Monday, May 31, 2010

Times Change Things

It's 11 AM and I'm doing what I do best; on my backside for back of eye lid preparation. I'm watching an old James Bond flick. It was one of those hokey Roger Moore films titled, A View To A Kill. It's showing on the G4 Channel and the announcer for the channel keeps referring it as the, "Movies That Don't Suck." Suck is one of those innocuous words that has evolved. Suck, suckling, sucked: seems fairly benign except in 1988 I was coaching high school basketball and one of our players while playing the game said, "our defense sucks". An official nailed him with a technical foul for being a potty mouth. Times change things.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

A Human Interest Story----To Make You Puke

He's filthy, rich. The city's most litigious bum, Richard Kreimer -- infamous for winning a $230,000 suit 20 years ago after being kicked out of a Morristown, NJ, library for his body odor -- is about to file his 18th lawsuit since 1988. The 61-year-old hobo plans to go after Amtrak in Philadelphia because he claims police forcibly removed him from the train station. He already has another lawsuit pending against NJ Transit for the same thing. (Snip) Despite an estimated $400,000 in payouts from at least four settlements over the last two decades, he claims he's not living large.
From Susannah Cahalan at the NY Post

Friday, May 28, 2010

The Boy Liar Has Returned

If you need a big liar in more than a big hurry regarding the "Sestak Scandal" why not call on the biggest of them all. Naturally, I'm referring to Bubba Clinton. The question is, why would he set himself up for such a ridiculous LIE? I mean, it's not like we're talking about cunnilingus or fellatio with a certain child, first name of Monica. The Marc Rich pardon, pardoning of FARC Puerto Ricans and Lord knows what I have long forgotten, this guy is allowing his self to be in the news again for all the wrong reasons. Wait a sec! I just wrote it, didn't I? He's back in the news again------just as he wants and craves.

Huey Long Lives

Thursday, May 27, 2010

What A Silly Promise, Barry

President Barack Obama's latest focus on improving fuel economy standards for 2017-2025 prompted Business Insider to review how the government's car collection is meshing with candidate Obama's campaign platform.

"Within one year of becoming president, the entire White House fleet will be converted to plug-ins as security permits," Obama said in a 2008 energy plan. He also vowed that half of all vehicles purchased by 2012 by the federal government would be plug-in vehicles.

From The Detroit News


I came across a new blog called In the spirit of helping humanity in these dastardly, terrible economic times it is my duty to help the needy. Not necessary to thank me. Just put a check in the mail made out to "Mr. Wonderful".

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Plug The Damn Hole

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

We're Broke

I snagged this brief bit of info off the DrudgeReport today. Personally, and only because I'm a conspiracy theorist, it's my belief that Obama wants it this way. His ideal situation would be to eliminate the middle class causing power(voting) to be vested with the poor. Already he has succeeded in getting rid of the Democrat Party. They HAVE TO realize if they have a (D) after their names they are now either Socialists at best and Communists at the very worst.

TOPS $13,000,000,000,000;

Friday, May 21, 2010

Go Ahead And Laugh. It's Funny!

"A woman gets on a bus with her baby. The bus driver says: "That's the ugliest baby that I've ever seen. Ugh!" The woman goes to the rear of the bus and sits down, fuming. She says to a man next to her: "The driver just insulted me!" The man says: "You go right up there and tell him off – go ahead, I'll hold your monkey for you."

