Friday, September 30, 2016

Can We talk About Character

Often times I've looked back on my life and where I received my sense of values. In other words, I have a guilty conscience. In 1951 I knew where my grandma, who lived with us, kept her change box. One day I got into it and stole a nickle, proceeded to the grocery store and purchased a candy bar.

The sense of guilt was so overwhelming that later in the day, with tears streaming down my cheeks, I fessed up.

As I look back this incident was a character builder.

Considering their background it is beyond my wildest imagination how any could support the Clinton's considering the numerous scandals they have perpetrated on the American people and themselves dating back to Whitewater.

As an example, let's say you and your wife have a dinner party involving three couples. Two days later you happen to be in the home of one of these folks and spy a vase that is yours. You then ask this person about it and they cavalierly mention that they liked it so much they wanted it. Would you ever invite them back into your home?

Isn't this how the Clinton's operate. When they left the White House they took for themselves $200,000 worth of furniture to furnish their Chappaqua home, purchased with American tax money. It didn't belong to them but was property of the people. The thievery was found out and they were forced to return it.
The theft barely made a ripple from the mainstream media and no apology was forthcoming.

On the grand scale of scandal from this couple the White Furniture one is down on the list of the horrid acts perpetuated.

And yet Hillary stands a better than even chance of gaining the highest office in the land.

Let's move on to Benghazi. We all know four Americans were murdered without support of our country. Obama and Hillary, the day after, said the cause was because of a hideous video about Muslims. It was lie. Hillary emailed her daughter the night of the slaughter it was a terrorist attack. "Hillary, where was your character on this event"? I have the answer. The Benghazi attack took place one month before the election of 2012. The administration used the CYA excuse.

Character, wherefore art thou?

James Comey Took Millions From Clinton Foundation

A review of FBI Director James Comey’s professional history and relationships shows that the Obama cabinet leader — now under fire for his handling of the investigation of Hillary Clinton — is deeply entrenched in the big-money cronyism culture of Washington, D.C. His personal and professional relationships — all undisclosed as he announced the Bureau would not prosecute Clinton — reinforce bipartisan concerns that he may have politicized the criminal probe.
These concerns focus on millions of dollars that Comey accepted from a Clinton Foundation defense contractor, Comey’s former membership on a Clinton Foundation corporate partner’s board, and his surprising financial relationship with his brother Peter Comey, who works at the law firm that does the Clinton Foundation’s taxes.
In the report, Comey is noted as receiving $6 million in one year along from Lockheed Martin, who is a Clinton Foundation donor, and became a donor in the same year Comey received those funds
From The Washington Standard

Tim Kaine Should Be Excommunicated From The Catholic Church

Hillary Clinton’s running mate Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine believes the Catholic Church will one day accept same sex marriage and women should have unlimited access to abortion, but some Catholic leaders are telling him his views have no place in the church.
Brian Burch of Catholic Vote sent a memo out to its 500,000 person organization and about 1,000 Catholic leaders nationwide describing Kaine’s embrace of liberation theology during his 1980 trip to Honduras on a supposedly “faith-inspired mission to assist Jesuit missionaries serving peasant farmers.”
Burch also discusses Kaine’s reported bus trip to northern Nicaragua to meet Fr. James Carney, an American-born priest who is known for liberation theology and was exiled from Honduras in 1979 for his radical activities and promotion of Marxist ideology.

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Coffee With Jesus

A Republican, in a wheelchair, entered a restaurant one afternoon and
asked the waitress for a cup of coffee. The Republican looked across
the restaurant and asked is that Jesus sitting over there?" The
waitress nodded "yes!” So, the Republican requested that she give
Jesus a cup of coffee, on him.

The next patron to come in was a Libertarian, with a hunched back. He
shuffled over to a booth, painfully sat down, and asked the waitress
for a cup of hot tea. He also glanced across the restaurant and asked,
"Is that Jesus, over there?" The waitress nodded, so the Libertarian
asked her to give Jesus a cup of hot tea, "My treat."

The third patron to come into the restaurant, was a Democrat on
crutches. He hobbled over to a booth, sat down and hollered, "Hey
there honey! How's about getting me a cold mug of Miller Light!" He,
too, looked across the restaurant and asked, "Isn't that God's boy
over there?" The waitress nodded, so the Democrat directed her to give
Jesus a cold beer. "On my bill," he said loudly so everyone in the
restaurant could hear.

