Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Communist Newspaper, NY Times, Publishes Darren Wilson's Address Info

The New York Times had no qualms whatsoever about publishing almost all the information needed for Officer Darren Wilson´s enemies to track him and his wife down at home: Officer Wilson and [his wife] own a home together on XXXXXXX Lane in XXXXXXXXXX, Mo., a St. Louis suburb about a half-hour drive from Ferguson. This malicious move by the New York Times has not gone unnoticed by Ferguson´s protesters. http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Journalism/2014/11/25/ferguson-riot-media-live-blog

Monday, November 24, 2014

5 Million Equals 2.2 Trillion

The Congressional Budget Office(CBO) tells us the influx of newly legalized illegal immigrants will cost $2.2 trillion in the form of government benefits.
The last thing I want to do is be the bearer of bad tidings. You and I both know who's going to foot this bill. Another item about the CBO. When was the last time any government body underestimated the cost of government mandates?

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Who Are These Ferguson Protesters, Anyway

What's taking so long with the grand jury decision in Ferguson, Missouri? It's understandable that we all want justice served but enough already. We could have sent a man to Mars, had him build a skyscraper, and returned him to the U.S. since this jury was seated.

If you didn't know there are a myriad of organized groups on the streets of the St. Louis suburb. Depending on your news sources members of the KKK, Communist Party of America and the Black Panthers have shown their presence. On Thursday, the FBI located two pipe bombs brought in by the Panther's. Boys will be boys.

There are scads of other groups present all trying to catch a few seconds of TV time to promote their cause. The only groups I haven't seen are bra burners, darn it, and Code Pink.

There was a story on the AP last night relating the role of churches in the beleaguered city when the final verdict is read. Local pastors have told the citizens to come to church sanctuaries for safety. Yes, and the followers of Che' Guevara would say, "We can't firebomb this place. It's a church sanctuary".

I have a "no lie" story. I may have been the only person in American watching CNN yesterday afternoon. Actually, I was flipping between football games and clicked an incorrect number.Regardless, I caught a clip of some of our finest protesting on Ferguson's streets.

One young lady was coiffed in short pink hair, the style Doris Day would have worn in the movie, The Pajama Game. She was screaming through a bullhorn. I couldn't make out the wording but it wasn't "Mary had a little lamb". Next to her was another love child, same style Doo but with blue hair. I wonder what their parents think. Do they have parents? Do they care? Were the parents stoned? Were the parents flipping channels watching football games?

Years ago I wrote a post on protesters in some Allah forsaken country in the Middle East screaming, "Yanqui go home". At the time I wondered what these thousands upon thousands of white robed maniacs did for jobs. Did the government send them around the country to different sites as professional screamers? Being a professional screamer would be difficult work, be it in Riyadh,  Saudi Arabia or Ferguson, Missouri. First, your throat would become extremely hoarse after twenty hours of non-stop blathering. I'd bet after awhile the screamers only mouth the words. And the headaches, "oy vey"!  Do I have to go on about the headaches?

And what happens when the professionals have to relieve themselves? Do they have stand-in screamers or do they lift their robes and let it fly? Goats defecate in streets. Why not humans.

One can only imagine the conversations between professional protesters. "What are we going to do today"? And the roomie says, "I'm going to pick up my welfare check, get my syphilis check-up at the free clinic, steal wine and food at the local market then shoot on over to the protest line and scream about this blood sucking capitalist pig country run by the fascist police".

If I was heading up the grand jury investigation and the final verdict came in I'd have the results read on Sunday morning. The protesters would be either sleeping off a good buzz or the nice ones would be in church.

Lois Lerner Granted Tax Exempt Status To Underage Prostitution Ring

:The IRS Conservative targeting sandal included
However, Lerner did grant tax exempt status to the Royal Order of Jesters, a prostitution ring and classified their headquarters as a museum.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Another Day, Another Blatant Lie

NYT: While you were sleeping, Obama re-upped us for another year in Afghanistan; Update: Biden in 2010: Pulling out in 2014 “come hell or high water”.

Is there a possibility this might have been one of those faux campaign promises?

Do You Want To Be An American Or Not

My wonderful and very special grandfather, Joseph, was born in Rock Island, Illinois on January 10, 1988. He grew up in a German speaking household. Gramps, by the time he went to kindergarten, was bilingual. His father, Johann, had a strict familial rule regarding the United States of America. He was proud of his new country and determined his children would carry on with his views. Speaking German inside their home was allowed but when family members went out the door the requirement was to speak English; no German allowed, no German traditions were to be seen or heard.

As a youngster I'd go to grandfather's home early in the morning and he'd be reading his German Bible. I knew a scattering of the language but he never spoke to me in his native tongue. When he went to Mass he'd take his Bible written in English.

We live in a large metropolitan area near Columbus, Ohio. My suspicion is there are close to a million and a half people in the city and surrounding suburbs. I find it more than irritating going to the cash dispenser at the bank then be required to use the touch screen asking if I'm speaking English, Spanish or Somalia.

One of our largest combo supermarket, clothing, appliance stores is called Meijer. When I walk through the front doors I'm a man without a country. The place is like being at the United Nations. Name any language and I'm clueless to what people in their native garb are babbling. It's as if all the descendants from the Tower of Babel use this store as a multicultural bazaar. I'll go through the check out line and the lady running the register is exasperated with me because I can't comprehend her dialect. And I'm the one who feels badly about it. Does this make sense?

I've included the picture at the top of this piece since it illustrates perfectly about which I'm writing.
If you want the rights and privileges of  American citizens then, by God, act like one. Don't write your ridiculous signs in Spanish. I don't speak the language unless I want a taco or a margarita.