Monday, September 26, 2016

This Could Be A Problem For Racist Policeman---Or Not.

This is the incredible moment Canadian County Deputy Barrett Storm pulled a man to safety on the hood of his patrol car, saving him from two pit bulls who were in 'attack mode' 

The Black man on top of a patrolman's vehicle: What did he do wrong and why are the dogs in attack mode? Pity the man because the cop is about to draw his pistol and shoot him dead?

Actually, the man in question from El Paso, Oklahoma, was running from two pit bulls when the state tropper pulled him on top of his auto saving his life. I wonder how many MSM newspapers will volunteer the story.

"Barack, Get Your Facts Correct"

The White House said Monday that Americans are safer under President Obama, despite FBI crime statistics showing that violent crime rose about 4 percent last year. “The numbers indicate that since President Obama took office, the violent crime rate has fallen 15 percent,” said White House press secretary Josh Earnest, who said crime rates are still “near historic lows.” 

The FBI reported Monday that violent crime rose nationwide, fueled by an 11-percent increase in homicides, particularly in some of the largest cities.

From The Washington Times

Australia Takes All The Fun Out Of Life

A guy or girl can't have any fun, anymore. In the Aussie state of Victoria it is now against the law to streak or moon people. What a gyp.

I have to admit I did streak once. At Coe College in Cedar Rapids in the spring of 1968 the entire male population of fraternity guys and some who weren't stopped in at the East Side Maid-Rite around 4pm. At the sound of a bell we all began to fortify ourselves with God's greatest creation called beer. We didn't start this event. It was a tradition and our duty to carry it onward---and downward.

When we were all thoroughly sloshed we stumbled and crawled back to our dorm rooms, stripped down to our shoes with a belt around our waists then stormed the common located on the centre of campus. The sorority dorm was directly across from us and it was great fun for them, too. They were all hanging of their dorm windows screaming and cheering us on. The only ones who didn't partake were fellas with steady girlfriends. They would have thought their beaus were making fools of themselves.

What I am most thankful about those days is the iphone had not been invented. I can see and hear it now. "Hey Grandpa, I have film of you when you were in college".

Why The FBI Let Hillary Off The Hook

We now know why, as of last Friday, why the FBI did not indict Hillary for her email crimes. It has been divulged that Barack Obama had been sending Hillary emails under a pseudonym for years even though Obama stated on television that he didn't know of her email problems until it came out through the media.

It's a conspiracy between the FBI, the Justice Department and the White House.

Do you remember when the FBI was considered an incorruptible institution?

"Free Ice Cream For Everyone"

The super huge first debate is tonight. Did you know this? It's supposed to garner as many viewers, over 100 million, as do the Super Bowl games. I'd like to make a comment on Super Bowls. I haven't watched one in years so that gives you an idea about my viewing habits for this evening.

Unfortunately, there isn't a sporting event I'm able to see. I checked out the listings at our movie cinema. Does it seem to you not much worth watching is coming out of Tinseltown?

I have DVR'd some of my favourite shows from the Hallmark Channel. There's one with Betty White called The Lost Valentine. As a young girl she saw her husband off at the railroad station as he went to fight in WWII. They never found his body until she was informed by the government he would be coming home in a casket sixty-six years later--on Valentine's Day. It's a tear jerker but I like it because there are flashbacks to when they were young and in love and there's quite a few songs of the 40's era. Those are not only my favourites they also happen to be the best songs ever written and recorded. Who would have thought ten years later we would be listening to You Ain't Nothing But A Hound Dog? But, I digress.

The actual reasons I won't be watching the spectacle of the century are these: Why listen to lies and bogus promises? Do you remember who won your 8th grade election for class president? I do. It's the person who promised, if elected, they would get free ice cream for everyone in the lunch room. They didn't say when or how often just that it was a promise.

After the 'debate' has concluded pundits on both sides will declare their choice the winner. I'll read the news, my news, in the morning.

Aha! I've decided what I will be doing while this disaster is taking place. I'll be in my bed, windows wide open and sleeping like my granddaughter Camille does after a difficult day of pooping her pants and sticking God knows what in her mouth while her mother tries to chase her down.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

If You Desire Freedom Of Speech Become A Leftist

Seattle Mariners’ catcher Steve Clevenger has been suspended without pay for the rest of the season after tweeting that Black Lives Matter protestors in should be “locked behind bars like animals.” 
“Black people beating whites when a thug got shot holding a gun by a black officer haha s*** cracks me up! Keep kneeling for the anthem!,” Clevenger wrote in one of a pair of tweets that have been deleted.
“BLM (Black Lives Matter) is pathetic again! Obama you are pathetic once again! Everyone should be locked behind bars like animals!
From The Hill

Burlington, Washington Murderer A Hillary Supporter

The kid, a Turkish Muslim, who murdered Five innocent people in a Washington Mall has made hos choice for president.

One of his tweets reads: