Sunday, February 28, 2010

Barney Biden

Five bullets shy of a brain. Thanks to: bigfurhat

Will Mainstream Media Report This

By Mihed Eli Zalla as reported in iOwnThe World from 2/25/10:
Three mass graves were discovered in the sub district of Dubiz in Kirkuk. Announced the Kurdish daily news paper ASO on Sunday, Feb.21st. These graves are to be excavated by the Ministry of Anfaled and Martyrs of Kurdistan regional government in a near future.“The graves are holding remnants of children from both Chamchamal and Garmyan areas”. Sayd Fazil Amin the head of KRG martyrs office in Kirkuk told ASO, these kids were taken into captivity during 1988 Anfal campaign against the Kurds.Anfal genocide was a campaign against the Kurds in 1980s. It was aimed at the elimination of the Kurds in Iraq, by destroying and burning Kurdish villages down. Killing and burying alive the people of these villages. It costed over 200,000 lives of innocent Kurds.The media channels have not yet been invited to publish the unearthing of these three ‘out of hundreds of’ mass graves. We will soon invite the Arabic as well as other foreign media and officially announce the discovery, added Amin.“We were jailed in a prison in Dubiz for a while. The only thing we knew then was that of, our crime was being a Kurd. In Dubiz they separated us into men, women and children” Bafraw, an Anfal survivor told Hawler Tribune, “Amanj, my 7 year old son, before taken away was very sick, I asked if I could go with him. They [soldiers] told me, do not worry we will put an end to his sickness, I know how they did it”Kurds know all their beloved Anfaled ones are dead somewhere in the deserts of Iraq. All they are awaiting for is the return of their remnants. As said Bafraw “Ever since then I have been waiting for him”A group of experts from ministry of Anfaled and Martyrs are to excavate these graves soon. The graves hold remnants of 272 children and the oldest one among them is a 16 year old girl. A pregnant woman is also among them, added Amin.

The Big Lie

Al Gore has finally lost his marbles. He's admitted what we all know but were afraid to reveal: Fox News is,along with Glenn Beck, responsible for the fear mongering and derision against his baby, world wide global warming. Seriously, isn't this the same procedural attack used by Joseph Goebbels in blaming the Jews for world wide recession? Let's hope, in the end, Gore doesn't poison his family and have aides throw gasoline on he and Tipper.
Big Al has a three page article in, of all things, today's New York Times. This is not good. First, nobody except NBC, CBS and ABC news departments read the Times and secondly, Al is sucking grapes when it comes to credibility i.e. a world-wide laughing stock, if you will.
It just doesn't get any better than this.

GWB: Honorable Man

What accompanies this post is a rather lengthy piece from Diana Rado of the Dallas Morning News. It is quite evident that, if you absolutely hate George W. Bush you will consider the entire article to be, well, a crock of crap. Go to the Dallas Morning News for the entire article.
Like him or loathe him GWB, from my point of view was not a liar. After all, how could a man so stupid, according to the Left, pull off the many ridiculous stunts attributed to him? Toward the end of the Bush terms I sat back and noticed he didn't have have the impact I desired on the Union. I'm sure the last two years had a lot to do with the takeover by the DumbocRats in both houses of Congress. According to Bush, himself, his final year was in limbo since he didn't want to burden his successor with undue programs and initiatives. George W. Bush, from MJHawkeyes view, is a good and honorable man.

"He read 92 history books in one year while in office, was awed by soldiers and military families, and was comforted and sustained by the power of prayer.Former President George W. Bush provided a glimpse of life in the Oval Office on Saturday evening in front of a packed ballroom at the Omni Fort Worth Hotel, revisiting the most tumultuous days of the Sept. 11 attacks, the country’s financial meltdown, and the joys of celebrating the Fourth of July and Christmas in the nation’s capital. “Every day,” he said, “I tried to bring honor and dignity to the office,”

Friday, February 26, 2010

DemocRat Spouses

Have you ever noticed that female DemocRats married to congressmen or female DemocRats who are themselves congresswomen consistently go by their maiden name? I was having bad thoughts about our Ohio Senator, Sherrod Brown, and looked up his Bio. Yep! There it was. His wife is Connie Schultz. If I wasn't so lazy and in need of a nap I'd research all of these people. Jan Schakowsky, from the Evanston, Ill. area, a hard core socialist is another. Her hubby, Robert Creamer is an ex-con who wrote a book titled, Stand Up Straight. It's based on the rules of Saul Alinsky and supports ACORN and SEIU. He was a former worker of ACORN. Does this surprise anyone? Hey! Remember Anita Dunn? She's the Obama advisor who's favorite role models were Mother Theresa and Chairman Mao. Her guy went by another name. He calls himself, Robert Bauer.
Maybe these girls hate their partners names. I mean, my wife doesn't go by the name of Hawkeye.

I'm A Naughty Boy

I had a situation yesterday that caught me by surprise and forced me to be deceitful but in a good sort of way, I hope. Needing a new med prescription I tried calling my doc buddy. I misdialed and rung up a fella who gave the standard, 'hello". "Hmmmm, I thought'. This doesn't sound like Curt so I said, "I might have called the wrong number. Who is this?". Well, we bantered back and forth for awhile asking cat and mouse questions. Finally, I needed to get to the point and quickly, so I asked, "Is this Curt"?. There was an extended silence then my phone counterpart came back with, "No silly, it's your Dad". I thought this was really interesting since my Dad died in 1994. What the heck, I thought, maybe I can make this guy's day better. In the course of three minutes our nothing conversation was peppered with these questions from yours truly: what are you going to do today; how's Mom; what are her plans; what's on TV this afternoon; is it snowing at your place? What I did not say was; cook dinner for me toinght, I'll be there at 6; take the car out front and I'll change your oil; go to the bank and withdraw $5,000 for me so I can go to Florida with my new girlfriend. I ended the call by saying;" give mom a hug for me and I'll see you later".
Am I going to go to hell for this?

Who's The Loser?

I saw these pics from iOwnThe World and wondered with whom I rather: go fishing, throw a baseball to, attend a football game with, talk to about the world condition. Then I thought why I wouldn't want to be associated with the other guy. Best reasons; he's an elitist phony with zero humility.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Health Care Summit

Hey, Y'all: Did ya see the gosh darn summit in Warshington D and C today? I be so glad that we has elected such smart guys to make our laws for us cuz we is so stupid. Wuz our president the man today, or what.
hE is the leader that i want to make this guvment be so good. Halleluya for the democrats too. God made them so we could have everything and never do no stuff but get everything for free.

Can You Believe This?

Thanks to and Terrence Cody, a lineman from the University of Alabama for this picture. Was Terrence in a coma when this photo was taken or could he have been dead drunk? It takes a lot of courage to make people think you might be a candidate for a breast reduction. Difficult to believe but Cody is considered to be one of the top 30 projected players in the upcoming NFL Draft. One of the main concerns of most NFL personnel is that Cody might have to lose weight. Ya' think?
If Terrence qualifies as a potential professional football player I still have a chance.

