Saturday, March 25, 2017

What Happened To Common Sense

An Illinois mom took to Facebook after her preschooler was suspended for bringing a spent shell casing to school. 
Kristy Jackson said her 4-year-old son was suspended for a week from the A Place 2 Grow school after the teacher notified her that he had brought a "shotgun bullet" to school.

This pre-school is tuition based. A shotgun shell. Just goes to show the teacher is a certified nutjob. Hate to say it but female teachers, for the most part, have turned boys into sissies.
As a former parent of children in schools I'm reminded of an incident that took place while I was an instructor at Rock Island Alleman High School in the 1980's. My daughter wasn't a great student(although she did graduate Magna Cum Laude from the Univ. of Northern Iowa) and was taking a junior Spanish class. She earned a grade of C for the first semester. The first week of the second semester she had a 10 point quiz and got a grade of F. The teacher, Miss Nutt(figures) told me because of this grade she would fail the semester. Since Miss Nutt was a first year teacher and I had been in the classroom for 18 years I was willing to cut her some slack. 
Unfortunately, she didn't understand life and after I had my lips at her throat we made a trip to the principal's office who also happened to be a female nun. Bad news there. The long of the story was this---------------I won and my daughter was transferred to another Spanish instructor. 
The moral of the story is this. A spent shell from a .22 calibre bullet doesn't make mean it comes from a shotgun.

Always Fashionable For Men

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California Dreamin'

I Feel Like A New Daddy Because I'm The One Paying

Yeesh! Voted By Acclimation The Homeliest Women In Congress

Rosa Delauro, she's had sex with trolls and gremlins.

Friday, March 24, 2017

What's The Big Deal About Healthcare

Donald Trump's healthcare bill went down in flames today. So what. Mr. Trump was oh so gracious when he told us how disappointed he was. But, he also said it, (the bill) will come out in a better form.

Democrats are joyous over the bill's demise. Why. Do you remember when Nancy Polosi, when speaking about ObamaCare told us, "You have to pass the bill to know what's in it". That my friends, is communist speak.

The Republicans, fractionalized as they are, will form a bill beneficial to the nation and it's citizens. And that's the truth.

You've Got To Be 'You Know What' Me

A Hampshire College student allegedly assaulted a member of the Central Maine Community College girl’s basketball team over concerns that one of their players had “culturally appropriated” a hairstyle.

Hampshire College student Carmen Figueroa ordered members of the Central Maine Community College girls basketball team to remove braids from their hair, claiming that their use of the hairstyle is “cultural appropriation.”
According to The Daily Hampshire Gazette, Figueroa allegedly assaulted the girls after they refused to comply with her demand that they remove their braids:

When the players did not comply and began to leave the building, Figueroa allegedly initiated a fight towards one of the players. At the same time, another unknown Hampshire College student pulled the hair of a visiting women’s basketball player causing her to fall to the ground, according to court documents.