As Jesus got up to leave, he passed by the Republican, touched him and
said, "For your kindness, you are healed." The Republican felt the
strength come back into his legs, got up and began to praise the Lord.

Jesus passed by the Libertarian, touched him and said, "For your
kindness, you are healed." The Libertarian felt his back straightening
up, he raised his hands and he, too, began to praise the Lord.

Then, Jesus walked, with a huge smile on his face, towards the
Democrat. The Democrat jumped up and yelled, "Don't touch me.......
I'm on disability." Author Unknown

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Touche' Miss Piggy

The Trump campaign has become the focal of a sexist charge. The Donald used to run the Miss Universe contest and a winner in 1996 gained a few pounds after receiving her crown; forty be be exact. Trump put her on a diet and gave her access to workout facilities in the hope she would clean up her act. She didn't.

The Clintonites have trotted her out as an example of his poor treatment of women. They should have some checking on the bimbo. She's been implicated in a murder and had live sex on camera, while engaged, to a Major League ballplayer. He ceremoniously dumped her.

Sounds to me like Bill Clinton would be super excited to have the woman on the campaign.

I took some headlines from the UK Daily Mail. It will give you some idea of what a drag on Hillary she is.

  • Alicia Machado's life has been turned upside down after Hillary Clinton used her to show Donald Trump's sexism for 'fat-shaming' her in 1996
  • News reports in Spanish indicate that she fathered a child with a notorious Mexican drug kingpin, something she denies
  • The witness who testified about that relationship was killed by a hitman
  • Venezuelan judge accused her of threatening to kill him for charging her boyfriend with attempted murder in a case where she drove getaway car
  • Machado wouldn't deny that on CNN Tuesday night: 'I'm not a saint girl. ... that happened 20 years ago'
  • She also appeared in a 2005 Spanish reality TV show, having sex with a fellow contestant on-camera
  • She moaned: 'What a tasty d***' as she was seen having sex with a Spanish actor; she was engaged to Major League Baseball player Bobby Abreu 
  • Shuttered her Twitter account in 2010 after wishing for 'peace between the Chinas' – mistaking China for North and South Korea

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Today Marks Hillary's Ten Year Anniversary

Thursday marks the ten-year anniversary of the day Hillary Clinton voted in favor of building a 700-mile fence along the Mexican border, intended to stop illegal immigration.
The Secure Fence Act of 2006’s stated purpose was to check the flow of illegal immigrants, drugs, and other illegal goods into the U.S. by erecting a double-layer fence along large swaths of the border.
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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

What I Don't Understand About Abortion And Hillary

Hilary is running a television ad touting her advocacy for children. She says she's always been concerned about the rights of children. How can this be? She happens to be the number one advocate for abortion. Hillary says #BlackLivesMatter yet 70% of abortions are performed on black babies.

To me this seems to be a conundrum. Hillary's heroine, as is with all pro-abortion folks is the racist founder of abortions in this country, Margaret Sanger. Sanger felt Blacks should be eradicated from this earth. Somewhere along the way Hillary has lost her vision.

I can remember when Bill and Hillary were pro-life. Their excuse now for their change of philosophy is, 'they've evolved'. Anytime the Democrats change their social values it's becsause 'the've evolved: homosexual marriage, transgendenders, transgendered bathrooms. Whatever fits the agenda.

Hillary, when it comes to abortion you are the quintessential hypocrite. Why Blacks support you is beyond comprehension. You're goal is extermination of the black race in America.

Lester Holt Proved Why Americans Are Sick Of The Media

Lester Holt's blatant bias against Donald Trump Monday night held to Hunter S. Thompson's brutal description of journalists and journalism:
Journalism is not a profession or a trade; it is a cheap catch-all for f---offs and misfits – a false doorway to the backside of life.

Holt just proved to tens of millions of Americans that absolute media power corrupts absolutely.  If trust and confidence in the media have fallen to the lowest in history, as recently reported, Holt, in his total abandonment of any semblance of objectivity, has lowered both even more.

This bootlicking cog, beholden to his pro-Hillary media masters, didn't bring up  Benghazi, the email scandals, the Clinton Foundation slush fund, Huma Abedin's ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, or Clinton's connections to the biggest female oppressors on the planet.  With no pushback at all, Holt allowed Hillary to reference an irrelevant 1996 beauty pageant winner as an example of Trump's so-called misogyny.