Iowa: The New California

It's becoming extremely difficult to comment favorably on the State of my birth. For my wife and I it's standard for us to talk about the good old days when Iowa was a state much the same way Mayberry was a town in North Carolina. It was a state where nothing controversial took place and we could laugh and snicker at the goings on in say, California, as the "weirdo freaky" state. Today, in 2010, the place is turning into a midway side show.
Let me provide a brief overview of some recent legal happenings. Last year the State of Iowa legalized same sex marriage. Holy Toledo! This is Iowa were talking about. Even the State of New York and Massachusetts only recognize the idea of having partners.
The courts have now ruled that one cannot smoke in any facility other than one's home. I can remember the time when a guy walking into a drugstore had to whisper for a pack of condoms. That scenario is now reversed and it's the ciggies that are the villain.
In a recent poll, 66% of citizens of the Hawkeye State say that the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes should be allowed. Now, if the ganja is used to ease pain that's okay by me but you and I both know it'll be easily distributed to all regardless of age and disability or lack thereof.
Finally, last week the State Court of Appeals ruled that exotic dancers. aka strippers, will be allowed to do their thing even though they may be under the age of 18. The reason being, according to the Courts, is dancing of this type is considered an art form. Taking this a step further your daughter, my granddaughter, would be allowed to spin her tassels at age 12 and there would be no legal way to stop it.
This is all a very embarrassing thing for "normal' type folks like me. And it is sort of tough being a Hawkeye in times like these.
I had a friend tell me in jest that Iowa is considering a new slogan on signs as drivers enter the state: "Iowa-where it's illegal to smoke a fag but it's okay to marry one". That about says it all.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

First Pepsi, Now Nat'l Defense

Is this Logo-gate?
The Internet is abuzz with comparisons of the "strikingly similar" logos of the U.S. Missile Defense Agency and the ubiquitous Obama 2008 campaign.
The Missile Defense Agency, which is part of the Defense Department, now features a circular red, white and blue logo on its Web site that has been characterized in some reports as "scarily" similar to President Obama's former campaign symbol. Others have noted that it has a crescent and star design, evoking a common symbol for Islam.
The logo, which first appeared on the Missile Defense Web site in the fall, was designed by TMP Government, a marketing and communications firm that has managed Web site redesigns and logos for numerous government agencies, including and more than a dozen Defense and intelligence-related sites.
But this particular one has caught the eye of critics of the Obama administration.
"I'm having trouble seeing past the crescent and star in the new logo," one critic posted on "Is this our signal to the muslim world that we're not going to shoot down their missiles?"

Every Teacher Fired

I find this story, well, not exactly a 'story' but you know what I mean,very interesting. The ramifications to eliminating every teacher in a school system is so far reaching I can't even fathom the outcome. This could yield an educational civil war. Interestingly, there are 19,000 residents in Central Falls, R.I. and they reside on only 1.29 square miles of land. The population is made up of 57% White and 35% Latino. 5% of the citizenry are Black. Readers, there are a good number of teachers out of a job. The school board is upset that only 50% of it's students are graduating high school. From personal experience I can tell you if an 18 year old can write his name he gets a motor board and diploma. They have to be the number one employer in the town. It should be noticed the city is a suburb of Providence.

"A Rhode Island school district has voted to fire all the teachers at an underperforming school.
The Central Falls School Committee voted Tuesday evening to fire every educator at Central Falls High School at the end of the school year.
It's the only school in the tiny, impoverished city north of Providence. Only about half its students graduate, and only 7 percent of 11th-graders were proficient in math in 2009.
The plan was developed because of a federal effort to makeover failing schools.
The Central Falls Teachers Union says it is reviewing legal options and hasn't decided what action to take.
Education Secretary Arne Duncan applauds the decision and says "when schools continue to struggle we have a collective obligation to take action."

Since Duncan was appointed by Obama it means the Commander-in-Chief has put his OK on Duncan's comments which means Obama just jumped on the teacher's union. Uh-oh!

Toyoda From Toyota

Akio Toyoda, the President of Toyota was requested to appear before Congress today in order to complete the circus sideshow. From the standpoint of our Congress it looks as though they'd settle for nothing less that hara-kiri from the Toyota brass.
I want this post to be done quickly. Toyota is being castigated for two reasons and two reasons only. They are not a union operation and they are a competitor of GM, Government Motors. Pretty simple, isn't it?

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Top Radio Hosts

From Daily Talker Magazine:
Rush Limbaugh remains the top dog in talk radio, says the influential trade magazine Talkers.
The magazine has just released its annual "Heavy Hundred" list – a reference to influence, not weight, and it praises Limbaugh as "the most-listened-to talk host and more relevant culturally than ever."
The top rungs of the list also confirm something that No. 2 talker, Sean Hannity, said on the eve of the 2008 Presidential election.
"I don't think it would be good for the country if Barack Obama is elected President," Hannity said. "But I have to say it would be great for talk radio."
Sixteen months later, the debate continues over Hannity's first point. There's no question he was right about the second one, because having a "bad guy" in the White House has sent a surge of electricity through the talk radio world.
The top four talkers - Limbaugh, Hannity, Glenn Beck and Michael Savage – have all been non-stop, full-time critics of pretty much everything about Obama except his shoelaces and his toothpaste.
The top 10 also includes non-Obama fans Laura Ingraham, No. 6, and Mark Levin, No. 8.
In fact, advice guru Dr. Laura Schlessinger (No. 5), and finance guys Dave Ramsey (No. 7) and Lou Dobbs (No. 9) don't much care for Obama, either.
Only Thom Hartmann, at No. 10, has had any encouraging words for the prez.
Talkers publisher Michael Harrison, a former morning host at WNEW-FM in New York, says the list is compiled on "courage, effort, impact, longevity, potential, ratings, recognition, revenue, service, talent and uniqueness."
He has repeatedly stressed that the list is subjective, "as much art as science."
While conservative talkers dominate the top of the list, this year's does have a growing presence of non-conservatives just below the top rung. Besides Hartmann, the top 25 includes Ed Schultz, Joe Madison, Alan Colmes and Stephanie Miller.

The top 25:
1. Rush Limbaugh
2. Sean Hannity
3. Glenn Beck
4. Michael Savage
5. Dr. Laura Schlessinger
6. Laura Ingraham
7. Dave Ramsey
8. Mark Levin
9. Lou Dobbs
10. Thom Hartmann
11. Ed Schultz
12. Joe Madison
13. Neal Boortz
14. Mancow
15. Doug Stephan
16. Alan Colmes
17. Jerry Doyle
18. Bill Handel
19. Mike Gallagher
20. George Noory
21. Don Imus
22. Jim Bohannan
23. Michael Medved
24. Stephanie Miller
25. Bill Bennett

DC Crook

There might possibly be one person, even one of my readers, who has forgotten about Eric Holder, our mis-esteemed Attorney General. Not since A. Mitchell Palmer of the 1920's have we been plagued by such a pitiful and corrupt AG. No, not even John Mitchell, who served under Nixon has the office sunk to such low depths as it has under this fraud. Remembering that he was responsible for the Marc Rich pardon of the Clinton administration should have been enough to have him barred from a job as a court bailiff.
He didn't bring suit against the Black Panther's in Baltimore for violating
citizens voting rights. The BP's used threats of violence if certain people didn't vote the "right way".
Obama says it's Holder's decision to have the terrorist trials in NYC but anyone with a cerebrum knows it's Obama's decision and "stupid guy" will end up taking the hit.
That which pisses me off most is how Holder made it through the vetting process without a negative vote. We reap what we sow.

Yucky News

The headlines of this post say it all for me this cloudy morning. As is the case, most every day, I check out first off. I couldn't find much positive news--f'or me. Scott Brown in Massachusetts voted for a $15 billion dollar jobs bill. Gosh, it's another stimulus bill. I suspect Brownie might be a RINO.
Darell Issa, Rep.(R) from California has done some great leg work exposing Obama as a liar. Remember our leader, time and again, telling us he barely knew of ACORN and their work. Well, film has surfaced of the prez praising ACORN and telling the 'cameras' about how much he has done for them and how he will continue to do so. Back at Boone High School, where I matriculated as a kid, Mr. Lovin, my guidance counselor, would have knocked me silly for a whopper like that. And what has the leftist newsmen done to expose our communist leader? Nada!
I woke up 'fat' this morning. And do you know why? It's because I went to bed fat. I promised myself yesterday morning I was going to forsake crap food and munch on the good stuff; apples and oranges. I've been reading about nutrition and what I put in my body. Anyway, around 1 am my brain disengaged and I sucked down five bags of Cheeze-It snacks.
I read about a government teacher from Massillon, Ohio who has passed out Obama, Service to America, booklets. It contains a sign up sheet. It also has a series of 'to be asked' questions to weed out the weirdos; more commonly known as Conservatives. I had read about this a month ago and e-mailed the superintendent of schools questioning the process. My answer from him was, "we're working on it". Hmmm! I don't have that warm, wrap your arms around me feeling. I feel a phone call to MHS about to happen.
Toyota brass are in DC today before a panel of guys on a witch hunt. Please, Toyota, make my life better by telling the do nothing Congress to put it where the sun don't shine.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Two Murders: Too Bad

