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Alright!!! It's a record and it's right here in Dublin, Ohio. Nuff said!

An Oil Story

“I(Obama) won’t sacrifice our investment in clean energy at a time when our dependence on foreign oil is causing Americans so much pain at the pump,” he told the DNC crowd.

And more pain is on the way. Mr. Obama’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has denied a permit to Shell Oil Co. to drill off Alaska’s coast. The company spent five years and nearly $4 billion preparing to give America a 27-billion-barrel shot in the arm of our domestic oil supply, which is down to 7 million barrels a day, 13 million short of what America uses.

If you read the entire article here from the Washington Times you may or may not learn that we have a trillion barrels of untapped oil beneath us; enough to last 200 years and provide thousands of jobs.

The Circus Movie

Lizzie and I and our movie friends went to see "Water For Elephants" last week. They thought it was good. I gave it one thumb up and one thumb down. The best circus movie had to the "The Greatest Show On Earth" in the early Fifties.
The film we saw had excellent music for every scene. We always stay for the credits at the end of a flick. There were a heck of a lot of songs in this one. Wouldn't it be really, really cool if life had background music all day, every day? If there was a bad event you would hear a funeral dirge. If exciting things happened the sounds of Raiders of the Lost Ark would be heard. Life could be so much more interesting this way. Unless you're part of my inner circle you don't know I hum constantly. These are nothing hums, though. From now on I may put them to music just like they do in the movies. By the by, and I related this to a friend the other day: I was told by a person the following piece of info and it might be attributed to my humming fetish. He said, "you're quite weird. I think I'd like to hang out with you". Put that to music, will ya'.

"Don't Worry. It's Only A Kenyan Newspaper"

Way back when in a land far, far away came an article about a young fellow named Barack Obama. It was in a newspaper from Kenya. How is it they had the temerity to lie about such a serious subject, our leader's citizenship.

Speaking Of 'Racers'

How much footage of the southern tornadoes have you seen? The death and destruction is unfathomable. I don't want to shock too many of you people but there are many, many black folks dead or homeless. Know what? People, white people, are coming from all over the nation to give aid and financial support to all, white and black. Try to remember this and pass it on the next time Chris Matthews, Rachel Maddow or Larry O'Donnell rants about racism.

Saturday At Church

I get some of my best material at week-end Mass, more so on Saturday than Sunday. It's probably because people are in a more casual mode.
Prior to it's beginning we have a person make announcements. We had the usual one about not leaving the service before the priest leaves the alter. I've done this before, a couple of times maybe, but always have feelings of guilt. I sort of tuck my head in my shoulder so no one will notice me. Really, though, why should I care? I don't know a soul in our congregation. There's only one person who knows me and He's the big boss. Maybe that's it. Leaving church early is rude. No other way to say it.
One other announcement caught my attention. Please do not chew gum in church! Does this actually have to be said. Yep! It does. I saw a 'dad' at Easter Sunday Mass chewing gum. This sounds strange to me; chewing gum in church. You might as well have a cuspidor at your feet. Maybe this came from poor home training or they probably didn't attend Catholic schools. Trust me, the nuns would have taken care of this problem and early on.
I taught school with a priest in the early 70's. You know what he would have said? "Hey dumb ass, spit out your gum". I know he would have said it since he did. After all, it's only good manners. That's it for today and it was a beautiful one: no rain, warm temps and lots and lots of sunshine. Did I die or is this a dream?

What's A Racer?

There's a new word floating around brought to us by a guy named Tony Katz. I've never heard of him but, evidently, he's a conservative talk show host.
Regardless, he's initiated the word "Racer". Whatever the Right says about Obama is because of race. "Gas is to high so blame it on the Right who are racists". "Conservatives hate Obama because he's Black". That's a "racer" statement even though white America helped elect him. Whatever refers to Obama in a negative way is the excuse given by a "Racer". Wait, I can do better explaining this in a more contemporary way. If I say, "Obama likes golf", Lefties would call me a racist since, thirty years ago all caddies at the Masters were Black. If I tell someone Obama likes basketball then I'm a racist since 90% of the players in the NBA are Black. Therefore, these clowns, in my vernacular, are "racers". I can get used to this word. Try it, you'll like it. It's a good comeback for the phonies on the Left. "What a Racer, you are"! I like it, too.

Friday, April 29, 2011

GWB Bike Rides With Wounded Vets! Who Cares!

Newsbusters, by Ken Shepherd

If a 64-year-old former U.S. president rode 100 kilometers in the desert with more than a dozen wounded military veterans to raise awareness of and money for veterans charities, would it make headlines? You'd think it would, but it didn't. Yet despite the newsworthiness of the trek, it seems the mainstream media has all but ignored it, save for ABC News's George Stephanopoulos. A search of Nexis transcripts found no mentions of the bike ride either CBS or NBC news programming. A search of "major newspapers" found no mention in the Washington Post or New York Times.

When High Gas Prices Are Good

What a difference five years can make in our thinking. In 2006 with gas prices at an all time hime the dems made hay out of making GW and Dick Cheney the villains. In 2011 Obama and his cronies are good guys. With the price of gas so high, according to the MSM there are fewer citizens dying from polluted air and car crashes. Watch the video to see hypocrisy in action.

Obama's Daddy Kicked out Of Harvard, USA

Well, this is certainly interesting. Barack Obama Sr., the Lad's daddy was booted out of Harvard and his Visa was not renewed in 1964. This little nugget of info comes to us via the Freedom of Information Act. Senior had no problem with his grades. It seems his behavior was unseemly; whatever that means.
This places an entirely different light on the book written by Junior, "Dreams From My Father" aka, William Ayers. Every day in every way things keep getting better and better. Click here to read the article.

Most Useless Jobs In America

You know what, the title of this post might be off slightly. There was a study done by the Daily Beast showing in the worst jobs for the money based on cash spent for a college education. This will get your attention for a couple of reasons: (1) Back in the 80's there was something published called: "The Book Of Lists". People like those things. They don't have to think when reading since the work is already done for them.
(2) the number one "worthless" job came as no surprise to me. Before you click here to get the article see if you can figure out which one it is. Hah! This takes as much brain power as spinning a top.

Sometimes---Life Doesn't Make Sense

Hat tip: I can't--the site has a vile name

Thursday, April 28, 2011

More On Racism

Bob Schieffer of CBS, Johnathan Alter from Newsweek, Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar from Mars all state that criticisms of Obama are all racist. Does this mean that every complaint about Der Leader is of a racial nature. "Barry, do you always sit down when you go to the bathroom"? Is this racist. "Barry, do you like vanilla Dairy Queen"? Oh, there I go again with this racist talk.
So, what's it going to be. From the leftie loon side it's going to be 100% everything. And you can take it to the bank.

Obama's Mom NOT Punished With A Baby

Do you recall in 2008 when Obama spoke about life--and death--of babies. He said he didn't want his daughters punished with a baby if they were young. Well, check out the article here and listen to his talk. Then, spend a few more seconds viewing a video put out by Right to Life. It is very effective.

Curiouser And Curiouser

For laughs only but there seems to be another glitch with the birth certificate in Hawaii. A day after Barry was born, twin girls came into this world. The problem is, they were assigned birth numbers lower that what Obama received. As an example, the Prez would have had the number 4 and the girls 5 and 6. Not so. It's reversed. This is fun!

San Francisco: No Circumcisions Allowed?

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – A group opposed to male circumcision said on Tuesday they have collected more than enough signatures to qualify a proposal to ban the practice in San Francisco as a ballot measure for November elections.

You know how MJ frequently places a picture next to an article. If you think I'm doing it on this post you've lost your mind.

More On The Birth Certificate

Do you have ten minutes to pull yourself away from TV? Here's an expert on video who destroys the White House explanation on the birth certificate. As I said, I don't care but I do like to see the administration sweat. I don't know who the "expert" is but my son thinks he knows what he's doing and my son can detect computer fakes faster than I can go to the bathroom.

50 Reasons Why Obama Should Not Be Re-Elected

Hugh Hewitt is a radio talk show host, contributing writer to Townhall Magazine and brilliant. He has started a list of 50 reasons why Obama should not be re-elected.

