Monday, September 25, 2017

They Learned From The Master

My grandfather used to say “You don’t s*it where you eat.”

There's an extremely interesting article in today  about this whole NFL flag controversy. Give it a shot.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Maxine Waters Is A Modern Day Miracle

Diogenes Middle Finger

Nancy 'Stupid' Pelosi Enters The NFL Controversy

"Meet The Press" host Chuck Todd asked Pelosi on Sunday to weigh in on the debate; she responded Trump should "bring people together" as he promised.
"He should see this as an opportunity," Pelosi said. "Somebody—Colin Komper—Komper—Kumpernick [sic] doing what he did says this flag enables me to do this. This national anthem enables me to do this."
Pelosi said she'd always felt sports and the arts can bring people together.
Kaepernick played for Pelosi's hometown San Francisco 49ers and reached a Super Bowl with the team in the 2012 season but is currently a free agent.
WashingtonFree Beacon

Is It Worth The Risk

Ever Wonder Why College Kids Fail Basic Math

Scrolling through a spreadsheet listing every possible diversity class within the University of North Carolina-Charlotte’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences might take some time.
That’s because the inventory is very extensive.

The 21-page list, dubbed “CLAS Diversity Courses,” details 345 classes representing a broad spectrum of fields and majors, including Religious Studies, Women’s and Gender Studies, Languages and Culture Studies, and Africana Studies.

Legal Insurrection

When Did Madonna Die

Madonna released a live album last Friday. News to me. News to everyone, apparently.
The “Rebel Heart” Tour album sold just 3,848 CDs and downloads according to Buzz Angle and It had no streaming that was reported.
Stranger, though, was that the album wasn’t released on Interscope, which put out the original “Rebel Heart” album. But maybe not so strange since “Rebel Heart” sold only 238,000 copies in the US. Madonna once sold millions of albums. (So did everyone.)

It's Spreading Like A Virus

One needn't look at the photo above and not understand the following text. If it isn't an 8-year old peewee football team in Bellevue, Illinois then it's members of a professional football or baseball squad.

Far be it from me to chastise these young men and women. Cripes, I'm over seventy years old and there are days I don't make my bed leaving the chore to Her Majesty.

Here's my point. This latest wave of exercising our constitutional right of protesting is nothing new. One problem I have is I'm not convinced these young people understand the rights given to them by our Forefather's and the history behind them. In other words, they don't have an appreciation of the gifts given to them. It's like having a birthday. Grandma gives you a $100 and you don't have the common
decency to say 'thank you'.

Roger Goodell, the head of the National Football League has come to the defense of his players after Pres. Trump blasted players for their perceived anti-American actions. Goodell has to come to the aid of his players. The NFL has a lot of money riding on what he does so he criticized the president for his recent comments. It just seems that everyone from my wife's manicurist to the bag boy at my golf club has an opinion on this issue but, know what, it's their right to do so. . It's also my right to not get involved.

Stephen Curry of the World Champion San Franciso Warriors announced he he was torn between going to the White House or not. That's fine. The White House rescinded the invite.

There is a parallel here, guys. Some of these people take a knee to protest what they perceive as social injustice and are cheered. Tim Tebow, a lightening rod for the Far Left, takes a knee to praise the Lord and he becomes a symbol of the hate the Left is trying to destroy. You can't have it both ways or can you? It's like saying vanilla is the best ice cream to eat and then fly into a rage when someone tells you you're nuts.

And how, you might ask, would I not become enmeshed in this recent controversy? For example, there's a beautiful smallish river called Darby Creek just five miles west of us in Plain City, Ohio. It flows through the beautiful woodsy terrain of Central Ohio. It would be a very nice setting to use different lures by casting them in its flowing waters. I would be enjoying the gift of nature and if another fisherman happens to come near my spot the chances of his casting on one knee is nil.

Also, I'm too old to get involved in this nonsense. Maybe, if God gave us one 'do over' then I'd give this consideration. Possibly in the next life.

I would be willing to wager my monthly social security check that 90%of the population of the Amazon River basin and all of its tributaries are unaware of the raging 'kneeling' controversy in America. The same goes for the entire populations of Tibet, Somalia, Uzbekistan----combined.

Besides, why sweat it, folks. Next year it will be something else.

Counterpoint: There's an interesting blog called The Rightly Guided. I put an excerpt from today's post:

Devoted Cowboys fan since I was 10 years old. They were the game on our local TVs that Sunday and my buds and I knew every name on the roster. (Don’t ask me any of them now, too long ago to remember).  But I am losing my NFL religion, lately.  A Commissioner who fires back at the President and owners that grovel along with him have just chased away a life-long fan.  But of course I’m just one old guy…who cares?
Besides, it’s an Evil, Racist, White Supremacist Organization that deserves to fail along with the rest of Evil, Racist, White Supremacist America on account of some cops shooting black people and also People Of Color dead just ask poor and unemployed Colon Krinkledick, he will tell you if you care to listen. (No that’s just a link to how much he’s worth. I won’t link to his Marxist garble, wherever it is.)