Saturday, November 30, 2013

God Spoke To Her

Diane Derzis says God wants her to enable abortion.
Mentally Deranged
LifeSiteNews -
The owner of the last abortion facility in Mississippi has said she feels enabling abortions is a divine calling. “I feel like God wants me to do this job,” Diane Derzis told the

Friday, November 29, 2013

Don't Mess With The Mafia

Mafia mobsters allegedly beat a rival gangster with metal bars and then fed him to pigs while he was still alive, it has emerged from an investigation by the Italian police.
Francesco Raccosta was allegedly fed to the pigs, which are prized for their ability to dispose of most of a human body, as part of a bloody turf war between two clans belonging to the 'Ndrangheta mafia of Calabria, in the far south of Italy.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

How To Know You're A Loser

It's been a tough year for the liberal cable news outlets.
Data released Tuesday show CNN shedding 48 percent of total viewers since last November and MSNBC dropping 45 percent.
The numbers were even worse in the all important demographic of people aged 25 to 54 as CNN's ratings dropped 59 percent and MSNBC's 52 percent.

And the ratings for Fox News? With the new format they've skyrocketed. Megyn Kelly has jumped over everyone in her company and across the board.

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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Michelle: "For Healthcare We're All Going To Have To Sacrifice

The Monster Queen a few years ago, 2008 to be exact, gave a speech in which she said that all Americans will have to sacrifice so that others can have good affordable health care. I wonder what all the cheering was about. The robots didn't put two and two together. I think they meant she was referring to somebody else.
If you can tolerate listening and looking I have the video.

Ohio Stories

Two Ohio stories caught my interest this morning. This first one happened in Chillicothe, Ohio. "Chilly", as the residents call it, is located fifty miles south of Columbus in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. I used to call on a paper mill in "Chilly" as a part of my sales job. When I write it's in the fringes of the mountains the best way to describe it is some people wear shoes and some don't. The story in question is about an elementary school teacher who thought her class was too rowdy. In order to maintain control and teach them obedience she sent them outside to stand in a rainstorm---for two hours. Since I'm a former teacher I had some thoughts on this subject: (1) I, myself, wouldn't stand outside for two hours. The biggest problem would be that I can't go a half hour without going to the bathroom. I hope she stayed inside and looked out the window. After all, it is the cold and flu season. (2)Weren't there other teachers or administrators who thought it strange her classroom was empty for two hours? (3) Where was the principal, janitor, drive-by parents? (4)Why didn't the kids bolt? That's a no brainer. If this would have happened in '56 Jude Rolfes, Tim Ferry and MJ Hawkeye would have been outta there after five minutes.
The last I heard is that the teacher was reprimanded and sent to sensitivity class training. Problem solved.
Were you a cheerleader in high school? How about college? George Bush was one while at Yale but he was called a Yell Leader. Times have changed. Watch a college football or basketball game on television and focus on female cheerleaders, especially. They have pom-poms in each hand. From the beginning of the contest to the end, with hands together, they are non-stop shaking these things. I'm impressed with their dexterity and fortitude and now I know why.
There's a story out today that the Cheer Leading Coach of The Ohio State Buckeyes was fired from her position. Two of her assistant coaches were accused and found guilty of making sexually harassing comments toward cheerleaders and the head coach was aware of this. Initially, I had a tough time figuring out if the harassment was male/ female directed because the participants had generic names e.g. Cody, Lynn, but the gist of the thing is that one coach, a male, asked a male cheerleader if he could replace said cheerleader's boyfriend. The other assistant(a male) made suggestive comments toward a female cheerleader. Are you following this?
Get this: The former head cheerleader coach had a salary of $42,578. From where I come from that's a lot of Cha-ching----for being a cheerleader coach. Many high school teachers don't make that much money. Furthermore, there are at least two, count 'em, two assistant coaches. It gets better. Remember the male cheerleader? He was dismissed from the squad last August for being a whistle blower against the harrassing assistant. Ohio State said that this guy would return to the squad and have HIS SCHOLARSHIP RESTORED! I must be one of the dumbest people on earth because I had to actually work my way through college, you know, menial jobs, not ones involving pom-pom shaking and somersaults.
I've in Ohio long enough to know I can find stories of the weird on a daily basis but these two rank at the top of the list for today. Tomorrow's a new day.

Monday, November 25, 2013

The Best And Worst Run States

USA Today ran one of those surveys showing the best and worst run states. People like these gimmicky things especially if their state is in the top of the list. Most of you will click on the enclosed attachment to see where you stand. If it's good you'll be joyful and forward the message to other members of your state. If these folks used to live in that state but have moved on you'll be more than pleased and will be nostalgic for the old days. If, by chance, you live in a state toward the bottom you won't care but will find a substitute comment. For instance, "At least we've got a good football team". Personally, I don't care about this article except to write one thing, "Go Hawkeye State. We're in the top five"!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

John Kerry On Iran Deal: Blame Bush

Secretary of State John Kerry, defending the Geneva agreement on Iran's nuclear program, told ABC News' This Week  that despite the deal's flaws, it was, at least, better than what the Bush administration had done:

In 2003, Iran made an offer to the Bush administration, that they would, in fact, do major things with respect to their program. They had 164 centrifuges. Nobody took--nothing has happened. Therefore here we are in 2013, they have 19,000 centrifuges, and they're closer to a weapon. You cannot sit there and pretend that you're just going to get the thing you want while they continue to move towards the program that they've been chasing.
So, to the extent that the new Iran deal is bad, it is Bush's fault, according to Secretary Kerry.