Read more:

What The Heck Was Hillary Wearing At The Debate

Hillary Clinton's 'anti-coughing device'

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

It's So Difficult Losing A Friend

I lost my buddy today. He passed away at noon on Eastern Standard Time. I knew, and so did he, that he was getting near the end of the trail. That was a month ago. The strange thing is last week, on Saturday,
 we watched college football together and he was so very vibrant with his normal rosy red cheeks and witty sense of humour. The next day was his 80th birthday so I went across the street to offer best wishes and I knew the time was close. He could hardly raise his head. That's when I knew that God was waiting for him.

I have been so blessed to be a friend of Dr. Russell Bowermaster. I first met him in 2009. We had just moved into our condo in Dublin, Ohio. I was in our front curb raking leaves and was wearing an Iowa sweatshirt. I looked up and saw a fireplug trudging across Strathmore Lane. All of a sudden he said, "Iowa, I hate goddam Iowa. Played football out there in 1957, colder than hell; got our butts beat 7-0. Hi, I'm Russ Bowermaster". I was immediately hooked by this guy.

Doc was a star high school athlete out of Hamilton, Ohio. 1st team all-state in basketball, 1st team all-state in football and earned a second place 2nd in the state high hurdles behind Olympic gold medal winner, Glenn Davis. He went on to star with the Buckeyes playing on their 1958 National Championship football team. He was drafted by the Cleveland Browns but opted for dental school. The Browns offered him a contract of $7,300. While a first year dental student Woody Hayes made him the freshman football coach. Folks, that's heady stuff. But his greatest victory was to marry his high school sweetheart, Sally Ann, and he loved hear dearly until he took his final breath.

As I think back I've written about this man before but once is not enough. At the very least it softens my heart to repeat, on this day, my love for him.

Dr. Bowermaster is the most interesting and kindest man I've ever met. He numbered among his best friends Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, Sam Snead, David Ledbetter, GH Bush, GW Bush, John Boehner, Woody Hayes, Sean Connery and many too numerous to mention. Gosh, I wish I'd written down all the people, friends and stories he's related to me. But the neat thing about Doc was he didn't brag about his relationships. Every human being was his normal everyday friend with no exceptions. As far as he was concerned MJ Hawkeye was on a par with Arnold Palmer.

One day we were on his patio talking about club members at Muirfield Village. I asked how, considering I was an Iowa boy of lowly beginnings, I'd fit in at one of the most prestigious clubs in the world. He told me, and I was so humbled; he said I had more character and integrity than 90% of the people there. What a compliment.

Doc and I did some serious talking once in awhile. A year ago he ran into some very serious legal problems but has since been vindicated by some crooks who, using Iowa vernacular, tried to screw him out of money.
I was in his office and offered any help I could give. I finally said, and this is so many times difficult for men, "Doc, I want you to know I love you". This is a very private man but I was so gratified when he said, "MJ, I feel the same exact way about you".

Of course you all realize this blog is therapy for me. I wanted to give you some small insight into the magnificent creation God gave to the world. He was a true gentleman and a gentle man. I'm hurting but Doc isn't anymore and that's a good thing.

Arnold Palmer was a personal friend and business partner. I'm sure The King was there to welcome my buddy home.

About The Debate---"I Told Ya'

I promised not to watch the date and it was fulfilled. I did spend a good minute surfing the channels twenty minutes after the conclusion and this is what I garnered. On CNN a panel of observers concluded Hillary won the debate by a total of 18 to 2. The reporter did have the cajones to mention the panel was tilted Democrat.

MSNBC showed the wicked witch of the west at a post meeting in front of her cheering admirers. Clinton said these juicy tidbits: "And there's going to be equal pay for women". I find this laughable since she pays her female staff members 30% than what she does the males. Secondly, she screamed out, "There's going to be free college for everyone". What a joke. If you read my blog of yesterday on why I wouldn't be watching I mentioned the story of an 8th grader who promised, if elected, he would provide free ice cream for everyone.

Who's going to pay for this free college for everyone? Are there any conditions to be met? What an utterly ridiculous statement. The only reason she made it is to jolt the now students into going into the voting booth.

Monday, September 26, 2016

This Could Be A Problem For Racist Policeman---Or Not.

