Monday, March 30, 2015

Teddy Kennedy's Big Day

Senator Edward Kennedy, the man without a conscience, is having a building named after him. Pres. Obama wants us all to imagine how he changed society for the better. In a case of classic irony Obama and Joe Biden speaking at the opening the new Institute said:  "Kennedy had “bridged partisan divide” and Joe Biden said he was “an anchor for many of us in our personal lives  One great benefit of the Teddy legacy is that the stock in Chevas Regal was at an all time high while he was slurping and gulping. As far as I know the distiller might have gone bankrupt as of six years ago when he went to his eternal reward. Far be it from me to suggest he's in the Kingdom of Beelzebub but if he isn't then nobody deserves it more.

As a reminder I've reprinted a basic diagram of Mary Jo Kopechne as she breathed her last. While Ted was 'disoriented and exhausted from his swim' according to his official statement Ms. Kopochne suffered for three to four hours while her remaining oxygen dissipated. What a way to die. Poor Teddy, when he was interviewed by the police following the drunken accident he couldn't recall her last name.

Allow me to quote from the 'after murder' investigative report.

"She didn’t die in the accident but that she suffocated from lack of air, after having breathed all the air in the air pocket in the car, that it would have taken 3-4 hours before that happened. He testified if he had been called, he could have had her out within 25 minutes".

I wonder if her last words were, "Ted Kennedy, you rotten son of a bitch".

If you want to gag on your own vimit open the link and read more horrendous behavioral stories about the Liberal Lion of the Senate.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

The President Golfs In Florida

Mr. Obama motorcaded to the posh Floridian National Golf Club in Palm City today to play a round of golf. That would be 18 holes. It takes 4 hours on average. The trip cost the American taxpayer $849,000.00. And I haven't even gone into the carbon emissions aspect of the trip.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Please, Do Not Be A Sexist Pig

The word-police are at it again.
Yesterday, a group of “Hillary Clinton Super Volunteers” announced that they would be tracking the media’s every word, literally, to make sure there is no, wait for it, “coded sexism.”
With that, the group said journalists and reporters are not allowed to use the following words in describing Clinton during the 2016 presidential race:
  1. Polarizing
  2. Calculating
  3. Disingenuous
  4. Insincere
  5. Ambitious
  6. Inevitable
  7. Entitled
  8. Over-confident
  9. Secretive
  10. Will do anything to win
  11. Represents the past
  12. Out of touch
  13. Tone deaf
Apparently, using these words to describe Clinton make you an awful, sexist pig. So, Clinton’s people, instead, have decided that they are just going to control the narrative. Case and point: Don’t say anything bad about Clinton, unless you want to be called sexist.

Questions Of The Year About Bill Cosby

There was another article in today's news regarding the notorious Bill Cosby. This one was from the UK Daily Mail. Two women, now long in the tooth, maintain they were drugged then forced to have sex with Cosby when they were 17.

I have two questions. Is there not one women in this country, dead or alive, who has not have Mr. Cosby jump their bones? And, if these allegations are all true, why have there not been charges brought against him?

Senate All Abuzz. Harry Reid Retires

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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Those Evil Koch Bothers

The Koch Brothers from Kansas are targets for the Left. They support right wing causes. What we aren't told is they also give money to leftie groups and a variety of charitable causes.

George Soros is an enigma. He's been to the White House as much or if not more than the rats who infest it. I'm constantly irritated that this guy who sold out his own people to the Nazis isn't more vilified but, hey, we all have our crosses to bear.

Then I gave some thought to exactly what and to whom Georgie boy gave his cash. It turns out there are no charities who benefit. They happen to be organizations bent on giving this country a socialistic bent.

If you have an hour or so open the link, scroll down, and gasp at the vast number of groups who are beneficiaries of his largess.

Neat Junk You Don't Know About Ketchup

I'm a ketchup freak. There is almost no food that doesn't deserve the scarlet delicacy. I say almost because my granddaughter who spent the week-end with us and is privy to my craving asked, "Grandpa, do you put ketchup on ice cream"? That might be the exception. But I've thought about it and that counts for something.

Did you know that in the United States of the 1830's ketchup was used for medicinal purposes? This historical tidbit is why I'm so healthy. Those who don't have their hair fall out early on. Non ketchup eaters lose their teeth before they reach mid-life. It's a known fact that they have stinky feet, men more than women.

If you thought Ketchup(I call it catsup but only to confuse people) was invented in Italy you'd be 100% incorrect. It's totally American and saw the light of day in Philadelphia in 1812 but has since faded in popularity. This is why Philadelphia is often times referred to as 'The City That Ketchup Forgot'.

Ketchup has other uses besides as a condiment. When you're a little kid you can ladle it on your clothes and body and fake out some girl into thinking you're an accident victim. I did it to Marsha McCoy once and she screamed. Also, I won first prize at our kindergarten Halloween parade in 1951 for my bloody costume. I went as Dr. Kut M. Up. As for the name I was clueless but I won and that's what counts.

Supposedly 97% of American homes have ketchup in the fridge. I read that salsa has overtaken the red sauce as America's favorite. Ah pshaw! Anybody who uses salsa as a replacement for The Big K is a sissy girl.

The best and most cost effective place to buy my delicious friend is at Target. I'm not making this up. My wife read it in a women's magazine so it has to be true. After 45 years I've learned one thing about my wife. She's always right.

If you read this blog regularly you know that the most popularly sold Ketchup product is Heinz followed by Hunts. I don't buy Heinz but only for political reasons. Who wants to give more money to John Kerry so he can use it to go wind surfing off Cape Cod?

So, the next time you visit an upscale restaurant make certain Catsup has a significant location on the main table as a compliment to your filet mignon. It's a thrill seeing your server and the head chef gag at the prospect of their masterpiece drowning in God's most perfect edible gift.