Movie: Delivery Man

Considering MH Hawkeye is up to two hundred fifty page views a day I figured I might be able to influence a few loyal readers to visit their local movie theater. It's not often my wife and I approve of something we see. Most often we agree in the negative, e.g. The Counselor, but rarely in the positive. It wasn't the case last Friday. We attended the opening of the Vince Vaughn film, Delivery Man. Vaughn is my favorite actor. I liked him in The Wedding Crashers but also in a more serious film, A Cool, Dry Place. To me, he's like Tom Selleck; someone you'd like for a buddy.
Delivery Man tells the story about a nice guy, a nice shiftless guy. His girlfriend gets pregnant and he decides to show her he's a responsible person. It's at this time he is presented with some unsettling news. Between 1991 and 1995 he offered himself as a sperm donor. He helped impregnate 523 kids of whom 133 wished to find out just who their dad happened to be. The plot of the movie shows how a person can mature and become a productive and giving dad.
The premise of the story is silly but the reason we very much like the show is: it's pro-life and there is a compassion developed toward our fellow man. In one poignant scene Vaughn meets one of his son's who is severely physically and mentally challenged. It, the scene, will tug at your heart.
The movie is only an hour and a half in length and it might be one of the best things you seen in recent years. Go for it. It's a good one.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Obama Fail

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It Pays When Your Dad Is Rich

If someone asked me to show my required letter of admission to Coe College I wrote in 1965 I'm sure I'd be embarrassed to read it. But, Coe College is not Harvard. Now that the day of mourning is over for John F. Kennedy and we can get back to our normal lives his letter to Harvard requesting admission has been published. He even attended a private school. Folks, if your family is swimming in money anything is possible:

"The reasons that I have for wishing to go to Harvard are several. I feel that Harvard can give me a better background and a better liberal education than any other university. I have always wanted to go there, as I have felt that it is not just another college, but is a university with something definite to offer. Then too, I would like to go to the same college as my father. To be a “Harvard man” is an enviable distinction, and one that I sincerely hope I shall attain".
April 23, 1935
John F. Kennedy

Friday, November 22, 2013

The First Democrat In The New World

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compliments of Weasel Zippers

Defining The Nuclear Option For Liberals.

This might be one of the most difficult blogs I've posted because it's about American History and the erosion of liberty. If you happen to be a liberal stop now. You won't understand one thing that's about to be written. But if you want to try here we go. I harken back to something that was said my first year of teaching in 1968 by a 9th grader, Augie Blake: "Why study history? There ain't no future in it".
There was a vote taken in the United States Senate yesterday to eliminate what's called 'The Nuclear Option'. First, I'm don't how the Senate came up with that phrase because the process was established by our Founding Fathers and I don't think that word was in their vocabulary. Regardless, what it basically says is that when the President nominates a person for a position in the government and the minority party thinks that person is not worthy they can filibuster(talk incessantly) about why they are against that person. Also, it would take a 60% vote of the Senate to seek approval. As of yesterday Harry Reid decided to put a vote up in the Senate that said this approval would only take a 50% vote and since the Dems hold the majority in the Senate they can pass laws without discussion. It is apparent that what the Reid folks want is to fill executive positions and the federal courts with Saul Alinsky type radicals. One big concern of the 'Pubs is that this would cover the naming of Supreme Court nominees but Sen. Reid said this would not happen. If you believe that then you are zombie brain dead. In 2005 the Dumbs were afraid the Republicans were going to enforce the nuclear option and got on the floor of the Senate to rail against their arrogance. At the time Republicans were in the majority. Joe Biden, Harry Reid and, yes, Barack Obama were almost ballistic in their speeches about how this would destroy the purpose of the Constitution and it's impact on the people. Remember Augie Blake? If you are a Liberal you don't because I mentioned him at the beginning of this post and by now you've already forgotten him and what he said. History lesson, please, MJ Hawkeye. In 1936 that great socialist, Franklin Deficit Roosevelt, decided he needed laws passed for his benefit. He decided there should be not nine justices on the Supreme Court but fifteen. When a judge turned seventy he wanted them to have forced retirement and then he could replace them with his own guys. This was referred to as 'Court Packing'. Even the Democrats of the Thirties saw this for what it was; the United States brand of the Soviet Politboro and denounced it as evil.
What happened yesterday, the Nuclear Option vote, is a bad thing in the short run especially if Obama wants to nominate a communist, like himself, for the Supreme Court. In the long run I like the vote. People, even wussy senators on the Right can be pushed only so far. This power grab is going to come back and bite the Dumbs in the butt. Hopefully, in the election of 2014.

The 'Knockout Game': One For The Good Guys

A teen playing the "Knockout Game" in Lansing, Michigan unwittingly targeted a concealed carry permit holder and was shot twice. He survived and is now in jail.

As Breitbart News previously reported, the "Knockout Game" thrives in areas where victims are unarmed. In the "game," teens approach a stranger on the sidewalk or in an alley and punch the stranger in an attempt to knock him or her out. A punch that results in a knockout scores one point. 
WILX in Lansing reported that teenager Marvell Weaver, who is black, tried to knock out a father who was standing at a bus stop waiting for his daughter to arrive. Instead of simply punching the father, Weaver tried a variation on the "game" by trying to taze the man. The taser malfunctioned, and the father pulled a .40 cal handgun and shot the teenager twice.
Weaver admits to previously knocking out six or seven people on other days before targeting the man who shot him. He said being shot by the father at the bus stop was "a lesson learned."
Weaver is now serving one year in jail

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Obama Medal Of Freedom Recipient

From iOwnTheWorld

"How fitting that abortion zealot and self-proclaimed Marxist Gloria Steinem received the Presidential Medal of Freedom on Wednesday from Barack Hussein Obama.  The male-bashing, anti-family, anti-American Steinem beamed as the guy who voted three times against a partial-birth abortion ban while in the Illinois state Senate placed the medal around her neck".

Read more:

Barry Should Practice What He Preaches

In April of 2007, Senator and presidential candidate Barack Obama said MSNBC should fire Don Imus for remarks about the Rutgers women's basketball team, saying they were "hateful" and "coarsening the culture" while making his daughters feel less than others.

Imus referred to the Rutgers women's basketball team as "nappy headed hos" on April 4, 2007 and was fired on April 12, the day after Obama called for his firing.
MSNBC, though, has yet to discipline MSNBC host Martin Bashir for suggesting someone should urinate and defecate in Sarah Palin's mouth.

It's Beat Michigan Week


Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Revolutonary Bill Ayers Repeats In New Book: "I Wrote Dreams Of My Father"

Is this another example of Barack Obama lying when he has led all of us to think he wrote Dreams of My Father? I would say, "Yes". When will Matt Lauer be asking him for a personal sit down? There's a huge reason why this story, if it is true and I have no doubts, bothers me. It is but another way in which Obama fraudulently won an election.
Do you remember the time Obama went on the Oprah Show prior to the election of '08? She fawned over him like a giggly school girl and went on and on about his book, "Dreams From My Father" and how wonderful it was. She marveled at his insight into life. She exclaimed that his character was of the highest order. After all, this was Oprah. She made more authors into heroes that any women alive.(She's also been the victim of plagiarists before) And her audience, they ate it up. One can only imagine how many millions of soccer moms knew this clown was going to be their savior. He was the 'Hope 'n Change man. The guy is a fraud. He stole two elections.