This is the incredible moment Canadian County Deputy Barrett Storm pulled a man to safety on the hood of his patrol car, saving him from two pit bulls who were in 'attack mode' 

The Black man on top of a patrolman's vehicle: What did he do wrong and why are the dogs in attack mode? Pity the man because the cop is about to draw his pistol and shoot him dead?

Actually, the man in question from El Paso, Oklahoma, was running from two pit bulls when the state tropper pulled him on top of his auto saving his life. I wonder how many MSM newspapers will volunteer the story.

"Barack, Get Your Facts Correct"

The White House said Monday that Americans are safer under President Obama, despite FBI crime statistics showing that violent crime rose about 4 percent last year. “The numbers indicate that since President Obama took office, the violent crime rate has fallen 15 percent,” said White House press secretary Josh Earnest, who said crime rates are still “near historic lows.” 

The FBI reported Monday that violent crime rose nationwide, fueled by an 11-percent increase in homicides, particularly in some of the largest cities.

From The Washington Times

Australia Takes All The Fun Out Of Life

A guy or girl can't have any fun, anymore. In the Aussie state of Victoria it is now against the law to streak or moon people. What a gyp.

I have to admit I did streak once. At Coe College in Cedar Rapids in the spring of 1968 the entire male population of fraternity guys and some who weren't stopped in at the East Side Maid-Rite around 4pm. At the sound of a bell we all began to fortify ourselves with God's greatest creation called beer. We didn't start this event. It was a tradition and our duty to carry it onward---and downward.

When we were all thoroughly sloshed we stumbled and crawled back to our dorm rooms, stripped down to our shoes with a belt around our waists then stormed the common located on the centre of campus. The sorority dorm was directly across from us and it was great fun for them, too. They were all hanging of their dorm windows screaming and cheering us on. The only ones who didn't partake were fellas with steady girlfriends. They would have thought their beaus were making fools of themselves.

What I am most thankful about those days is the iphone had not been invented. I can see and hear it now. "Hey Grandpa, I have film of you when you were in college".

Why The FBI Let Hillary Off The Hook

We now know why, as of last Friday, why the FBI did not indict Hillary for her email crimes. It has been divulged that Barack Obama had been sending Hillary emails under a pseudonym for years even though Obama stated on television that he didn't know of her email problems until it came out through the media.

It's a conspiracy between the FBI, the Justice Department and the White House.

Do you remember when the FBI was considered an incorruptible institution?

"Free Ice Cream For Everyone"

The super huge first debate is tonight. Did you know this? It's supposed to garner as many viewers, over 100 million, as do the Super Bowl games. I'd like to make a comment on Super Bowls. I haven't watched one in years so that gives you an idea about my viewing habits for this evening.

Unfortunately, there isn't a sporting event I'm able to see. I checked out the listings at our movie cinema. Does it seem to you not much worth watching is coming out of Tinseltown?

I have DVR'd some of my favourite shows from the Hallmark Channel. There's one with Betty White called The Lost Valentine. As a young girl she saw her husband off at the railroad station as he went to fight in WWII. They never found his body until she was informed by the government he would be coming home in a casket sixty-six years later--on Valentine's Day. It's a tear jerker but I like it because there are flashbacks to when they were young and in love and there's quite a few songs of the 40's era. Those are not only my favourites they also happen to be the best songs ever written and recorded. Who would have thought ten years later we would be listening to You Ain't Nothing But A Hound Dog? But, I digress.

The actual reasons I won't be watching the spectacle of the century are these: Why listen to lies and bogus promises? Do you remember who won your 8th grade election for class president? I do. It's the person who promised, if elected, they would get free ice cream for everyone in the lunch room. They didn't say when or how often just that it was a promise.

After the 'debate' has concluded pundits on both sides will declare their choice the winner. I'll read the news, my news, in the morning.

Aha! I've decided what I will be doing while this disaster is taking place. I'll be in my bed, windows wide open and sleeping like my granddaughter Camille does after a difficult day of pooping her pants and sticking God knows what in her mouth while her mother tries to chase her down.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

If You Desire Freedom Of Speech Become A Leftist

Seattle Mariners’ catcher Steve Clevenger has been suspended without pay for the rest of the season after tweeting that Black Lives Matter protestors in should be “locked behind bars like animals.” 
“Black people beating whites when a thug got shot holding a gun by a black officer haha s*** cracks me up! Keep kneeling for the anthem!,” Clevenger wrote in one of a pair of tweets that have been deleted.
“BLM (Black Lives Matter) is pathetic again! Obama you are pathetic once again! Everyone should be locked behind bars like animals!
From The Hill

Burlington, Washington Murderer A Hillary Supporter

The kid, a Turkish Muslim, who murdered Five innocent people in a Washington Mall has made hos choice for president.