1. Obamacare
2. The failed $850 billion stimulus
3. High, persistent unemployment
4. Gas prices
5. The 2012 budget's fecklessness
6. Massive deficits each and every year
7. The seizure of GM and Chrysler, the transfer of bondholder wealth to unions, and the dumping of the GM stock at a loss
8. Dodd-Frank/Freddy Mac and Fannie Mae support
9. Hostility to Israel, including attack on apartment expansion and icing of Prime Minister Netanyahu in basement of White House
10. Failure to support Iran's Green Revolution
11. Failure to support Syrian revolution
12. The Libyan Fiasco
13. The incompetent handling of the Gulf Oil disaster
14. The unnecessary permitorium in the aftermath of the Gulf Oil disaster
15. The shutdown of Shell's Arctic oil exploration by EPA
16. The president's push for cap-and-tax in the Congress
17. The president's attempt to unconstitutionally impose cap-and-tax via EPA when the Congress wouldn't pass cap-and-tax
18. The president's push for unconstitutional restrictions on free speech on his political enemies while keeping the unions free to spend money on campaigns via The Disclose Act
19. The president's attempt to unconstitutionally impose The Disclose Act on his political opponents but not unions via Executive Order
20. The president's use of unaccountable "czars"
21. The president's refusal to accept Congressional direction vis-a-vis his "czars" contained in the last 2011 Continuing Resolution
22. The president's verbal assault on the Supreme Court while the members of the Court sat before him in the state of the Union
23. The president and Eric Holder's politicization of the Department of Justice, including the black panthers case and the refusal to defend DOMA
24. The president's use of demonizing rhetoric towards his opponents, such as accusing doctors of performing unnecessary surgery for money
25. The president's hyper-partisan approach to governing including "I won, you lost" in 2009 and the assault on Paul Ryan with Paul Ryan as an invited guest in the president's April 2011 "deficit speech."
26. Bowing to the Saudi King and the Japanese emperor
27. Returning the bust of Churchill to Great Britain
28. Removing the missile shield from Poland and the Czech Republic
29. Backing the would-be dictator of Hondorus when that nation's Supreme Court rightfully removed him from office
30. Failure to push for quick ratification of free trade agreements with Columbia, Panama and South Korea
31. Indecision on Afghanistan surge coupled with announcement of eventual withdrawal.
32. Incoherence on Egypt, most obviously with the dispatch of Frank Wizner and then rejection of Wizner's advice vis-a-vis Mubarak.
33. Appointment Craig Beck to NLRB via recess appointment
34. Appointment of FCC commissioners who are pursuing "net neutrality" without Congressional authorization
35. Failure to resume full water deliveries to California's Central Valley because of the Delta Smelt
36. Attempt to close Guantanamo Bay
37. Attempt to try terrorists in New York City
38. Janet "The System Worked" Napolitano
39. Government takeover of the student loan program
40. Cancellation of "virtual border fence" project with no replacement or indeed concern for border security
41. The "Beer Summit" and the attack on the Cambridge Police Department
42. The Department of Justice's attack on Arizona for that state's exercise of its sovereign legislative authority on the issue of citizen identification rules
43. The attack on Scott Walker and Wisconsin for the governor's and the state legislature's exercise of their sovereign legislative authority on public employment issues
44. Dabbling in basketball brackets while the Middle East fell into chaos and the gas prices skyrocketed
45. Arguing that American exceptionalism was the same as any nation's sense of exceptionalism
46. Implying that Minnesota bridge collapse was the result of lack of infrastructure funding
47. Inserting himself into campaign for the Olympics
48. Attack on D.C. voucher program
49. Van Jones and a long list of other appointees who are radical socialists/communists
50. Teleprompter dependency and the worst run of presidential rhetoric since Millard Fillmore combined with testiness in the few interviews he grants.

Birth Certificate(being held in reserve)

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Storms across the country this week with 170 killed. Courtesy of The DrudgeReport and the Tuscaloosa News very descriptve photos of the mass devastation are available.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Reading Obituaries Redux

I was looking back on some of my earlier blogs and came across one I wrote in November of 2008. I thought it was worthwhile so I decided on a reprint. Hope you enjoy.

When reading newspapers I go through a specific sequence. Up to the age of thirty it was the sports page only. Since then it's letters to the editor followed by the national news section. After that it's on to the local news, weather and, recently, I've added obituaries.
People who read obits, I suspect, do it for the same reasons: (1) to find out if we know the recently departed; (2) to see how many are younger than us. It can be a bitter sweet experience. You feel sad for them and their family due to their youth. Still, it's a victory of sorts because we're still breathing. I recall a student of mine giving me a good natured verbal blast on my thirty-fourth birthday and I irreverently responded; "Well, I beat Jesus, didn't I"? (3) some look for interesting obits. I read an obituary two years ago that took up the entire length of the page. The deceased had more life experiences than Hugh Hefner. It was as though he had climbed Mt. Everest and written children's books at the same time, while eating a corn dog----and drinking a beer. Whoever wrote about him liked that person a lot. I hope they got over their grief.
I've also noticed that when pictures are included with the obit they are of two types. If the person who dies is over the age of eighty and they are men the picture is current unless he was in the Armed Forces. Then we get the uniform picture. If it's a woman over eighty somebody sticks in a picture of when she was twenty-five giving her the Hedy Lamarr appearance. It's easy to tell how old she was since the photo looks like it was taken just prior to her making a mad dash to a Benny Goodman concert.
Reading obits is directly proportional to one's age. My kids don't. I do it every day.
Obituaries also remind me of an early teaching experience and it took place in 1974 . Education was unusual in the 70's; seems we were inundated with weirdo curiculum. The English department in the new school I was hired to coach basketball and teach was offering scrabble, crossword puzzle and the most popular subject, comic book reading. Go figure! The History department was not far behind. Since I was the "newbie" I was assigned a new subject, Thanatology-the study of death and dying. Come to find out, I was the first high school instructor in the nation to do this. Elizabeth Kubler-Ross had published the first Death and Dying text so I borrowed greatly from her. It seemed students were crawling out of the woodwork to take my class. I thought my excellent teaching credentials had preceded me but then the truth was revealed. "New teacher-basketball coach-easy class-easy A".
In the final analysis the class turned out to be rather successful. We did the trips to the funeral home, studies of world traditions, visits to cemeteries and even a pet cemetery. How can I ever forget the grave stone that read: "Hear lies Fluffy-struck down by a truck".
One requirement was to have my students write their own obituary. It was a reality thing and I didn't expect much. At seventeen what can a person write; played Little League, ate an ice cream cone, kissed Mary Lou, went to the prom.
Obituaries are fun to read. Try it yourself and see if you do it honestly. It can be quite humbling.

A Very Busy Schedule For Obama

Finally, the Prez fired back at birth certificate critics during a press conference;

"“We do not have time for this kind of silliness,” Obama told reporters, without taking questions. “I’ve got better stuff to do.”

He sure does have things to do. Today, he will leave with Michelle to tape The Oprah Show then it's to New York for a couple of fundraisers. How this guy finds time to make our lives better is beyond my scope of understanding.

Fishy Birth Certificate?

There's a blog contributor called, Mr. Pinko, who seems to think the birth certificate has been tampereds with. Far be it from me to continue this silliness without good cause. I've said all along the birth certificate isn't the story. Mr. Pinko had a look at the long form on the Fox web site. Just something from MJH to keep the controversy alive.
Oh, I forgot to include further controversy from The Smoking Gun. They analyze documents for authenticity and they, too, have raised more questions on the cirth certificate.

Race-Baiter Of The Highest Order

You do know, of course, how I feel about this guy. He's a trouble maker. Whenever he wants his adulterous mug on the news he screams, "Racism". I have to credit quite a few of the American people for being ignorant on the topic of race. If you'd check your history books, the non-revisionist kind, you might notice that the Democrat Party is the party of the KKK, racism, lynchings, cross burnings and politicians who aspired to keep the black man down. Al Gore Sr, Robert "KKK" Byrd, southern governors of the 60's and 70's; they all were racists of the worst kind. It's too bad the Republicans don't blow their own horn and let the world know it was they who freed the slave. It was they who worked to gain the civil rights for our minority citizens in the mid-Twentieth Century.
Jesse Jackson is a divider of the highest order.
You may be wondering the point of this blog. No special reason except I came across this photo and damned near lost my breakfast.

Donald Trump, Grasping At Straws

One of my better friends thinks Donald "The Donald" Trump is the saviour of this country. I cringed in fear when he uttered this remark. "Why, he said, "he's saying some good things"? I'm as anxious as anyone to get these people out of the White House but could we at least give he process a chance. Why throw away everything for the opportunity of nominating someone who would make us proud of our leader rather than having a cooked over baked potato. "Donald Trump"! Puhleeze, don't even think it". Chew on the following from the Washington Post about the new 'Slickmeister'.

"The Washington Post reported Wednesday 54 percent of Donald Trump's $1.3 million in political contributions through the years went to Democrats.

A Post analysis of state and federal disclosure records indicated recipients include Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev.; Hillary Clinton when she was a New York Democratic U.S. senator; Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y.; Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass.; the late Sen. Ted Kennedy, D-Mass.; and U.S. Rep. Charles Rangel, D-N.Y., who was sanctioned by the House Dec. 2 for violating ethics rules.

Trump gave $50,000 to former Obama Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel for his recent run to become Chicago's mayor, the Post reported.

Trump's office had no comment. Trump told Fox News April 14 he supported Democrats because he had few viable Republican options in New York".

