's in the news a lot and will be for awhile until someone "blows his brains out". That is a strong possibility and is likely to occur in a few days. Have you noticed I'm not saying his name? There's a reason and it is a lesson I first researched as a teacher in the 80's.
The guy is saddled with, according to the Christian Science Monitor from February 22, 2011, 112 different combinations of monikers. First, let's take a stab at his last name. It can be: Gadafy, Gaddafi, Kadafi, Kaddafi, Qaddafi, Qadaffi or Gathafi. Whew! I'm already out of breath. Now, consider his first name: Moammer and Muammar. Hey, not too bad---so far. In addition, one could add Al or El in front of the last name. They can be capitalized or not. Then, if you wish, place a hypen between the two-----or not.
With the various names it's no wonder he's a raving lunatic. Imagine the phone call. "Is Qaddafy in"? "Yes, this is Kaddafi" "No, I meant to say, Al-Qaddafi". "He's not here but Al-Gathafi might be. Let me check". Geesh! Talk about your world upside down and inside out.
What is it with these Banana Republic leaders? Have you ever noticed how their own personal uniforms are like something found in a New York City shop for gays and pimps? Idi Amin Da Da, former leader of Third World country Uganda was another of these bizarre wearers of uniforms. He had nothing on 'what's his name from Libya' except we know for certain he had a really bad case of syphilis. Regardless, don't count on a state funeral for the "Murderer of Lockerbie". Most likely, a rope from the nearest light pole will be more in order or, hopefully, swallowing the Roscoe.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Goulash And Other Junk

A dear friend of mine from North Carolina emailed last night saying she was so bummed out by politics and what's going on in the country she can't write or think about it anymore. Her enjoyment is now centered around looking at pictures of her children, nieces and nephews. Good plan I'd say. I've felt the same way for a week. Without getting too far into it doesn't it seem we're sliding down the cesspool of life. We have domestic problems galore. Foreign upheaval in the Middle East has shown us to be leaderless. My God, what a disaster for this nation.
Therefore, my attitude has forced me to concentrate on the niceties of life. I lifted my three year old granddaughter and her one year old brother's toes in the Gulf of Mexico. That was the extent of their courage. But that's okay. We had fun.
Lizzie and I drove them to the Mobile, Alabama airport today. On the way back to Florida I wanted to stop in to see the Henry Aaron ballpark. It's a minor league stadium in Mobile and is beautiful. The infield has red clay dirt. That's the way it's supposed to be. Two years ago City Father's moved his boyhood home next to the stadium. It was closed but a kindly organizational man for the ball team gave us a personal tour. This was after I mentioned how Aaron was my boyhood hero. The house had four rooms, hand built by Mr. Aaron's dad from scraps of material he scrounged in the late 30's. Aaron and his seven brothers and sisters slept in the same bedroom. There were trophies in the house, bats used by "The Man"; all types of memorabilia that flooded my mind with memories of days gone by. I had chills looking at some of these. I got a big thrill when I saw his first issued baseball card; just like the twenty or thirty I had before I gave them away. Cha-ching! I have a great trivia question for you if you happen to love baseball. Question: We all know that Henry Aaron, at one time, held the record for most home runs at 755. What brothers combined for the most home runs? Answer: Henry and Tommy Aaron. The latter hit 13. It's a trick question but sure to win some cash in a bar.
The price of gasoline in Mobile is running at $3.13. At Miramar Beach, Florida where we are residing it's now $3.59, up twenty-five cents from when we left yesterday. I'm afraid to leave town again.
One of the best things about having a beach condo is being able to 'veg out' whenever I wish and that's exactly what I'm about to do. 5-4-3-2-1 ZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

It Was A Scheduling Issue

The White House’s new propaganda minister Jay Carney is picking up where Baghdad Bob left off.
“This is a scheduling issue. The president will meet with Secretary of State Clinton this afternoon. We will have something to say out of that meeting. If possible, the President will speak this afternoon or tomorrow,” White House press secretary Jay Carney says about President Obama’s lack of response to the crisis in Libya.

Bring It On

hat tip; iOwnTheWorld

Massachusetts Rep. "Time To Get Bloody"

"Sometimes it's necessary to get out on the streets and "get a little bloody," a Massachusetts Democrat said Tuesday in reference to labor battles in Wisconsin.

Rep. Michael Capuano (D-Mass.) fired up a group of union members in Boston with a speech urging them to work down in the trenches to fend off limits to workers' rights like those proposed in Wisconsin".

From Michael O'Brien at The Hill:

Where's Barry?

There has to be a pronouncement, announcement or some type of direction for the American citizenry from the White House of particular topics of importance. Sooner rather than later would work for me.
How does the President see the murders of four missionaries by Somalian pirates? Any word, yet, on the situation in Libya. It took only a few minutes for the administration to denounce our 'friend' in Egypt but the architect of massive attacks against the U.S.(Lockarbie Scotland ring a bell) receives a pass. Has the "South-side Slasher" from Chicago passed on the situation in Wisconsin? Polls now show the teachers on the wrong end of public opinion so it's possible, no probable, the Dork-in-Chief will be silent.
"Hey, Barry, being President is not like being a Senator. You can't vote 'present' on a roll call vote on every issue".

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

If The Shoe Fits

People are so clever. I see that the Wisconsin democrat legislator are being referred to as "Flee Baggers". Thought you'd like to know.

Might Be, Could Be

News people on television waste a lot of time on "nothing stories". In the last week I've seen and listened to the following: we might get cancer from eating too much of anything. The I hear, "researchers say". What the average person doesn't realize is these researchers receive government grants to come up with some shocking study. If they didn't then no more cash. On tonight's news we heard that cell phone usage might give us brain cancer. Then again, it might give us super human powers or make us virile and potent beyond the age of one hundred thirty. Why, there have been commercials showing some oldster in Rumania eating yogurt. They've had nothing but yogurt since the Tsar ruled Russia. Back when I was a kid, right around Thanksgiving, a report came out that eating cranberries could cause cancer. Another piece of garbage from someone. Maybe it was a pumpkin grower who had a vendetta against cranberry guys.
So, the moral of the story is, don't watch the news and don't listen to researchers who depend on government grants to keep their jobs. Otherwise, and this is the truth, you might get cancer from fluoride. That's another bogus story recently released.