Three hundred thousand poor souls die in an earthquake in Haiti and it's difficult for me to put my finger on the 'grief' button. I mean, that's just way too many people to comprehend. However, there were two murder stories in Columbus, Ohio, yesterday that have given me a twenty-four hour "reflection" period. This City, the capital of Ohio, has a fairly low yearly murder rate. It's usually around one hundred. For a metropolitan area of 1.5 million this isn't too bad. Most of these crimes are black on black or for drug money or both. Domestics would fall in there, too.
In the summer of 2009 a number of female body parts, arms and legs, were discovered in a pond on Columbus' west side. Today, a man, Robert Knight, plead guilty to the crime. Somebody got wise and searched Knights' home and discovered a womans' head in his kitchen freezer. According to our City Prosecutor Knight could receive from fifteen years to life for the crime. Fifteen years! What is it about a Jeffrey Dahmer(another Ohioan) style murder that can net a guy a measley fifteen years? As a side note, news people stated that the couple, live-ins, did not get along sometimes. Ya think? Guess what? I have to believe Mr. Knight had given the lady one or two relationship clues that he might have been, how does one write it, oh yeah: Wacko.
Not to be outdone in the "sad" department was this nugget and I got it from one of our news TV channels. Two nights ago a woman of twenty-nine years, Tina Banks, was murdered. Three of our citizens were interviewed about the lady. I now know she was a kind and caring person. I also know she would never harm a soul even though she had had some struggles in life. Here's the rest of the story. The woman was a mother of six children, the oldest of whom was fourteen. Did I mention she was the victim of a random shooting in an after hours bar at one-thirty in the morning? The assailant was a nineteen-year old who had earlier been booted for causing trouble? This is how the story should read: "An irresponsible twenty-nine year old mother of six children; ages 14, 12, 9, 7, 4, and 2, was shot and killed as she was out for a night on the town. The murder took place at one-thirty AM when she should have been home with her children. No mention was made of a father(s).
Lord knows I don't want this young mother to be dead and it isn't right that a women was carved up by her boyfriend. I feel badly for the six children and I feel terrible for those who cared about both women and are in a period of intense grief. Irresponsible and thoughtless actions lead to some terrible consequences. In these cases, two very deadly consequences.

Hollywood Vomit

Finally, a Hollywood story that appeals to me. From James Hirsen at the Daily Caller:

"Oscar winning actress Susan Sarandon has had a bad time of it lately. The actress recently separated from her long time partner, actor Tim Robbins. Sarandon attended the third anniversary of The Box in New York’s Lower East Side.
A transsexual cabaret performer named Rose Wood engaged in projectile vomiting on stage and hit Sarandon with it.
Standing nearby were Scarlett Johansson and Liev Schreiber.
According to Wood it was not intended as an affront to the actress and she didn’t take it that way.
“Apparently [Sarandon] got a big kick out of it. She squealed with surprise and loved it when several handsome gentlemen wiped it off of her. She had a ball! I saw her assistant downstairs afterward, and he was moved by it! She was in great spirits,” Wood told the New York Press.'

Sunday, February 21, 2010

It's A Biblical Thing

There have been quite a few people asking me about my thoughts on Tiger Woods. If I added them all up I'd say around thirty, maybe more. My wife asked me about his press conference and what I thought. I didn't give her an answer because, truthfully, I didn't think anything about it. I do know this. Ever since the whole sordid 'affair' was revealed last Thanksgiving I've neglected to watch anything that is "Tiger". When the Golf Channel replays a Masters Tournament showing him I flip channels. TMZ TV has seen it's ratings skyrocket to the point that John Edward's is a minor player. Edwards story has all the earmarks of someone who should be in jail. The allegations are that he is a wife beater. Being an adulterer and fathering a child out of wedlock with another woman are accepted as fact. My appetite for his transgressions aren't that great. When he comes on a channel it gets changed.
I have been giving serious thought, not only about Woods and Edwards, but also myself. I've heard the biblical saying, "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone", thousands of times. This may be the first time I've taken it to heart. I'm very disappointed in Mr. Woods. I've always been disgusted by Edwards because I've considered him a perpetual, self-serving phony. For good reason, in my mind, political leaders need to be of higher character than do sports people. If this wasn't the case the NBA would've been banned years ago. These two fellas, though, have caused me to take personal stock. If you're Catholic you'll understand what I'm about to write. If not, you'll recognize it anyway. There is something as Catholics we prepare for before we hit the confessional. It's called an examination of conscience. I think we're supposed to feel worse than we already do. It usually has this impact on me. We are required to dredge up our sins against God's laws. We also need to reflect on sins against our fellow man and promise to never commit them again. After I receive my priests blessing I do feel better, though. That's the way Jesus instructed the Apostles. Remember? "Whose sins you shall forgive they are forgiven and whose sins you shall retain, etc."
Tiger has his problems. John Edwards has them, too. You may not believe this but MJHawkeye has committed his fair share of naughty naughties. Folks, I have more than enough trouble taking care of myself. Therefore, I want to have no opinion about Woods or Edwards or anyone else unless it's a postive one. What if we all, seriously and continuously, kept the promise: 'I have nothing negative to say on the subject' ? It's going to be difficult to accomplish but if attempted, everyday life as we know it, might be a whole lot better. I think it's worth the effort. Does "if you can't say anything good about someone don't say anything at all" ring a bell?

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Government Motors(GM): Same Old Crap

From the Associated Press:
General Motors Co. CEO Ed Whitacre will receive a salary of $1.7 million this year, plus stock awards that will bring his total pay package to $9 million at a later date, the automaker said Friday.
In a surprise announcement, GM also said former CEO Fritz Henderson has been rehired as a consultant. Henderson, who was forced out of the job in December, will work 20 hours a month and will be paid $59,090 a month, the company said.
Whitacre's total compensation is larger than Henderson's when he was CEO. Henderson received a total pay package worth nearly $5.5 million.
Whitacre's pay package includes a cash salary of $1.7 million that took effect Jan. 1. It also includes $5.3 million in stock awarded in increments starting in 2012, plus another stock award worth $2 million. The details, including the timing, of the $2 million stock award still need to be worked out, a GM spokeswoman said.
GM is 60 percent owned by the federal government and has received $52 billion in federal aid.

Friday, February 19, 2010

How The White House Shows Respect

From Getty Images:
"Exiled Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama (L) walks out the back doors of the Palm Room of the White House by trash bags waiting to be picked up due to delays from the snow storms of last week in Washington, DC, February 18, 2010 after meeting with US President Barack Obama. The Dalai Lama appeared in public at the White House Thursday and said US President Barack Obama was 'supportive' in a meeting that drew angry protests from China."
What is it with these clowns? They continue to insult our friends and act like vacume cleaners toward our enemies. Naturally, the last thing we want to do is piss off the Chinese. Think of the toy market we might lose out on not to mention every other man made object in our stores valued at 25 cents or less. I do recall that George
W. Bush had no problem bringing the Dalai Lama into the
White House with TV cameras in evidence.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

10 Most Miserable US Cities

The top 10 most miserable cities according to
Stockton, Calif.
Memphis, Tenn.
Flint, Mich.
St. Louis
Buffalo, N.Y.
Canton, Ohio

Wowie! I've spent a great deal of time in every of these "Rat Holes", according to Forbes, except for Memphis and Stockton. Here's the problem with these listings. Ask most citizens of any one of these places and you're going to receive the "Bronx Cheer" for negative comments. Every city has it's good and it's bad, it's slum and it's developed. Grosse Point, Michigan, for example, is legendary for beautiful homes and upper crust society but today it's completely surrounded by that cesspool called Detroit. If you're interested in deciding why Forbes has named these cities as 'losers' click on each and they'll give the reasons. Canton, Ohio! Whudda thunk it?
If you thought I was going to stop with the Top Ten well, think again. In descending order: Modesto, California; Akron, Ohio; Kansas City, Missouri; Rockford, Illinois; Toledo, Ohio; New York City, NY; Sacramento, California; Youngstown, Ohio; Gary, Indiana; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Getting right to the point, my home state of Ohio sorta sucks!

