Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Communist Goals For The United States

Every now and then I'll come across a manifesto issued by the Communist Party USA from the 1940's. In it are 45 stated goals for the takeover of the United States.

I recall, as a junior in high school, discussing these in Mr. Carroll's American History class. Of course, considering it was a different time and there was a serious threat of Soviet domination and incursion into the western hemisphere we scoffed and laughed at the unthinkable.

Do me a favor and open up the attachment to recheck these stated goals and how many have become not only accept in today's society but demanded by the populace. Are you amazed that these have the fingerprints of the democrat party written all over them? I'm not.

Truer Words Were Never Spoken

Internal Revenue Service Commissioner John Koskinen made a disturbing statement before Congress that the IRS follows the law “whenever we can.”

Monday, September 15, 2014

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Fall Festivals Are The 'In' Thing

Is there a community in America that doesn't celebrate a Fall festival? I don't think so. The wife and I have attended more than our share, mostly to get out of the house.

One year, and don't ask me why, we motored sixty miles north of Columbus, Ohio to the town of Marion. Their celebration is called 'Popcorn Days'. There can't be a cornstalk within 100 miles of Marion and yet here they were borrowing from some other town that could use the notoriety.

What it did have was a cheesy carnival with actual carny folk; the kind who don't bathe or change clothes until what they have on disintegrates from sweat and grime. Marion Popcorn Days isn't on our 'return to' list.

Boone Iowa, my home town, instituted a festival a few short years ago called Pufferbilly Days. This moniker refers to the railroads and how they dominated our landscape for over one hundred fifty years. It's a big deal if you happen to live in Boone. It's so huge the high school band even shows up to march in the parade. There's a special train from the 1950's that runs eight miles out and back if you like that sort of gig.

Our current residence in Dublin Ohio, has two festivals. I guess we think we're hot stuff. The first is the annual St. Patrick's Day Parade. We've gone a couple of times. Primarily, it was an excuse to have our grandchildren over for a visit and give them something to do plus it's free. They've seen it twice and that's enough for them. That means it's enough for us, too.
The other Dublin Festival occurs in August. That's the biggie. It's the largest three day Irish festival in the world. Who da' thunk it.

Anyway, it doesn't take a nuclear physicist to understand the main reason for these gatherings is to make money on the suckers who have to fork over for parking, entrance fees, food, drink and all other non-essentials. For a good deal of the population it's the best excuse in the world for all day inebriation. In addition, there will be vendors under white tents hawking their wares showing all varieties of items you'd never buy if a banker gave you the money.

So, with nothing on our calendar for yesterday morning we trekked into Walker Minnesota, population 900, to witness the Walker EthnicFest.

Hey guys.  This is northern Minnesota. There are two nationalities in this part of the state: American Indian and Norwegian. That's it. But the town fathers in their infinite wisdom scrounged up sixteen flags from other nations and hung them atop the highest building which happens to be the local VFW.
All of the downtown stores were open and one could buy t-shirts with fish slogans, "Have a Crappie Day". Cute, huh? The taverns were doing a brisk business but, sadly, no one was selling lutefisk.

The crowd lined the streets early for the annual parade, at least one deep, on each side of  Main Street aka Highway 200 . A flat bed truck stood alongside the main drag and an announcer with a microphone announced that any cars still on the street when the parade started would be towed away. Most of the visitors asked the question, "What parade"?

And finally, the big event began. A group of Cub Scouts led it off carrying American flags. We politely applauded. It was then that a man next to me looked up in the sky and noticed five geese flying low over the lads. That's when he said, "Our Chamber of Commerce has planned for everything. We even have our own flyover".

Surprisingly, the parade lasted over an hour. There were so few participants, fifteen in all, that each group was spaced out a city block and then required to wait until the master of ceremonies gave them the go ahead. Two cars ran out of gas waiting to move. Finally, the city was able to tow someone. There was plenty of candy and toys being throw out of trucks but most of them ran out early because the providers had to wait so long to move. And get this, the town is only four blocks long.

