Saturday, February 13, 2016

Lent: The Good And The Bad Of It All

Is it a sin to use religion and religious practices for the wrong reason? I hope not because if it is I'm going to Hell.

Lent began last week. It's that time of year when Christians prepare for Christ's crucifixion and rising from the dead. It is, for we practicing folks, the most important time of the year.

A lot of Christians think Christmas is the be all end all in the Church. First, to illustrate, we don't shower our children with toys. Maybe that's why so many Catholics drop out of the church. Kids look forward to Legos at Christmas but at Easter all they get is a crummy chocolate bunny. See what I mean.

Anyway, I've decided to 'give up' things for Lent but I have a selfish motive. My wife, The Queen, has given up her nightly glass of wine. That's huge for her. Wine and the nightly news are staples in her life. I'd much rather she had given up the Nightly News because she watches NBC.

I decided, selfishly, to give up sugar. Sugar is monstrous in my life. Along with that I will not eat any flour products. Do you now see where this is going"

Two years ago in March I finally recognized I was getting hefty. In other words, I was an a certifiable lard ass. Therefore, I gave up those two items I've promised myself I'd do away with this Lent. From March 1 of '14 until the end of May I dropped 30 lbs. and it all slid off of me from the waist to the neck.

So, here's my problem and it all has to do with my Catholic conscience(darned BVM nuns from grade school). Am I doing this sacrificial penance for God or for my own self-aggrandizement? I'm sure He knows. I do hope it doesn't bother Him at all.

The way I figure is if I do lose the weight I'll be healthier. If I'm healthy I'll live longer. If I live longer I'll be able to put more money in the church coffers.

Problem solved!

What Ever Happened To Sandy Burger

From the title of the post I won't keep you in suspense. He's dead as of Dec. 2015. Burger was a lawyer and National Security Advisor in the Clinton Administration. In other words, he was a Clinton flunky.

Burger will be most remembered, not for his expertise serving the Clinton's, but for his bungling attempt to protect them.

"Berger was a close adviser to President Bill Clinton but he’s best known as someone who stole classified documents by stuffing them down his pants and walking out of the archives with them.
However, his legacy was tarnished in 2005, when he pleaded guilty to illegally removing classified documents from the National Archives by stuffing some highly classified documents into his socks and beneath the waistband of his pants.
He was sentenced to probation and a $50,000 fine and expressed regret for his actions(He regretted he got caught).

The documents Berger stole dealt with the events surrounding Al Qaeda attacks on America during Clinton's presidency". You remember those. There were scads of them and Bubba promised he would not rest until the murderers were brought to justice. Clinton was even offered bin Laden but he nixed the idea.

This begs the question akin to Nixon's Watergate questioning about Burger and his shenanigans: "What did he(Clinton) know and when did he know it?"

Ye gods these Clinton's are despicable. If you've a few hours google the number of Clinton close cronies who are now dead. I'm not saying Burger was forced to swallow a gun. He actually died of cancer(or so we're told).

It seems to me if you associate with America's number 1 scum bags, and especially Bill,(see Jeffrey Epstein) eventually only bad things can happen. If you don't believe me ask Sandy Burger's wife.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Chelsea Tells A Whopper

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. That saying has been used a thousand times a thousand and then some.

Chelsea Clinton was speaking to a group of reporters about her faith that that of her parents. What she told them makes her mother's tale about running on a tarmac to escape a hail of bullets in Bosnia seems tame by comparison.

Get this:
“I was raised in a Methodist church and I left the Baptist church before my dad did because I didn’t know why they were talking to me about abortion when I was 6 in Sunday School. That’s a true story.”
A six year old is confronted with beliefs about abortion and through a cognitive thought process comes to the conclusion she cannot have her mind screwed with---it was against her belief.
Here's the problem. When Chelsea was six both of her parents professed a pro-life advocacy. "That's a true story" with the emphasis on 'story'.

Those Damnable Rising ObamaCare Costs

A new Congressional Budget Office (CBO) report estimates that private health insurance premiums will continue to balloon over the next decade thanks in large part to Obamacare.

The report states that, over the next 10 years, private health insurance premiums will increase by about 5 percent annually — a rate that outpaces the gross domestic product by 2 percentage points.
By 2025, employment-based coverage (health-care insurance an employer offers) will cost 60 percent more than it does today. For a family, that increase costs to an average of $24,500 per year. For those with an individual plan, health-care costs will increase to cost an average $10,000 per year.
What’s driving these price increases? Obamacare----

Don't worry about it, folks. By the end of next year this abortion of legislation will die under its own weight.

John Lewis (D): 1st Known Case Of The Zika Virus

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Shocking Revelation: Mass Shooters Prefer Gun-Free-Zones

Every day in every way I'm learn more about the ignorance of the Left.

An analysis of mass shootings in the United States since the year 2002 shows that gun wielding mass killers are more likely to strike where the Second Amendment right to bear arms has been supplanted by “gun-free zone” ordinances; be they federal, local, or specified by the owner of the property.
The Stanford University Libraries’ dataset of mass shootings (“Stanford Mass Shootings in America, courtesy of the Stanford Geospatial Center and Stanford Libraries”) was analyzed for mass shootings over the past 14 years.

The Best DUI Excuse Ever

A prolific drunk driver who claimed his breath smelled of alcohol because he had beer-battered fish for lunch has been found guilty of being over the limit for the tenth time.
John Pryzybyla, 76, was pulled over in Dell Prairie, Wisconsin, in October 2014 for driving in the middle of the road with a revoked license and a broken tail light.
When the senior citizen wound down his window, the deputy who stopped him was overpowered by a boozy odor and noticed his eyes were glazed.

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