Read more:

"Divorce, Divorce, Divorce"

Talk about keeping things simple. Muslims don't mess around when it comes to getting a divorce. All a male has to do is tell the wife three times in succession, "Baby, you're history" and it's over. With the advent of texting it becomes even easier. For Muslim women, well, a divorce is almost impossible.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Viagra Beer Now Available

Thanks to number 1 son for allowing me to steal from M&B Brewers, his web site, this tintillating article about a British laced with Viagra. Read and enjoy his blog. (Look to the right. It's on my blog list--there's nothing like nepotism)

"I'm sorry, I couldn't help myself, after reading this story about a British brewery that has created a 7.5% ABV IPA laced with Viagra, of all things—because after 3 IPAs, you'll probably need a little help in that department, if you catch my drift. Read on to learn about Pfizer's new chewable Viagra, to appeal to people who are unable to swallow". (Yes, I'm sure there's a joke in there as well, but we're taking the high road).

Things The MSM Won't Write About Obama

I may need your help on this since I'm doing this on the fly. There has been another area death of a soldier in Afghanistan. When was the last time the MSM wrote about the number of deaths to American soldiers? Think GWB would get off so easily?
The price of gas. Need I write more? Bush was under constant assault when the pumps read $4. Now it's commonplace and we don't hear much about it. What we do hear is Obama complaining about oil subsidies. I hope the oil boys make scads of cash. It makes my 401K look a lot better. How come we didn't hear about the infusion of money into GM? Isn't that a subsidy? Stupid me. They're his union pals.
We drink coffee in our house. Oops! We used to drink a lot of coffee in our home but not any more. I'm down to a cup a day. Bread's kind of expensive. What a relief not to have to raise children. One can only imagine grocery bills. But wait, there is no inflation. I haven't much lately about the high cost of food. Is that still Bush's fault, too?
It's shameless the media didn't vett the President before the election and up to today. America knows more about MJ Hawkeye than they do the lad from Hawaii.
If you can come up with other examples of how the media allows the great one to skate let me know. It'd fill a book easily, I'm sure.

Obama Declares For Marxism

It's official. Obama has declared war on capitalism as stated in the Washington Times.

Chick-Chicka Boom-Boom

Trust me, it's funny and the video only lasts a minute or so

5 Political Beliefs That Aren't True

"No matter how big the lie, repeat it often enough and the masses will regard it as the truth".
John F. Kennedy
This quote is a take-off on what Goebbels said prior to WWII. "The bigger the lie the more apt the people are to believe it".

An article from tells us there are 5 political beliefs that are false.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Are You A Racist?

In order to decide if you hate Obama because you are a racist it is imperative that you watch the video then draw your own conclusions.

A Prophet Among Us

GM, Chrysler Dominate 'Worst Cars' List

We all knew about the bailout of GM and Chrysler. It was a ploy to make life easier for Obama's union buddies. Forbes is out with it's 'worst cars' list.

Gambling In Columbus O

Great news for Columbus, Ohio and the surrounding area if you happen to be a gambler. Ground was broken this morning for the brand spanking new casino. It's supposed to provide employment for 2,000 people. The location is on the city's west side. It's called "The Bottoms", I think. It might be referred to as "The Hilltop". It's not an area I often visit. Since I moved here in 1989 I call it "The Pits". Anyway, I don't know if this is going to be a boon for the local economy but I can assure you the area will see a higher class of hooker.

Rand Paul: "Attend A Tea Party Before You Complain"

Newly elected senator Rand Paul(R-Kentucky) has a video on the state of the economy. He also takes to task those who complain about the Tea Party who are clueless stating, "the Tea Party did not bring on the bad economy. They are for good government". He's an up and comer in this country.

Age Of America Coming To An End

According to 'Market Watch' the US economy will be overtaken by China by 2016. Read about it here.

Has Anyone Seen This? Does Anyone Know What It Is?

Central Ohio is about to set an all time record for rain in the month of April. As much as I hate writing it I say, "go for it". A record is a record and it's nice being a part of history. So far this month, as of yesterday, the skies had dropped 6.27" on the ground. Since it poured all night and into the early morning hours of today the total has to be pushing the April, 1893 total of 7.08". And---the forecast for Wednesday calls for animals to be lining up two by two.

Cripes! This Is The Best We Have

Graham and McCain are calling for the assassination of Ghaddafi. Obamaninski involves us, with great timidity, in another middle eastern clash and these clowns rush to judgement. In every way I wake up daily saying, "Gee, I'm glad McCain didn't get elected". Read the article.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Paraposdokian: Just For Fun

Courtesy of Dan Cirucci:

A paraprosdokian is a figure of speech in which the latter part of a sentence or phrase is surprising or unexpected in a way that causes the reader or listener to reframe or reinterpret the first part. It is frequently used for humorous or dramatic effect, sometimes producing an anticlimax.

1. Do not argue with an idiot. He will drag you down to his level and beat you with experience.

2. Going to church doesn't make you a Christian any more than standing in a garage makes you a car.

3. The last thing I want to do is hurt you. But it's still on the list.

4. If I agreed with you we'd both be wrong.

5. We never really grow up, we only learn how to act in public.

6. War does not determine who is right - only who is left.

7. Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit; Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad.

8. Evening news is where they begin with 'Good evening', and then proceed to tell you why it isn't.

9. A bus station is where a bus stops. A train station is where a train stops. On my desk, I have a work station.

10. How is it one careless match can start a forest fire, but it takes a whole box to start a campfire?

11. Dolphins are so smart that within a few weeks of captivity, they can train people to stand on the very edge of the pool and throw them fish.

12. I thought I wanted a career, turns out I just wanted pay checks.

13. Whenever I fill out an application, in the part that says "In an emergency, notify:" I put "Doctor".

14. I didn't say it was your fault, I said I was blaming you.

15. Behind every successful man is his woman. Behind the fall of a successful man is usually another woman.

16. You do not need a parachute to skydive. You only need a parachute to skydive twice.

17.. The voices in my head may not be real, but they have some good ideas!

18. Hospitality: Making your guests feel like they're at home, even if you wish they were.

19. I discovered I scream the same way whether I'm about to be devoured by a great white shark or if a piece of seaweed touches my foot.

20. There's a fine line between cuddling and holding someone down so they can't get away.

21. I always take life with a grain of salt, plus a slice of lemon, and a shot of tequila.

22. When tempted to fight fire with fire, remember that the Fire Department usually uses water.

23. You're never too old to learn something stupid.

24. To be sure of hitting the target, shoot first and call whatever you hit the target.

25. I prayed to God for a new bike, but I know God doesn't work that way. So I stole a bike and prayed for forgiveness

Easter Sunday

Yes, it is Easter Sunday and I'm happy for that. My second grade teacher, Sr. Mary Calasanctus, told us that Easter was more important in church history than Christmas and she was correct. Jesus could have come to earth in any form but he needed to die for our sins for us to be saved. At any rate, I watch a lot of TV around Easter time. The History Channel, especially, runs interesting programming about the times of Christ. I wonder had I been alive then if I would have rejoiced at His presence. One thing I'm not at this time is practicing the giving up of something during Lent. For me it's the same as a New Year's Resolution. I know I'm going to set myself up for a fall so why bother. In the Catholic Church folks over 60 are exempt from following the dietary laws. Not me, though. I mean, how tough is it to give up a Wendy's on Friday?
The Ten Commandment's was on television last night. There are certain things in life one can count on as TV traditions; The Wizard of Oz, A Wonderful Life and The Ten Commandments. I first saw the movie in 1956. Our entire school from Sacred Heart was invited by Mr. Fangman to go to the Rialto to watch. That was a pretty big deal for a 4th grader. Wow! We got the afternoon off from school! Mark Collison and I popped a grocery bag full of corn and, believe it or not, the nuns let us take it in with us.
For the period it was a darned good movie. Who can ever forget when Moses receives the Commandments from God, Himself? Now, I'm not one to one upsmanship God but if I were Him I might have presented the ten no-no's in a different way. "THOU SHALT NOT COMMIT ADULTERY"! There's no leeway, is there? Man, being who he is, doesn't like to told what to do. Often times he'll do the opposite on purpose. Don't believe me? Well, then go ask Eve if she had a chance would she do things over a different way. I don't care for it when Lizzie tells me to rake the leaves, especially when I have something more important to do like napping. The only difference is, I say the magic, "yes dear" words.
What if God would have said to Moses: "Moses, it would be better if people didn't mess around with another person's spouse". The same for that 'don't kill thing'. It could come out, "Killing another person might not be that nice of a thing to do. Maybe your clan should think it over".
Just a thought from me, mind you.
Regardless, Easter comes at the right time of year; flowers, warmer weather, re-birth of animals and plants. It's a great day to be alive.

The Wedding List: Are You On It?