Calderon Receives Standing O--From Dems--For Attacking America

As is usually the case is on top of things for exposing our communist Democrat party:

Unprecedented, indeed. But, not surprising, given that our own President has done nothing but the same. I’m wondering if Calderon at least read the Arizona bill first, before demonizing an American state. That would actually be unprecedented, amongst our alleged leaders, at least.
President Obama, for once, forewent bowing. Not to worry, though! The Democrats in Congress picked up his slack and went one further. Standing ovations!
For a foreign leader bashing an American state. From our own House floor.
Not only do the Democrats fail to figuratively stand up for America, but they literally stand up for and applaud those who seek to condemn it. Worse, it is condemnation from the foreign leader whose own country is a primary source of our illegal immigration issues. All compounded by the fact that Arizona was forced to try to deal with their immense problem on their own, since the weak-willed and spineless folks in attendance at the Joint Meeting of Congress refused to do so. You know, the very same ones who are breathlessly applauding and jumping to their feet in sycophantic grand-standing, including two, Janet Napolitano and Eric Holder, who have admitted to not reading the 16 page law. Which I’ve read and can comprehend. Granted, I’m no community organizer or an (alleged) lawyer, but still.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Major Announcement

Attention! Today, May 19, 2010, I read the Arizona immigration law. That makes me one up on every member of the Obama Administration, Congressional Democrats and 99.9% of the American people.

Obama vs. Calderon

Obama, in a meeting with President Calderon from Mexico, today stated that Arizona law has the potential to be discriminatory. Well, except for the fact that I've pretty much gone through male menopause I have the potential of being a serial rapist but that'd be like saying I have the inability to drive a spike with a tack hammer. Gutless Obama fails to enforce federal immigration law which is more stringent than the one signed by Arizona legislature. Furthermore, President Zero took a dressing down on our home field from "Cartel" Calderon regarding our so-called discriminatory law. Hate to say it(not really) but we do have a wussy for a Prez.
On the same subject it was revealed today that Mayor Michael Coleman of Columbus, Ohio stated that no city officials will be allowed to do business in Arizona. It's a well known fact that "city officials" do a bunch of business that doesn't actually involve business i.e. a fun junket. Wouldn't it be great if the Ohio State Buckeye football team played in the Fiesta Bowl in Glenwood, Arizona next January. We'll find out how much weight Coleman's word is worth. Zilch I bet.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Men Lie More, But Better

Men are more likely to tell lies than women and feel less guilty about it, says a survey.

In a poll of 3,000 people, researchers found that the average British man tells three lies every day, that’s equivalent to 1,092 a year.

However the average woman appears more honest, lying 728 times a year – around twice a day.

1. I didn’t have that much to drink
2. Nothing’s wrong, I’m fine
3. I had no signal
4. It wasn’t that expensive
5. I’m on my way
6. I’m stuck in traffic
7. No, your bum doesn’t look big in that
8. Sorry, I missed your call
9. You’ve lost weight
10. It’s just what I’ve always wanted
1. Nothing’s wrong, I’m fine
2. I don’t know where it is, I haven’t touched it
3. It wasn’t that expensive
4. I didn’t have that much to drink
5. I’ve got a headache
6. It was in the sale
7. I’m on my way
8. Oh, I’ve had this ages
9. No, I didn’t throw it away
10. It’s just what I’ve always wanted
The reason for this is simple. Men get grilled by women much more than the other way around. This is true even in the animal kingdom.
From our old pals at iOwntheWorld

Monday, May 17, 2010

Muslims, Muslims Everywhere

Rima Fakih. Ever heard of her? Well, she's the newly crowned Miss America USA. Ms. Fakih is a Muslim and came out of Dearborn, Michigan. Dearborn has the largest Muslim population in the US. Runner-up is a nice looking girl from Oklahoma named Morgan Elizabeth Woolard. Doesn't a name like that just scream "hot"? Rima, too, is a stunner. It's too bad one of the judges, Oscar Nunez, an actor on the TV Show "The Office, felt the need to ask her a politically motivated question about the Arizona immigration law. Carrie Prejean, anyone?
Is there a possibility Obama was a judge in absentia?
I was looking at YouTube this afternoon and saw Fakih doing a pole strip act from a couple of years ago. I figure female circumcision at the very least or stoning to death just prove a point.