One of his tweets reads:

Prostitute Says, "Bill Clinton Gave Me AIDS"

“Bill Clinton visited me one night when he was in town, and he left me with more than a cash payment.”
Those are the words written by a former D.C. call-girl in a book set to be published next month, and she alleges that the former President’s poor health and haggard look might have something to do with the HIV+ diagnosis she received after a fling with Hillary’s hubby around the same time the former Secretary of State was announcing her presidential bid.
Mandy Cloud, the pseudonym the call-girl chose for her book which reveals details from her 14-year stint as a high-priced call girl in the world’s most powerful city, says she goes for a routine testing every other week, and Bill Clinton was the only client to whom she catered between tests in April of 2015.
From The Christian Times Newspaper

The MSM Will Wonder About A Motive

Not Hispanic ! A 20-year-old Turkish Muslim named Arcan Cetin has been arrested in Oak Harbor Washington for the murder of five people in the Burlington Mall Shooting. Oak Harbor is about 29 miles southwest of Burlington and roughly 93 miles north of Seattle. (Snip for tweet)(Via KomoNews) 

A man suspected of killing 5 people at a Burlington mall Friday night has been arrested in Oak Harbor after a nearly 24-hour manhunt. Law enforcement sources tell KOMO 4 that the suspect’s name is Arcan Cetin. Centin.

From The Conservative Treehouse

Saturday, September 24, 2016

It's A Fact

To date seventy % of arrested protesters arrested in Charlotte are from states other than North Carolina. Figure it our for yourselves.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Who Can You Trust In Government

Do you trust Hillary? How about Trump? Are you a fan of Barack or are like me hateful of all of them? I used to give money to my candidates of my choice. I believe in Gov. Scott Walker from Wisconsin and send his campaign a check. It wasn't a boatload of cash but it was enough to take my wife and I out to Outback for a fine meal. Two weeks later he dropped out of the race. What's the best way to say kiss that money good-bye. Oh, I know. It's "MJ, you're a dumb ass".

The point is never believe anything you read or hear. A few hours ago it has been revealed that Obama used a pseudonym when using his email with Hillary. Yet, in an interview with CBS reporter, two years ago, he stated he never emailed Hillary and was only aware at the time of is interview there was an email problem.

Are you as disgusted as I in our government and I'm not speaking of Democrats only? They're all crooked gangsters. The exception is that Democrats are far scummier than Republicans. I hope my dad can read this from his grave. Thank God I didn't follow in his footsteps.

It's An Obama World

Don't blame the snowflakes. Put the onus on college professors and their parents.

University Flies ‘Black Lives Matter’ Flag Beside American Flag on Campus

It’s an Obama world…
The University of Vermont this week flew the “Black Lives Matter” terrorist flag beside the American flag on campus.

This is what they are teaching America’s children today on college campuses–
That a terrorist flag is to be respected and the American flag is to be disrespected.
Campus Reform reported:
The University of Vermont’s Burlington campus is flying a Black Lives Matter flag alongside both the American and state flags.

Obama, Clinton Want To Give Your Internet Access To China, Russia And Iran

Why is Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton pushing to allow Iran, China and Russia to take control of our internet system. Obviously, this would bring about a suppression of freedom of speech.

I may be stupid but I happen to be smart stupid.

Hillary Attacks Wells Fargo. Wells Fargo Big Donors To Clinton Foundation

Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is joining the attack against Wells Fargo, which was fined $185 million by the federal government for opening new accounts for customers without their consent, and then charging them fees.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) is leading the charge, but Clinton is trying to use the issue to her advantage, writing an open letter to Wells Fargo customers promising to take action.
However, the Clinton Foundation has taken large sums from Wells Fargo.
Last year, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported that the Wells Fargo Foundation had given between $100,000 and $250,000 to the Clinton Foundation. The Huffington Post adds:
Wells Fargo, both the bank and its foundation, have given generously to the Clinton Foundation over the years. The bank has given between $10,001 and $25,000, and the foundation has given between $100,001 To $250,000. In 2011, former President Bill Clinton gave a speech to Wells Fargo for $200,000.
From Breitbart

These people, all of them, Democrats and Republicans are scum. On a positive note Democrats are scummier than Republicans.