Guess who's not on the wedding invitee list of William and Kate? You already knew it isn't Michelle and Barack. They are the only ones in the world left off the April 29 shindig. You can scroll down the list to see if you made it.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

You Know Where I'm Going With This

Tony Harnden of the UK Guardian says that Don Trump's entry into the political arena is a joke. So, what's the big deal. We're only continuing a trend that began in 2008.
Harnden's piece exposes Trump for what he is, an ego guy with a flair for the outrageous. Even so, Obama has to be concerned. Some voters are paying attention

Still Concerned And Still Giving Warnings

Do you recall a post I had a month ago regarding our response to violence and insurrection in the Middle East? There was a wait and see attitude then Queen Hillary or some White House spokesperson would utter the famous, "we're concerned" or "we demand this action stop immediately", then nothing. Well, here we go in Syria, again. The government controlled soldiers are firing upon and killing their own citizens and we are are spouting "baby threats". No respect in the world is what this administration offers.
To date we are floundering in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya with Syria not far behind.
Readers, when the Washington Post comes out against the current administration as it has in the highlighted article, it isn't good for the Obamaites.

Convicted Rapist To Get Heart Transplant

When Kenneth Pike was sentenced to forty years in prison for rape in 1996 chances are fairly good he didn't think he'd ever need a heart transplant. MJH read about his request for one two days ago. "Ain't no way", I said. Stupid me.

"Hail, King Of The Geese"

You can imagine how proud were mom, dad, grandma and grandpa were when it was announced our three year old, Paige, had a starring role in the pre-school Easter pageant. Practice, practice, practice is what she did for two whole weeks. There was great consternation on the part of mom and dad when the final line demand that she sing, "Hail, King of the geese". But, if that's what was to be sung that's the way it was supposed to be.
Lucky for mom she called the teacher and had time to get the real scoop. Kids are funny and hear what they want. My then 14 year old son, upon entering high school, was convinced St. Charles Borromeo was Charles 'born a man'. Anyway, the play with Paige came off and the refrain of, "Hail, King of Kings" was sung perfectly. Too bad. It would have been more fun sung in it's original form.

Friday, April 22, 2011

The History Of The F Bomb

My oh my, an Iowa female college prof has set off a firestorm with her admonition to
college Republicans. It seems the story keeps gaining strenth. Well, she did say over the internet; "F You Republicans". So, I happened to come across an article explaining the history of the F Bomb. I remember the first time I said it and it wasn't pretty. My mom had a couple of friends over for lunch. Did I mention I was ten years-old? Anyway, I was standing in the doorway between the kitchen and dining and dropped a glass of milk. I can promise I really meant to say, "Oh fudge" but it didn't come out that way. My recollection is everyone went on about their business as though it didn't happen. That's the way June Cleaver would have done it in 1956. Except my mom was not Barbara Billingsly and, for sure, my dad wasn't Hugh Beaumont.
Aha, MJ escaped once again.

About As Funny As It Gets

Hilarious Forecasts From Earth Day, 1970

Wanna read some funny stuff? How about checking out what world eggheads said about our Earth Day dilemma in 1970.

Lt. Col. Allen West: "Obama Acting Like Low Level Socialist Agitator"

It's a fair bet to say that 99% of Americans have never heard of the new congressman from Florida, Lt. Col. Allen West. He's a no nonsense sort of guy in the vein of Ronald Reagan. He's also black which might explain why the MSM refuses to put him on television. In the included video you can watch Greta Susteran's video on Fox with West.

The Weather

In all my years in Central Ohio this is, by far, the very worst when it comes to seasonal weather.
Late Fall and Winter have never caused much concern for me. Compared to Iowa an average winter Ohio temp of 31 degrees is balmy. BUT, I've had enough. Yesterday, it was 59 and sunny. The six days prior to that were cloudy and rainy. I usually look at the ten day forecast for Dublin. This is what it reads: rain until April 30. And, unless I'm wrong, it doesn't usually rain when the sun is shining.
This is getting to be valium serious.

Gov't Cash Handouts Now Top Tax Revenues

U.S. households are now getting more in cash handouts from the government than they are paying in taxes for the first time since the Great Depression.

Households received $2.3 trillion in some kind of government support in 2010. That includes expanded unemployment benefits, as well as payments for Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and stimulus spending, among other things.

I Goofed

Yeah, stack it on me. My most reliable source gave me some bad info. Then, my friend told me to wise up. Then, I rechecked and realized I goofed up. So, "shoot me, alright". You'll notice it's been deleted. Andrea Mitchell says she gets most all her world info from Al Jazerra. As with Obama's record the story has been scrubbed.

The Real Earth Day

Today's the big day; It's Earth Day. And it wasn't founded by the Jolly Green Giant. A fella by the name of Gaylord Nelson, Senator from, where else, Wisconsin started it back in 1970 at a teach-in for environmental awareness. Wisconsin has always been off the wall. Is it possible their brandy and beer consumption has something to do with this? This is how excited I am about ED. I'm too tired and bored with the subject to attempt research. Yesterday, I did look at Green Peace as to their total numbers. They threw out some bogus figure like 250,000 in the US. That seems almost astronomical to me. I've never met a Green Peace person, not a hard core one, anyway. I've never met a Earth Day aficionado, either, unless one counts public school elementary teachers who teach their tykes songs like, "we hate plastic and rubber bands".
I will celebrate Earth Day by doing the following today: make a visit to Church, say the rosary and do the stations of the cross. Around three o'clock I'll go back to church for a few minutes. That's the 3rd hour of Jesus' suffering or so they(scholars) tell us. People, this would be the REAL Earth Day. Until Mr. Gore allows himself to be nailed to a cross for three hours Jesus Christ has my vote and undivided attention.
If it wasn't raining I might continue the ED celebration by mowing and carrying sticks to the curb so the "keepers of the almighty flame" can take them to the dump.
In closing, would you really want to break bread with Al Gore?

See Ira Einhorn

Thursday, April 21, 2011

It Only Goes To Show We're All Human

Poor, poor Saphia Khambalia. She's a Toronto news reporter who was doing her thing outside a Charlie Sheen "dudfest". Not a problem for me, Saphia. You still pass muster.
If you'd like there's a video that goes along with the photo.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

And The Media Remains Silent

Some say it can go to $6 by summertime

U of Iowa Prof To College Repubs: "F*** You"

Shocked me! No it didn't. The college prof, Ms Lewin, is one of those transgender studies, blah, blah, blah types. I have to admit her college photo makes her look like a nice granny. Once again, how come we never hear about the conservatives having the foul mouth in public? Libs are very angry people. Do you think Sarah Palin does this to them or were they born unhinged. Regardless, the article from the republican side is interesting. Lewin did apologize, then backtracked stating she was upset after reading an article about the state of affairs in Wisconsin. She also said she couldn't recall if she was a man or a woman! Not really, I made that up. A dem spokesperson covered for her saying the F word should be expected in a liberal town like Iowa City. Huh?

Muslim On Cover Of Playboy

Sila Sahin, a Turkish-German Muslin wanted to be liberated so what better way than to be on the European cover of Playboy. Mom and Dad and most of her family aren't too happy. Can you say "fatwah"?
Come to think about it if my daughter looked this good I wouldn't want her showing her skin on Playboy, either. Let me clarify. I wouldn't want my daughter on a skin mag regardless of how she looked.

Common Sense Prevails

Recall yesterday the story about the New York legislature calling for the elimination of "dangerous activities" for children in government areas. Well, it seems the legislature has tabled this piece of 'poop' for the time being. Would it be they read MJH?

This Makes Me Hungry

Want to watch a very funny video. There was a flash mob that took place somewhere out west. Except this flash mob was to protest non-union Target. Other protesters are making fools of themselves because Target is, gasp, sending donations to conservative politicians. Watch the ladies perform. I swear, one of them is about ready to pass out at the one minute mark. Most of them are candidates for a Richard Simmons workout. Know what I thought when I saw them? Jenny Craig!

Happy Easter

from lucianne

General Motors Is In The Toilet

The U.S. government plans to sell a significant share of its remaining stake in General Motors Co. this summer despite the disappointing performance of the auto maker's stock, people familiar with the matter said.

A sale within the next several months would almost certainly mean U.S. taxpayers will take a loss on their $50 billion rescue of the Detroit auto maker in 2009.

To break even, the U.S. Treasury would need to sell its remaining stake—about 500 million shares—at $53 apiece. GM closed off 27 cents a share at $29.97 in 4 p.m. trading Monday on the New York Stock Exchange, hitting a new low since its $33-a-share November initial public offering.
The entire article is available at the Wall Street Journal.

"The Pressure! The Pressure Is Building"

Hey Gang! Thanks to everybody for viewing the blog site. In looking at last month's 'hits' button there were 3,217 of you people and that's a lot. Unless my mom clicked it that many times I've got some readers. Never fear, though. I will not charge cash for viewing. I couldn't handle the pressure to produce.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

New York Legislature Bans Kid Games

In their almighty wisdom the New York state legislature has banned age old kid games from state controlled camps. Whiffle ball----gone, too dangerous. The same goes for freeze tag and horse back riding and kickball.

