Thursday, November 26, 2015

Libs Buffaloed Again

Thank you, Dan Cirucci

A Trivia Question That Might Win You Big Money

Hannah Stilley, born in 1746 had this photograph taken in 1840. She is, most likely, the earliest born person to have her picture taken.

Political Ammo For Your Gun Clip On Thanksgiving Day

The DNC published a list of tips on how to talk to conservatives at the Thanksgiving dinner table. Basically, as with all DNC proclamations, it's filled with lies and innuendo.

MJH is here to present the counter points. As usual, I didn't make these up all by my lonesome. They came from a blog site called Front Page. FP got ahold of these from Dan's Squirrel Hill's Blog Site Presented by them are 250 lies and actions performed by the Worst.President.Ever.

Don't say I never gave you anything. Thank me after the pumpkin pie has been devoured.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Some Things Never Change

The Communist Party USA website has blogged a reminder to its readers: Karl Marx once worked as a newspaper reporter.
The CPUSA entry reads:
Did you know that one of Marx's first jobs was as a newspaper reporter? 

For The Hawkeye State Life Doesn't Get Any Better

I was lying in bed last night and a thought hit me. The Iowa Hawkeyes are ranked #3 in the country and #4 in the national championship seeds. That's heady stuff.

Furthermore, The Iowa State Cyclone men's basketball squad is now ranked #4 in the nation. Hoorah!

And, for the uninitiated, a few days ago our mid-major men's basketball team knocked off the #1 team, The University of North Carolina. Yes, that North Carolina. It's the one Dick Vitale sucks up to every year along with Duke.

Realistically, this could all come crashing down but I daresay there aren't very many teams from any state who would these bragging rights. And most people would be mentally challenged to differentiate Iowa from Idaho.

As for me, I'm going to rush out and buy a copy of Sports Illustrated featuring our football team on the cover.

If you've heard of the SI cover curse forget about it. Go Hawks!

Why Liberals Are Living In Fantasyland

Ever hear of Mike Morell? If not, he's the former CIA Director for Barack Obama. He recently testified before congress regarding our administration's lack of action against ISIS.

"Liberals, I'm talking to you". The reason our military will not bomb ISIS's oil fields and oil transports is because Obama does not want destroy the environment. I kid you not. Had this been the case had Obama was president from 1941-45 we'd all be saying, "Heil Hitler" and bowing toward Tokyo.

In addition, when we do bomb sites we give a 24 hour warning to the 'enemy' so as to avoid civilian casualties.

This philosophy, coming from Barack, is understandable. The climate change conference begins in Paris next week. According to our leader this(the recognition of climate change)is how we are going to defeat those who want to cut off our heads.

The Almost Perfect Gun Buy Back Program

There's a very funny story out of Greensboro, NC. The City Fathers wanted to have a gun buy back program. But, instead of giving money they asked those giving up their weapons to sign a pledge they would never commit acts of violence. There were 1,000 moonbats in Birkenstocks who showed up to sign the pledge.

Except, officials only received back a hunting knife and a BB gun.

If you visit Greensboro in the near future feel blessed. It is now the safest city in America.