Monday, October 24, 2016

Are Millennials Dumber Than Your Dog

Young Americans are stunningly ignorant of the tragic history of Communism. A new study found that millennials and the youngest generation (Generation Z) are unfamiliar with past Communist leaders, underestimate the number of people killed under Communism, and support the collectivist ideas of Bernie Sanders. Terrifyingly, almost a third of millennials think more people were killed under President George W. Bush than under Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin.

More than a quarter of Americans (26 percent) and almost a full third of millennials (32 percent) said that more people were killed under George W. Bush than Joseph Stalin.
This is, quite frankly, absurd. Under Stalin, the Soviet Union suffered an estimated 56 to 62 million "unnatural deaths," with 34 to 49 million directly linked to the dictator. Under Bush, 6,648 U.S. service members died, and the number of Iraqis who died has been variously estimated at 112,114, 122,644, 151,000, and even 655,000. Even the highest number for Bush is roughly 700,000, while the lowest for Stalin would be 34 million.
From PJ Media

About This Political Cycle: I've Had Enough

We're two weeks plus one day out from the election and I'm drained; completely and utterly out of juice. Once again, it's not that Donald J. Trump is the best candidate we can offer. It's that Hillary is the most corrupt, lying, traitorous, felonious the Democrats have ever foisted on the American people.

Please Dead God, let this debacle be over. In that vein I'm going to have to back off from as many anti-Hillary, Wikileaks articles as possible. If you don't believe the conservative branch is hungry for Clinton blood you should be privy to the page views MJ Hawkeye is putting on the board. At one time a 500 daily number was cause for a VJ Day type of celebration. For the past three weeks it's the norm.

Folks, I'm worn out. There will be no revelations that will turn the tide. I'm saddened to say this but the 'stupid' voters don't care. Wikileaks, by now, would have terminated the candidacy of anyone. Not with the American people. I've been commenting to my email friends on what I believe will happen after Hillary takes over. Hillary Clinton is a felon, a liar, a thief, a traitor and the vast majority of the American voting bloc do not care. Pathetic, isn't it?

In this vein, after the election, I'm giving up on Drudge, on FoxNews. I never watch NBC, CBS, ABC. Need I tell you why?

It may be speculation on my part but I believe Mrs. Clinton will be dead within the year and it won't be by the hand of an assassin. She's a sick person, physically and mentally.

When Hillary dies she will be succeeded by an ineffectual and  weak vice-president, Tim Kaine. The Republicans will squeak by and control the Senate and House(that was their plan all along). This scenario will be reminiscent of that which occurred after the Election of 1864. Lincoln knew the Civil War was about to end. He wanted to show unity in the country so he asked a pro-North senator, Andrew Johnson, to be his running mate. Johnson was from the slave state of Tennessee.

When Lincoln was assassinated Johnson became a man without a mandate, a puppet in the office of president. The real power lay in the hands of the Radical Republican congress who allowed him no power. He, Johnson, was a titular figure as president.

This is what the Republicans have desired all along. They're banking on Hillary either being impeached or not living out her term.

Don't get me wrong. I've played too many athletic contests over the years never to give up. Coining the Casey Stengel phrase, 'It ain't over til' it's over'. But for me it's over in the sense that I want to let the will of God play out.

Maybe my thinking is about priorities. I have a wife, ten grandchildren, trips to plan, my church and faith and belief in a just God. It makes no sense to me to let my life be controlled by a syndicate of liars and thieves who cannot personally harm me. My doctor's suggest I'll have Alzheimer's in a few short years. I don't worry about this so why should I be concerned by a godless person who is selling our nation down the river.

Have you ever heard the phrase, "Life's too short"? Well, in the case of the Clinton Mafia it is and I'm sick of them disrupting my life.

If you come to this site hoping to find anti-Hillary material don't. It won't be there. Did I say I'm tired? I am.

My next door neighbor is a national pollster. He assured me, if I desired, he would tell me the winner of the election on November 1. For liberals, this would be one week before the election occurs. I've been thinking about his proposal. Initially, I was all in. Now, I don't want to know. It is what it is. On Nov. 9 I'll awaken, have coffee, read the web and hopefully, still be revelling in a Chicago Cubs World Series victory.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Helloooooooo From Austin, Texas

Madonna Trolls For Democrat Votes

Yipper, she's a peach. Modonna has offered to give, oh crap, how can I write this without being crass? Okay, her goes. The material girl has offered her lips to be placed around a certain male part if they vote for Hillary.

In looking at her chompers it might cause tremendous pain along with contusions. Regardless, isn't it a federal crime to offer trade offs for votes?

Stupid Joke Of The Day

A vulture boards an airplane carrying two dead raccoons.

The stewardess looks at him and says:

"I'm sorry, sir, only one carrion is allowed per passenger."​

Thank God For Wikileaks

Government and what occurs within it leave me flummoxed. I'm referring now to the government of Morocco.

While Hillary was Sec. of State the United States government was forbidden to deal with this nation due to corruption within and human rights abuses. That's straightforward material.

After Hillary left office and ran of president her presence was requested by the Moroccans to make a visit. They wanted to present her with one million dollars. Lo and behold she decided not to go but sent husband, Bill along with Chelsea, to receive the check for the Clinton Foundation. Instead of the one million these people were presented with twelve million large.

Now, someone please explain to me and right minded Americans why this is not a crime. It can't be done.
The main problem is this one example is only the tip of the iceberg.

Thank God for wikileaks.


Up until 1966 this guy was a bigger than huge Milwaukee Braves fan. Then, my beloved team up and left the Brew City, for more money, of course, to Atlanta. Is there no loyalty, I asked, to a city who loved them so? I should have recalled how the city of Boston must have felt when the Braves lest Beantown in the early 50's but I didn't.

Typically, baseball fans glom onto a team in their area unless they want a winner every year. In that case, at the time, an easy choice would have been the Yankees. But, I needed a challenge. Being an Iowan the Minnesota Twins were a possibility. The Cardinals weren't. That would be like cheering for the devil. I needed a real challenge, one that required a biblical David. There was only one team to fill my needs and it was the Chicago Cubs.

I've been a die-hard since 1969. The pain and hurt over the years was immense. Many times it was akin to having to go through a divorce day after day, year after year. But I still loved the loveable losers.

Last night my dreams came true. "Hey, we're in the World Series". Some would say, "Oh, all I wanted was for my team to get there and whatever happens happens. Not me. My mantra is, "Take names and kick ass".
I want the Cubbies to sweep. Yeah, baby!