This bit of wisdom took me back to my Iowa kid days. I should be dead. If not that then permanently maimed. I forget the name of the game but two guys stood facing each other. One guy had a knife and threw it in the ground to the side of the other's foot. Whoever kept doing the splits without falling over was the winner. A better game was the opposite of this. Each guy stood with feet slightly wider than shoulder width. One fella threw the knife between the feet. Each player then brought a foot in until there was no place for them to go. I think we called this game, "Chicken". When I was seven, Jerry Johnson and myself were playing "catch the hammer". I got six stitches from that game but I still have a neato scar on my skull.
This 'sissification of kids" is most likely brought on my female legislators and Alan Alda males. But, hey, that's only one man's opinion.

When A Lie Is The Truth

"What we have done in terms of border security is unprecedented"

Isn't this a bizarre statement. This guy can say anything and get away with it. Even so, he's probably correct. It's unprecedented that he's done nothing to alleviate a disastrous situation. His budget has eliminated $250 billion in border security measures. That's unprecedented.

A Joke(I Think)

Katie Couric, Charlie Gibson, Brian Williams and a tough old Marine Sergeant were captured by Islamists in Afghanistan. The leader of the Islamists told them he’d grant each of them a last request before they were beheaded and dragged naked through the streets.

Katie Couric said, “Well, I’d like to record a goodbye to my family.”

Charlie Gibson said, “I’d like to do the same.”

Brian Williams said, “I’m a reporter to the end. I’d like to take that tape recorder and describe the scene here and what’s about to happen. I’m a reporter until the end.”

The leader turned and asked, “And you, Mr.Marine, what is your final wish? ”

“Kick me in the ass,” said the Marine.

“What?” asked the leader.

“You heard me. I want you to kick me in the ass,” insisted the Marine.

So the leader shoved him to the ground and kicked him in the ass.

The Marine went sprawling, rolled to his knees, pulled a 9 mm pistol from inside his cammies and shot the leader dead.

He emptied a second sidearm on six terrorists, then with his knife he slashed the throat of one, took his AK-47 and sprayed the rest of the terrorists.

In a flash, all of them were dead.

As the Marine was untying Couric, Gibson, and Williams, they asked him, “Why didn’t you just shoot them all in the first place? Why did you ask him to kick you in the ass?”

“What?” replied the Marine, “and have you a-holes report that I was the aggressor?”

From BigFurHat

Our Leader At 75?

See what happens when smoke hits the skin. It makes your eye lids shrink and give the smoker a squinty, almost Oriental look. That ain't no E cigarette he's suckin' on.

The Stingy Biden's

The Vice President and Dr. Jill Biden released their 2010 federal income tax returns, as well as state income tax returns for both Delaware and Virginia. They filed joint federal and Delaware income tax returns. Dr. Biden filed a separate non-resident tax return for the state of Virginia. Together, they reported an adjusted gross income of $379,178.The Bidens paid $86,626 in total federal taxes for 2010. They paid $14,479 in Delaware income taxes and $3,515 in Virginia income taxes. The Bidens contributed $5,350 to charity, in both monetary and in-kind donations.

You gotta be kidding? $5,350 to charity on a $380k salary? That is ridiculous. Then again, it's a huge amount compared to what al Gore gave as veep.
From BigFurHat

Finally, A Reporter Asks "O" Tough Questions

A Texas reporter asked Mr. Obama some tough questions in an interview. After the segment was completed the president informed the questioner he should "let me finish my answers". It's a fine example of how an ego does not like to be challenged.

Monday, April 18, 2011

It's All About Greed

This is an ethanol story from Flopping Aces. The two senators from Iowa, my home state, Chuck Grassley(R) and Tom Harken(D), are perpetuating the myth that ethanol is our nation's fuel savior. For them it's about maintaining power. For the farmers, it's greed.

"The Frady Room"

I love my college roomie to death. He's a Nebraskan by birth, taught and coached in Iowa, then became a stock broker and moved to Oklahoma a quarter century ago. He's not a "goober" but when in Rome--------------.
Last night I was perusing the news and saw the tremendous amount of tornadoes that had touched down in Oklahoma. Not exactly being an expert on big storms I was concerned for the well-being of his family and what it's like to live where he does.
Just last year, or was it two years ago, Picher, Oklahoma, three miles from his town, was completely wiped out by a tornado.
I asked him if he had a basement and if not what they did to keep safe when dark clouds appeared. "Aw, we just go next door to our neighbors and get in the frady room", he said. I guess if you're in the midst of it 200 times a year it doesn't seem quite so bad. I only want to know what a "frady room" looks like.

Abu Ghraib Is Good

You may not remember retired Gen. Ricardo Sanchez, but you will probably be hearing his name a lot very soon. That’s because Sanchez, who was forced out as the top commander in Iraq, is reportedly going to be running for U.S. Senate in TX. But he’s not going to be running as a conservative, as some might think. Instead, the man once disgraced by the Abu Ghraib scandal has been recruited to run as a Democrat.

“I would describe myself as during my military career as supporting the president and the Constitution,” Sanchez said. “After the military, I decided that socially, I’m a progressive but I'm also a fiscal conservative.

Is it possible the Democrat Party is playing the race card in Texas? You know: Sanchez being an Hispanic. Only a thought on my part.


Washington Examiner

Happy Tax Day

On this most wonderful of days I came across an interesting article by Linda Chavez who writes for the Creative Syndicate. I'm sure you're all aware the Obama thinks we should be paying high taxes. Forget that nonsense about anyone making over $250 grand should be the only payers. It's for all of us to fork up. Chavez's article details what Obama paid in taxes in '09. If you read her work it shows that the prez and the old lady took every deduction they possible could and then some. Hypocrite! As I've said all along, if he and Buffet and anyone else want to pay higher taxes get out their checkbook or shut up!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

"She Looks Just Like Herself"

I'd heard of drive-thru funeral homes before but never seen one for myself. It was fascinating listening to the funeral owner extol its virtues. This one is located in Compton, California. I can understand the justification for it. Californians are in a big hurry and don't have huge amounts of time to pay their respects by getting out of their car. "Sayonara, Baby"! Take a peek for yourself. I've got the video.

My Happy Place

Old Head at Kinsale isn't any golf course. For me it's the most beautiful course in the world. If you don't golf you may not understand what I'm about to write. A golf course is more than 18 holes. It is the lay of the land. It is the contour of each putting green. It is the people with whom one plays that makes memories. At Old Head I had a caddy, a grizzled old veteran, who was invaluable in making for an enjoyable round on this course in southwest Ireland. There were no carts. We walked. We planned each and every shot. We looked ahead at the views as we did behind us as we finished each hole. My most common refrain was, " Can you believe this scenery"? I played well at Old Head but even if I hadn't I will treasure that day as much as any in my life. It is "My Happy Place".

Ants In The Pants

Have you ever sat back and asked yourself the question: "Is this all their is"? It could apply to the job you currently have. When I was thirty-nine that was my dilemma so I networked and came up with something else besides teaching.
I've been giving some serious consideration lately about moving to a new area and it has to do, not with a job, but with aging. Mind you, we're not dissatisfied with Dublin, Ohio. It's been one of our favorite places. I'll make the ultimate statement: "I could die happy here"! But, there might be something else out there.
Now, don't get the idea I'm maudlin about this blog. I'm only being realistic and as the Schlitz beer commercials used to say, "life is short so you have to reach out with gusto".
The way I figure it, I have two distinct phases left in life: from 65-75 and 75 to whatever. In the former I plan on getting around much the same as I do now. In the 'whatever' phase it could range from an oxygen tank to a wheelchair to an iron lung to a home where even your family doesn't want to see you e.g. "Do we have to go see Grandpa, again. I wanted to watch TV".
Let us concentrate on the first phase. If I were to move someplace where would it be?
Do you know what I'm seriously thinking? I've done some research on this town; read some pertinent info and looked at pictures. Ta-dah! It is Albuquerque, New Mexico. For some reason it appeals to me. it's a big place, maybe 500,000. It's surrounded by mountains and the cost of living is good. It gets a little chilly in winter and if that bothers you drive on down to Las Cruces where it's quite a bit warmer. It's a lot closer than, say, driving to Florida from Ohio.
Besides, with my good lookin', near Indian appearance, I'd fit right in and might even qualify for some free food stuffs at the local canteen. Go Lobos!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

IowaHawk: He's Masterful

If you've never read IowaHawk, no not MJ Hawkeye, but IowaHawk you really should. He is masterful. He's come out with YouTube, titled "16 Tons" using Tennessee Ernie Ford's song for his background. After viewing and listening you'll have a lot better understanding of spending(by the government) and owing(by us).