Libya Sabatoges Own Pipelines--What Now Obama

Business Insider, by Gus Lubin:

"Colonel Qaddafi has ordered the disruption of Libyan oil exports by destroying pipelines to the Mediterranean, sources tell Time's Robert Baer:

"There's been virtually no reliable information coming out of Tripoli, but a source close to the Gaddafi regime I did manage to get hold of told me the already terrible situation in Libya will get much worse. Among other things, Gaddafi has ordered security services to start sabotaging oil facilities".

Monday, February 21, 2011

Vermin And Other Creepy Crawlers

Why don't you clean up after yourselves? Do your mother's know you've left this mess?
I am going to cut the teachers some slack because we now know you weren't the only protesters in attendance. Let's see. Obama's Organizing for America, the Communist Party of America, the Socialist Party of America, the International Workers of the World and, lest we forget, Service Employees International Union. Where the hell was ACORN? It was nice that Jesse Jackson showed. That translates to higher percentage disapproval for the Skank Party.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Union Guys Spotted At Wisconsin Capitol Bldg.

I think this is Richard Trumka, president of the AFL-CIO, but it's difficult to tell by not being able to see his bulbous, Al Capone face.

A Personal Sacrifice From The Obama's

The President is calling for personal sacrifice. Only a week ago he was telling us(tax paying citizens) we may have to forego dinner out or to cut back on vacation time. It's nice to see that wife, Michelle, and the two little Obama kiddies are doing their sacrificing, too. A getaway for a little R&R always seems to get me in the mood for what my fellow citizens are feeling. I wonder if the teachers of Wisconsin have that compassionate feeling for the Worst Lady as she squanders, yet again, our tax money at a posh ski resort in Vail, Colorado. Rooms are going for between $650 and $2,400 per night. What are the possibilites she's in the $650 room? Nada!

Friday, February 18, 2011


My Kind Of Governor

"Republican Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin, confronted with thousands of protesters outside of the state capitol in Madison, says “it would be wise for the president” to stay out of his state’s business".

From Political 44

Some people might consider this a threat from the newly elected Wisconsin governor to President Obama. I hope so.

Wisconsin Teachers Fight To 'Keep It Up'

I don't know why, during my twenty year teaching career Viagra wasn't on the top of the list for teacher's needs. Unless, it hadn't yet been invented and I was so young it wasn't actually a part of my thought process. Evidently, Wisconsin teachers have been fighting for two years to have male enhancement drugs included in their coverage. My thinking on this is---why? One would be taking the chance on producing a clone like the fine young gentleman shown in the upper left hand corner of this blog. Personally, during my foray into education I never actually had one of these lads in a class. I call them "these" because the Kingdom through Variety classification in biology doesn't have a particular coverage for them.
Since I spent fifteen of my twenty years teaching in the parochial schools there was only one instance of a "student"(term used loosely) coming remotely close to the 'Lizard Man' seen here. As I walked to my podium for my 1st period history class I sensed a 'hushed atmosphere'; a sort of, "what will he do when he sees what's in class today"?
I looked up and there he was; black painted eyebrows, black circles around his eyes. It gave him the appearance of a raccoon. He had black painted fingernails, a black outfit with cape. I knew he was harmless. After all, it was the middle of the semester so I had a good handle on him. As teachers we never want to unnecessarily embarrass a student for fear of scarring their psyche forever so I calmly said, "Hey, Cleopatra, let's you and me step outside into the hallway". The class didn't even laugh. Well, mom and dad were at school in a matter of minutes. Evidently, Junior had put on his Halloween costume at the 7-11 up the street from the school. Situations like that weren't a problem for me: "Just nip it in the bud and the problem goes away. Now, for "Chameleon boy(pictured) he's going to have to go through life as pictured. One has to wonder what career opportunities are available to him. Carnival comes to mind. Tattoo artist is a definite possibility. Midnight janitor at a warehouse, maybe. I do know this. If he ever gets really, really frustrated it'd be a bad thing to bang his head on the wall.
I had another dream about teaching just last night. Lizzie had to wake me, I was screaming so badly. I had taken the Viagra and created "Chameleon boy". And I was sentenced by God to call him "Son" in public for the rest of my life.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Joel Northrup: A Young Man Of Character

Letting Lizzie watch Brian Williams Nightly News on NBC is one of those things that keeps this marriage together. It shows my concern for her well-being and happiness. Williams ran a story toward the end of the show and Lizzie said, "I feel a blog coming on". She's correct. I was seething. The Iowa High School wrestling championships are taking place this week. Wrestling, in Iowa, is a damned big deal. Dan Gable, Cale Sanderson, Iowa State, Iowa Hawkeyes; they have won numbers of championships and sent many athletes to the Olympics. Were you aware that the long time University of Kentucky basketball coach, Adolph Rupp, got his start as a high school wrestling coach in Marshalltown, Iowa? One of my best Iowa buddies started a world renowned wrestling magazine called the Predicament. It's the bible for wrestlers and it came out of Iowa. In the words of Joe Biden, "that's an F'ing big deal".
Anyway, the story on the news was about a young male wrestler named Joel Northrup. The sophomore had an outstanding season going into the tournament, 35-4, so it's not like he's a schleb wrestler. His high school is Linn-Mar of Marion, one of the largest schools in the state. His opponent in the first round was Cassie Herkelman. Cassie is a girl. Yep! You read this correctly. Cassie from Cedar Falls H.S. also qualified for the tourney along with another girl named Megan Blake. Both girls matriculate at schools larger than Marion. The downside for these schools with girls wrestling has to be----with upwards of 2,000 in the student bodies couldn't they come up with a guy or two to compete? That's more than embarrassing.
So, what did Northrup do? Well, he forfeited his match to Herkelman. He is a strong Christian and he felt it was a matter of conscience and faith not to wrestle. His mind set was that boys and girls should not be engaged in competition where there bodies would be in such close contact and there would be a danger of Herkelman getting hurt. If you think this is silliness you should know that Megan Blake did wrestle a kid from Bettendorf and she was pinned in 52 seconds.
Now, if you read this blog frequently you know what's coming next. What in the hell is wrong with the Iowa High School Athletic Association to let girls compete with boys? After all, there is a girl's athletic union in Iowa. If the girls can wrestle with the boys why not let some boy try out for a girls basketball team. At the age of 65 ol' MH Hawkeye could still put some big time moves on a
5'2" point guard. How about softball? It'd be the same thing. What are the outfield dimensions for softball, something like 180'? I'd be the Babe Ruth of girls softball. I'd be in the Iowa High School girls Hall of Fame.
And to think this all start with Title IX, the worst piece of legislation to come down the pike since the New Deal. But that's a story for another day. In the meantime I'm going to honor the integrity of Joel Northrup. He got screwed---big time!