Bill Ayers Reportedly Reveals He Is Author Of “Dreams From My Father” in Latest Book
Flashback to 2011: Author Jack Cashill documented his thesis in “Deconstructing Obama.”
Cashill explains that Obama does not possess the understanding or skills to author “Dreams From My Father”—however—the book writing style is remarkably similar to other works from Bill Ayers. Jack Cashill offers a full and fascinating discussion (along with a Q&A) on the topic at this C-SPAN video link.

Do Not Be Fooled By ACA

There's an onslaught of misinformation coming down the pike from liberals. Get used to seeing ACA listed and spoken by all the media, liberal pundits and White House spokespeople. It is not and never will be the Affordable Care Act. It is not the ACA. It is ObamaCare. Understand the reason. It's why Dems loved being called Liberals but now have glommed on being known as Progressives. ObamaCare is what's it's called and will be as long as we breathe.

Hallelujah-Hip Hip Hooray

I'm with Rush. I've always wanted him to fail because if his programs were implemented we would be a socialist nation or worse. Seems were headed down that road, doesn't it. If you believe in polls there's good news this morning.

Obama In Free-Fall

The big news story this morning is the CBS poll that has President Obama with a dismal 37% approval rating. Support for Obamacare has plummeted to 31%, with 61% disapproving of the law.
The Democrats are in a panic, but there isn’t much they can do other than try to entice Republicans into joining with them to “fix” the law, thereby making the disaster bipartisan. Things are only going to get worse, as tens of millions lose their existing health insurance and a large majority of Americans, in both the employer-sponsored market and the individual/small group market, find that the cost of health insurance is rising.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Son Shoots Dad, Kills Self----Maybe

Grizzly headlines, huh. Murders do occur every day somewhere in the world but in this case it involves State Senator Creigh Deeds of Virginia and his son, Gus, a 24 year old college student from William & Mary. This story is a mini-big deal because two years ago Sr. Deeds ran for and lost his gubernatorial campaign. This story first came on the radio around 11 AM EDT. Then I started picking it up on the web sites from around the country at the same time and what did I hear and read? "No details available". The news media in this country are clueless. I look at the UK Daily Mail Online every three days. People, it's a foreign newspaper with reporters stationed in the US. At the same bewitching hour of 11 AM I read the entire report and had the entire scenario down pat. Deeds' son stabbed his dad numerous times then shot himself dead. End of story but not quite. It wasn't until 3PM that the all powerful US media got bits and pieces of details of the tragedy and finally admitted it was an attempted murder suicide. I guess they wanted to make sure. You know how our media doesn't like to jump to conclusions.
The liberal Shepard Smith from Fox News ("yes, Martha, they do have liberal anchors on Fox") went to an on sight reporter in Virginia who gave this description of young Mr. Deeds, "He was considered a handful". What is wrong with these people? Are they going to put That inscription on his tombstone? "Mrs. Deeds, how big a handful was Gus and could you compare him to George Zimmerman"?
How about making a visit to Wm & Mary and have a chat with his frat brothers. Mr. Reporter: "Yep, Ol' Gus(Deeds) was fun, great at parties but he was a real handful".
Once again, the American press has shown itself to be what it is---inept. As long as I brought up the subject of news why not make a favorite out of the UK attachment. It's much more fun, interesting and educational than the New York Times and it's free.

Okay, You Can Keep It


Another Obama Scandal

The U.S. government in the final months leading up to the 2012 presidential election released “faked” unemployment data, according to a bombshell report from the New York Post.
If These Claims by Reliable Sources Are Proven True, the Obama Administration Will Be Dealing With Another Huge Scandal
President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama celebrate his election victory (Getty Images)
Recall that the unemployment rate from August to September dropped precipitously to 7.8 percent from 8.1 percent. This raised suspicion among certain members of the business community, most notably former General Electric CEO Jack Welch.
“Unbelievable jobs numbers,” Welch said in an Oct. 5 tweet, “these Chicago guys will do anything…can’t debate so change numbers.”

Quote Of The Day From Crazy Joe

Vice President Joe Biden expressed confidence Monday that the administration is going to fix the embattled federal healthcare website.
“The truth is, we’re going to fix it,” Biden said at Ellington Field airport in Houston, speaking to volunteers working to help people enroll in health insurance under the Affordable Care Act.
“God willing,” he later added.

Monday, November 18, 2013

"He Was Lying? It Can't Be So"

KirstenGillibrand (1)

In what should be considered a shameful admission, Democrat Senator Kirsten Gillibrand admitted on ABC’s This Week that all democrats knew that Obama was lying when he fraudulently repeated over 30 times that, “If you like your insurance plan, you can keep it, period.”
When asked by host guest host, Martha Raddatz, if Gillibrand felt misled by Obama’s promise to Americans of being able to keep their current health insurance plan, Gillibrand responded, “He should have just been more specific. No, we all knew.”  Watch the exchange below (article continues after video).

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Five Years Ago Today

I'm multi-tasking this afternoon waiting for Iowa State basketball to come on the television looking at something I normally don't; professional football. My wife's favorite day is Sunday. She grabs a cup of coffee, turns the television to CBS Sunday Morning and reads the Columbus Dispatch. I'll read the paper under duress. That's why I'm multi-tasking. The paper happened to be next to me. You see, I'm ADHD so I can do three things poorly at  the same time. A blurb in the paper caught my eye. Five years ago today President Barack Obama had a high level meeting with his presidential opponent in the election of 2008, John McCain.
The outcome of this earth shattering come to Jesus meeting(It was held in Chicago) was that they both agreed to work on ways to change Washington's "bad habits". That's it. There was no commentary. Yes, I see it now. Everything in D.C. is perfecto.

JFK: Let's Move On

The very last thing a person should do is wish their lives away. I'm about to make an exception. I can hardly wait for it to be 12:01 AM, November 23, 2013. It's at that time we can forget about John F. Kennedy, Jackie Kennedy, Lee H. Oswald, Jack Ruby and every one else associated with the assassination. We can also stop worrying whether or not there was or wasn't a conspiracy. Who cares except for TV people trying to make a buck or folks who write articles in rag magazines? You shouldn't nor should I. It doesn't matter if Castro did it or the CIA or some mob guys out of New York City. I read an account this morning from a writer for the New York Times who lived in Dallas from 2003-09 and he said there was still a stain on the City. I about threw up. If there's a stain on Dallas then there's one in Buffalo where William McKinley was shot and what does that say about Washington D.C.? James Garfield and Abe Lincoln, the town without a conscience, killed off two both. That's a double stain because 535 people are always pissin' in the wind but in D.C. it's only worthy of a cocktail party conversation.
I was 17 and a senior in high school when JFK was killed. I watched Oswald get murdered. I sat through the funeral procession of Kennedy as the caisson rolled down Pennsylvania Avenue and I saw John-John salute his father's casket. It's now been fifty years since those bygone days. Let me put this in perspective. If a guy was 67 years old in 1963 and you subtracted 50 years from that date it would be 1913 and we'd all be almost certainly dead. For your information 1913 happened to be the year the permanent federal income tax was established.
Life goes on.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

He Didn't Like His Ex-Wife

Man Buys House Next to Ex Wife, Erects Giant Middle Finger

There's this man who didn't much care for his ex-wife so he bought an apartment next to where she lived and erected this statue. It was okay in the daytime but he felt the need to wish her a nighty night.