Another Arizona Nut Job

From Real Clear Politics:
Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano admits she hasn't read the Arizona immigration law, but passed judgment on it anyway. "That's not the kind of law I would have signed," she declared. "I believe it's a bad law enforcement law. I believe it mandates and requires local enforcement and puts them in a position many do not want to be placed in," Napolitano said. "When I was dealing with laws of that ilk, most of the law enforcement agencies in Arizona at that time were opposed to such legislation," she claimed.

Seinfeld Blog

It's been twelve years already since Seinfeld, the "show about nothing", went off the air. Today, I'm writing a blog about nothing based on the same premise and see how many humorous responses I receive. Hold onto your sides--Here we go.
I woke up today. Laughing yet? Stiff doesn't describe the aching in my knees and other hip. Thank God for ibuprofen! Ahh, coffee. I always put in two huge scoops of brown for a ten ounce cup of water. I want my brew to stand at attention before I take that first delectable sip. "Stop, MJ. You're killing me."
Another rainy day in Dublin, Ohio so I went to the golf course, not to play, but to hawk golf balls. My supply is about gone. Some people actually spend $45 on a dozen balls. Morons! I've hawked for years and have made a science out of chasing the dimpled 'white critter'. I put on clothes that might be used in the jungles of Guatemala and head out in search of those elusive Titleists. I wear a hooded sweatshirt. It keeps my face and head from being ripped to shreds by thorns and bristles. Long pants are a necessity. Sometimes I forget and don shorts. After a foray into no man's land my legs look like a tiger gnawed on them.
I always take a radio headset with me. I listen to Glenn Beck. My old golf course was an oasis for finding balls. I could hunt every other week and find 15 dozen. My new course is a lot tougher and I'm a lot older so sometimes, when I see a treasure in a precarious position, I just say, "screw it".
This will make you chuckle. I saw a mammy duck with three little chicks guarding an egg. Wrongo! Daisy Duck was protecting a golf ball! Stupid duck. Chuckling, yet?
After I left the course, and this will slay ya, I came home to read email messages.
I send and receive emails to a neat lady in North Carolina. Never personally met her and probably never will. She's funny, though. She has a sometime column in a North Carolina publication. I once asked her about inspirations. She wrote back. Erma Bombeck and Lewis Grizzard. Those are two funny, funny people. Too bad. They're both dead. Ha-ha-ha.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Kudos Business Media Organization

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Attorney General Of The United States

The Attorney General of the United States is the nation's top law enforcement officer. His job description does not include, and in many ways specifically forbids any overtly political action. But Obama's A.G. Holder mixes politics with a new low of imbecility not seen in the office.
From Mike's America at Flopping Aces

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Bizarro World

Three Pakistani's have been arrested on charges of illegal immigration in aiding the NYC bomber. Am I living in a bizarro world or what? I didn't think we had laws detailing illegal immigration.

A Jeep Trip Through Montana

I had a co-worker once tell me he felt like he'd been on a "jeep trip through Montana". It's when you jump in your car, clothes packed but not sure you have the right ones for "whatever" occasion, start driving in some direction and end up going the wrong way(for awhile), forget a road map because you think you can follow the sun. Trouble is it rains for eight solid hours. It's when you make a trip "willy nilly". "Now, where the heck is my cell phone? Oh crap! I left it at home". Do you know how many pay phones there are between Dublin, Ohio and Central Iowa? None. Zip. Nada. I became an expert at this approach. "Excuse me. Seems I left my cell at home. Could I use yours for a minute?"
For some reason I was under the impression my 91-year old mother was on deaths door so I drove "willy nilly" two days ago to get to my ma's house. I practiced my good-by speech a number of times. "Damn rain. Will it never stop"? "Now, how the heck did I get lost in Peoria? I've driven this highway thousands of times". Oh well, I'll just take this back road. Can't be more than twenty minutes from I-74. "Good God. That hour and a half was a lot longer than the twenty I expected. MaComb, Illinois! You gotta be sh****n me! Well, it's only an hour an a half to Davenport. What the heck. I'm tired. I'll throw caution to the wind and stay in Walcott, Iowa for the night. It is the world's largest truck stop. I bet there were four hundred trucks here and every one of them fired up right outside my motel room window at five a.m.
Up and at 'em. Just four more hours of driving "in a typhoon". I wish I had a good cigar but with some dark roast coffee I'll survive.
I made it. Finally home. "Well, here I come and what to expect I don't know," I tell myself. AND there she is, sitting on the living room couch, reading a book, sandwich on a tray in front of her. She looks frail but is happy to see me. All is well for awhile longer.
"I feel like I've been on a jeep trip through Montana".

