Thursday, October 30, 2014

Most Offensive Halloween Costume

lil terrorist Most Disgusting Halloween Costumes Ever: Photos

There are been two tasteless costumes in the news in the past week. One of them was a Ray Rice NFL jersey with a guy pulling a blow up doll. The other was a TV ad for women's rights and four six-year olds peppered the advertisement with the F word. I thought I'd seen it all but I'm giving this kid and especially his parents the award for the most tasteless and offensive Halloween costume of the year.

hat tip to iOwnTheWorld for the pic

Another Day In College. Another Day Of Throwing Daddies Money In The Can

Whenever you read a story and the first sentence includes the words, "to raise awareness" get ready to blow our your brains. Go ahead and play the game of trying to figure out what these future moms and dads are protesting. Take your time. You've all day if you desire.

Okay, here we go. These young girls are students at San Diego State University and are holding what they call a "Sh*t In" so that they can "raise awareness" that their school does not have non-gendered bathrooms on campus.

Aside from these four, most likely majoring in anti-men courses, how many other feminist babes on campus are there protesting the same agenda. My guess is zero.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Over 214,000 Doctors Opt Out of Obamacare Exchanges

What a surprise.

Special Ed Makes It Easy For John Kasich

The worst candidate in the history of gubernatorial elections is about to lose in a landslide. If you think this post is about Wendy 'Barbie' Davis from Texas then go back and eat your cereal because it isn't going to happen.

Current Ohio governor, John Kasich, is about to be re-elected without sweat in his eyebrows. Bookies in Vegas won't take bets. It won't be close and the man to blame is the Democrat candidate, Ed FitzGerald. I haven't done one iota of research on Fitz until today but let it be noted he does have a decent resume'. However, an A+ resume doesn't make for an A+ candidate. The Cuyahoga County resident(Cleveland and a few suburbs) was a Mayor, member of City Council, Asst. Cuyahoga prosecutor and, finally, a Special Agent for the FBI. Wowie! That's heady stuff.

Two years ago FitzGerald threw his hat in the ring to run against incumbent, John Kasich. Most folks in the Buckeye State figured it'd be a close election but Kasich has improved the economy and he's a middle of the roader when it comes to politics. In other words, he irritates Lefties and Righties both.

The first problem for this Dem is he selected Eric Kearney as his running mate. Bad move, Ed. There's a process in politics called vetting. Quite simply it's an act of performing background checks  before offering jobs. In typical Democrat fashion Kearney first accepted the job then dropped out because of a controversy over back taxes owed by he and his wife.

ED FITZGERALDS ULTIMATE DOWNFALL: On August 14, 2014 in Lakewood, Ohio(suburb located next to Fitz's hometown) police found FitzGerald in a car with a female member of an Irish trade commission in a parking lot. Since the woman wasn't his current wife and it was 4:30 am more than a couple of questions were raised. I asked my wife if she would mind if I was, innocently mind you, in a car with another woman at that time of the morning and she responded with, "Would you mind if I scheduled an appointment for your personal castration"?

FitzGerald's excuses(s). 1) We got lost when I was taking her back to her hotel and we stopped to figure things out. 2) "These accusations are baseless and disgusting". Funny how when under pressure the lies don't sound so plausible do they? Especially when Fitzgerald knows every street and business, grocery store and, yes, even the parking lots in Lakewood, Ohio.

Don't stop reading. The story gets better or, if you're a Democrat as bad as it can get. When the police asked for a driver's license FitzGerald didn't have one. The candidate for governor from the great State of Ohio hadn't had one for ten years and had been doing county business for 21 months during that period of time. Politicians say strange things. Eddie had an excuse for this lapse. "I have a driver's license. I just didn't renew it. That's like John Kerry saying on funding the Iraq War, "I was for it before I was against it".

I saw a FitzGerald bumper sticker on a Cadillac Seville this morning. I laughed. These people donated money to a lost cause. It serves them right.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Damn Bro!