View An Anti-Tea Party Rally

There was a tea party rally on the steps of the state capitol in Madison, Wisconsin today. Somewhere between 6,500 and 15,000 were in attendance according to which media outlet you desired. This is quite a figure considering it wasn't a school day. I watched a fifteen minute video of the event given by Sarah Palin. She was energized and so was the crowd. One of my new fav's, Andrew Breitbart, also was at the podium doing his wonderful job of exposing the left for what they are, commies and thugs. Only to show you that I'm fair minded and want to present the other side, there was an anti-Tea Party Rally held somewhere. I don't have the city, may have been in Texas, who knows. It's only 2 minutes 29 seconds in length. Yes, I'd say it's a contrast to good manners and civility shown by the right. After all, these folks on the Left have always been goofballish. Put your kids to bed and grandma in the attic if you want to watch this. It isn't for the faint of heart.

Gas: $8 A Gallon?

It wouldn't bother me if the price of gas went to $8 per gallon, in the short haul. It's worth anything if that's what it takes for the silent majority to wake up and riot against this corrupt bunch we have in office---------on both sides of the aisle. The President has them all covered and moreso. He's been notorious lately for getting caught on mic saying provocative statements. I'm waiting for, "let them eat cake".

MJ Jumps Into The Fray

Readers, a joiner I am not, until today. At the behest of a friend I attended a 9/12 Project meeting this morning. The movement was started by Glenn Beck in 2009. It's purpose was to restore the principles and values of the American people to what they were the day after 9/11; no Red States, no Blue States and all bound together as one.

Our group had only 25 people in attendance. The agenda was composed of two speakers and a to do list involving going out to the airport to greet WWII vets coming back from a visit to D.C., and the raising of food stuffs to give to needy people. Not very radical, huh? Oh sure, any libs reading this might ask; "But what was the real purpose? Were there any talks of stringing up blacks or sabotaging Nancy Pelosi's panty hose"? Nope! There were only common day, ordinary citizens looking for a better nation according to the tenants provided in that revolutionary set of guide lines called The Constitution.
The meeting began with a prayer. It was one uttered by Thomas Jefferson a couple of hundred years ago. Next, the Pledge of Allegiance was said and it did include the words, "under God". A couple of days past Harry Reid recited the pledge on the senate floor except he somehow neglected 'God' from it. That had to be an over sight on his part.

I wasn't surprised at the demeanor of those in attendance. There was an even mix of male and female, approximate ages between 40-65. And, yes, there was a black man there. I didn't happen to hear the F bomb said one time. People laughed. I didn't see any knives, hand guns, rifles or grenades but, then again, I didn't have the opportunity to get into the trunks of their vehicles. There were no uniforms as one would see with the SEIU crowd. I get a kick out those. They are purple and gold and look like bowling shirts. Give a radical a uniform and their perceived self importance ascends to astronomical levels. I saw a lady at Kroger's in her clown outfit a month back. I stared at her for some time. I'm into stereotyping. She looked like she needed some shampoo and soap. She also needed to get off the M&M's and ramble on over to the Slim Fast section. I was going to ask her a question but only to find out if she sounded as though she might not yet have her GED. I didn't ask because I knew it would come out, "we ain't got no". After all, SEIU is a union for the non-skilled and, as I wrote earlier, stereotyping "is my bag".

I'll go back to visit with this 9/12 group again. The meeting lasted two hours. As I said, I'm not a joiner but it had to be okay since I didn't yawn once, not one single time. Whenever I hear people like Bill Ayers 'talk Alynisky' I'm in an immediate coma.

The meeting closed on a humerous note. A statement from Larry the Cable Guy's act was read to all. I think you'll like it.

"Even after the recent Super Bowl victory of the New Orleans Saints, I have noticed a large number of people implying with bad jokes that Cajuns aren't smart. I would like to state for the record that I disagree with that assessment. Anybody that would build a city 5 feet below sea level in a hurricane zone and fill it with Democrats is a damn genius".

Friday, April 15, 2011

Gallup Poll: 71% of Democrats Favor Redistributing Wealth…

71% of Democrats want a re-distribution of wealth? Shoot, I thought it'd be a lot more-----maybe 3,000% higher. What a bunch of commie losers. Read about it at

Pa. Rep Asks: "Can I Blow His Brains Out"?

Margo Davidson is a peach of a gal. She's a DEMOCRAT assembly person from Philly. On April 12, on the floor of the Pennsylvania legislature discussing gun control she asked this pertinent question: "Would it be okay to "blow the brains out of a Republican colleague". No lie! She said it. Read the entire article here

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Eddie Bernice Johnson: A D.C. Fool

Things are fairly slow this morning. MJ is fighting a sinus infection and head and chest cold. This is irritating since I've never had a sinus problem before. It's probably and old age thing; the immune system is shutting down. Anyway, yesterday I was watching Neil Cavuto and he had Democrat, Eddie Bernice Johnson(a female from Texas) trying to explain about entitlements and why they should go to the people. Folks, my body cringes when I have to think about some of the congressmen voting in this country. A further aside on Johnson; she's the person who made sure 31 college scholarships were given to her family members in 2007 before her scam was found out. I've included he YouTube of the slap down Cavuto gives her. It's flat out embarrassing having to think about these crazies.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Jesse Sued: Gay Sexual Harrassment

Somebody is making waves for Jesse Jackson in Chicago and it isn't a hot babe. It's a guy who is gay. He says not only female staff members embarrassed and belittled him but the big boss did, too. Life is grand.

Charles Krauthammer: "Speech A Disgrace"

Charles Krauthammer is the smartest quadriplegic in the history of mankind. I just annointed the psychiatrist to that level. He's a smart fella and I try to understand what he says even though it's sometimes difficult for me to follow his brilliance. He commented on Obama's budget speech of today and called it a disgrace. Instead of focusing on policy the Prez fell back on the same old talking points, according to Krauthammer: selling out grandma, taking education away from kids. Fearmongering is the typical democrat pattern. You can read the article on Dr. Krauthammer here.


Did you hear the news or witness the tape of today's presidential ZZZZZzzzzzzzzzz? The Veep'er fell asleep while his leader was bloviating regarding deficit reduction lies?
hat tip for pic: iOwnTheWorld

Condoms For The Boner

From Joshua Miller, FoxNews: After reading this post I didn't know whether to shake my head in disgust or laugh. For cripes sake, when I was 11 the closest I got to sex was by saying the word, "boner". Chew on the last sentence for awhile. Are we talking about young girls or orangutans in the zoo?

A new campaign by Philadelphia officials to reduce sexually transmitted diseases allows children as young as 11 to receive free condoms via mail order, outraging some parents who believe that's too early to start getting physical.

The program, offered by the city's Department of Health, features a website that includes facts on diseases like Chlamydia, gonorrhea and HIV/AIDS, as well as detailed -- and playful -- instructions for young girls on how to use female condoms.

"Every girl is different," reads. "Figure out what position works for you. You can stand with one foot on a chair, sit on the edge of a chair, lie down, squat, or for fun, have your partner help you out."

Why Not Boone, Iowa?

It's not often democrats and republicans from the same area can agree on a government regulation, especially from the New York area, but I have to go along with them on this one. Homeland Security is allocating increased funds for cities like Toledo, Nashville and Omaha. For what? First off, what comes to your mind when thinking of Toledo. If you happen to be from Ohio one might say, "The Glass City". For the rest of the world, "Corporal Klinger" from M.A.S.H. For Omaha, gee whiz, the College Baseball World Series and cattle are good starts. Nashville, of course, has the Grand Ole Oprey. Seriously, does anyone think bin Laden actually has these choice spots on his mind. I did include an article from the NYDaily News if interested but let's move on. If we can provide funds for these communities why not for my old home town. Now, I'm not a historian of Boone, Iowa but since my dad worked on the railroad as a brakeman I can tell you that the Kate Shelley Bridge or, as it was more commonly called, The High Bridge, located three miles west of Boone is a larger terrorist target than anything coming out of Omaha. During WWII soldiers were on 24 hour duty to make sure the Germans didn't dynamite the thing. There is a new bridge to replace the old one but, unless I'm wrong(and I could be) it is the highest and/or longest double track railroad in the US. If you want to call me on this contact the Boone Chamber of Commerce(area code 515) to get the info. As with most communities there are festivals to celebrate it's heritage and it centers around the railroad. Boone has Pufferbilly Days. I've never attended but my long time buddy who lives in Minneapolis goes every year. It's a big deal. Actually, the train pictured in the above photo makes trips across the Des Moines River Valley for tourists. If you like trains and the history of the locomotives you should go to Boone in September. Heck! I should stop being a hypocrite and go myself.
Regardless, and my Council Bluffs, Iowa friend and I discussed this, terrorist A-rabs could create all kinds of havoc by destroying the bridge. There's a heck of a lot of commerce going through Boone that connects the east and west coasts and a disruption of service would be disasterous for the economy.
"Take that, Corporal Klinger".