Monday, May 10, 2010

Obama Administration Targets Military Pay Reductions

An average sergeant in the Army with four years of service and one dependent would receive $52,589 in annual compensation, according to the paper. This figure includes basic pay, housing, and subsistence allowances, as well as tax benefits. Meanwhile, a U.S. Postal letter carrier makes approximately $80,000 a year when all benefits are factored in. (From NewsMax)

Thank you, I just, today, discovered you.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Gotta Love The Liberals

"I didn't write this but Rick at the blog, BRUTALLY HONEST did. Pretty good, isn't it!
I really don't want to believe that... honestly, I don't... But it's getting harder and harder not to...Liberals are really, well, stupid!
Robin of Berkeley explains:
Conservatives can mistakenly assume that liberals think like they do, in a learned and rational way. This is an exercise in futility since liberalism is not based on logic.
To become a conservative, I've had to learn a whole new language, one based on reason. If conservatives want to understand the liberal mind, they should consider becoming bilingual, too.
Liberals live in a stratosphere centered on emotions and magical thinking. If you've tried to reason with your daughter and she looks at you blankly; if your neighbor changes the subject during your compelling arguments; if your cousin says this about Obama: "I don't know why. I just like the guy"...that's why.
After I 'fessed up last week to once being besotted with socialism, a reader had an epiphany. He wrote that maybe liberals are just plain stupid.
I'm not going to disagree with this. There are innumerable examples from both the famous and the anonymous:
-- The most illustrious of all leftists, Noam Chomsky, still maintains that the Khmer Rouge did not slaughter millions of Cambodians.
-- Liberal luminaries Annette Bening and Naomi Wolf defend radical Islam, including the dreaded burqa.
-- After journeying to Cuba, members of the Congressional Black Caucus bragged about the stellar conditions there.
-- Michael Moore thinks that the Cuban health system is to die for.
-- Anita Dunn, a former special assistant to Obama, stated that Mao is one of the people she admired the most.
If these are the more informed liberals, what about Jane and Joe in the street?
-- During the primary, I asked my friend Gail why she was voting for Obama. Did she know anything about his voting record or background? She responded, "No, I don't." When I asked her why she was voting for him, she said, "I just am."
-- Last week, I chatted with Shelley, a liberal pal who voted for Obama. I asked her what she thought of him now. She said that she thought he was doing fine, but she confessed that she wasn't following the news.
-- During the election, I told a friend, George, that I thought Obama was a socialist. George responded, "Well capitalism doesn't work. Why not try socialism?" Dr. George has a Ph.D.
Are these folks "stupid"? I looked up the word, and my dictionary reads, "lacking intelligence or common sense." Going by that definition, it would be hard to argue no.
I really do want to give progressives the benefit of the doubt... but to do so necessitates my own giving up of reality.
The bottom line is that liberals, in my mind, are one of two things. Stupid... or evil.
Neither is flattering (obviously) but the only other possibility is... both.
Are you a liberal?"

Friday, May 7, 2010

"Obama: Learn Federal Immigration Law"

Under Title 8 Section 1325 of the U.S. Code, "Improper Entry by Alien," any citizen of any country other than the United States who:

Enters or attempts to enter the United States at any time or place other than as designated by immigration officers; or

Eludes examination or inspection by immigration officers; or

Attempts to enter or obtains entry to the United States by a willfully false or misleading representation or the willful concealment of a material fact;
has committed a federal crime.