My least favorite float was a pontoon boat; no writing, no streamers, no advertising. It was a pontoon boat in name only. I think they were a last minute replacement for Bills' Rod and Bait Shop. A couple of Norwegian bands made their appearance. They looked exactly like those Amish folks but there I go, stereotyping again. They were also on flatbed trucks. In our area the mode of transportation is either some type of boat and trailer or a flat bed. Take your pick.

Next to last came a group of six blacks playing the Blues. In my twenty years in this area I've never seen a black person. And to make matters worse there wasn't one flag from the continent of Africa atop the VFW.

The best part of the parade, aside from it being over, was the last group in attendance. Thirty or more from the Ojibwa Indian tribe in full regalia did their dances along with a number of Indian chants. The tribe ranged in age from wee to old with men and women alike. Why, it was just like a Randolph Scott movie from the 50's.

You should have been here. It had Popcorn Days beat all to heck.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Saturday Newsflash

Remember Those “Moderate” Syrian Rebels Obama Planned To Fight ISIS? Yeah, They Just Signed A Cease-Fire Deal With ISIS…

Is it possible our Clown-in-Chief can get anything right.

Minnesota Vikings Running Back, "Man, What Is Your Problem"?

I don't know if this this story pertains to the supposed War on Women, irresponsible behavior of both men and women, the idea that professional athletes answer to no one or all of them combined.
Adrian Peterson is a talent at running with the football, no doubt. He is also poster boy for not being a role model as a father. If and when he comes back to the Vikings I have no doubt the fans in their seats will be cheering him on to garner another NFL rushing title.
NFL rushing king Adrian Peterson is after another MVP — Most Virile Parent.
The Minnesota Vikings running back had at least five children out of wedlock and could have had as many as seven, according to one of his ex-girlfriends.
The public only knew of three of Peterson’s children, before news surfaced of a fourth, a 2-year-old son, Tyrese, who died last week after he was allegedly beaten by the mother’s current boyfriend.

Baby No. 5, who’s living with her mom in Minnesota, is a 3-month-old daughter, decked out adorably in a purple-and-gold onesie proclaiming her love for the Vikings, her fast-and-loose father’s franchise, according to TMZ.com.
Peterson, 28, has admitted that he only saw the boy for the first time after the child was in a coma.
It was unclear if Peterson has met his little fan/daughter, but the baby’s mother said she was upset over the little boy’s death.
“Today has been a long day finding out my [daughter’s] brother passed away and knowing that she never even got to meet him,” the mother, a steak-house waitress, said on her Facebook page, according to TMZ.com. The Web site said the girl’s birth certificate lists Peterson as the last name.
But another woman has come forward to say she is the mother of another Peterson child — a 4-year-old boy — and that the running back has fathered enough children to run offense on seven-on-seven drills. http://nypost.com/2013/10/17/adrian-peterson-could-have-7-kids-ex/?

Friday, September 12, 2014


Northern Minnesota experienced a frost early this morning. As Will Rogers would have said all I know is what I read in the papers and that's how I learned about it.. I was snuggled up under two blankets and a quilt all night long. I'm quirky that way because I keep the windows open then hibernate under them. Try it some time. It's fun.
Off again on again blue skies are on todays schedule. It's 54 four degrees but seems like 64 since the winds are non-existent and the lake water is like glass. It's the perfect day to go bass fishing. I'll try my misfortune at Flower Pot Bay. It's five minutes across the lake by boat. I have to be careful entering the bay because large rocks can sneak up and destroy a boat motor. I've carelessly experienced that mishap before to the tune of a grand. In real money that's a thousand dollars.
Flower Pot is filled with a wide variety of reeds and below water foliage; the perfect habitat for the elusive lunkers. The best aspect of a calm water is I don't have to fight the boat to keep it in position. I can use a variety of lures throwing them in and around reedy obstructions. It's truly relaxing in this setting and I plan on the experience. I'll be out a couple of hours. Who knows, I might snag one or two. Yesterday I had two hits but jumped the gun on reeling them in. I must remember, as soon as the largemouth strikes, count to three before setting the hook. It's a skill one must practice. Wish me luck. In this lake it's what's needed most. Ten Mile Lake, our lake, is America's version of the Dead Sea.