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

One Last Thought On Wisconsin

Wondered how many teachers would have demonstrated in Madison during the summer months.

Alternative Fuels

"If Obama can raise gasoline prices from $8 to $10 per gallon the American people will demand alternative fuels which will not solve the problem"
Rory Cooper, Heritage Foundation

The Greatest Ever

Have I written recently about the greatest television drama show ever produced? If so, I'm doing it again. This is the second season for "Justified". Want to know how I know it's the best tv show ever? Well, Lizzie and I agree on it and that is one huge accomplishment. The star of the show is Timothy Olyphant who plays US Asst. Deputy Marshal, Raylan Givens. The story takes place in modern day Kentucky. His office is in Lexington but a lot of the story line occurs in Harlan County. Now, if you happen to be a Kentuckian don't take offense but the cast of characters often times resemble people out of the movie, "Deliverance". People usually get killed in each episode and Olyphant does his share of taking the crooks down. To his credit, he's cool, calm and gives the almost dead guys a chance to surrender. Then the crooks get stupid and he plugs them. Hence, the killings are "justified". Since this is the second season the Missus and I always felt badly because we missed the first three episodes from last year. So, we ordered season 1 from Amazon. It's only $29.00 for the entire year. Each episode is like a movie in itself so we've brought the Rialto Theater into our own home plus we don't have to sit through commercials. One of the truly fantastic things about the series is getting to know the cast of characters; unique beings all. Boyd Crowder is sort of the Lex Luthor of southeast Kentucky for Officer Givens. They have a history. Crowder alternates between smart and stupid and, except for Raylan's kind heart, he should be dead. Givens only wounded him when they had a disagreement over philosophies. When Raylan shoots the outcome is not in doubt. Givens also has a love life. He was married to a southern belle, Winona. She left him after six years of marriage but they keep on running into each other so you know what's going to happen. Actually, she was married to a sissy realtor but she left him so now she and Raylan are doing the nasty without anyone knowing. Yeah right! If you are out of the loop on characters it doesn't mean you can't catch up. If you aren't aware there is a channel, 1400 on Time-Warner, that allows you to watch all of this years episodes. Now that I've done everything for you except deliver the dvd's to your doorstep why "get on your dead butts" and give the show "Justified" a chance. This show has already been critically acclaimed. It's based on the writing of Elmore Leonard. If you've never heard of him read this from wikipedia. He's quite famous. You can watch it on the FX Network, Wednesday nights at 10 and 11pm EDT, Y'all!

Tax The Rich: OK By Me

Did you know there are a great number of millionaires who want to have their taxes increased? They even have their own web site and by reading it you know they are angered that Obama extended Bush Tax Relief. What's the problem for these dudes? All they have to do is get out their pencils, compute a higher rate and write a check. "Go for it", I say. That's one problem solved.

Monday, April 11, 2011

California Teachers Negotiate For Release Of Cop Killer

The California Federation of Teachers has decided to support convicted cop killer and former Black Panther, Mumia Abu-Jamal. So tell me exactly why the cops support the teacher’s unions? It seems to me that the teacher’s unions consider the cops to be useful idiots. Between negotiating for more benefits and teaching their students, the California Federation of Teachers has adopted a resolution of support for convicted cop-killer Mumia Abu-Jamal for the murder of Philadelphia policeman, Daniel Faulkner in 1981.
Article from Daily Caller

Why Bostonians(and dems) Are Insane

Boston Herald:
Boston Mayor Thomas Menino has banned soda, sports drinks and sweetened ice teas from city property, according to a recent government press release. In an attempt to reduce the city’s rising obesity rates, Menino has banned all sugary drinks from city vending machines, cafeterias and concession stands, just one day after reaching an agreement with the Boston Red Sox that allows the team to sell mixed drinks at its ballpark

AND LITTLE VILLAGE ACADEMY, CHICAGO, RANKS RIGHT UP THERE: The principal has banned parents from making homemade sack lunches for their kids because they may not offer the right nutrition. They either eat the cafeteria food or go hungry.

More Conspiracy On Oklahoma City bombing

As the 16th anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing nears information has been divulged about John Doe number 2. According to a newly released FBI report, congressman Dana Rohrbacher interview convicted murderer in a maximum security cell in Colorado. Nichols was reluctant to give up the name of the killer. The FBI not only dropped the ball but may be complicit in a massive cover up. Speculation centers around Doe being an Arab Iraqi. Read the full story from the American Thinker.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Roswell New Mexico Aliens

There was a 'vault' full of classified FBI materials released last week and one of the memos stated that, yes indeed, aliens crashed in the New Mexico desert in the late 1940's. According to the memo which can be read here the article stated there were three ships with three human like creatures on each one. I have a couple of questions: (1) Is this one of those Cardiff Giant stories? (2) Why does it take the Brits to publish a story of this nature? I would think this would be a big deal in the realm of significant stories in the history of humankind. Guess not! The photos of the aliens, purportably the 'real deal' are about what I expected. If you recall the little guys at the very end of the Close Encounters of the Third Kind film, that's how they appear.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

On Being A Curmudgeon & Loving It

I am, without a doubt, a curmudgeon. It's sad to write and worse to come to the realization and it all centers around the Drury Motels.
As you are aware we are in Kansas City for a baptism, our granddaughter's. Whenever we visit the kids a motel is in our plans. We're of that ilk when we don't want to bother the kids by putting us up for the night or week.
Lizzie likes the Drury Inns so that's where we stay.
Drury touts their "free breakfast and dinners". Yeah, right. For a C note to stay they should give me a pedicure. Anyway, the wife went to breakfast first followed by MJ a half hour later. Across from me was some dude wearing sweats and a Nike cap. He also felt he had the right to bring his two smallish, barky, nippy, pooches with him. What are people thinking? You've seen these kind. They actually believe the rest of us are absolutely thrilled to be in the presence of two dogs that raise a ruckus every five minutes. Idiots!
I had a decision to make. Do I confront Bubba who might have a pistola in his belt and cause a commotion? Or, do I take the easy route and contact management? Yep! I found a girl to do the dirty work.
Next problem. There are four soccer teams made up of twelve year olds staying the week-end. Oh man, their testosterone level is nearing peak its peak and they're all over this place like like flies on, uh, bread. For the curmudgeon part: I heard them running the hallways last night at ten pm. Let me write, I barely heard them running the hallways last night around 10 pm but the noise was just enough to be irritating. I didn't see a real problem with this one from the 'mean guy' angle. The way I figure if any one of them gave me some grief I could kick their collective butts. I mean, a 12 year-old? Gimme a break. All I had to do was open our bedroom door and yell, "Hey, knock it off before I call the cops"! Problem solved.
Since this is only day two into our four days stay I'm sure I'll have the chance to put my attitude on display much more often. I can hardly wait!

Friday, April 8, 2011

hat tip to iOwnTheWorld

Is He An Alien

What's up with the scar on Obama's head? Is he an alien? Get the medical records out that have been scrubbed. Could it be that someone else's brain when into his body? Does this mean he's a numbskull?
From UK Guardian

Happy Birthday, Baby

( – Planned Parenthood performed 332,278 abortions in the United States in 2009, according to a fact sheet the group published last month.

That is about as many as the 333,012 people who lived in the city of Cincinnati, Ohio, in 2009, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

The 332,278 abortions Planned Parenthood performed over the 365 days of 2009 equals an average of 910 lives terminated per day–or about 38 per hour, or one every 95 seconds.

Planned Parenthood, according to its most recent annual report, also received $363.2 million in government grants and contracts during its fiscal year that ended on June 30, 2009.

Barry Talks About Gasoline And Electricity

Let's give a hat tip to iOwn The World on the 1:07 video of the prez talking about how we can survive the energy "crisis. What a boob!

The Most Evil Man In The World?

Is George Soros the puppetmaster? Does he manipulate the strings of the Obama administration and control world economic markets? Steve Kroft of 60 Minutes has done voluminous research into this person's career. You can read about it on the blog, Stand Up America here

We Made It

Lizzie and MJ got out of Dodge at 10 am yesterday and a mere eleven hours later were at my son's in Olathe, Kansas. Gee, I love driving: people on cells phones running us into the back end of semi's; drivers blowing by us as I crawl along at 73 and flashing lights at me as I attempt to pass a truck. Guess they can't wait an extra fifteen seconds for me to get around the truck I'm passing.
I need to check this out but if there is a worse stretch of interstate in the world than I-70 from St. Louis to Kansas City prove it to me. East bound traffic as I drive west has to be a good five feet from my side view mirror. Lucky drivers, though. If one would veer toward the opposite lane they are protected by a wire about a sixteenth inch in diameter.
We're preparing for KC weather this week-end. I bought a parka and a thong. Today, Friday, it might break 65. Tomorrow's forecast calls for 89. And some people wonder why they call this tornado alley.