Joe Biden's Forehead

Did you check out Joe Biden's forehead at his CBS Early Morning appearance Wednesday morning? Did he stick his head in a bonfire or what? Being a practicing Catholic I attend Ash Wednesday services and expect to get some ash residue on my forehead. It goes with the territory. Joe's forehead could've been used as a back drop for a half gallon of Dutch Boy paint or a stand-in for Mikhail Gorbachev's birth mark. Call me cynical if you must but Holy Joe really didn't need to call that much attention to himself unless he was pandering to a certain segment of the population. "Joe, say it isn't so".
It's kinda like Bill Clinton leaving Easter Sunday services with a bible in hand on his way to meet the lovely and buxom Monica.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Where's Al?

There have been a couple of posts on this site in recent days making fun of Al Gore and phony, Phil Jones, who have lied to all of us for years on the subject of global warming. To refresh your memory, it's all fake, made up, not true. I'll be as serious as serious can be. Where is Al Gore? Is he hiding in his home? For a man of his stature I'd think it would be extremely difficult, if not impossible, to stay away from the media. Furthermore: where is the media? Hint to them; there's a huge mansion in Tennessee occupied by the Gore family. It would behoove the NY Times, LA Times, National Enquirer, etc. to send reporters to the Volunteer State and get some comments about the new weather related revelations. Al's had enough time to come up with a plausible story. Let's get on with it.

Four-Year Old Terrorist

From Daniel Rubin at The Philadelphia Inquirer comes this nugget:

"Did you hear about the Camden cop whose disabled son wasn't allowed to pass through airport security unless he took off his leg braces?
Unfortunately, it's no joke. This happened to Bob Thomas, a 53-year-old officer in Camden's emergency crime suppression team, who was flying to Orlando in March with his wife, Leona, and their son, Ryan.
Ryan was taking his first flight, to Walt Disney World, for his fourth birthday.
The boy is developmentally delayed, one of the effects of being born 16 weeks prematurely. His ankles are malformed and his legs have low muscle tone. In March he was just starting to walk.
Mid-morning on March 19, his parents wheeled his stroller to the TSA security point, a couple of hours before their Southwest Airlines flight was to depart.
The boy's father broke down the stroller and put it on the conveyor belt as Leona Thomas walked Ryan through the metal detector.
The alarm went off.
The screener told them to take off the boy's braces.
The Thomases were dumbfounded. "I told them he can't walk without them on his own," Bob Thomas said.
"He said, 'He'll need to take them off.' "
Ryan's mother offered to walk him through the detector after they removed the braces, which are custom-made of metal and hardened plastic.
No, the screener replied. The boy had to walk on his own.
Leona Thomas said she was calm. Bob Thomas said he was starting to burn."

I'm betting you readers know what happened next. As soon as this story was exposed TSA types crawled out of the woodwork apologizing profusely for this error in judgement. It's their normal procedure.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Abraham Lincoln-Conservative

From February 15, 2010.
“What is conservatism? Is it not adherence to the old and tried, against the new and untried? We stick to, contend for, the identical old policy on the point in controversy which was adopted by “our fathers who framed the Government under which we live;” while you with one accord reject, and scout, and spit upon that old policy, and insist upon substituting something new.”
Abraham Lincoln

Amy Bishop, Obama Girl

If you've never read Don Surber you should. This is your big opportunity. He's from the coal state, West Virginia. I don't know why they vote (R) for President but (D) for everything else. Surely, You've heard of Robert KKK Byrd. In this masterful piece Surber does a number on Amy Bishop, the Huntsville(alleged) murderer.

Her crime is too serious to mock her Moe Howard haircut.
But after shooting and killing her brother in 1986 (no charges were filed), Harvard-educated Professor Amy Bishop became a suspect in a 1993 pipe bombing attempt (no charges were filed), she is now charged in the triple murder and triple attempted murder of her colleagues at the University of Alabama-Huntsville.
So who is Professor Amy Bishop — besides that part where she is a homicidal maniac.
From the Boston Herald: “A family source said Bishop, a mother of four children – the youngest a third-grade boy – was a far-left political extremist who was ‘obsessed’ with President Obama to the point of being off-putting.”
No other mainstream media outlet is reporting that, not even Fox News.
If she were a Republican.
But should we connect this terrorist to Obama like we did Bill Ayers? Is that right? Ayers we know launched Obama’s political career. But Bishop? She likely lived in a fantasy world where Obama was all-knowing, all-power and our one hope.
Psychiatrists have a word for this condition.
I tease. She’s a kook and her liberalism had nothing to do with this shooting.
However, politics 24 years ago may have set the stage for this Tenure Massacre.
Another Boston Herald story reported: “Braintree police Chief Paul Frazier has said officers on duty claim they were forced by retired former Chief John Polio to let Bishop, whose mother was a member of the police personnel board, go. Polio denies that and said then-District Attorney William Delahunt investigated the case and ruled it an accident.”
Our cyber-buddy at the Boston Herald, Jules Crittenden, laid into Delahunt, now a Democratic congressman, for not pursuing her fratricide in 1986
Wrote Crittenden: “The terrible news from Alabama, and the revelation that it apparently could have been stopped dead 24 years ago but for Massachusetts has a tiresomely familiar ring to it. Whether it’s the rampant hackery, liberal do-goodism or cronyism, they just keep letting criminals go so they can do it again. Killers and rapists.”
Ah yes, the Land of Willie Horton.
Oh, did I mention that she held Tom Pettigrew, then 22, hostage after killing her brother? It’s in that second Boston Herald story.
Ah, but nothing to see here. A killing. A kidnapping. A Democrat.
Massachusetts may be the most educated state in the union, but it sure is run by dummies.

Evan Bayh Drops Out

Evan Bayh, Senator from Indiana since 1998, has decided to call it quits and will not run for election in the next go round. This is more than fascinating. In a poll taken three days ago Bayh had a twenty point lead on the favored Republican candidate, Dan Coats, who previously held Bayh's seat. I've always liked Evan Bayh. He was one of those Democrats, middlin' type, who I figured I could support. I would've gotten very serious about a presidential bid by him had he moved to the center-right as a Pro-Life candidate. So, what's up with the Dems? Let's take this one step further. Congressman Bill Delahunt(D-Ma.) is hanging it up, too. He's a Cape Cod guy. Dems have controlled this district since the Mayflower landed. Except, Scott Brown kicked some serious butt in the recently held senate race and Ol' Cape Cod went for Brown in a big way; might be it was a case of the Godfather(Kennedy) not being a threat anymore and the voters decided "what's her name"(already forgotten, huh!) wasn't a heavyweight who could supply "goodies". Delahunt might have another problem. He was at one time, the city attorney of Braintree, Massachusetts. When the University of Alabama at Huntsville prof, Amy Bisop, gunned down three coworkers last week news reports dated her back to Braintree. The story is that this lady had killed her brother with a shotgun in 1986 and the charges were dropped by Delahunt. There will be more to come on this story.. Oh yeah, Delahunt, cut a deal with Hugo Chavez to birng in Venezuelan oil for the folks from Massachusetts. It was harmless at the time but as time has passed communism doesn't look so good in our country, by Chavez or Obama.
Voters, there is one gigantic, big-time DemocRat melt down going on. It isn't fun being a DemocRat, anymore. My first clue and this occurred a month ago: A neighbor of ours is a hardcore Dem. His car was plastered with Obama stickers.The guy's a college prof. You know what's coming next. Not a sticker in sight. Every day in every way it's getting better and better.
I just listened to Sen' Bayh's speech. I was wrong. The guy talked about not getting along in DC. He spoke of gridlock. I'm convinced. He's running for President in 2012.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Most Inspirational Person

Take a look at this story and Stop Your COMPLAINING!!! Click Here For Video

Phil Jones: "Global Warming Data Fraudulent"

From the UK Daily Mail:
Colleagues say that the reason Professor Phil Jones has refused Freedom of Information requests is that he may have actually lost the relevant papers.
Professor Jones told the BBC yesterday there was truth in the observations of colleagues that he lacked organisational skills, that his office was swamped with piles of paper and that his record keeping is ‘not as good as it should be’.
The data is crucial to the famous ‘hockey stick graph’ used by climate change advocates to support the theory.
Professor Jones also conceded the possibility that the world was warmer in medieval times than now – suggesting global warming may not be a man-made phenomenon.