Friends Forever Or Until We Decide Otherwise

Put your noodle noggin in reverse and recall when the Dalai Lama of Tibet was visiting the White House. Oh crap, representatives of the ChiComs stopped in for a visit so Obama had "The Lama" exit the back door, past the garbage bags, so as to not start an international incident. Now, don't think of this as being a personal snub since there's nothing personal about it. The photo of the Dalai Lama signifies every nation that is a friend of ours-----------used to be a friend of ours. I may be missing some but in no particular order think about who we've snubbed. Seriously, folks, it yanks my crank thinking about this abysmal administration's attempts at diplomacy. Why, if I didn't know better I'd say it's intentional.

Israel: today the United States will join 15 other nations at the UN in rebuking a friend for occupying their own land. Gt. Britain: they used to be a friend until Obama decided to infuriate them through insults; returning treasured gifts presented to previous Presidents; by insulting the Queen, by giving away missile secrets to the Ruskies to get a missle treaty signed. The same goes for our other pals liberated when The Wall came down: Poland and Czechoslovakia were not consulted when it was decided they would lose missile shields. Germany and Canada: They were our good pals until Obama announced last month that France was 'numero uno'.
Obama received a huge snub for being clueless from his most ardent admirer, Oprah. She said there has to be a learning curve allowed for Barry. Sort of says it all about these high school sophomores, doesn't it. They need on the job training. That's scary.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What About Us?

My man, Al Jolson:

The month's half over and it was brought to my attention that it's Black History Month. So, what about us? I'm still waiting for White History Month. We celebrate Martin Luther King's birthday but can't bring ourselves to have a Washington or Lincoln birthday anymore. It's now Presidents Day. Our two greatest presidents have to share a day. Bummer! This brings up another subject. How come we don't have white people with the name of Washington or Lincoln? That seems sort of strange to me.
There's a Black Miss America but blacks are allowed to enter the 'real' Miss America pageant. That's double dippin'. What would happen if a white woman entered the Miss Black America contest? If I'm not mistaken Puerto Ricans can enter the 'real' Miss America contest along with Asians and even lasses from Ireland.
I read something the great Negro league baseball player, Buck Leonard said, "We were better than the white boys back in the Forties and early Fifties". So, all of a sudden Jackie Robinson shows up and now the white guys can't hold a candle to fellas like Satchel Paige and Larry Doby. Sometimes, life just ain't fair.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Coca Cola Formula (supposedly) Revealed

Coca-Cola’s secret ingredients revealed?: "This American Life" claims that it stumbled upon the holy grail of secret recipes in a photo published alongside an article on Coke’s history in the February 18, 1979 edition of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. The photo allegedly features a hand-written copy of Coke inventor John Pemberton’s original recipe.

The formula, according to TAL, is as follows:

Fluid extract of Coca: 3 drams USP
Citric acid: 3 oz
Caffeine: 1 oz
Sugar: 30 (unclear quantity)
Water: 2.5 gal
Lime juice: 2 pints, 1 quart
Vanilla: 1 oz
Caramel: 1.5 oz or more for color

The secret 7X flavor (use 2 oz of flavor to 5 gals syrup):
Alcohol: 8 oz
Orange oil: 20 drops
Lemon oil: 30 drops
Nutmeg oil: 10 drops
Coriander: 5 drops
Neroli: 10 drops
Cinnamon: 10 drops

Youngsters Don't Create A Revolution

Obama's response to the overthrow of Mubarak, one of them was to praise the young people of Egypt in leading the revolution, left me with that blah feeling and a sense of his lack of knowledge about people. Seriously, giving 'kids' credit for a government overthrow is about as silly as me expecting to hit a hole in one on every golf shot. Think back to when you were twenty years old. If you were so smart how come you got drunk and tried to outrun the police, took another girl on a sneak date thinking your fiancee' wouldn't find out or saying, "ah the hell with it" when it came to deciding to go to a party instead of study for the final exam to keep you from flunking out of college. Kids who have never bought a loaf of bread think they have the power to get rid of an existing government when they've never paid taxes. When push comes to shove I'd say these middle eastern ragamuffins saw a riot taking place, their testosterone throttled up and then it became time to burn, loot, rape and trying to steal the tomb of King Tut.
Often times Obama says things that are mere utterances. Giving knuckleheads unwarranted credit for a takeover of a government is nonsense. Thomas Jefferson was thirty-three when he authored the Declaration of Independence. Benjamin Franklin was seventy-one in 1776. Sandwiched in between were brilliant men who knew how to read and write and from their life experiences we gained a nation. It was one that was formed through deep and thought provoking consideration. It wasn't one when the words: Ready, fire, aim was the mantra of the day.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Caption Contest-You Decide

(1 I hate this job
(2 It wouldn't take much for me to do a Vince Foster
(3 Mmmmmmmmm-Twinkies
(4 My shorts are too tight
(5 If this meeting goes on any longer I'll wet my pants.