Jobs Picture Brightens

Everyone says so. The Obama plan for increasing jobs in the private sector seems to be on the uptick. That's wonderful news. One question, though. Why? What's the reason? Is it because Joe Biden told us the unployment rate would fall below 8% last summer. Doubtful since Uncle Joe isn't privy to critical thinking. Could it possible have to do with the stimulus packages? Naw!
Without further ado might I mention that the Bush taxes were extended by the guy who said he wouldn't extend the Bush taxes? Yep! Obama can take credit for miniscule increases in job creation but private companies don't invest in workers until they see positive job growth potential. Talk to me in two years when we have to go through the same old same old, again.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


The question is, when will he throw this guy under the bus?

Bamster Secreted $2 Billion To Corporations

Henry Reske @ Newsmax:

A little-known provision in the Obamacare legislation has sent $2 billion to corporations, unions and state public employee systems to subsidize health coverage for retirees.

The biggest chunk of the money paid out so far has gone to the United Auto Workers, which received over $206 million. AT&T collected $140 million, Verizon $91 million, General Electric $36 million, and General Motors $19 million, the paper said.

On Wisconsin

I knew it! The Wisconsin supreme court race between Kloppenburg(D) and Prosser(I) has predictably come to an end. With 99% of the precincts reporting Prosser is ahead by less than 600 votes. "Hey, why not have a recount"?
It's like in Minnesota; it's deja vu all over again. Phantom votes spring up like a fountain in the desert when you're a democrat in this part of the world. Think not? Ask Al Franken how he got the votes from prisoners in the last senatorial election. "Wisconsin ain't no different"
So, if Prosser is victorious(on recounts non-Dems always lose)--------Sorry, he can't win.
When Kloppenburg takes office she will be in the majority to go against Gov. Walker's plans.
This will be interesting because the public workers will 'eat their own'. They will make sure they get to keep their 'bennies' programs the way they are. The Governor will then be forced to fire public workers to meet the needs of the budget. What's the old cheer: "ALL FOR ONE AND ONE FOR ONE"!! Or something like that.
Gotta give the communists and their thug union brethren a tip o' the hat: they did a heck of a job swaying the masses in the Badger State. And who came up with the saying, ignorance is bliss"?

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

What Divinity Degrees

If the Rev. Jesse Jackson and the Rev. Al Sharpton do not have Doctor of Divinity degrees how come we have to call them, "Reverend"?
I have a great idea. From now on you may call me, "Emperor", "King", or "a Hunk and or Studly".
I can be called whatever. As my goofy, nonoriginal friends say, "Just don't call me late for dinner".

Why Have Elections? They Are A Waste

A couple of acquaintances near and far have mentioned how they enjoy my personal commentary more than political ones. I can understand that. Personally, I do too. However,there is an election today that bears watching.
It's happening in the land of brandy and beer, otherwise know as Wisconsin.
Supreme court justice, David Prosser, a conservative, is running for a ten year term on the court. His opponent is assistant attorney general, JoAnne Kloppenburg. She's a big time lib. If you've followed Wisconsin at all you're aware that the unions are out in force, threatening the general populace over Gov. Scott Walker's so-called collective bargaining, union busting bill, which it isn't.
According to the Wisconsin Daily Journal, Kloppenpoop is favored to win since only 20% of the voters bother to in off year elections and the commie union types are all fired up to get the ignorant masses to the polls.
Seriously, why do we have elections anymore? Why not have bicameral legislatures composed of the governor and supreme courts? The courts are supposed to interpret the laws but they don't. Ever hear of Florida in the election of 2000? Think of the money that would be saved if the electorate voted for justices instead of a slew of candidates who are less knowledgeable than I. State supreme court justices have already tipped their hands on what the legislation will be. State legislators, supposedly representing the electorate, ARE IRRELEVANT!
Just for the heck of it check out the news later this evening for the Prosser-Kloppenburg results. I always look at Fox instead of CNN or MSNBS but only because I'm a normal, sane American.

Monday, April 4, 2011

McDonald's Wants To Hire 50,000

MacDonalds has announced it wants to hire 50,000 new workers on April 19. This is good. The problem lies in the fact that whatever companies do there's always a glitch.
Will the Obama administration slam this move because we're talking, gasp, burgers and fries? What about it being only another service job? I happened to check out the number of manufacturing firms in Ohio ten years ago. I had to get to number eight before I found one and that was LTV Steel, now drastically reduced in employment. The first seven were service oriented.
Congrats to MacDonalds for trying to do it's part but most of these jobs will likely go to high school kids, not that there's anything wrong with that EXCEPT, they don't pay rent, auto payments, groceries, utilities, or medical insurance. It may be a boon for the elderly and newly liberated moms.
"Make it a double with cheese, please, and go easy on the mustard".


My sister is staying with us for two months. She's from Iowa. Actually, as I write, she is having her second hip replaced. Since she has no other immediate family, Lizzie and I are having her recoup in our home. No kudos, please. What were we going to do, leave her out on the street to die?
Rio! It's another story. "It" happens to be my sister's pooch. It's a bichon. I looked up 'bichon' in the dictionary and it's a french word for, "pain in the ass"!
Sis takes Rio wherever she goes. It's been to church more often than St. Frances of
Assisi except it sits in the car for an hour. Rio has a wardrobe larger than Imelda Marcos, more toys than my grandchildren combined. The mutt has a special diet, too.
We have to hide a certain pill inside a liver pouch. Most animals, at dinner time, get Purina dog chow and water. Rio has a menu.
Lizzie and I had our last pooch in '94. It was a wonderful dalmatian, Casey, by name.
But when Casey died my desire for an animal went out the door. Why start all over, again---feeding, bathing, veterinarians etc. Then, after five or six years, they up and die on you. Not fun. If I was forced to get another pet it would be a chicken. At least you can eat those when you get tired of them.
Rio has to be walked in the morning, for certain. All that sniffing, at what, something else's body functions. Then he has to urinate fifty thousand times. All the time I'm yelling at him, "take a dump, take a dump"!
My job for today is this. I have to watch the dog all day to make sure it doesn't mark it's territory on our carpets------just like it did when it was her two months ago--------in six different places.
Four times I walked into the dining room and asked, "who left the unwrapped tootsie rolls on the floor"? I'm glad Rio isn't a Labrador. Tootsie Rolls are a whole lot better than Ball Park Franks!
We have a large field behind our condo. It's where all dogs go to do their duty. If you happen to be a canine you can go out there and sniff to your hearts content. I'm out there with a plastic bag on my left hand. I've often thought, "would this bag fit over it's head"? Not for long mind you, maybe five minutes. Standing out in that field, in all types of weather, can put all sorts of crafty and devious thoughts in my head.

Number 1 son is a writer. We've often talked me writing a Pulitzer Prize winning book. One of these was one written by Mitch Albom called, "Tuesdays with Morrie".
My son thought of my predicament with the dog and suggested I write about my experiences with it. A great title would be, "A BM for Rio".

Ryan-Rubio 2012

"Three months ago, in this space, I half-jokingly suggested a Ryan-Rubio ticket in 2012" Bill Kristol, Weekly Standard

This may not be so far fetched. Hermann Cain, as brilliant as he is, will have trouble getting traction. Mitch Daniels of Indiana brought that state out of fiscal ruin but he's sort of vanilla, all 5'7" of him.

Marco Rubio, Florida senator, is JFK handsome and hasn't been in office long enough to acquire a mistress. Paul Ryan, Wisconsin congressman, is brilliant with the mathematicians pencil. He put "whats his name", the President, in the corner two years ago explaining why health care was financially irresponsible.
Hey! Why not give those two a shot. The people voted for a guy with no experience three years ago. Let's go for it!.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

"Make Up Your Mind, Dumbo"

(NY Post)- Obama, heralding the latest dip in unemployment fig ures Friday, said:

“You should know that keeping the economy going and making sure jobs are available is the first thing I think about when I wake up in the morning and the last thing I think about when I go to bed each night.”

Sounds great, as it did on May 21, 2009 when he tried to beef up his Commander-In- Chief cred by saying:

“My single most important responsibility as President is to keep the American people safe. That is the first thing that I think about when I wake up in the morning. It is the last thing that I think about when I go to sleep at night.”

So, which one is the truth? Neither. He wakes up and goes to bed with one thought on his mind: Say whatever it takes to get re-elected.

Senator Wuus: "A Federal Crime To Burn Koran"

You read the headline correctly. Sen. Graham wants to bring federal charges against those who destroy the Koran. You can't make this stuff up. It's in the liberal ragsite, Politico, if you're interested. Gosh, I hope this guy does a do-do in his pants and doesn't know it. It'd be better if someone outted the guy. Oops! I just did.

"Get Out Of Jail Free Card

"The Obama Administration has now granted over 1,000 health care waivers. Half of the latest 129 waivers went to unions".
Human Events