And he said that for the past 15 years there has been no ‘statistically significant’ warming.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

School Sex Scandals: Journalistic Cover-Up

From comes an article by James Hudnall that should have been written a long time ago. As a former teacher in secondary education in public and parochial high schools I can attest to the report given in this article. Catholic priests are a small part of the problem concerning sexual abuse. There is a journalistic cover up and it is directed toward classroom teachers, male and female alike.

In researching my article on “Rubber Room” teachers, who are paid not to teach after being accused of a crime, I came across some information that deserves further discussion. The problem is much worse than the media would have you believe.
The teachers in these programs are the ones who managed to escape prosecution but are considered too great a risk to be allowed to return to teaching. Or else they’re the accused waiting for judgment. Or they’re people the schools can’t get rid of due to tenure deals.
In 2004, Hofstra University professor Dr. Carol Shakeshaft published a report for the United States Department of Education titled “Educator Sexual Misconduct: A Synthesis of Existing Literature.” It was presented to Congress as part of the No Child Left Behind Act. In it, Shakeshaft stated:
As a group, these studies present a wide range of estimates of the percentage of U.S. students subject to sexual misconduct by school staff and vary from 3.7 to 50.3 percent. Because of its carefully drawn sample and survey methodology, the AAUW report that nearly 9.6 percent of students are targets of educator sexual misconduct sometime during their school career presents the most accurate data available at this time.
According to a study she did of abuse complaints against Catholic priests over a five decade period she concluded that “…the physical sexual abuse of students in schools is likely more than 100 times the abuse by priests.”
We all remember the media outrage over the Catholic priest scandals. To this day it’s a common trope in films and TV to have priests associated with child molesting. It was as if the press wanted to shut down the Catholic Church with their coverage. When you consider how anti-religious many progressive reporters are, it comes as no surprise.
But this story, involving mainly public schools, silently went away. The government, not wanting the legal nightmare that would follow, let the whole matter drop.
A story like this should have been huge, but the press had a vested interest in protecting academia. Public schools might get complained about in terms that would motivate politicians to pour more tax dollars into them. But any story that would inspire parents to pull their kids out en masse is spiked. The public institutions that statists love so much, despite their many failings, are protected. The progressive agenda trumped what should have been the story of the year.
But every action or inaction has consequences. Thanks to their deals with the unions, teachers accused of sexually molesting or harassing kids, among other things, are paid to sit by and do nothing. To the tune of $65 million a year in New York alone. And this is a state going bankrupt.n

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Just heard on Fox that Bill Clinton is (yawn) in the hospital; some kind of heart problem. Shep Smith from FoxNews reported doctors put two stents in Bubba's coronary artery. Whatever! I was going to phone my doc/golfing buddy to find out what a stent is but then I thought to myself, "Do I really care?" Sadly, I(yawn) had the same bland reaction regarding Clinton's dilemma as when John Murtha was having his gall bladder surgery. I mean, who dies from gall bladder surgery. Oops--my bad.
I wouldn't want anyone to think I'm being disrespectful to our former(yawn) President and Congressman Murtha, crooks both, but I have to wonder: what would their reaction be if they found out MJ Hawkeye was recuperating in the hospital? I thought so.

Uh Oh Uncle Joe

Vice President Joe Biden said it is unlikely the United States will see another terrorist attack of the proportions of the events of Sept. 11, 2001, but that the nation could still be the target of more "small bore" attacks. "The idea of there being a massive attack in the United States like 9/11 is unlikely, in my view," Biden said Wednesday night on CNN's "Larry King Live." This statement flies in the face of our national security advisers who this week, before congress, stated we can be certain there will be a massive strike within six months.
My reaction to Uncle Joe's statement: There was once a Vice President named John Nance Garner who proclaimed that being VP had the importance of a bucket of warm piss. I just found out that "warm piss" in French is spelled, b-i-d-e-n.

Obama Collector's Items

The Inauguration seems like such a long, long, time ago.
Thanks, iOwnTheWorld

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

TEA Anyone?

I've been searching for this snazzy photograph for quite some time; had seen a number of them but not the whole scope. Of course, it's from the Tea Party "March on Washington" last year. I heard to day that the Republican Party in South Carolina has officially aligned itself with the TEA folks. As is typical, I'm reading about the Hollywood types and elite snobs who are making fun of "us losers".
You may not know this but our crowd equaled or, according to estimates, surpassed Obama's for his inauguration.

Ha-Ha, The Jokes On You

You know, this case is legendary, but I never saw her picture before. Speaking of fraud, THIS girl worked at “Hooters?”
Don't ya just love iOwnthe

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Amber Alert

Glenn Beck can be very funny. Listening to him this morning the conversation of faux global warming came up. I've concluded supporters of global warming are disappearing faster than condoms in a San Francisco bath house.
Beck suggested an amber alert should be put out for Al Gore. He has a new book on the shelves but no one can find him.

Monday, February 8, 2010

TEA Party People

Poll: Tea Party movement fails to make any impression on 4 out of 10!
Would you say this is a positive statement for the Tea Party Movement? I forced myself to watch the opening segment on O'Reilly this evening. I'm not a big fan of Bill. He tends to think highly of himself, too much so I'd say. The lead-in for the show dealt with, according to O'Reilly, hundreds of negative stories about the TEA Party and only two supporting them in recent weeks. A spokesman for Politico had a vociferous verbal spat with Fox's lead host saying this wasn't true at all. I googled "positive TEA Party media stories" and my very first story was the blurb seen in my lead-in sentence to this post. Obviously, if 4 of ten have no impression then 6 of 10 do. What's the impression I wonder? Could it be good. Let me take this one step further. On tonight's mainstream newscasts(I quickly surfed all three major networks) one of their main stories was how Sarah Palin wrote three words on the palm of her hand as reminders for her TEA Party speech in Nashville this past week. Stupid Sarah. I wonder why she didn't get teleprompters that showed her every word. The smartest man in DC would do this without having to put up with criticism from Keith Olbermann. Tea Party folk: We're just ignorant rubes. Shucks Y'all!


It's amazing to me how my life has changed in sixty-four years. Beginning somewhere around kindergarten my story began with sports. My parent's bought their first television in 1953. I have a somewhat shaky memory of watching UCLA and one of the Michigan teams in the January 1, 1954 Rose Bowl. It's kind of freaky but I sat on the basement stairs for the last two minutes of the game chewing my fingernails to the nub. I couldn't bear watching my beloved Bruins lose; not normal behavior for your typical second grader. Might be a clue as to why I wet the bed for so long.
I'm not going to belabor you with my sports history. Please know, my entire life, up to age forty-two, was one of competition, kicking ass and taking no prisoners. I could make a game out of anything, anywhere, anytime. It wouldn't matter if it was an accordian contest, looking for nightcrawlers or playing with rubber duckies in the bath tub; everything was competition and sports except-------somewhere along the way I lost it.
Last night I watched the last six minutes of the Super Bowl. I like Peyton Manning. He's a good quarterback. But, even more so, I really like him in TV commercials. He is very, very funny. The Colts lost. Too bad. Ho-hum.
Those six minutes of last nights Super Bowl happened to be the first time I'd seen that much of a Super Bowl extravaganza since watching the 1986 Chicago Bears. I really don't recall many game highlights from that team. They defeated New England. Wasn't that the team?
Baseball has always been my favorite sport. I played the game fairly well and around 1969 gave up on the Braves when they moved to Atlanta and became a die-hard Chicago Cubs fan. When we lived in Iowa, twenty-one years ago, I saw every game the Cubbies played on television, if possible. If I didn't watch I listened on WGN radio. Not today. I couldn't tell you eight players on their team.
I'm an Iowa Hawkeye football and basketball fan. I'm also a fan of Iowa State University, Coe College, Drake, Northern Iowa and every other division III team in the state. I actually watched an Iowa women's basketball game yesterday. For those who know me well and read this they'd think I was ready for the rubber room or there was an alien in my body. Why do I think this way? Because these schools represent the state of my birth. It's not because I live and die for their sports teams.
I crave golf--absolutely love the game. It's my cocaine. Do you know, for me, the best thing about golf? It's being with others who appreciate the game and it's traditions. It's the camaraderie of a shared experience; enjoying each others company and the beauty of a well manicured field. Like Bing Crosby, I want to meet my Maker on a golf course. I also care about golf because it's success or failure depends on my ability to perform; mine alone. That's one of the reasons I left high school coaching after twenty years. With a wife at home and three kids getting ready to attend college my ability to buy a loaf of bread depended on a sixteen year old putting a round piece of leather through a metal ring. Coaching kids got to be a struggle. Quoting Coach Bob Knight; "My number one job was to keep the six kids who hated me away from the other six who hadn't made up their minds yet". Maybe that's why I got into sales. It was intense competition but the onus for success was on me.
Good wife, warm bed, excellent friends and great golf: As my good buddy, Keith, from Wisconsin says, "It's the way God meant it to be".