Man Buys House Next to Ex Wife, Erects Giant Middle Finger
Courtesy of The Blaze

This n' That From Dublin, Ohio

The wife suggested I make a trip to Giant Eagle grocery store yesterday to pick up a few things. I did need coffee, quite badly, since I was out of my type. My type is anything that allows the end of a spoon to salute the ceiling. We've gotten into the habit of pretending we're on food stamps and trying to do the right thing by the government. In other words, we're shopping around. The Dollar Store has some excellent bargains; tomato soup that goes for 79 cents a can, peanut butter is about a dollar less expensive than at your established places. I used to be a Skippy man only, then went to Jiff but now store brands do nicely.
Since I was in a hurry I did all of my shopping at the Giant Eagle store. The final tally for 27.8 oz. of Folgers, a cheap bottle of shampoo, one loaf of bread and 4 cans of tomato soup came to $17.29. Doesn't that seem exorbitant? Being a parent with a growing family in 2013 is an invitation to the poor house.
Why would anyone do this--be a baseball manager for 4 year olds? Why would anyone be dumb enough to start a t-ball program for 4 year olds? My Texas grandson signed up for t-ball. He lives in San Antonio. Last July I taught him how to throw a baseball. You know what I mean, the left foot is in front as he throws since he's a righty. A notice came around to their neighborhood that t-ball was going to start for kids his age. This is insanity and I'll explain why. The night before his first practice young David asked his dad if there was tackling in baseball? Need I go on? Regardless, the season is over. David did learn to stop running at 1st base instead of continuing to the outfield fence. He did learn that when one runs the bases they should not take off for the pitchers mound or 3rd base. He now knows that his baseball glove works best when it stays on his left hand instead of the right one. After the season was over the coach gave out team awards. I'm so proud. David won the award for 'best smile'. He was also named the fastest player on the team----to first base.
We'll be leaving for, in this order, beginning in two weeks: Iowa, Kansas, Oklahoma, east Texas and San Antonio returning to Ohio(hopefully) by December 23. My spouse is a Christmas person. I'm not. Today I get to go into the garage attic and pull out our fake Christmas tree along with wreaths and bulbs. We'll assemble everything in the living room in preparation for the big day. If it was only me I would put a pine sprig on the front door and call it a day but a guy's gotta do what a guy's gotta do(to keep peace in the family).
Don't get me wrong. I like certain aspects of Christmas. Buying gifts for the unsuspecting and unknowing is a big part of it for me. I do detest receiving gifts, however. It's a Freudian thing. As a kid opening presents at Christmas my parents would say, "You'd better like this because we had to rob banks to buy it for you". I always figured they were that way because they were children of the Depression. Either that or they took great joy in mentally torturing us, or both.  One of my best friends in Columbus, or anywhere, asked me yesterday what I'd like for Christmas and I said, "Nothing". He's been looking for a new set of golf clubs and I thought it'd be nice if I purchased them for him. I won't but I thought about it. He'd feel guilty and have to run out and buy me something. The best way to buy someone a present, and I did this with the Council Bluffs Cowboy, is to say, "This isn't a gift. I saw it and thought you'd like it so don't buy anything for me". It's good to be up front.
Now if you'll excuse me, a plastic tree awaits.

Crossing The Line Of Human Decency: Attacking Sarah Palin

Conservative talk radio host Mark Levin condemned left-wing women´s groups Friday for ignoring MSNBC host Martin Bashir suggestion that former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin deserved an inhuman punishment once used against slaves which includes defecation in one´s mouth and urination in victims´ eyes and mouth.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Pedophiles and Dems: They Go Together

billy molestr
“Billy” Wayne Johnson (in red) is president of the Young Democrats Association. He’s also a convicted sex offender. (Facebook)
College Insurrection reported, via Blur Brain:
Bill “Billy” Wayne Johnson, who is listed on the (University of Texas) official website as the primary contact for the student organization, was registered as a sex offender in April of 2010, according to Texas DPS SEX Offender registry.
According to state records, Johnson was convicted of first degree aggravated sexual assault of a child on April 28, 2003, and spent nearly three years in the Garza West Texas Department of Criminal Justice for the offense, from July 16, 2003 through April 12, 2006.
Sexual Assault of a Child is aggravated if the child is under 14 years of age, if a deadly weapon is used or a serious bodily injury is threatened, according to Texas Penal Code Sec. 22.021…
…In fact the child in question was only 8 years
From The Gateway Pundit

"Oops, My Bad"

An al-Qaeda affiliated rebel group in Syria is reported to have asked for forgiveness after beheading a fellow rebel in a case of mistaken identity.
A video recently posted online showed members of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) brandishing the severed, bearded head of a man.
They said was an Iraqi Shia caught fighting on the government side.
But other rebel fighters watching the video recognised the man and said he was one of their commanders.

"Climate Change Experts" Kill Oldest Living Creature

A group of “climate change experts” that discovered a 507-year-old clam that was the world’s oldest known creature killed it in the process of determining its age.
The scientists, determined to count the rings on the inside of the clam’s shell, killed the creature instantly when they opened it up.
The Bangor University scientists who murdered the creature also got its age wrong when they published their initial findings, reports the Mirror.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

To Speak To A Nigerian Prince About Healthcare Press 1

By Ann Coulter:

"In a weird confluence of the nation's two most pressing issues -- Obamacare and our insane immigration laws -- this week we found out that the tens of thousands of "navigators" hired by the government to enroll people in Obamacare will include convicted felons.

Despite some "navigators" having already been exposed as having arrest warrants against them, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has no plans to screen out the criminals. (But rest assured: If your identity is stolen as a result of trying to sign up for Obamacare, no one will be more upset about it than President Obama.)