No Comment Necessary

Hillary Clinton’s campaign has released a new television advert that asks one simple question of voters: Would you want Donald Trump as president for your daughters.

from Independent UK

Putting Two And Two Together

I've been watching interviews with the thugs from Charlotte. You know who I mean. The ones with bandanas covering their faces.

As ridiculous this entire scenario is I don't understand the rioting, burning and looting. The cop is black. The recipient of the bullet was black. It doesn't fit the scenario. This led me to believe it's the same old crowd doing the 'protesting'; #BlackLives, communists etc. They are the hired guns of George Soros who always show up to promote his agenda.

Then I started thinking about the shooting of a black man in Tulsa last week except this guy was shot by a white female cop who has since been charged with 1st degree manslaughter. The pattern didn't fit the shooting because, in Tulsa, there hasn't been so much as one demonstration.

It wasn't until today that Rush put two and two together for me. Tulsa, Oklahoma is a Republican state. In the election of 2012 not one county voted for Obama or any Democrat for that matter. Why would Democrats spend money and create havoc in a state where they don't stand a chance? North Carolina on the other hand is a toss-up state. The riots were planned out to gain sympathy for the blacks and spur them to get to the polls for the election.

That Rush. He's a sly dog and is it's always said, 'Rush is right'.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

MJ Hawkeye Erred

A few days ago I wrote that 859 individuals were granted citizenship even though they were slated to be deported. These vermin were considered to be dangerous to the safety of the U.S. The figure has been updated to 1,811. Government incompetence at its finest under Dept. of Homeland Security, Jeh(a Muslim name) Johnson.

Eliminating A Lifetime Of Memories

This morning I gave my dad's 1938 basketball high school scrapbook one last look. He gave it to me before he passed away in '94. Dad played center on the team that was arguably the best in school's history. I've looked through and read the articles a number of times. I've scanned the team photo focusing on the players faces. It's a reminder that we start out young then become older and then pass on our legacy to other generations.

I've decided the scrapbook needs a new home. There's a gentleman in Boone, Iowa who runs a nationwide blog called Kelley's Korner. Mo Kelley is a legend in town as a sportswriter and sportscaster. In his retirement years he writes a blog based on Boone memories from locals who have gravitated around the country. These folks send in stories of days gone by. I'm certain one of these would like me to send them the scrapbook.

I've been organizing all the items which I've deemed worthy of a place in my closets.One being the program from the first Shriner's high school football game in Iowa, circa 1974. Every player who was selected had their picture and bio in it. My good guess is one of these kids would appreciate having it in their possession. Sometimes, mom's throw out what they perceive as being garbage.

My very first baseball card was a Topps Billy Martin. I bought it at Shafer's grocery store on 1st street in Boone just a half block east of Clinton street. The year was 1952 and it cost a penny but there was a stick of gum included. I still have that card.

I have literally thousands of baseball cards. Most all of them are not worth the ink they're printed on. Regardless, they're all in plastic holders and placed in binders. It was a group thing, buying baseball cards in those days. Three or four of us would spend a dime, open the packs then ask, "Who'd ya' get"? That's when the bartering took place especially if another kid got one of your favorite players.

Sadly, as youngsters, we didn't see the increased value of baseball cards. Many thousands of Mickey Mantle rookie cards ended up in bicycle spokes. Short term fun yielded long term anguish when we now realize we  literally threw away thousands of dollars.

I got back into the baseball card collecting business in the 1990's. Card values were skyrocketing. I shelled out $75.00 for my favorite player, Henry Aaron. It's now valued at $29.00. Since then I've only concentrated on purchasing what I've researched to be rookie cards with higher value, Eddie Murray, Tony Gwinn Cal Ripken, Jr. come to mind. The ex-Cub, Ryne Sandburg was a hot item for awhile. It cost me $50 originally and I bought four of them. It might be because he's a Cub. Sandberg, today would get me $7.50
or a double cheeseburger and fries with a small coke.

Here's the point. My shelves are cleaned out. I've dispersed this memorabilia to my grandchildren. Of the ten three have bona fide athletic potential. The dispersing of the cards doesn't bother me.