Sex, Sex And More S- Aw, Who Cares!

Most every morning I jump on the computer and, at some point, peruse According to the most recent posting a 'huge' story about Governor David Paterson(D-NY) is about to break. I had seen something about this a week ago but, for reasons beyond me, it was put on hold. Today might be the day. It seems the Guv has a rather large libido and was caught in a closet with another woman in a rather uncompromising position. It's not surprising since just after assuming office from the previous governor, Eliot "I dig hookers" Spitzer, Paterson revealed an earlier tryst. His wife stood by him. Go figure except politics is power and some are reluctant to lose it. It'll be interesting as to how the MSM covers the event. As a comparison, think back to the huge story about Governor Mark Sanford(R-SC) and his hottie, Maria Belen Chapur. No excuses for this guy. He has some nice looking son's and an attractive, intelligent wife. According to the press, Sanford is portrayed as worse than the worst. It'll be fascinating to read about the NY governor and how he is portrayed. There has to be a storyline in here for a new reality TV show; "Battle of the Sex Addicts".
Not to be outdone, I read an article titled: 'South African President Apologizes To His People'. My curiosity was piqued. Our President usually apologizes to others because we're evil, mean and/or rotten. This guy is sort of falling on his sword to his own folks. The SA President, Jacob Zuma, age 67(the age is important to this 64 year-old)performed a mea culpa for fathering a child with someone other than his three wives. The newest 'crumb cruncher' is his twentieth. I repeat---his twentieth, 20, 2-0!
The message I'm trying to convey to you in this post is, 'Nothing'. Gov. Paterson has been of interest to me from day one because I've considered him your typical dirt bag. Then, the very next article on lucianne was about the Zulu chief.
I would like to ask Zuma one question, though: "What's the secret of your ability to perform your duties"? Please hurry, Mr. Zuma, I'm running out of time.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Snowfall

It's good growing up in the northern climes. Take yesterday, for instance. I had sequestered myself in the house after being subjected to a fifteen inch snowfall. My favorite pillow was on the couch and for the better part of the day I was covered with this cute, warmer than toast, blanket. With popcorn and chips in abundance and the remote in hand my man-cave was just that. From the prone position I can see directly across the street. What met my eyes was an Oriental fella who was shoveling his driveway with what looked to be a spatula. "Oh no", I said. "Another rookie". I watched for awhile hoping the vision would go away. Sometimes, when I close my eyes real tight this happens. Nope! When the handle on his spatula snapped in half I reluctantly got up, put on my Iowa clothes, grapped my Man-shovel along with a backup and trudged across the street. My wife had told me this guy was a honcho at Honda America in Marysville, Ohio which is just up the road a piece. I'm only a Phy. Ed. Major but I've got to think, "if he's a big shot and I'm just a coach, why isn't he hiring this job out? The other alternative for me is to look at the weather forecast for the next week, find out when the melt begins and wait for Mother Nature to do the job.
I didn't shake hands when I introduced myself. The reason being I would have to remove a glove. I just began shoveling. He got the picture. He did say something that sounded like, "it snow now". I believe he meant to say, "is this it for the year"? So, I responded with,"Yes, it snow now". After I had completed my task I said, "good-bye" and went home to resume the 'position'. There is a moral to this story and it deals with kindness and generosity toward our fellow man. I expect to see a new Honda in my drive tomorrow.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Ronald Reagan

Happy 99th birthday, Mr. President. You were a real man.

Barry Soetoro Speech-Creepy

From Rick Moran at the American Thinker as relayed to him by Byron York at the Washington Examiner. The story deals with a speech from Barry Soetoro in front of lemmings from the Democratic National Committee. It's sad and also ghoulish. Had George Bush said this-----------?

After listing his administration's accomplishments and vowing that "our most urgent task is job creation," Obama pledged to keep fighting for a national health care system. "We knew this was hard," Obama said. And then he described a letter he received from a campaign worker who suffered from breast cancer and has since died:
I got a letter -- I got a note today from one of my staff -- they forwarded it to me -- from a woman in St. Louis who had been part of our campaign, very active, who had passed away from breast cancer. She didn't have insurance. She couldn't afford it, so she had put off having the kind of exams that she needed. And she had fought a tough battle for four years. All through the campaign she was fighting it, but finally she succumbed to it. And she insisted she's going to be buried in an Obama t-shirt.
Many observers have noted that the president often seems extraordinarily self-referential. It's all about him, they say. But even those critics might be a little taken aback by the "buried in an Obama t-shirt" remark. Is it really that much about him?
You can see that the crowd laughed after the "t-shirt" comment -- perhaps because they thought it was funny or perhaps because it made them a bit uneasy. In any event, Obama was serious.

Michelle Obama: Wrong On This One

Michelle Obama has just purchased criticism from the population in general and medical society at large. She has decided to go public by holding court on a recent visit to her doctor and is discussing the eating habits of her two young girls. Are they over twelve, yet? I don't think so. She does have her share of water carriers, liberals, I'm sure. Regardless, according to Mrs. O the kids are too heavy. From my point of view, and I've helped raise three children, she screwed up--------Big Time. She's putting them on a diet. How embarrassing for the girls as if their classmates at Sidwell Friends School don't read papers. Hellooo! Kids are cruel. Can you see it now? Sasha and Malia walk into class and the boys in unison utter, "oink, oink, oink". Girls can be nastier than boys. I had girlfriends in an earlier life. They can be heartless to guys. Imagine a rival and the She-Devil in them will rain down bullets of fire.
Doesn't "Mrs. Haggis" know that as girls bodies reach puberty changes occur; physically and mentally? Why is it the general population, egged on my the media, crown First Ladies as being high IQ smart? Gimme a break. All Michelle O is is a Far Left radical. Did she get her info from reading the best selling book; "How to cook a carrot" by Saul Alinsky?

"Michelle, I can solve your problem. When your kids complain about hunger and there being nothing to do why not tell them to go outside and play". Problem solved.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Obama Gaffe: Worst Of Them All

Another article from iOwnTheWorld but all we need to do is google 'corpsman' and up pops a picture of Obama. He is such a maroon.

"Pretty sure he knows it’s not Peace Corpse or Obama Youth Corpse, yet he doesn’t know how to pronounce corpsman properly. He read corpsman as corpse-man. Telling, indeed.
When Bush mispronounced nuclear, the left went bananas. It became something he was bashed for non-stop. Obama’s misspoken plenty of times, but I don’t think I’ve ever been so offended — and I’m not even in the military.
Sure, some may (and I’m sure will) say that it seems like nit-picking and acting “just like them”, but it is the military. And he is the Commander in Chief. Shouldn’t he know how to pronounce the rank titles of the men and women who put their very lives on the line for their Country — and at HIS command?"

Remember how Obama thought we had 58 states or the time he bemoaned the fact that 10,000 died in a Kansas tornado when it was actually 12.
How many have forgotten he thought the people of Austria spoke 'Austrian'? When I was a kid any one of these statements made by me would have earned me the moniker of twink. It's another illustration of how the media plays defense for the Left. Lucky for the smart people we see through the crap.