Maybe it's a blessing that the Obamacare website has crashed more often than the Soviet Union's commercial air fleet did.

In addition to convicted felons, navigators are drawn from labor unions, community organizers, former ACORN staffers and front-groups for the Democratic National Committee".
Continue reading:

Top 10 Reasons Not To Join ObamaCare Exchanges

 10) Your annual breast exam is done at Hooters.

(9) Directions to your doctor's office include "Take a left when you enter the trailer park."

(8) The tongue depressors taste faintly of Fudgesicles.

(7) The only proctologist in the plan is "Gus" from Roto-Rooter.

(6) The only item listed under Preventative Care Coverage is "an apple a day."

(5) Your primary care physician is wearing the pants you gave to Goodwill last month.

(4) The statement, "The patient is responsible for 200% of out-of-network charges," is not a typographical error.

(3) The only expense covered 100% is..."Embalming."

(2) Your Prozac comes in different colors with little M's on them.

(1) You ask for Viagra and they give you a Popsicle stick and duct tape.

"Any man who thinks he can be happy and prosperous by letting the government take care of him, better take a closer look at the American Indian."
- Henry Ford

Fairy Tale

According to Drudge this is the result of Knucklehead's speech from today.
I'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer but I thought ObamaCare was a law. How is it the law can be changed on a whim?

Fun Fact: Yankee Stadium

Yankee Stadium seats 53,000 and change. If you took the number of people who have signed up for the ObamaCare exchanges half of the stadium would be empty.

Obama In ;04: "I'm LeBron, Baby"

A definition for hubris:
In his 2007 biography of Barack Obama, Obama: From Promise to Power, Chicago Tribune reporter David Mendell described the exchange he had with then-Illinois state Sen. Barack Obama just minutes before he delivered the keynote address at the 2004 Democratic National Convention in Boston:
"After Obama and I slipped through a security checkpoint and he momentarily broke free from the entourage, I sidled up to him and told him that he seemed to be impressing many people of influence in this rarefied atmosphere. Obama, his gaze fixed directly ahead, never broke his stride. “I'm LeBron, baby,” he replied, referring to LeBron James, the phenomenally talented teenager who at the time was shooting the lights out in the National Basketball Association. “I can play on this level. I got some game.”

We Are Now Living In The Old Soviet Union

— U.S. agencies collected and shared the personal information of thousands of Americans in an attempt to root out untrustworthy federal workers that ended up scrutinizing people who had no direct ties to the U.S. government and simply had purchased certain books.

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Ted Cruz Was Right

Has it only been a little over a month since the government shutdown? It seems like eons since Ted Cruz was vilified by Dems and Pubs alike for destroying this once great country. He was lambasted by know nothing TV hosts aka David Letterman. Did you see Leno try and put the onus on him a week ago; like Leno can go mano y mano on all things political.
And what was it Ted Cruz wanted to do? Well, simply put he wanted to delay the implementation of ObamaCare for one year.
Democrats are now in desperation mode and it pleases me no end. They now see everything their socialist agenda has tried to accomplish about to go up in flames.
If you need further proof I reprinted the major stories of the day from the DrudgeReport. They tell all one needs to know. This is, as my Oklahoma buddy would say, "A real hoot".
Don't think I'm smug and content, though. I've been around long enough to realize that Republicans can easily snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

White House tries to salvage Obamacare, Dems in distress...
100K Enrollees, 5 Million Cancellations...
Pelosi claims nearly 5X more signed up than numbers show...
Historically black college says regs forced them to cancel student plans...
STUDY: Businesses cut full-time workers to meet mandate...
Vulnerable politicans: RUN...

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Hats Off To Mark Wahlberg

Mark Wahlberg has a message for Hollywood actors who compare their jobs to service members: “How [expletive] dare you.”
The message came in response to a question-and-answer session for “Lone Survivor,” a movie based on former Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell in which Mr. Wahlberg stars.


 For somebody to sit there and say my job was as difficult as somebody in the military’s. How [expletive] dare you. While you sit in a makeup chair for two hours.”
Whether the actor was responding to a recent news story involving comments by Tom Cruise’s lawyer or other thespians who have portrayed soldiers remains unclear.

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We've(Catholics) More Money Than The Government

The United States Council of Catholic Bishops is defying the federal government when it comes to healthcare mandates. This is a fantastic ploy. There are a heck of a lot of Catholics in this country who don't like the abortion and contraception rules and they will not abide by them, including yours truly. I'll borrow from the French; "Off with their heads".

Gateway Pundit offers an article for your consumption:
"The nation’s Catholic bishops have a message for President Barack Obama: They would rather pay fines, no matter how much they would be, before they comply with the HHS mandate that compels groups to pay for birth control and drugs that may cause abortions".

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Monday, November 11, 2013

Meaningless Platitudes

My wife put the newspaper in front of me this morning. She usually doesn't do that because I rarely read it. Why look at news from three days ago when I already know the content by looking at the computer. I'll thumb through the sports section, mostly out of a habit that started when I was in my pre-teens. Sometimes I'll read the 'letters to the editor' and then ask myself why? I submit letters every now and then but rarely  have them accepted. I'll read other letters and wonder, "this is inane". He must know the head honcho.
Today is November 11, Veterans' Day. It you don't know, it's the day we honor all serviceman, past and present, for defending our nation. The editor of the paper wrote a piece on veterans. They do it every year. Know what? I'm beginning to think these words are meaningless. Think about it. On December 25 we'll all wake up and read the paper. There'll be a picture of a baby in a manger, with Mary and Joseph looking lovingly at the child. Above the picture will be some words like, "Peace on earth, goodwill to men ".
Sometime in the spring there will be another picture on the editorial page reading, "He is Risen". These all are meaningless, obligatory platitudes because for the other 362 days we'll read about war and death, homosexual rights, how the government should rule our lives and what we should do to acquiesce to its rules.
If this bothers me slightly, which it does, I have the solution. I need to stop reading the newspaper.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

For Seniors Only


Promoting A Cartoon Strip; Hope n' Change

obama, obama jokes, cartoon, obamacare, lies, keep it, bin laden, stilton jarlsberg, osama, conservative, tea party, hope n' change, hope and change
There's a creative cartoon strip out there, folks, and it's called Hope n' Change. It's creator is Stilton Jarlsberg. He's absolutely brilliant and extremely funny. Another aspect of his blog site is he writes and, get this, you're allowed to make comments and he sometimes gets back to you with a personal message. Stilton has recently experienced the loss of his family dog which, in itself, is unbelievable anguish. Our Stilton family grieved with him. Loyalty begets loyalty, or something like that.
Do yourself a huge solid and put his blog on your favorite site. You'll be very happy you did.