TSA Steals Money From Passengers

From UK Daily Mail:
"A TSA supervisor stole money from passengers who went through his security checkpoint and accepted bribes and kickbacks from a colleague. Michael Arato, a supervisor at Newark Liberty Airport, admitted on Monday that he regularly took money from passengers during security screenings and deliberately targeted foreigners who could not speak much English. The 41-year-old, from Ewing, admitted in federal court that he permitted a worker he supervised to steal $10,000 to $30,000 in cash from traveller's bags over a 13-month period. He admitted to collecting $3,100 over one week to 'look the other way' while his colleague carried out the thefts".

What Egyptians Really Want

Regardless of the giddiness of the Lamestream media recent polling, if you believe in it, shows a different story when it comes to democracy for the nation of Egypt.

Among highlights from the Pew poll:

• 49% of Egyptians say Islam plays only a “small role” in public affairs under President Hosni Mubarak, while 95% prefer the religion play a “large role in politics.”

• 84% favor the death penalty for people who leave the Muslim faith.

• 82% support stoning adulterers.

• 77% think thieves should have their hands cut off.

• 54% support a law segregating women from men in the workplace.

• 54% believe suicide bombings that kill civilians can be justified.

• Nearly half support the terrorist group Hamas.

• 30% have a favorable opinion of Hezbollah.

• 20% maintain positive views of al-Qaida and Osama bin Laden.

• 82% of Egyptians dislike the U.S. — the highest unfavorable rating among the 18 Muslim nations Pew surveyed

Obama Budget: It's A Tax Increase For Everyone

From Ryan Ellis, Americans for Tax Reform:
President Obama released his budget this morning. Rather than focusing on Washington’s over-spending problem, the budget calls for higher taxes on families and small businesses to pay for even more government spending. Under the Obama budget, tax revenues will grow from 14.4% of GDP in 2011 to 20% of GDP in 2021. By comparison, the historical average is only 18% of GDP.

Tax hike lowlights include:

•Raising the top marginal income tax rate (at which a majority of small business profits face taxation) from 35% to 39.6%. This is a $709 billion/10 year tax hike
•Raising the capital gains and dividends rate from 15% to 20%
•Raising the death tax rate from 35% to 45% and lowering the death tax exemption amount from $5 million ($10 million for couples) to $3.5 million. This is a $98 billion/ten year tax hike
•Capping the value of itemized deductions at the 28% bracket rate. This will effectively cut tax deductions for mortgage interest, charitable contributions, property taxes, state and local income or sales taxes, out-of-pocket medical expenses, and unreimbursed employee business expenses. A new means-tested phaseout of itemized deductions limits them even more. This is a $321 billion/ten year tax hike
•New bank taxes totaling $33 billion over ten years
•New international corporate tax hikes totaling $129 billion over ten years
•New life insurance company taxes totaling $14 billion over ten years
•Massive new taxes on energy, including LIFO repeal, Superfund, domestic energy manufacturing, and many others totaling $120 billion over ten years
•Increasing unemployment payroll taxes by $15 billion over ten years
•Taxing management capital gains in an investment partnership (“carried interest”) as ordinary income. This is a tax hike of $15 billion over ten years
•A giveaway to the trial lawyers—not letting companies deduct the cost of punitive damages from a lawsuit settlement. This is a tax hike of $300 million over ten years
•Increasing tax penalties, information reporting, and IRS information sharing. This is a ten-year tax hike of $20 billion.
Add it all together, and this budget is a ten-year, $1.5 trillion tax hike over present law.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Blame It On The Nuns

Lady Gaga

This gives me great pause: Josef Stalin, Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini, Madonna Louise Ciccone, aka Madonna, Nancy Pelosi and Lady Gaga. The list is seemingly endless. All the aforementioned were raised and educated in private Catholic schools.
Maybe it's the nuns!

Biggest Cover-Up Since Watergate

Take a stroll down memory lane: These thugs can say anything and get away with it. It was only a year ago that Ray LaHood and his cronies attacked Toyota. But why shouldn't they? After all, the government needed Government Motors(GM) to have a leg up on the competition. LaHood=Illinois=politician=thug=crook.

From the Weekly Standard:

"Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood announced that “Toyotas are unsafe,” and the Democratic Congress swung into action. Multiple hearings were held in which Reps. Henry Waxman (D-Calif.) and Edolphus Towns (D-N.Y.) not only featured anecdotes of lethal acceleration, but accused Toyota executives of lying about the problem and deliberately concealing what they knew. Rep. Bobby Rush (D-Ill.) referred to Toyotas as “killing machines.” The nation’s leading newspapers, news magazines, and television networks ran numerous stories on the killing-machine theme; ABC’s Brian Ross concocted footage for the purpose. Toyota was fined a record $48.8 million for what the Obama administration considered its inadequate response to the crisis​—​three recalls totaling some 12 million vehicles​—​and Toyota’s stock price and market share declined".

And what does LaHood say now? It was all a mistake. There are no electrical or mechanical problms with Toyota. There are two things that should be demanded of Ray LaThug. He should be forced to resign then cuffed and put in jail.