The White House: Politicizing Intelligence

Is Attorney General Eric Holder as stupid as I think he is? Wasn't it bad enough that he had to Mirandize the Christmas Pants bomber just hours after his arrest? Now it appears he's trying to suck up to the press by leaking information the Nigerian lad has been divulging to the FBI. It's like my wife said some time ago, "we're dealing with high school sophomores". The enclosed article comes from the Weekly Standard:

"Last week, a little more than 24 hours after the FBI warned senators not to disclose the sensitive information that Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab was cooperating with the FBI, the White House shared the information with the news media.
An indignant Christopher “Kit” Bond, the ranking Republican on the Senate Intelligence Committee, immediately wrote to President Obama, complaining that he had been told by FBI Director Robert Mueller that the cooperation of the Nigerian terrorist who tried to bomb a Northwest passenger jet over Detroit was extremely sensitive information and was to be kept quiet. It was so sensitive, in fact, that the entire committee wasn’t briefed, just Bond and the committee chairman Dianne Feinstein.
“On Monday afternoon, the leadership of the Senate Intelligence Committee received notification from the Federal Bureau of Investigation concerning Abdulmutallab’s recent willingness to provide critical information,” Bond wrote. “FBI officials stressed the importance of not disclosing the fact of his cooperation in order to protect on-going and follow-on operations to neutralize additional threats to the American public; FBI Director Bob Mueller personally stressed to me that keeping the fact of his cooperation quiet was vital to preventing future attacks against the United States.”
At the White House briefing Thursday afternoon, Press Secretary Robert Gibbs attacked Bond for politicizing intelligence and haughtily demanded an apology: “No briefing is done here or anywhere in this administration where classified information is used in a place where it shouldn’t be,” Gibbs said. “And I would suggest that somebody that alleges that, when they know it doesn’t happen, owe[s] people an apology.”
The White House contends that the sensitive information about cooperation from Abdulmutallab was unintentionally disclosed during a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing on Tuesday. At the hearing, Mueller responded to concern from Senator Olympia Snowe that the decision to mirandize the terrorist so quickly meant that the U.S. government missed valuable intelligence. “Let me just add one other point, and that is, it is a continuum. In other words you can look at it in that day, but I encourage you to look at what has happened since then. It is a continuum in which over a period of time we have been successful in obtaining intelligence, not just on day one, but day two, day three, day four, day five and down the road.”
That’s not much of a disclosure. But Gibbs explained that the White House felt the need to provide background briefings about what Abdulmutallab was now saying in order to “contextualize” the information after receiving inquiries from reporters. "

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Clemson Football: A Wonderful Story

From Sports Illustrated:
Clemson coach Dabo Swinney's biggest thrill Wednesday came as he watched the national letter of intent roll in from a linebacker who'll likely never make a tackle for the Tigers.
Swinney's group of 23 signees included Jake Nicolopulos of Anderson, whose dream of playing college football ended in December when he suffered a stroke.
Nicolopulos couldn't talk, walk or write after major surgery to relieve pressure on his brain. Nearly two months later, he improved enough to sign his letter and speak with Swinney.
"When I saw that fax come through, it brought a smile to my face," Swinney said.
Nicolopulos' father, Craig, told The Associated Press by phone Wednesday that his son has finished his first stage of rehab and began the next one at the Pathways Center in Atlanta.
"It was a glorious day for Jake and us," Craig said.
The Tigers will honor Nicolopulos' scholarship and find a role for him with the program.

Blame Bush

I receive quite a few emails from Donald J. Myers(USMC retired). He's a Tampa, Florida native and his writing and patriotism fascinate me. Read and understand:

"Here's the scoop on what Obama inherited. I'm Sick of "Inherited" The Washington Post babbled again today about Obama inheriting a huge deficit from Bush, blah blah blah. Amazingly enough, a lot of people swallow this nonsense. So once more, I'll try a short civics lesson. Budgets do not come from the White House. They come from Congress, and the party that controlled Congress since January 2007 is the Democratic Party. They controlled the budget process for FY 2008 and FY 2009, as well as FY 2010 and FY 2011. In that first year, they had to contend with George Bush, which caused them to compromise on spending, when Bush, somewhat belatedly, got tough on spending increases. For FY 2009, though, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid bypassed George Bush entirely, passing continuing resolutions to keep government running until Barack Obama could takeoffice. At that time, they passed a massive omnibus spending bill to complete the FY 2009 budgets. And where was Barack Obama during this time? He was a member of that very Congress that passed all of these massive spending bills, and he signed the omnibus bill as President to complete FY 2009. Let's remember what the deficits looked like during that period: If the Democrats inherited any deficit, it was the FY 2007 deficit, the last of the Republican budgets. That deficit was the lowest in five years, and the fourth straight decline in deficit spending. After that, Democrats in Congress took control of spending, and that includes Barack Obama, who voted for the budgets. If Obama inherited anything, he inherited it from himself. In a nutshell, what Obama is saying is I inherited a deficit that I voted for and then I voted to expand that deficit four-fold since January 20th."

Obama Promises-No Big Deal

Every President or presidential candidate tells some real whoppers. I think they do this to solidify their base. Republicans talk about home, family and quality of life. Democrats speak to us concerning their favorites, you know, anti-abortion legislation, guns, pro-gay legislation; all that stuff. My former next door neighbor, George, put me onto a nice web site called It lists all of the Obama promises. It then breaks them down into kept, broken, on hold, compromised and stalled. Most of Obama's are in the stalled category. When the 'Big Guy" was in the Illinois senate he voted 'present' 95% of the time on bills requiring a yes or no. I imagine this doesn't give his base a warm and fuzzy feeling. "Stalled" means to keep kicking it on down the road. Keeping a promise isn't necessarily a cut and dried thing. For example, O-man directed the military leadership to end the war in Iraq. Well, duh! This was in the category of a promise kept. It's the same as if I told my kids to be nice to their mother.
I could list quite a few broken promises of this administration but it would be disingenuous on my part. At present the number one broken promise seems to be the Guantanamo detention center for thugs and murderers which is still up and running. It was supposed to be in ruins by the anniversary of his first year in office. It isn't. From a financial standpoint, I say, "goody gumdrops". To establish Guantanamo it cost the U.S. $150 million dollars in taxes? Some of you may not be aware that the "proposed" new detention center in Thomson, Illinois is pegged to cost $250 million and the US governmentis going to purchase it from the State of Illinois. How stupid is this? But, then again, it's the government. We have a prison that is workable and functioning successfully but we're about to spend millions more to set one up that's already built. There is a much bigger question about Guantanamo and it's directed at the media. "Hey fellas, where's the outrage"? That one thing you castigated the Bush administration for is still functioning on the south side of Cuba. Do your job and show some courage, please. There's a mountain of info and promises available that do bother me. There was a promise to end the income tax for seniors making less than 50K. Remember the whopper about no earmarks in any spending bill?Obama fibbed on that one to the tune of 9,000. And then there was the one about no lobbyists involved with the White House. ON K Street, alone, there are over 600,000 and they are as influential as seen in any administration. The biggie promise: capturing Osama bin Laden. This won't be quite so difficult. One of these days someone will stumble across his bones.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Iowa Winters

Just received this photo from a family member who lives in Storm Lake. Oh, those poor, poor, people. My wife and I spent two winters in that wonderful community. One morning I went out to start the car. It was gone. No, I''m wrong. It was hidden by relatives of the guy shown on the left. I read in the Des Moines Register that Iowa has set a record for snowfall breaking the previous record set in 1886. If you readers in any other state(Minnesota and Wisconsin excluded) think you've had a tough winter, well, quit your bitchin'.

Selling Virginity!

I don't know where to go with this post. I can make it simple, though. Scary, isn't it!
I scrounged the article from but got a heads up from Rush Limbaugh. I wanted to get some comments from Bill Clinton but his secretary said he was out of the country--Aukland, I think she said--wherever that is.

Going, going, gone -- a New Zealand teenager has auctioned off her virginity to a stranger for over $45,000 to fund her university tuition fees.
The 19-year-old Northland student, who listed her virginity on the website under the name `Unigirl', said the leading bid was "way beyond what I dreamed".
"Thank you to the more than 30,000 people who viewed my ad and to the more than 1200 offers made," she posted on the site.
New Zealand's leading online auction site, TradeMe, said it would not allow such a listing.But has defended the listing, saying it was legal and the site did not place moral judgments on its members.