In addition to my cards I've collected pennies from the mid-1860's, authentic political campaign buttons from 1920 to 2008. A man a gave me a group autographed picture of the first four Heisman football players from The Ohio State University. God knows I hope the man doesn't read this blog because I gave it away. If I had one of Nile Kinnick it'd be on my wall. My good friend, Gene Oliver, now deceased, gave me a pennant signed by 12 Hall of Fame baseball players and a host of other familiar ballplayers whose names, if you're a fan, would recognize. I'll take this prize to the grave.

I collected and saved entire newspapers from great events in our country's history. The Des Moines Register ran banner headlines across the front page announcing Henry Aaron's 715th home run breaking the record of Babe Ruth. If you search through a cardboard box you find one from the day JFK was shot. When grandchildren are old enough to appreciate them I send them along. Who knows, they could take them to school and just might get extra credit in history class. That's what happened this year when my eleven year old grandson took a newspaper from Concord, Massachusetts, 1829, to his class.

There are other items to for disposal but you get the picture.

What I've done is transfer items from my shelves to those of their parents. It's their problem now, not mine.

'Cankles' Attack On Wells Fargo A Fake. Clinton Foundation Took Their Cash

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is joining the attack against Wells Fargo, which was fined $185 million by the federal government for opening new accounts for customers without their consent, and then charging them fees. 

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) is leading the charge, but Clinton is trying to use the issue to her advantage, writing an open letter to Wells Fargo customers promising to take action. 

However, the Clinton Foundation has taken large sums from Wells Fargo. Last year, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported that the Wells Fargo Foundation had given between $100,000 and $250,000 to the Clinton Foundation.
From Breitbart

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Clinton Foundation Murdered Thousands. Distributed Watered Down Aids Vaccines

In a shocking revelation, former President Bill Clinton and his Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI) gave away "watered-down" HIV/AIDs drugs to patients in sub-Saharan Africa, The Daily Caller reports. 

The congressional report, which was titled, "The Clinton Foundation and The India Success Story," also highlighted that the drugs "likely increased" the risks of morbidity and mortality, the Daily Caller News Foundation said.

Read more: Daily Caller: Clinton Foundation Gave 'Watered-Down' Drugs to Third World Countries 

John Brennan, CIA Director, Voted For A Communist Presidential Candidate

(CNN) – At his first polygraph test to enter the CIA, the future director had a secret.
John Brennan on Thursday recalled being asked a standard question for a top security clearance at his early CIA lie detector test: Have you ever worked with or for a group that was dedicated to overthrowing the US?
“I froze,” Brennan said during a panel discussion about diversity in the intelligence community at the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation’s annual conference. “This was back in 1980, and I thought back to a previous election where I voted, and I voted for the Communist Party candidate,”
And liberals rejoice at the news. Maybe the rumors of Brennan being a convert to Islam are true. Regardless, he fits right in with the administration in power.

Finally, Good Television

There were two new pilot shows on television last night and I am very pleased to announce they were extremely enjoyable.

The first starred the adorable Kristen Bell. She formerly played a high school detective in the show, Veronica Mars. Her new show is called The Good Girl. It's a fantasy comedy. Unfortuately, Ms. Bell died and goes to an in between place where all is supposed to be near perfect. Except, she was mistakenly sent there because while on earth her life was full of selfishness and an 'all for myself attitude'. This carries over into her new domain.

She has a mentor who attempts to turn her around but with great difficulty. An example, when she gets upset her favorite words are, "Oh fu*k" but since there's no swearing in the new place it always comes out, "Oh fish". This irritates her no end.

The show is cleverly written and is well worth the look see.

The second television pilot is called 'Bull' and stars Michael Weatherly, formerly DiNozo, from NCIS. He's a psychologist who profiles and solves murders. He's skillful, demanding and it's my way or the highway when it comes to his tactics.

Add to this Dr. Bull has demons of his own he has to overcome yet the show is riveting using modern day technology and his own brand of psychiatry to bring about successful conclusions.

One comedy and one drama on the mainstream television stations. It's mind boggling to finally watch the tube with being forced into reality tv.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

"Hey, Give Me All Your Cash"

The Washington Examiner reports that 194 of Hillary Clinton’s donors were named to advisory boards while she was Secretary of State between 2009 and 2012.