Gimme A Cigarette

Politician with cancer smoked for 40 years, sues over asbestos

Carolyn McCarthy is a US Representative from Long Island, New York. She was given a raw deal in 1993 when her husband and son were on a New York subway. Colin Ferguson, who was also on the subway, went berserk and killed six people, shooting them with a gun. Her husband was one of those killed and her son was severely injured. Because a handgun was used against her family McCarthy switched overnight from the Republican to Democrat party. In 1993 the donkey party had the eradication of handguns in their sights and McCarthy won in a landslide over her opponent. McCarthy has become the recipient of even more bad news. She's been going to the Sloan Kettering Cancer Center for treatment of lung cancer. Gosh, even when I was a kid I knew the name of that place and it didn't have a ring of cheer to it.
This little lady has now hired a high profile group of lawyers to bring a lawsuit against 70 asbestos companies as the root cause of her carcinoma aka the Big C aka lung cancer. You see, when she was a child her father and other family members worked in a naval yard where they constantly came in contact with said asbestos. I guess they brought it home with them, put it in a bowl, and ate it for dinner. I'm not sure how much cash Miss Carolyn will get out of her lawsuit but the lawyers will take a chunk and Carolyn will pile up big time dough for her coffers. End of story? Not quite. Did I mention that the 'Asbestos Queen' has been a heavy smoker for over forty years? Did I mention this fact wasn't in the lawsuit? I didn't think so.
I snagged this story from the NY Post. You can read the attachment if you like or be satisfied with my folksy presentation.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Words To Ponder

When You Don't Know You're Insane

Tom Cruise'Offensive Nut Tom Cruise: My Acting Jobs Are As Grueling As Fighting In Afghanistan"

Might be insanity, might be an ego, might be due to syphilis.


it has been brought to my attention that the blog on cross dressing at a Middle School in St. Leonard, Maryland might have been from a bogus source. I will continue to check it out but in the meantime I will eradicate that post. I appreciate the comments from my two readers and do apologize(something you-know-who cannot do) for the posting.

US Won WWII Faster Than It Took To Implement ObamaCare

This message came to us from Bill in Kentucky.
"Putting things in perspective: March 21st 2010 to October 1 2013 is 3 years, 6 months, 10 days.  December 7, 1941 to May 8, 1945 is 3 years, 5 months, 1 day.  What this means is that in the time we were attacked at Pearl Harbor to the day Germany surrendered is not enough time for this progressive federal government to build a working webpage.  Mobilization of millions, building tens of thousands of tanks,  planes, jeeps, subs, cruisers, destroyers, torpedoes, millions upon millions of guns, bombs, ammo, etc. Turning the tide in North Africa,  Invading Italy, D-Day,  Battle of the Bulge, Race to Berlin - all while we were also fighting the Japanese in the Pacific!!  And in that amount of time - this administration can't build a working webpage."
Bret Baier

Friday, November 8, 2013

"I'm Sorry Americans Are Losing Their Insurance"

The Big Kahuna apologized to the American people via his buddy, NBC's Chuck Todd. Except, where I come from, it wasn't an apology. Obama's statement was the same as saying, "I'm sorry people die in car accidents", or, "I'm sorry MJ Hawkeye backed into a tree this morning and cracked his gray plastic bumper".
A lady was on the radio this AM explaining apologies and the steps that need to be taken to rectify an apology. Since I was driving and couldn't write and with the help of the Bing site on my computer I found her point(s).
In order to sincerely express an apology one must:

Apology Bullet acknowledgement of the hurt or damage done
Apology Bullet taking responsibility for the situation
Apology Bullet recognition of your role in the event
Apology Bullet a statement of regret
Apology Bullet asking for forgiveness
Apology Bullet a promise that it won't happen again
Apology Bullet a form of restitution whenever possible

When Mr. Obama realizes these expressions then I might cut him some slack--or not.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Unions Quietly Receive An Obamacare Fix

The Obama administration has found a way to give unions relief from an Obamacare tax nearly three weeks after Republicans rejected a Democratic push to include the labor carve-out in the latest budget deal.
The Department of Health and Human Services quietly released a final rule last week that includes an intention to exempt some union insurance plans from a substantial new tax known as the reinsurance fee.

Pope Openly Embraces Disfigured Man

Pope Francis Blesses Severely Disfigured Man Covered in Tumors

Pope Francis has become a rock star in the way other Popes haven't. He is a champion of the poor and the shunned. Last week it was a story about a six year old boy who wandered to the alter while the Pontiff gave a sermon. Without breaking stride Pope Francis continued with his talk while gently stroking the head of the child. Then, following on the heels of that was his allowing a Downs Syndrome boy ride in the Popemobile. The smile on thee lads face is one of joy and satisfaction. His most recent act of love and humility was the embrace and kissing of the face of a man with numerous tumors on his face, hands and body. All of these acts of love are not unique in our lives, are they? If not, why don't we see them more often? I tend to believe these things happen thousands of times every day. It's just that we are forcd to dwell on the negative. It's called the news cycle.

Laff For The Day

Delaware Announces Number of People Who Enrolled In Obamacare: 4
This number is to be expected. It's Joe Biden's state. People are mistakenly punching in computer data on their cell phones.

Former Secret Service Agent For Obama To Run For Congress-As A Repbulican

Dan Bongino, a 12-year veteran of the Secret Service once defended President Obama with his life, but now says "the fog of scandals in the Obama administration" and an inside look at the Obamacare debate led him to turn in his badge, turn on his former boss, and run for Congress as a Republican.
"I was behind the scenes for 12 years… I've been in the room during some of the most important conversations," Bongino told about the access he had to high-level discussions inside the White House.
Bongino's former colleagues are unhappy with him parlaying his proximity to the president into a political career.
"He's trying to draw attention to himself and he's hijacking the Secret Service brand," agents who had worked with Bongino told "That's all he's got going for him."
Bongino, who protected presidents Obama and George W Bush, is running for the Republican nomination in Maryland's 6th Congressional District, a seat currently occupied by Democrat John Delaney. The election will be held next year.
Bongino, 39, is careful not to say too much about exactly what he saw and heard while protecting the president, but hints that "It's worse than people know. They'd be shocked, scared, if they knew everything."