Saturday, February 12, 2011


"Praise the saints and pass the gravy"! Isn't that a famous saying? Oh, maybe not. Anyway, it's a beautiful day in the western panhandle of Florida with, and dare I write this, temperatures approaching seventy.
MJ Hawkeye has been doing quite a bit of research on dreams and dreaming lately. This is clearly another circumstance on which Lizzie and I part ways. You see, once she hits the hay she's gone. She goes into a coma for seven and a half hours then wakes up to remember nothing. She never dreams. I find this quite interesting since I'm the exact opposite. It can be quite frightening. Ten years ago I did one of those medical exams, the type where they attach all kinds of electrodes to your head. Correct me if I'm wrong but there are four different REM(rapid eye movement)sleep cycles to a full and restful sleep. When a person gets to number four they become a "Lizzie" then wake up relaxed and refreshed. MJ never gets out of number 2. In other words, when I'm asleep I'm also awake. This is also an indicator of why my dreams are violent, colorful, scary, re-occurring------------okay, they aren't much fun if you get my drift. My own personal theory on the REM thing is when I was a kid I wet the bed so I forced myself to sort of stay awake. Then I wouldn't be lying in Lake Pissmeoff when I woke up.
In a conversation the other night I mentioned to Lizzie how much trouble it was lying in bed because I knew what lie ahead when I finally dropped off: bombs going off, cars flying off cliffs, always in technicolor. My worst dream is I'm coaching at a school and keep getting hired then fired, then re-hired. I finally go to work for the boss I had in real life and, after making more money than Rockefeller, quit the job so I can go back to the coaching job living off food stamps and going through the same torture all over again.
Well, I am proud to announce that in awakening this morning there are no remembrances of dreams. My eight hour journey into the Twilight Zone is full of nothing but sugar plum trees. It's a great day to be alive.
Too bad I have to screw things up by going to the golf course. When I get back from that adventure I'll be ready to hang myself----or not. It should give me enough fodder for tonight's foray into Dreamland. Whatever happens I'll always be able to fall back on what the famous philosopher's have always said, "praise the saints and pass the gravy".

Friday, February 11, 2011

$450,000 Kaput

The U.S. Navy has been criticised for spending almost half a million dollars of taxpayers' money on a flyover at the Super Bowl - while the stadium roof was closed.
The estimated $450,000 expense was for four fighter jets that flew from Virginia to Texas and over the retractable roof of Cowboys Stadium in Dallas.

As it was broadcast on screens at the Super Bowl XLV on Sunday, spectators inside the stadium got the same view as people watching the five-second shot at home.

From UK DailyMail

Isaiah 19:2

"I will turn one Egyptian against another. They will fight- brother against brother, neighbor against neighbor, city against city, kingdom against kingdom.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Finally, A Definition for Stupid

Andrew McCarthy of National Review OnLine:

"James Clapper, the head of intelligence for the United States of America, has explained to Congress that the Muslim Brotherhood is “largely secular.” It further has “eschewed violence,” decries al-Qaeda as a “perversion of Islam,” and really just wants “social ends” and “a betterment of the political order in Egypt.”

I kid you not.

This is the Muslim Brotherhood whose motto brays that the Koran is its law and jihad is its way. The MB whose Palestinian branch, the terrorist organization Hamas, was created for the specific purpose of destroying Israel — the goal its charter says is a religious obligation".

Note: Keep this blog post handy for when Egypt falls to the radical elements; the first one of a house of cards. One can be sure that our current administration will stand back and do nothing. President Obama has no respect in the arena of world leaders.

CBO: "Obamacare Would Reduce Employment By 800,000

The Weekly Standard:

Testifying today before the House Budget Committee, Congressional Budget Office (CBO) Director Doug Elmendorf confirmed that Obamacare is expected to reduce the number of jobs in the labor market by an estimated 800,000. Here are excerpts from the exchange:

Chairman [Paul] Ryan: “[I]t’s been argued...that the new health care law will create jobs and increase labor force participation. But if I recall from your analysis, it was quite the opposite. Is that not the case?”

Director [Douglas] Elmendorf : “Yes.”...


Rep. [John] Campbell: Thank you, Mr. Chairman, we'll -- and Dr. Elmendorf -- and we'll continue this conversation right now. First on health care, before I get to -- before I get to broader issues, you just mentioned that you believe -- or that in your estimate, that the health care law would reduce the labor used in the economy by about 1/2 of 1 percent, given that, I believe you say, there's 160 million full-time people working in '20-'21. That means that, in your estimation, the health care law would reduce employment by 800,000 in '20-'21. Is that correct?

Corn: Only A Few Get Rich

By Timothy Carnery, Washington Examiner:

If you haven't read today's issue of The Daily Herd, and you haven't combed through the USDA's latest World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates, you might not have noticed what's going on with our supply of corn. Here are the highlights from the Herd:

675 million bushels of corn may seem like a lot, but that is only an 18 day supply for the US grain market, and that is the reason corn prices pushed above $7 Wednesday on the CME.

Corn, beans and wheat prices have all been rising, but so has the price for ethanol. A year ago, ethanol was in the $1.70 per gallon range, but Wednesday closed at $2.457 per gallon....

The result of the ethanol industry’s demand for corn tightens down the supply, says University of Missouri marketing specialist Melvin Brees. In his Crop Report Commentary Brees says USDA economists raised corn use by 70 million bushels and 50 million of that was added to ethanol refining. The 745 million bushel ending stocks were lowered to 675 million, and that is 5% of the expected use for the current marketing year. Actually it parallels the tight corn supply of the 1995-96 season and is the least stocks to use ratio in the past 50 years....

As corn prices continue to push higher, so will soybean prices, in an effort to keep pace with the spring race to buy acres.

Of course, the federal government is driving this demand for ethanol. The 2005 and 2007 energy bills mandate U.S. blenders sell a certain amount of ethanol. The effect: we're running low on corn, which is bad news for ranchers, and anyone else who uses corn, beef, or anything that competes with corn for land -- that is, bad news for everyone except for a few folks getting rich off ethanol.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What's Wrong With Iowans?

Lizzie and I made a trip over to Starbucks this morning. I broke down and bought a USA Today in case we ran out of conversation. So, thirty seconds after being seated, I opened the newspaper to the section that gives a blurb about some interesting fact from each state for yesterday. The first one I looked at was for Iowa. According to the State Department of Public Safety 76% of the 368 Iowans killed in auto accidents in 2010 were not wearing seat belts. What's up with that? I've been in a couple of pretty serious accidents and from experience know that being a human pin ball inside a killing machine is not a good thing. The old saw about government intrusion in our lives and being tied down inside a car doesn't hold water. Many years ago I had a summer job as a brakeman on a railroad. A vehicle with husband, wife and six kids hit the side of our train engine travelling at 90 mph. That's one case I can honestly say seat belts were unnecessary. Other than that, "Hey Iowans, wake up and smell the coffee"!