Violations are punishable by criminal fines and imprisonment for up to six months. Repeat offenses can bring up to two years in prison. Additional civil fines may be imposed at the discretion of immigration judges, but civil fines do not negate the criminal sanctions or nature of the offense.

It's Your Money

Whoooee! The rioting in Greece is really something. It puts to shame anything the Athenians ever did to Sparta. Or, was it the other way around? It's all too confusing for this Physical Education Major to comprehend let alone put down on paper but I'll try. If you have another idea please don't hesitate to comment. As I understand it the Greek people, being a socialist nation, depend on the government for their needs. Unemployment is high. The government needs money to save these "entitlements" for the people but with so few people working the natives are reluctant to pay their taxes. No taxes mean no services. Well, kiss my Socrates and feed me poison. It's an endless circle. To the rescue comes the International Monetary Fund, giving aid and comfort to the Greek nation. The US of A, being a member of the IMF, is a part of this bailout. Larry Sabato, economist, says, "6% of the American people pay our taxes. How long can we milk them before the teat stops giving"? Spend, spend, spend seems to be the answer for governments. What the heck ever happened to save, save, save?

Thursday, May 6, 2010

This Isn't Political. It's Common Sense

Okay, this isn't political but it does have a salient point to it. If you think it's political you aren't grasping my thought process. Alright, it's not my thought process but that of Glenn Beck. I used to watch Mr. Beck regularly but had stopped until tonight. I'd had a very bad golf game today and I was commiserating on my backside as I am prone(no pun intended) to do.
Beck showed a clip of Obama speaking to the Quincy,Illinois crowd on April 27. He, the President, was saying how poorly written the Arizona immigrant law was and he used a very childish example for illustration. Obama said, "what if you(dark skinned folks) are out with your kids to get ice cream and the police pull you over to ask for your papers. Isn't this just dumb? In the first place, the law in Arizona specifically prohibits unwarranted searches. Secondly, and this was Beck's point: What a slap in the face to our people in uniform that they would be put in the same position as the SS or the Gestapo. Didn't the SS kick down doors? Don't know about you but it's been years since Eichmann kicked in my front door. Hah! I lied. It's never happened. God knows being a member of law enforcement has enough risks without taking on harassment lawsuits. I say, if you don't want to get arrested don't break the law. Don't yell at a cop and call him "Pig". Don't spit on his shoes, either. I have an idea. If you've got a couple of bucks in your wallet why not go up to "Officer Friendly" and tell him you'd like to pay for his coffee. If you're a real spender buy him lunch and say "thank you for what you do". The community in which I live, Dublin, Ohio probably has some domestic violence infrequently. As for stealing, I suppose a 1st grader might steal a pack of gum. But, if you drive two miles south east into Columbus it's like Cambodia from the early 1970's. The police have a job I couldn't do---ever. As I mentioned in a recent column, it's against the law to be in this country illegally. We have enough problems that we don't need to spend our time rousting 'just anybody'. Could we please, please use common sense instead of having to put up with overreaction. That would be called "Sharptonizing".

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Lottery Tickets And Postage Stamps

Be careful when you buy those scratch off lottery tickets. It just might be that you had a winner but the store clerk could be holding back. In Columbus O. a guy by the name of Mahmoud(Mach-mood) kept telling buyers, "Nope, you not win today" but it seems he had over 260 large in winning tickets when arrested.
I had a thought today about a conspiracy between the US Postal system and sellers of cards, especially those for Mother's Day. My ninety-one year old mother will receive her normal "thank you for all the things you've done" card this Saturday. Mother's Day is one of those events that's big time when it comes to volume. As God is my witness I could not find an appropriate card that didn't require extra postage. Envelopes are larger than ever and they all require that extra 44 cents. I could've sent Ma an e-mail but it didn't seem right. Besides, I don't think she knows how to turn on the machine. She may not know what a computer is thinking it could be a bedside television.

