Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Not Gandhi, Too

Officials at California State University-Fresno are facing increasing pressure to remove a statue on campus depicting the late Indian freedom leader Mahatma Gandhi. “How will the historian teach and explain that Gandhi was uncharitable in his attitude towards the Black race and see that we are glorifying him by erecting a statue on our campus?” asks a petition, which is nearing 5,000 signatures. “Gandhi was deeply prejudiced against all minorities, from black Africans, Jews, to low-caste Hindus,” it states.

Who next, me? I've tried to lead a solid Catholic life; done all that was expected of me in modern society. But, there were those times when I was sort of a turd. In grade school I was really mean to Ann Seiler and Teddy Ann Vickery. I'd shy away when they walked down the aisles. I mean, I was afraid I'd get their cooties. 

Please don't take down my statues!

Remembering The Blue

Natalie Corrona was 22 years old and had been on the police force in Davis, California for five weeks. She came across a car accident and started helping the injured. It was the first week of June of this year.

Behind her was a man on a bicycle, 48 year old Kevin Limbaugh, an ex-convict. He walked up to her and shot her. She went down and the person kept firing.

Her father was also an officer. The day before she died she told her parents if she died tomorrow she would be happy because she was doing her life's work.

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A Good Reason To Home School

FBI statistics tell us one out of every six protesters are white. Seventy percent of these white protesters are women. Fifty percent of all protesters are involved in some type of educating your children from kindergarten through college.

Being a former high school instructor I always observed that very few parents showed up for parent/teacher conferences except for those had A students. There's nothing like a teacher fawning over your children is there?

In 1972-73 I taught an American History class in Ottumwa, Iowa. There were two other teachers with me. It was called team teaching but should have been referred to as turn teaching. We had five different classes with 90 kids in each class.

When it came time for parent/teacher conferences a grand total of five parents showed. I didn't care.

My point is this. Why not go speak with the teachers of your children or grandchildren? Question them on what's being taught in class. What is their philosophy and look at their syllabus. You  might be surprised of what's going into these fertile brains.

I Am Not Racist

The George Soros Family Tree

Name The School Mascot

Seattle could soon see a school named after Marsha P. Johnson, James Baldwin, Cheryl Chow or another prominent LGBTQ+ individual. Under a new a resolution the Seattle School Board passed unanimously this Pride month to support queer youth identity, the state’s largest school district is on the hook to consider several measures: Creating a new LGBTQ+ culture and identity curriculum, include an all-genders bathroom in any new school construction projects, offer LGBTQ+ sensitivity training to staff and rename one school.
Seattle Times

I try to look at the silly side of these stories. As I was reading the very first thought I had before I finishing the first sentence was what will these folks have for a mascot?. I was sort of hoping other names would be on the list. Truman Capote High School sounds fun.

The mascot would obviously have to have the colors of the rainbow. Know what? When I was in high school our mascot was a Toreador. It only came about because some guy who was a Hollywood producer made a movie with a toreador in it and there was a left over costume so he, a graduate of Boone High School, gave it to the school. Our mascot had the colors of green, gold, silver, red and, of course, stockings that were pink. We were way ahead of the game.

God Help Us All If Democrats Run The Table

I'm a guy pushing age 75. Her Majesty follows closely behind by a year. We've enjoyed 50 years of sometimes wedded bliss; more often than not.

Tumultuous times bring about change; some good, some not so good. I'm going to concentrate in this piece on the not so good--------the 'what if'.

What if in this next election the Democrats take the Senate, the House and the White House? Scary, huh?

If you're on the other side you might be ecstatic with joy but as I've often heard: be careful what you wish for.

The changes in our country would be astronomical. Every single liberal law would be passed from reparations to court packing to tax adjustments to whatever AOC desired. She would become the new face of this country. You'd scoff if I said we were on our way to Marxism but it's a fact.

So, I've been making a plan for The Queen and I. I love this country. I've often said, "I love my country but I fear my government." We have ten grandchildren in the U.S. spread throughout the land. We don't often see them and now that they're in their teens or close to it we've fallen on their 'must see' list. It's understandable. The point I'm trying to make is I don't think I want to live in our country if I have to to put up with the Schumer's, Pelosi's and Biden's of the world and the naboob who will take over for Joe when he's in the home.

Consequently, I've been looking at countries we could move to that would be our new second home and two have been high on the radar. My wife's first pick would be Scotland. It's the home of her grandfather. She's been there a number of times and would live there if she became a widow tomorrow.

The nicest aspect of Scotland is we could live there for six months before we had to up and leave to----------my next choice which is Ireland. I wouldn't go to the Ireland of Dublin or Shannon. That'd be like living where we now reside; a big city with English speaking people. No, we'd go to that part of the Emerald Isle on the southern coast with it's small towns and villages.

There is one slight drawback but it could be overcome. The cost of living is 15% to 20% higher than in this country. But at our ages we could cut back. I don't need filet migon to be happy; a peanut butter and cheese sandwich will do nicely. We live a simple life now. Besides, I could learn to live on potatoes and haggis. I'd have to hold my nose but it'd be the same as looking and listening to the Democrats as spoil this country.