High Speed Rail

Obama wants $53 billion in taxpayer money(yours) to build a high speed rail system across the country. It's implementation is to be completed by 2015. Lucky me. I rode on high speed rail when in France in 1997. It's system is callled the TGV or Train a' Grande Vitesse. The average speed for the TGV in France is 170 mph. Interestingly,
the record speed in the land of silk panties for men is 357 mph. My son lived in France at the time and gave Lizzie and me the low down on the train. It sees more suicides than any other method of self-destruction-----kersplat! Of course, at a more normal speed of 60 mph in the US or rocket speeds in France does it really make much difference when meeting a bullet head on. The TGV might require more Windex on the windshield is all.

Joe Biden, our vice-President of the United States, gained fame by riding Amtrak to and fro daily from Delaware to DC when in the Senate. Did you know there is only one corridor of Amtrak that makes money in the US? It's from Albany, New York to New York City. Every other train in America is a loser. That's not a huge problem for over half the folks in this country. For the other half who pay taxes the loss is in billions of dollars. But, why should the government care. It's your money.

I'm a naysayer on high speed rail but only because: I'm from a railroad family. There were, at one time, 24 passenger trains that came through our town in Iowa. Today, there are none. Why? It's not profitable. It's not a money-maker for 95% of the country. Remember the Concorde? It could fly between NYC and Paris in about two hours. That's four hours or so faster than normal flights. Where is it today? It's an 'Abraham Lincoln'. It's 'history' because no one flew on it.
High speed rail is like watching The Keith Olberman Show on television. It's a side-show, a comedy act but once seen that's enough and normal citizens move on to other things.

You are aware that Obama and Biden very much want high speed rail to help make America great, again.

Oh, and I almost forgot, Joe Biden's son, Hunter, is a lobbyist for Amtrak and sits on their Board of Directors.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Unleash The Girls

hat tip:

$18.5 Million--The Chicago Way

From Abdam Pollasch, Chicago Sun Times:

Is there anything wrong with mayoral candidate Rahm Emanuel making $18.5 million dollars as an investment banker in the 2 ½ years after he got out of the Clinton White House – much of it from Clinton donors?

“I defy you to tell me anybody you know who jumped out of government into a business for which he had no credentials or background, made $18.5 million in two years and then jumped back into government,” said Gery Chico, Emanuel’s rival for the mayor’s office.

“I’m not saying it’s illegal, but let’s call it what it is: As an insider he took advantage of the knowledge and contacts he made at the White House to make money,” said another rival, City Clerk Miguel del Valle. “He made a hell of a lot of money in a short of amount of time. How many people have that kind of opportunity, to go from being on the inside to being on the outside, take advantage of the fact you were on the inside to make $18.5 million?”

This Must Have Sounded Great On Paper

From BigFurHat

Monday, February 7, 2011

Super Bowl Commercial: The Best Ever

Possibly the best Super Bowl commercial ever produced took place yesterday. It wasn't by any stretch funny, not even slightly humorous. It's greatness comes about because of its propaganda. Add to this the fact that the lead character of the commercial is a Rapper known for his incendiary lyrics and it becomes even more so one for the ages. I refer, of course, to Eminem and the subject matter is of Detroit, Michigan. Eminem and Detroit: They go together. After viewing the ad one one think the city is Nirvana.
There were references to being down and out. There was also an emphasis on the character of the people and how they will come back: come back from poverty, the loss of the auto industry, the perception that Detroit cannot recover.

In my twenty year career as a peddler I drove to and through Detroit more times than I can count. I-75 snakes through Detroit. For out of towners it is an experience to behold. Don't take you eyes off the road, though. There is constant construction taking place. I'm a mentally tough guy but fear was the one thing that caused me the greatest concern when travelling through and in Detroit. The last thing I wanted to do was become lost on a side street, never to be seen again by my family again.

My least favorite recollection of Detroit: I had, on a particular day, picked up my brand spanking new Oldsmobile 88 in Columbus but half way through Detroit, well, a rock magically appeared out of nowhere and decided to destroy my windshield. the word 'livid' comes to mind.

I read a statistic awhile back that the population of Detroit proper has shrunk from a high of 1.8 million to present day 800,000. The reasons for this would be numerous. Probably, Johnson's "Great Society" was a factor since it occurred in the late 60's and 70's.

The political system of Detroit has confounded and plagued the people with administrations of corruption. The present Mayor and former NBA basketball star with the Detroit Pistons, Dave Bing, appears to be a man of honor. His goal is to raze one-third of the city. The best way to describe Detroit is 'blighted'. He has his work cut out for him. Today, it was announced Mr. Bing is offering homes to policemen and firemen homes at $1,000 to move into the city.

If you've ever been to Cleveland and not Detroit don't waste you time going. They are one and the same. Cleveland has the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame. That might give them a leg up.

One of the wealthiest and most elegant communities in Michigan is Gross Pointe. The trouble is it requires going through Detroit to get there. It's sort of like going through Hell to get to the Dairy Queen in this island community.

So, kudos to the producers of propaganda and making us believe what is, isn't. They did their job well. Now let's see how many businesses and population from across this great land move to Detroit. I'm not holding my breath.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

How Could You Not Love This Woman

Liberals: 'To Hell With Ya'

Citing an "onslaught of personal attacks", a Colorado nonprofit today canceled a scheduled May appearance in Glendale by former Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin, according to a press release. Palin was to be the keynote speaker at the Patriots & Warriors Gala at the Infinity Park Events Center in Glendale. The event sponsored by the Sharon K. Pacheco Foundation was announced Friday but was canceled today due to "safety concerns resulting from an onslaught of negative feedback received by the organization," the press release said.