Two Lies

"I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky". We all remember that one, don't we? It was a lie but the Left said it was only about sex. It's bothersome to change the story to fit an agenda but that's what the  Clinton people did. As in, "It depends on what the meaning of the word is, is"

“Now, if you have or had one of these plans before the Affordable Care Act came into law and you really liked that plan, what we said was you can keep it if it hasn’t changed since the law passed.”  This is the new agenda changing lie from our president. He  originally drew a red line in the sand by adding the word 'period' after telling us we could keep our health insurance companies but, as we know, the narrative has changed.

It isn't so much that these two men lied. It's that they lied to the American people. They lied to their constituents, to their opponents, to those who could care less. Obama lied to the voters and there's no doubt it(the lie) influenced the course of an election.

The Preamble of the Constitution begins this way: "We, the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union".
A lie is a lie is a lie and both men, Clinton and Obama, lied to "We the people" to further their own self-interests. It's a sad day in American History when we have to stop and take stock of what's happened to this nation.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Terry McAuliffe: The Most Unqualified Person To Be Guv Of Virginia

Terry McAuliffe is Bill and Hillary's best friend. He's also a sleezeball which makes him overly qualified as a Dem Liberal. Did you know he was elected governor of Virginia last night? It was a close election, much closer than anticipated. Two weeks ago he was 16 points ahead of his opponnt. It's too bad the putrid Republican establishment didn't give Mr. Cuccinelli some money so he could compete. McAuliffe had 16 million to throw at the people. Cuccinelli had three million.

I took a blurb from one of my favorite sites, Diogenes' Middle Finger, to better describe McAuliffe's qualfications:

"Terry McAuliffe represents an unseemly side of Washington. His primary role in politics for the past two decades or more has been to spew the party line in the media, and raising lots of cash. Most notably, for the Clintons. He cooked up the idea of essentially renting out the Lincoln bedroom during the Clinton administration as a fundraising vehicle, and he smashed all previous presidential fundraising records in the process".

Seven Devastating Obamacare Facts

The Affordable Care Act, more commonly known as Obamacare, has taken a toll on President Barack Obama's standing in the polls. The latest Gallup poll now shows Obama's approval rating at just 39%

Here are seven Obamacare facts dragging down the president's approval rating:
1. Obamacare will cost taxpayers $1.8 to $2.6 trillion over the next 10 years.
2. At least 3.5 million Americans have already received health insurance cancelation notices.
3. The now-infamous Obamacare website cost U.S. taxpayers over $1 billion to build.
4. The New York Times says Obamacare "will leave out two-thirds of poor blacks and single mothers."
5. Tens of thousands of worker hours and jobs have already been cut due to Obamacare.
6. Premiums will rise by 99% for young men and between 55% to 62% for young women.
7. Obama promised no less than 23 times that "if you like your plan, you can keep your plan."

If I Ever Tell You I'm Shocked Hit Me With A Ball Bat

I should be overwhelmed with agonizing anger but I'm not. Seeing what goes on in Washington DC and it's incompetence is all a part of the new norm.
During today's hearings Sen. John Cornyn(R-Tex) was grilling Kathleen Sebelius about health care oversight. Cornyn quizzed her on the Navigators; those people who are to help the know-nothings understand ObamaCare. Seblius was asked if these people were subject to any background checks. Her response was, "No". Cornyn continued by stating, "Then these people could be felons and have access to all of our personal records". And Sebelius came back with this answer: "Yes".
I'm crying with laughter at the thought of this Barnum & Baily show. All the while Obama was in Texas, before a massive throng of approximately twenty people, telling them they could keep their insurance if they liked it.

Mandatory Abortion/ In His Case I Say, "Go For It"

( – Author, columnist, and homosexual activist Dan Savage said the idea that would change the world for the better if implemented is “population control,” and toward that end said “abortion should be mandatory.”

Quiz/ Who is the gay guy.
Answer/ If you said 'both' you win.
Savage is the cutie on the right.

A World Gone Berserk

swns twin towers cotume nt 131106 14x15 384 Teens Burning Twin Towers Costume Causes Outrage
"Two British teenagers had an unconventional Halloween costume last week: the burning Twin Towers.
Amber Langford and Annie Collinge, 19-year-old students at the University of Chester, dressed up as the Twin Towers for Halloween. The pair donned American flags on their heads and wore tower outfits that featured planes, explosions, smoke and people jumping to their deaths from the upper floors.
Langford and Collinge won the “best dressed” award at Rosie’s nightclub in Chester that night, and received about $240 in shopping vouchers.
“Both the University of Chester and Chester Students’ Union utterly condemn the appalling photos which have been shared on social media,” said the University of Chester and Chester Students’ Union in a joint statement".

More significant to me was the response of the young ladies. Granted, they were around seven years old when 9/11 occurred but Mother in Heaven, how silly and immature can they be? As a fifteen year old, twenty-one years after the Pearl Harbor bombing I doubt I would have dressed up at the U.S.S. Arizona. I think the word 'bimbo' applies quite well in the case of these dimwits.

"The teens said in a statement, “We never meant to be offensive, but we apologize if any offense was caused. The idea was to depict a serious, modern-day horror that happened in our lifetime and was not intended as a joke".

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

U.S. Soldier Forceed Out Of Cab--Can You Guess By Whom

by Adam Ghassemi
NASHVILLE, Tenn. Allen Pendley is a full-time student who has also been a member of the U.S. Army National Guard for the last six years. It's taken him to the hostility of war zones in Iraq.
He was dressed in uniform standing outside the downtown Greyhound station in Nashville trying to get a cab home.
"Before I could call one, a Yellow Cab pulled up and asked me if I needed a cab and I said yeah sure," Pendley said.
But after only a few blocks Pendley said the questions started coming and it was obvious the cab driver didn't like his answers.
"He asked me. He said 'are you in the military?' I said 'yes sir I am.' And then it got real quiet," he recalled.
"Then when he pulled over he said get out of the cab."
Doug Trimble, President of Yellow Cab, told NewsChannel 5 they're looking into Pendley's claims, but without a cab number they have to track GPS units in their cars to see if one was near the bus station Sunday afternoon.
Trimble said if it's true the driver won't only be fired, but could also lose his permit.
Pendley said he believes the driver could be from Somalia