Lousy American Health Care

From Investors Business Daily:

A Canadian premier, Danny Williams, said Tuesday he was headed for the U.S. for heart surgery. That's a bit ironic, given that Democrats hail Canada-care as a model for the U.S. and call our system "broken."
The provincial governor of Newfoundland and Labrador didn't seem to think so when his deputy, Kathy Dunderdale, told the National Post: "He has gone to a renowned expert in the procedure that he needs to have done."
She didn't disclose exactly where, but she assured Canadians that his prognosis was excellent and she'd fill in for him during his three- to 12-week recovery period. "Ultimately, we have to be the gatekeepers of our own health," Dunderdale said.
Now, someone like Williams, who's both an elected official and independently wealthy, ought to be able to get world-class medical care in Canada. But he couldn't. Because Canada's single-payer health care system reduces the quality and quantity of care.
A physician can't just go into business in Canada. He or she is joined at the hip to Canada's health care system as paymaster, with any private care placed under strict government price controls.
That means long lines of rationing as well as lower-quality care. It's so bad that even the premier prefers to head to the States.
He's not alone. Other premiers, including Quebec's Robert Bourassa in 1990, have sought that care, as has Member of Parliament Belinda Stronach in 2007. According to the Fraser Institute, 41,000 Canadians, or 1% of the population, were referred by their own doctors for nonemergency medical care abroad in 2009, a rise of about 10% from a year earlier.
Thousands more don't even wait for a referral, leaving the country to seek treatment on their own. Clinics in U.S. cities like Buffalo, Seattle and Detroit do a booming business with Canadian medical tourists. Canadian newspapers are filled with U.S. doctors advertising their services.
For the wealthy Williams, U.S. health care paid for out of pocket is a viable option. Not so for Canada's poor. If the U.S. moves to a Canadian-style health care model, not even the rich will be able to run from the unpleasant side effects of a socialist system.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Obama Attacks Churches, Chariities and Home Values

From Powerline:

These are policies that President Obama has advocated in the past, so we shouldn't be surprised to see them in his 2011 budget. Still, it's hard not to be a little shocked. The budget says, at page 40:
Reduce the Itemized Deduction Write-off for Families with Incomes over $250,000.
Currently, if a middle-class family donates a dollar to its favorite charity or spends a dollar on mortgage interest, it gets a 15-cent tax deduction, but a millionaire who does the same enjoys a deduction that is more than twice as generous.
That's because the "millionaire" pays income taxes that are more than twice as high. It isn't "generous" for the government to refrain from taking all of your money. The document continues:
By reducing this disparity and returning the high-income deduction to the same rates that were in place at the end of the Reagan Administration, we will raise $291 billion over the next decade.
This is, of course, Orwellian. The "disparity" is in fact a disparity in tax rates--higher income people pay much more. And the reference to the Reagan administration must have been intended as a cruel joke on taxpayers. The "high-income deduction" will be the same as during the Reagan administration, but the high-income marginal tax rate won't be, so now the deduction will apply to only half the contribution.
It's easy to understand the Obama administration's purpose with regard to churches and private charities, which it regards as competitors of the government. It wants to damage or destroy them by making contributions more expensive. But what about the mortgage interest deduction? The administration purports to be concerned about the decline in home prices that triggered the economic crisis of 2008-2009. But severely reducing the mortgage interest deduction will inevitably depress home prices. And not just the prices of expensive homes, either; as those prices fall, the values of less-expensive houses will decline as well. Is this really what the administration wants? It is hard to escape the conclusion that the Obama administration simply doesn't care about America's economy.

Obama: "Slick Talker"

Editorial-Manchester Union-Leader, New Hampshire.

President Obama comes to Nashua today to try to sell New Hampshire on his sudden, post-Scott Brown commitment to job creation, deficit reduction and spending restraint. He can speechify all he wants, but the people aren't buying it, and for good reason. The President is plainly and obviously not telling the truth.
He said his health care reform would let us keep our current health care plans. It didn't.
He said (at a stop in Dover a year and a half ago) that no one earning less than $250,000 a year would see "any" tax increase. He then raised cigarette taxes and pushed a new energy tax and a tax on health benefits, among others.
He said he would oppose pork spending. Then he looked the other way as pork projects reached record numbers.
He said he'd cut the deficit in half by the end of his first term. The budget he released yesterday raises it to its highest level in history.
He promised to air health care negotiations on C-SPAN. Then, in the words of The Associated Press, "the White House made multibillion-dollar deals with hospitals and pharmaceutical companies in private."
The President thinks his words can fool us, but his actions are louder, and they tell us one thing very clearly: His slick talk is just that -- talk.

The Road To Communism

Rep. James Clyburn (D-S.C.), the House majority whip, said that trying to find greater savings in the budget, which was released by President Barack Obama this morning, wouldn't help alleviate the recession."We've got to make some decisions here as to what's in the best interests of our country going forward," Clyburn said during an appearance on Fox News. "And I think the best interest is to invest in education, control these deficits, while at the same time trying to get people back to work.
"We're not going to save our way out of this recession," the majority whip added. "We've got to spend our way out of this recession, and I think most economists know that."

Mr. Clyburn, you are stupid. Granted, it's what Joe Biden told us late last year when he said, "we have to spend money to save money". Coming from a liberal Democrat I understand this type of thinking and that's why I'm making a visit to Dick's Sporting Goods this morning. February is a fantastic month for a trip to Dick's. It's the end of the year and time to get rid of last year's stock. Fishing lures are 20% off list price. If I buy $100 worth of Rapala's best I'll be saving $20. My grandson is going to be five and a half this spring. I think he's due for one of those fancy Rawlings baseball mitts; regular price is $139.00 but with a 30% discount: Well, already I'm ahead of the game. This is great! Wait until my wife gets home so I can tell her how brilliant I am and what I've done for our savings account. Dang it! I drove right by Golfsmith yesterday afternoon. I know I could have saved more cash for us by shopping the store. I've got five putters but anyone, even a non-golfer, can always use another.
People, our governmental leaders are absolutely, positively nuts! On a final note, chew on this for awhile. Obama's budget calls for raising $1.1 trillion dollars in increased taxes. Those in the top 1% of earners will be paying 44% of all taxes. Fifty percent of all people living in this country will pay nothing; not a dime to the federal government in the form of taxes. My Dad would have loved this. He felt the government owed him cash for just being able to breathe. And why wouldn't he. He loved FDR. Once again, it's follow the money. It always is. Half the people pay nothing but receive all the benefits. Isn't that the way communism works?

Pikers From DC

By Deanna Poole, Springfield Illinois State-Ledger:
The city of Springfield still hasn’t been fully repaid for costs associated with hosting then- U.S. Sen. Barack Obama’s presidential campaign stop in the fall of 2008.
Obama’s presidential campaign was sent a bill for $68,139, and still owes the city $55,457, according to Ernie Slottag, the city’s spokesman.
The city has been trying — unsuccessfully — to collect payment, Ken Crutcher, the city’s director of office of budget and management told aldermen recently.

I normally wouldn't get too excited about an article of this nature except for one thing. The Prez, seemingly, has a "townhall" meeting on a weekly basis. For instance, on this day he's making a trip to Nashua, New Hampshire, to announce yet another jobs program. Now, if BO owes The City of Springfield, Illinois, his home state, $55K, I can only imagine how many cities have been left in the lurch.

Monday, February 1, 2010


Minnesota Wind Turbines---Brrrrrrrrr!

From Kerry Picket at the Washington Times:
"Minnesota invested itself in alternative energy sources years ago, and so the revelation that the state spent $3.3 million on eleven wind turbines hardly qualifies as news. However, the fact that they don’t work in cold weather does. KSTP reports that none of the wind turbines work, prompting the Twin Cities ABC affiliate to dub them 'no-spin zones.'"
It appears intermittent green-energy sources have yet to have what it takes to handle winter's cold season. In December 2008, a New York Times article appeared covering the failure of solar panels, wind turbines and bio-diesel fuels in harsh winter environments (bolding is mine):
"This time of year, wind turbine blades ice up, biodiesel congeals in tanks and solar panels produce less power because there is not as much sun. And perhaps most irritating to the people who own them, the panels become covered with snow, rendering them useless even in bright winter sunshine.k