Happy 100th, Mr. President

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Bring Back Jack Shelley

There appears to be only one time when journalists on the left and right unite and that's when one of their own is in harms way. Shepherd "Sissy Boy" Smith did it yesterday on Fox News. He was reporting on the number of threats to life and limb of all the Walter Winchell wannabes in Egypt. Shep was near tears in his reporting. It took me back to when he was in his beloved Mississippi post Katrina when there were real croc tears streaming down his cheeks as he reported on the devastation.
Think about this; is it really necessary for some dude with a microphone to be surround by a thousand bin Laden look alikes and expose himself to imminent death to let us know the people are rioting? Why do we have satellites? The scenario would go like this for me if I chose to be stupid: "Lizzie, I'll be home in an hour. I'm going down into the cobra pit to read a book then I'll jump over to the lion's den to get some sun. Don't hold dinner".
Way back when there was a newscaster on WHO radio Des Moines named Jack Shelly.*** He sat in a studio and his voice, ever so elegant and professional, gave us the news through the mind's eye. He did a much better job than the Lester Holt's of today and long before we'd ever heard of or needed female eye candy to make the news come to life.
***Mr. Shelley is the second most famous person to come out of Boone, Iowa after Mamie Eisenhower. This shoves MJ Hawkeye down to number 4. I stand corrected.

Friday, February 4, 2011

White House Contemptible Drilling Policy

Investors Business Daily

Energy Policy: An administration that has no respect for Congress, the courts or the Constitution has been found in contempt for reissuing a drilling moratorium that a U.S. district judge found overly broad.

The Obama administration's trouble with the courts has continued with a judge's ruling last week that the Interior Department's reinstating of a drilling moratorium followed by a de facto moratorium via an overly restrictive permitting process constituted contempt.

The administration had issued a drilling moratorium in May in waters deeper than 500 feet after the explosion and sinking of the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig off Louisiana that resulted in the spill of more than 4.1 million barrels of oil into the Gulf of Mexico.

In June, Martin Feldman of the Eastern District Court of Louisiana struck down Interior Secretary Ken Salazar's original moratorium, saying it was overkill based on flawed reasoning. "If some drilling equipment parts are flawed, is it rational to say all are?" Feldman asked in his ruling. "That sort of thinking seems heavy-handed and rather overbearing."

Feldman further asked: "Are all airplanes a danger because one was? All oil tankers like Exxon Valdez? All trains? All mines?" The administration's answer still seems to be yes, as offshore oil rigs find their way to other shores, and communities dry up along with the oil business that sustained them.

So the administration went back, rearranged a few words and a few deck chairs, and reissued its moratorium. That one was officially lifted in October, although the permitting process, which mysteriously includes shallow-water wells, has had the effect of continuing the moratorium.

Feldman was not amused. "Each step the government took following the court's imposition of a preliminary injunction showcases its defiance," the judge said in his ruling. "Such dismissive conduct, viewed in tandem with the reimposition of a second moratorium . .. provides this court with clear and convincing evidence of its contempt."

Feldman even accused the administration of outright lying, pointing out that "at the hearing on the first moratorium, in response to a question by the court, the government's answer then was wholly at odds with the story of the misleading text change by a White House official, a story the government does not now dispute."

As we have noted, now-departing climate czar Carol Browner's office edited a May 27, 2010, report to President Obama by a panel of experts brought together by the administration to review offshore drilling safety. The report was altered to make it seem like the panelists supported the administration's six-month drilling moratorium in the Gulf of Mexico when they did not.

A Snoozer Of A Day

Sometimes, regardless of the chances you take, the opportunities aren't there. Waking up with money in my wallet I was determined to fuel the economy; big time. It didn't happen.
Maybe my problem is I focus on making every day a Barnum & Baily day then it turns out to be an Ex-lax one.

I woke up. That's always a positive start. Coffee, lots of coffee, along with reading the news. Lizzie and I went to Mass at Resurrection Church. It's the First Friday of the month and in our church it's a special day for Mass. The trouble is I forget what it is but religious graces are supposed to come my way for attending so what the heck.

Went to Starbucks for more coffee. Went to the men's room, too.

My wallet was getting hot. There's a fabulous strip mall two blocks from the church but since it was only 9 am and the shops were closed I marked my territory to come back later. Well, I didn't mark it the way a dog would. I only made mental notes.

Found a golf shop. Pullovers are big items for me and the ones here we're only
$9.99. Hmmm! The right side of the brain took over and I knew for that price they'd dissolve when they met the sun. The wallet remained loaded.

Went back to the condo for a workout. It was kind of a workout. Does walking on the treadmill for twenty minutes and lifting ten pound weights count? If it does then I had a workout.

My wallet was now an active volcano. Drove to an outlet shop to buy 'pre-owned' golf balls. Sometimes, I purchase balls that are name brand and new but on one side it says, "practice". This means they're to be used on ranges at upscale courses. Instead of paying $40.00 a dozen I can get 'em for $6.00. The difference between these range balls and the others when it comes to performance--absolutely nothing!

Afternoon: Nap time then called 'my baby boy'. He turned 35 today. Can it be possible?

Later in the afternoon: Book time

Ten PM EST: Bedtime

What a day! I'm exhausted!

Are You An Islamic Fundamentalist

From BigFurHat:

If you refine heroin for a living, but you have a moral objection to liquor.
You may already be an Islamic Fundamentalist

If you own a $3,000 machine gun and $5,000 rocket launcher, but you can’t afford shoes.
You may already be an Islamic Fundamentalist

If you have more wives than teeth.
You may already be an Islamic Fundamentalist

If you wipe your butt with your bare hand, but consider bacon unclean.
You may already be an Islamic Fundamentalist

If you think vests come in two styles: bullet-proof and suicide.
You may already be an Islamic Fundamentalist

If you were amazed to discover that cell phones have uses other than setting off roadside bombs.
You may already be an Islamic Fundamentalist

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Egyptian Riot Gear

If you think this is a spoof, it's not. Check out the link at Weasel Zippers to see some more of these fine outfits used against bullets and rocket launchers.

The Most Important Question

The most important question facing our nation today: Will people, with all the horrid weather, be able to make it to the Super Bowl?