Monday, November 4, 2013

Redskins No, Blackhawks Si

Stepping into the controversy over the team name for the Washington Redskins in early October, President Obama said in an interview with the AP:
"If I were the owner of the team and I knew that the name of my team, even if they've had a storied history, that was offending a sizable group of people, I'd think about changing it,” Obama said.
But on Monday, the president hosted the NHL Stanley Cup champions, his own hometown Chicago Blackhawks, at the White House, and there was no indication the president felt any reticence about using that team's Native American-derived handle.  The White House tweeted the president's words:
"Championships belong in Chicago. So to the @NHLBlackhawks, thank you for bringing it back home!" —President Obama

Purging The Millitary

WASHINGTON – After multiple top generals described to World Net Daily what they regard as a full-scale “purge” of the U.S. military by the Obama administration, the commander of U.S. Army Garrison Japan has just been summarily relieved of duty and his civilian deputy reassigned, pending a “misconduct” investigation.
Nine generals and flag officers have been relieved of duty under Obama just this year – widely viewed as a very high number – and several sources put the number of senior officers purged during the five years of the Obama administration as close to 200. In response, prominent retired generals – ranging from Army Maj. Gen. Paul E. Vallely, a Fox News senior military analyst, to Lt. Gen. William G. Boykin, a founder of the Army’s elite Delta Force, to Medal of Honor recipient Maj. Gen. Patrick Henry Brady – have all gone on the record with WND, characterizing Obama’s actions as nothing less than an all-out attack on America’s armed forces.


How To Have A Successful Foreign Policy

My southern correspondent out of The Woodlands, Texas got me interested in conservative writer and talk show host, Dennis Praeger, a little over a year ago. I already knew about him because of his writings but recently The Patriot radio network was picked up in Columbus so I now have a chance to listen to his wit and wisdom on a daily basis. He said something two weeks ago that got me thinking about our foreign policy, past and current. Praeger mentioned that every time the United States liberates a nation and keeps our troops there that nation prospers. Conversely, when we pull out that nation falls to our worst enemies. For example, After World War II we sent in troops to the western part of Germany and did the same in Japan. Look at these two nations today. They are bastions of prosperity because of capitalism. In Europ it was called the Marshall Plan. Unfortunately, FDR was snookered by Joe Stalin causing the eastern bloc to suffer under communism for many years. It wasn't until the great triumvirate of Reagan, Thatcher and John Paul II allowed freedom to spread across the continent because of their determination to destroy Gorbachev's policies.  Then, after the Korean War, we did the same in South Korea. It's now a bright spot in the Far East. If you think I'm kidding check out the number of female golfers who come to this country. North Korea has one golf course. So. Korea has hundreds.
I'm assuming you're aware of what's going on in Iraq today. Two weeks ago a bomb was detonated at a wedding and 59 people died. That was only one day. Since Obama pulled our troops that country has spiraled downward into an abyss. The same things occurred in Viet Nam and Cambodia. Do you really think that when Obama pulls the troops out of Afghanistan that nation will find peace and harmony? What we're going to have is the same dismal future we have in Iraq; dead Americans who were the victims of politics. Isn't that the way it always happens?

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Things We All Have To Buy Under The Affordable Care Act

10 Essential Benefits: And some people think this is a good thing. It's no wonder insurance companies are dropping people from their plans.

"The Affordable Care Act requires health-insurance plans to meet certain minimum criteria, including a prohibition against denying coverage to those with pre-existing conditions. It also limits a subscriber’s out-of-pocket medical costs. For 2014 that amount is $6,350 for individuals and $12,700 for families (the amount includes deductibles and co-payments, but not premiums). In addition, all plans must include services for the so-called 10 essential benefits: • Preventive and wellness services and chronic-disease management. • Prescription drugs. • Emergency services. • Hospitalization. • Ambulatory patient services. • Rehabilitative services and devices. • Laboratory services. • Mental-health and substance-use-disorder services, including behavioral-health treatment. • Maternity and newborn care. • Pediatric services, including dental and vision" -

I'll tell you one thing. If I get pregnant and can have maternity benefits I'm going to be one happy fella.

His Signature Achievement

obamacare glitches

Saturday, November 2, 2013

It's True. Jesse Jackson Has Officially Lost His Mind

Deceased Republican President Ronald Reagan sought to to permanently ban African Americans from playing college and professional football in the South with white people, civil rights icon Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr. alleged in a speech at Furman University on Wednesday evening.
In the same speech he also alleged that the modern Tea Party was born from efforts to sustain segregation.
“Goldwater and Reagan – had they been successful, it would have been illegal for blacks and whites to play together on a Saturday afternoon,” he said.
“You couldn't have had the Carolina Panthers behind the cotton curtain playing the Atlanta Falcons…[inaudible] it would have been illegal.”
In the tirade, recorded by a Furman University student, Jackson went on to claim that if Reagan and former GOP presidential candidate Barry Goldwater had their way, there would have been no Olympics in Atlanta, and basketball legend Michael Jordan would have been ineligible to play basketball at the University of North Carolina (UNC).
“Michael Jordan couldn't have gone to UNC… [inaudible] it would have been ineligible for him to play at UNC,” he continued. “You couldn't have had the Olympics in Atlanta Georgia. You couldn’t have had the Dallas Cowboys in Houston, Texas, you couldn't have had the Super Bowl in New Orleans or in Atlanta or in Jacksonville or Miami.”

Stick A Fork In Him: He's Done

Reading anything from The American Thinker is good for the soul. Reading about the failure of this president and his inane policies makes my coffee taste better. It's a fun read:

"Ronald Reagan gave us 25 years of prosperity and freedom.  It's high time we fight to get that back.  Before the last election, I told friends that if Barack Obama won reelection, his second term would destroy the Democratic Party and progressivism for a generation.  By the end of his reign, Americans are going to be so tired and soured on Obama, his anointed successor will not stand a chance of becoming the nation's next president.
Barack Obama has become a leader who does not matter -- the stimulus was all Pelosi and ObamaCare was Pelosi and Harry Reid, et al.  What idea was ever his?  Can he point to one thing where he was deeply involved?  He has been our golfing president.  He is so incompetent and uninvolved that it is believable that he did not know the problems with, the integral component of ObamaCare, a program he proudly put his name to. 
Well...after the IRS targeting of political opponents, the NSA spying on everyone -- including the tapping of the German Chancellor's cell phone, the Fast and Furious dead, Solyndra and all the other crony capitalist backroom deals, the Pigford payouts, his $6 trillion addition to the national debt, the 13.6% U6 unemployment rate, the increase in food stamp and disability rolls, the Benghazi dead and the cover-up, the Syria embarrassment, the racial divisiveness, the doubling of the price of gasoline, and now,, people are starting to realize a thing or two about Mr. Hope and Change".

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