A South Carolina woman told police yesterday that her former boyfriend stole her “Obama phone” during a confrontation yesterday morning, according to an incident report.
Tasha Mallory, 29, said that she was on her phone when Desmond Ty’Quan Gray, 22, “entered her apartment uninvited” Monday morning and “began to ask her who she was on the phone with.” Mallory and Gray “are not dating but have one child in common,” cops noted.
According to Mallory, Gray tried to grab her phone, but she held it close to her chest “so Mr. Gray could not get to it.” Gray, Mallory alleged, then pushed her to the floor, bit her shoulder, and scratched her arm. He also allegedly wrested her phone away and then fled the residence in a green vehicle.
“Ms. Mallory described the cell phone as an ‘Obama phone,’” according to a Spartanburg Police Department report

Political Tidbits

 Washington Post writer Chuck Lane created the ultimate pimp directed at Hillary. As you may have heard Mrs. Clinton went on a rant about businesses not creating jobs in this country. Lane wrote that she was incorrect. Didn't NBC create a job for Chelsea.

MSNBC's Morning Joe host, Joe Scarborough, said that only smart people watch his show. I agree. The show is aimed at the Left so that means he might have no viewers.

Continuing on with Hillary's anti-business comments: Harken back to the Little Rock years when Bubba was governor and Hillary was at the Rose Law Firm. In addition to her non-duties with them she sat on the Board of Director's for Wal-Mart, a company that has contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars to Democrats. Recall this is also the woman who continually blasts them for not increasing their minimum wage. Another of her Boards was TCBY for which she received a yearly stipend of $100,000. No word on what Wal-Mart paid to buy her off.

Last week in Cook County, Illinois early voting machines went askew and every vote cast for a Republican automatically flipped over to the Democrat candidates. Cook County, Illinois, gangsters, dead people. "Joe, say it isn't so". It gets better. The same situation occurred at a voting center in Maryland except this time the votes went to the Republicans. Aha! I tricked you. The votes cast also went to the Dems. Why is it we never hear about Republicans getting illegitimate votes?

Speculation only on my part for Gov. Chris Christie's refusal to  give money to Gov. Scott Walker in his closely contested re-election bid in Wisconsin. It's no secret Walker is peeved that Christie won't open the coffers of the Republican Governors war chest to bolster his campaign. Could it be that the New Jersey governor wants Walker to lose since he sees him as a threat to a possible 2016 presidential bid?

Aaron Rogers: More Than A Football Player

There's a strong possibility I'm in the top 1% of the American males who doesn't enjoy NFL football. For most guys, even if they've never hiked a ball or thrown the pigskin, Sundays(seems as though it's every night now) are for parking their rear ends in front of the TV and cheering on teams they could care less about. "Hey honey, bring me another beer and a bag of chip".

I grew up a Green Bay Packer fan in the 1960's. It was the era of Ray Nitchke, Bart Starr, Paul Hornung and Jerry and Ron Kramer. The Packers were invincible. Hence, the nickname Titletown was bestowed on Green Bay.

There weren't many games on television especially in Iowa in the 1950's and 60's. If we did receive one it was either the Bears or Packers. The NFL hired an announcer named Ray Scott and he seemingly did all the Packer games. He was good at his craft and the fans began associating Scott with the Packers.

I'm not sure when I gave up on the game. It might have been in 1986 when I took my then ten year old son to watch a team, the Chicago Bears, who would become the Super Bowl Champions. It was a disaster. The couple sitting next to my son, she in his lap, simulated the sex act for a good quarter. When I complained the guy flipped up his cap and it read, "Fu*k Ya'". Nice, huh? The purpose of going to an NFL game is to get obnoxiously drunk.

I could go on and on complaining about the NFL but I won't. There is only one team and one team only I watch. It is the Green Bay Packers and I do it for one reason. It is my opinion that their quarterback, Aaron Rogers, is fantastic and fun to watch. There's no hotdogging from this man. He does his job without being a showboat. Rogers is not only a superstar on the field but he's a superstar off of it.

The stories of his charitable giving of his time are stuff of which legends are made. I was privy to receive from a good friend a six minute video of Rogers and a six year old girl. Her brother died of cancer at age four two years ago. Rogers has become her bigger than life hero by donating his time to help her lead a campaign to wipe out this children's disease. By watching the video his compassion and sincerity are more than evident.

It's a heart wrenching video and I'm sure, if you don't watch the NFL, you will have gained a newfound respect for a man who has his priorities in place.