Chuck Schumer: Smartest Democrat In US Senate

From Andrea Tantaros of the NY Daily News:

The posted article says a lot about our elected leaders. Chuck Schumer, New York Senator, considers himself to be a fairly smart guy; possibly the most intelligent person to ever hold that seat. Digest, please, the content of the article: his knowledge of our government and the question posed, 'what if a Republican woman had uttered the same'?

"Just this week, notorious camera hog Sen. Chuck Schumer said perhaps the dumbest thing I have ever heard a politician say.

In attempting to make a point about how the organs of power on Capitol Hill need to work together to prevent a government shutdown, Schumer reconfigured the three branches of government. "You know," he said, "we have three branches of government. We have a House. We have a Senate. We have a President." It should be noted that this isn't the model described in most civics textbooks, which list the three branches as legislative, executive and judiciary.

Now imagine if a Republican had said that. Better yet, a Republican woman. She would be called stupid. She would be mocked on cable news and spoofed on "Saturday Night Live." Her credibility would be questioned, and if she were attractive, she'd be discounted as a dingbat or a bimbo".

Rioting In The Streets

An Op-Ed:
If you've seen one violent protest you've seen 'em all. The major US networks are in Cairo showing mostly youngsters maim, burn and destroy but that's typically who's involved in these revolutionary movements. In the course of human history I can only recall one instance where adults led a revolutionary movement and that would be the American Revolution of the late 1700's.(The exception might be Gandhi in India)
So, I'm watching these kids in Cairo doing their chants and I noticed a very large banner with bold print. It states: "We can have change, too". Now, what the heck is that all about? Just think of the implications. Was the Bamster's Cairo speech three years ago the signal to mount an overthrow? Or, did the speech offer some encouragement that the US would stand by and not interfere with the ousting of Mubarak? I doubt it but it does seem somewhat interesting that protesters would intersperse their signs with so many done up in English. English is the international language, I know. If it wasn't how come so many of these people are wearing Nike t-shirts? That's a dead giveaway. If these folks are looking for world sympathy with their antics they surely have the ear of the Left. An economic summit is the call for riots and bombings; anywhere, anytime, anyplace.

I don't usually tip my hand but I am more than afraid about what's going on overseas. Who can trust Hillary's statesmanship? The Middle East seems to be a house of cards and the power of the Muslim Brotherhood is of great concern. For myself, I can cope. For my eight grandchildren, I'm worried.

Home Alone

"Al Gore has come under attack by a growing cadre of scientists who debunk the man-made global warming theory — and for his own energy consumption, most recently for his mansion in Montecito, Calif., which has 6,500 square feet of living space and a swimming pool and fountains. He also made headlines for his exorbitant energy consumption at his 10,000-square-foot Nashville home".

From Newsmax

It doesn't matter what Al Gore says: He's lost a marriage, normal 9 to 5'ers think he's a dufus and he sits in the bath tub playing with his rubber ducky. And we're freezing our keesters. Imagine, Al goes to Yankee Stadium to throw out the first pitch. Upon announcing his name what do you think the response from the crowd would be? I thought so.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Nice Vocation

The Queen and I arrived in Destin, Florida yesterday afternoon fighting off forty-five mile an hour winds and beach waves that crept to the base of our condo. It was nearly enough to make us want to drive straight through to Ohio and suffer the slings and arrows of a winter storm; almost but not quite.
Today started out the same with a wind chill of forty degrees or less. Lizzie decided it was the perfect day for us to take a walk. It turned out to be an hour jobber and for me that's a haul. Anyway, we happened to glide by Resurrection Catholic Church. You know what? Being a Catholic priest in Florida would be a pretty good gig. Why, if I happened to be single again I might go through the Holy Orders ceremony and work for a parish in the sunshine state. Recall two weeks ago when I mentioned that just after our homily there was a list of nine parishioners who had gone to meet their Maker. Not to be outdone eleven more souls followed suit the next week. Priests receive a stipend(gift) every time they perform a funeral ceremony. Aside from free housing, food, a car and gas paid for plus a house keeper they receive cash for doing weddings and funerals. Now, if my Bishop ordered me to some hamlet in Minnesota or South Dakota I'd have to say, "no way, "Bish". I'd tell him, "Gimme an assignment anyplace south of Sarasota and that's that". On average, and it's a weak tabulation that this stipend comes to about $50 per. With an average of eight deaths a week that comes to $400. Tally this toll for 52 weeks; fifty dollars here and fifty dollars there and pretty soon we're talking real money. That's enough to spend a bunch of time in Vegas and you know what they say, "what happens there stays there".
Let's face it. Priesting might be better than a real job and if there happens to be some serious self guilt just go to confession and give yourself absolution for your own sins. Life can be easy if you wish it to be.
Life can be so easy if I only put my mind to it.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Obama: Egyptian Protesters An Inspiration

WASHINGTON (AP) -- President Barack Obama says the passion and dignity demonstrated by the people of Egypt has been an inspiration. He says young protesters will reach their destiny.

In brief remarks at the White House Tuesday evening, the president said, "We hear your voices."

Liberals: Think about what he said. And this is the man who made fun of 'Tea Baggers'.
pic: weasel zippers

Same Old Same Old

I received another affirmation last week on why our politicians are hypocrites. Every so often I'll write a note to our communist senator, Sherrod Brown (D-imwit). This email referred to the price gouging at the fuel pump. Yes, a response came back to me and it was a combination of a lie and a fool speaking. Commissar Brown, in response to my question, told me he has always voted to increase fuel production. That is a blatant lie! Now for the 'fool speak'. He wrote me it would be folly to drill in this country for two reasons: (1) it would take twenty years to have the rigs ready perform their tasks and (2) it would take twenty years to build the refineries to handle this new found liquid gold. He should have a town hall in Canton, Lima, Toledo and southern Ohio where existing refineries are located and tell this to the real workers of Ohio. In addition, and this is the one that really frosts my b--, er, toes: this twenty year crap is the same lousy excuse Bill Clinton used exactly twenty years ago as a reason not to drill. If the bums are going to treat us as morons one would think they could get original.