Senior Citizen Lady Gaga

Thanks to Ace of Spades HQ for the picture: Another reason to die young!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I'm Disgusted With Politics

The wife and I were watching television last evening; nothing special that comes to mind. I said, out of nowhere, I am so sick of politics I almost don't care anymore. Everything is so politicized that it's not any fun. Whatever the subject matter it always revolves into a political discussion then I get bent out of shape and want to slap Keith Olbermann. When we meet new couples socializing it's mandatory that we have to make certain the subject of Obama doesn't come up. Even so, I'm always looking for clues as to their political stripe. What magazines do they read? Are they teachers? Is he or she a member of a union? You get my drift. It wears me out. Today I golfed. It's my favorite activity. I was with my three best golfing buddies. We needle each other. We give encouragement and we high five on good shots or tell the golfer what a nice shot he made after he does. Not once in four hours did we mention a political boob from the State of Ohio or the City of DC.
I hope I can follow through on my next declaration. I want to write about the important things in life; my children and their accomplishments. I like writing about Iowa. It's the land of my birth. Good people there are in Iowa. I've traveled to many foreign lands and hope to visit many more before I give in to old age. If there's a person who doesn't enjoy their grandchildren and want to spend valuable time learning from them then they don't deserve to be grandparents. Kiddies are a hoot. I am going on hiatus from politics and political opinion.
Let me repeat. I'm sick of the divisiveness in this country. Every day it's the same old crap. There! I feel better already and I can hardly wait to golf again tomorrow. My next door neighbor founded Muirfield Village Golf Club with Jack Nicklaus. He asked me if I wanted to become a member. I was absolutely thrilled but had to decline because I don't have that kind of m$n$y. Being asked was an honor. Bet that hasn't happened to many of you-----and it had nothing to do with politics. It's only a story.

Tea Party Responsible For NYC Bombing

The Associated Press is reporting that a suspect in the NYC attempted bombing of Times Square has been taken into custody. Left leaning bloggers and those pundits at MSNBC were correct when they predicted(hoped) that the perpetrator was a Right Wing Nutjob hell bent on wreaking havoc on the country. The suspect is a naturalized U.S. citizen from Pakistan by the name of Faisal Shahzad. It has been reported that Shahzad was a participant of the Quincy, Illinois Tea bag protest when President Obama gave a speech to a group of stupid people. Shahzad, wearing a white robe, turban and sandals, was seen holding a sign saying, "Allah Akbar" on one side and "Grandparents Against Obama" on the other.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Obama Screwed Up

An article from Roger Tapscott at the Washington Examiner. Want to make a wager? You won't see one article from the MSM criticizing Obama and you will see one or more articles blaming the Bush administration for the oil spill. You will find members of the Obama administration piling onto the Bush crew, too.

"Why didn't federal officials implement an oil spill clean up plan they've had on the books since 1994 as soon as possible after crude began pumping into the Gulf of Mexico following the explosion and sinking of BP's Deepwater Horizon drilling platform 53 miles south of Louisiana in the Gulf of Mexico? The Mobile Register reports that Ron Gouget, who formerly managed the oil spill cleanup department of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, as well as a similar unit for the state of Louisiana, is criticizing the Obama White House's failure to act according to existing government regulations."