These were all people who donated to “either to her family’s foundation, her political campaigns, or both, or were affiliated with groups that had,” according to the Examiner’sreview of federal records. Fully 40 percent of the State Department advisory appointments during Clinton’s time as Secretary of State went to her donors.

Why The FBI Investigation Of Hillary's Emails Is Incomplete

This report was filed by investigative reporter, Sharyl Attkisson. She was formerly employed by CBS but got the heave ho because she was, get this, non-partisan. Ms. Attkisson has a show on Fox on Sunday morning.

The Takeaways

The FBI could not review all of the Hillary Clinton emails under investigation because:
  • The Clintons’ Apple personal server used for Hillary Clinton work email could not be located for the FBI to examine.
  • An Apple MacBook laptop and thumb drive that contained Hillary Clinton email archives were lost, and the FBI couldn’t examine them.
  • 2 BlackBerry devices provided to FBI didn’t have their SIM or SD data cards.
  • 13 Hillary Clinton personal mobile devices were lost, discarded or destroyed. Therefore, the FBI couldn’t examine them.
  • Various server backups were deleted over time, so the FBI couldn’t examine them.
  • After State Dept. notified Hillary Clinton her records would be sought by House Benghazi Committee, copies of her email on the laptops of her attorneys Cheryl Mills and Heather Samuelson were wiped with BleachBit, and the FBI couldn’t review them.
  • After her emails were subpoenaed, Hillary Clinton’s email archive was also permanently deleted from her then-server “PRN” with BleachBit, and the FBI couldn’t review it.
  • Also after the subpoena, backups of the PRN server were manually deleted.
Even though the FBI did not have a complete record of Hillary Clinton’s emails on three unclassified personal servers, it found:
  • 2,093 emails State Dept. currently classifies as Confidential or Secret. (State Dept. did not address what their classification was at the time they were sent.)
  • 193 emails (81 separate email conversations) that were classified at the time they were sent, ranging from “Confidential” to “Top Secret/Special Access Program.”
  • 68 of the 81 email chains remain classified today.
  • 8 were Top Secret.
  • 37 were Secret.
  • 36 were Confidential.
  • 7 were Special Access Program.
  • 3 were Sensitive Compartmentalized Information.
  • 36 were Not Releasing to Foreign Governments.
  • 2 were Releasable Only to Five Allied Partners.
  • 12 of the suspect email chains were not provided by Hillary’s attorneys. The FBI found them other ways.
  • The email chains contained classified information from 5 other agencies: CIA, DOD, FBI, NGA and NSA.

The Players (as they surface in timeline)

Justin Cooper: President Bill Clinton aide
Bryan Pagliano: Computer technician from Hillary Clinton ‘08 campaign
Huma Abedin: Hillary Clinton aide
Eric Boswell: State Dept. Assistant Secretary for Diplomatic Security
John Bentel: State Dept. Information Technology official who handled Hillary Clinton’s issues
Jake Sullivan: Hillary Clinton aide
Cheryl Mills: Hillary Clinton chief of staff and attorney
Raymond Maxwell: Former State Dept. Deputy Assistant Secretary
Monica Hanley: Hillary Clinton aide
Sid Blumenthal: Hillary Clinton friend and adviser
Heather Samuelson: Hillary Clinton campaign worker and attorney
David Kendall of Williams & Connolly: Hillary Clinton attorney
3 Known Clinton Private Servers: Apple, “Pagliano,” and Platte River Networks (PRN)

Hillary Is A Segregationist and Anti-Semite

Has anyone asked Hillary Clinton if the segregationist and anti-Semite J. William Fulbright was “deplorable?” Seems like a reasonable question, since we’re playing this game. After all, her name is on the prestigious J. William Fulbright-Hillary Rodham Clinton Public Policy Fellowship.
Fulbright wasn’t just a nut with despicable ideas about minorities. He was gifted, influential politician who for decades worked to keep the races segregated through state force. He signed the Southern Manifesto (he helped edit it, actually), opposed Brown v. Board, filibustered the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and voted against the 1965 Voting Rights Act. He even voted against Hawaiian statehood to keep its large non-white population out of the union.
Before leaving the spotlight, Fulbright took up another fight, going on national television in 1973 to warn Americans about the nefarious “Jewish influence” in Congress.
The Clintons have honored this man’s political legacy for a long time. The State Department only added Hillary’s name to the fellowship in 2013. Apply, and you too can help “strengthen the public sector” in other countries.
From The Federalist