You Gotta Be Kiddin' Me

New York Post, by Lukas I. Alpert

It was silent but deadly. A British sniper set a world sharpshooting record by taking out two Taliban soldiers in Afghanistan from more than a mile and a half away -- a distance so great, experts say the terrorists wouldn't have even heard the shots. Craig Harrison killed the two insurgents from an astounding distance of 8,120 feet -- or 1.54 miles -- in Helmand Province last November firing an Accuracy International L11583 long-range rifle. ''The first round hit a machine-gunner in the stomach and killed him outright,'' said Harrison.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Just To Be Fair To Barry

Never heard of but it had either a comparable article to the one below this or it's telling the reader that Obama might have a limp wrist. Read on kids:

"There’s been a huge uptick in searches for “Vera Baker” on Google in the last two days, and we could not figure out why — until we saw that Globe magazine is running the old Obama affair story again. There’s nothing new to report — Globe’s just rehashing the same story from 2008, but now alleging Baker was given a job with Roland Burris as some sort of hush money to keep from talking about an affair with Obama.
That’s ridiculous.
Baker works for Burris because she’s damn good at what she does, is incredibly bright, and Baker’s well-connected with Burris’ team in Chicago. And, we repeat, she did not have an affair with Obama
This is all really suspicious, though, because during the campaign we truly believe the Obama team pushed the Baker affair story because they wanted people not to talk about Obama’s gay relationships.
Larry Sinclair, Reggie Jones, Kal Penn, Donald Young, nameless men at Man’s Country. You name it.
Who’s pushing the Baker business now, and why? Is there a himbo eruption coming for the White House, so they want to preemptively start rumors the current president is such a stud he’s bedding down a woman like Baker?
Could this have anything to do with the fact that, surreally, even people like Maureen Dowd have been hinting at a sexual relationship between Obama and his “basketball buddy” and “body man” Reggie Love…or is it linked to Kal Penn’s firing?
Is Penn threatening to talk?
Was he really robbed at gunpoint coincidentally in Dupont Circle, or was someone sending Penn a message not to talk about what went on with Obama?
It wouldn’t be the first time a man romantically linked to this president found himself in front of the business end of the gun.

Curiouser and curiouser."

Barack: Is He A Naughty Boy?

I happened to come across the accompanying article from a blog site called Buffalo Bills. It's full of snarky gossip about BHO and is lust for sex with one Vera Baker. She's been on my radar for six months or thereabouts as has the rumors about the Prez's homosexual daliance. I don't want to consider that because it seems icky. The supposed female indescretion wouldn't be earth shattering especially for a Democrat. It seems the lustier they become the more accepted they are by their admirers. So, enjoy the article. It's fun to think about---

"When the media goes out of their way to tell me something, I tend to believe they are hiding something. Such is the case with the marriage of Barack and Michelle Obama. The media went out of their way to tell the storybook romance of the Obamas before and after the election. Now we find out, that may have just been for show.
It appears another Democratic presidential sex scandal is prepared to shake the walls of the White House, and we know the damage done by Hillary Clinton the last time this revelation wasn't realized. The National Enquirer has tracked Barack Obama and Vera Baker since 2008, and they allude we have another adulterous president in Barry Soetoro (aka Barack Obama).
Let's go back to the days before Bill Clinton was elected president. Do you remember the 60 Minute piece that saved his election chances. Every knew their marriage wasn't perfect, and all suspected Billy had been a bad boy; however, 60 Minutes magically made the Clinton marriage look good enough to Americans the Clinton's managed to get over the hump. Of course later on, we all would discover Clinton was a very naughty president with cigars after he shook his finger at us and told us he did not have sexual relations with that woman, Monica Lewinsky.
Like Clinton, there have been rumors of Obama's sexual habits, but they border on bi-sexuality--sex with Larry Sinclair for cocaine and other favors. We all have seen the pictures of Obama early in his presidency getting caught staring at a butt of an attractive woman, one who turned out to be only 16 years. I don't think its that big of surprise now it appears Obama has a sex scandal that's ready to rock his presidency.
Perhaps that's why the media sold us this story of the Obamas being the perfect marriage. She hates American, he practiced communism in college--it really was love at first site. Now all those news stories seem like sources of political rhetoric, building the Obama image, which now may be proven to be as fake as the idea Obama is a free-market capitalist."