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Do You Understand The Difference? Neither Do I

From iOwnTheWorld

In 2006 Neil Gorsuch Was Confirmed To The Court Of Appeals By These Democrats

I'll make an educated guess the Democrats in the 2017 Senate will not follow their own lead when it comes to what they did to Supreme Court nominee in 2006. Anyone care to pony up some money? The first excuse we'll hear from Chuck Schumer is 'he's out of the mainstream'.

Neil Gorsuch was confirmed by the senate in 2006 by the following Democrats:
Barack Obama
Joe Biden
John Kerry
Hillary Clinton
Chuck Schumer
Patrick Leahy
Dianne Feinstein
Patty Murray, Ron Wyden
Richard Durbin
Jack Reed
Bill Nelson
Tom Carper
Debbie Stabenow
Maria Cantwell, and
Bob Menendez
*Nancy Pelosi has already labeled Gorsuch a disaster

M-E Refugees In The USA. It's Why Trump Was Elected

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The Trump administration is considering a plan to weed out would-be immigrants who are likely to require public assistance, as well as to deport — when possible — immigrants already living in the U.S. who depend on taxpayer help, according to a draft executive order. A second draft order under consideration calls for a substantial shake-up in the system through which the United States administers immigrant and nonimmigrant visas, with the aim of tightly controlling who enters the country and who can enter the workforce, and reducing the social services burden on taxpayers.

Trump To Be Assassinated In 100 Days

There has been no shortage of vitriol directed at President Donald Trump, but one CEO recently went beyond criticism to what could be viewed as a threat.
Ted Kornblum, Founder and CEO of Magnatone guitar amplifier company, posted on Jan. 30,  “Rest easy people, it’ll take only 100 days till Trump gets a bullet in the head!”

You knew this was coming. Kornblum pulled his prognostication(hope) from his Facebook page and then apologized. That's like Madonna apologizing because she's a slut.

Remember When Obama Sent 91 Refugees Back To A Hell Hole

Obama Turned Away 91 Cuban Refugees two days before the Trump inauguration. The refugees were returned to Castro’s hellhole. The liberal media said nothing about these poor persecuted souls. But this same media has trashed President Trump nonstop for three days after he made 109 Middle Eastern refugees weight at the airports a few hours when they arrived into the US. Never Trust the #FakeNews.
Gateway Pundit

Why Can't We Build A Wall? The Gov'ts Ten Biggest Boondoggles

The naysayers tell us building a wall between Mexico and the US is a no go because of the perceived cost; somewhere around $15 billion as in dollars not pesos.

Breitbart was kind enough to publish our nations 10 greatest boondoggles; programs supposedly to benefit the people but to this day drain the pockets of the taxpayer.

- The War on Poverty begun under LBJ has cost us $22 trillion with no successes except to increase dependency on the government.

-The Lockheed Martin 35 Stealth fighter jet project, $37 billion

-A day and a half to keep our government running, $3.8 trillion

-Medicare, Medicade improper payments by federal government in 2014, $59.9 billion

-Maintenance of vacant and unused properties owned by federal government, $25 billion annually.

-US Navy's program of building ship prototypes, $29 billion.

-Earned income tax credits aka another welfare program primarily for the wealthy, $69 billion in 2015

-US Postal Service, never a profit(sort of like NPR Radio) $36 billion in losses since 2012

-NASA-hasn't had a manned mission since 2011; receive $18.5 billion per year

-Farm subsidies; USDA spends $25 billion per year for giveaways

Donald Trump Has Been Destroyed

Tim Blair UK Telegraph
I went online yesterday to learn more about Donald Trump blocking arrivals from Islamic nations – only to discover something shocking.
The US president had been destroyed. Completely destroyed.
And not just once but repeatedly. It was all there, as clear as day, in headline after headline:
“JK Rowling destroys Trump in one sentence.” – Raw Story, December 8 2015
“Sanders destroys Trump by 13 points.” – The Hill, December 22 2015
“Donald Trump destroyed by Stephen Colbert.” – YouTube, January 30 2016
“Rubio Destroys Trump at the Debate.” – bernardgoldberg.com, February 26 2016
“With A Simple Story About His Parents, Congressman Destroys Trump.” – Thinkprogress.org, March 24, 2016
“Republicans Tremble With Fear As Hillary Clinton Annihilates Trump.” – PoliticusUSA, April 17 2016
“Chuck Todd destroys Trump.” – UK Progressive, May 26 2016
June was a particularly active month for Trump, who was destroyed five times by Clinton and also faced destruction at the hands of two television commentators, a former New York City mayor and an Australian comedian, among others:
“Hillary Clinton Destroys Trump.” – C-Span, June 2 2016
“Clinton DESTROYS Trump.” – Oliverwillis.com, June 2 2016
“OUCH. Watch as Megyn Kelly DESTROYS Trump Over Racist Smears.” – Redstate.com, June 3 2016
“CNN Commentator Errol Lewis Destroys Trump.” – The Muslim Post, June 5 2016
“Jim Jefferies destroys Trump and his fans in new comedy special.” – Deadstate.org, June 6 2016
“Hillary Clinton Gets Obama’s Endorsement, Destroys Trump on Twitter.” – Celebuzz.com, June 9 2016
“Hillary Destroys Trump With a Three-Word Tweet.” – Social News Daily, June 11 2016
“Clinton destroys Trump in the electoral college.” – Vanity Fair poll analysis below the headline: “Hillary Clinton could be headed for a landslide”, June 15 2016
“Bloomberg destroys Trump on national TV!” – Bungie.net, June 28 2016
“Ghazala Khan Destroys Trump In Heartbreaking Piece About Her Son.” – Elitedaily.com, June 31 2016
“Keith Olbermann Destroys Trump Campaign With Single Tweet.” – Politicus USA, July 28 2016
In August and September, actors, TV hosts, Saturday Night Live comics, a trampy singer and a Cleveland grandmother all took their turns ritually grinding Trump’s corpse into an ever-finer bloody paste:
“Will Smith destroys Trump for misogyny.” – Hotpress.com, August 2, 2016
“MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough Destroys Trump.” – Politicus USA, August 22 2016
“Cleveland grandma destroys Trump’s ‘bully mentality’.” – Raw Story, September 9 2016
“President Obama DESTROYS Trump During Rally in Philadelphia.” – Hinterland Gazette, September 13 2016
“Bill Maher DESTROYS Trump In One Perfect Tweet.” – Truthexaminer.com, September 13 2016
“Seth Meyers Destroys Trump’s Lie.” – Occupy Democrats, September 20 2016
“Kesha Stands Up for Former Miss Universe, Destroys Donald Trump.” – Fuse TV, September 29 2016
This welter of destruction only intensified during the month before last year’s election, with actors again prominent among Trump’s obliterators:
“Brutal Hillary Ad Destroys Trump on Out of Control Lies.” – Trofire.com, October 5 2016
“Ana Navarro Destroys Trump in Two Languages.” – Pajiba.com, October 7 2016
“Robert De Niro Destroys Trump.” – thewrap.com, October 8 2016
“Helen Mirren Destroys Trump: ‘Enormous Body, Small Head’.” – The Week, October 19 2016
“Michelle Obama Destroys Trump in 5 minutes.” – YouTube, October 22 2016
“Small Business Owner Destroys Trump On Taxes And Business.” – New Hampshire Labor News, October 26 2016
Remarkably, despite by now being reduced to a few rogue strands of DNA, Donald J. Trump’s cellular remains somehow won November 8’s election. But the destruction just keeps going:
Saturday Night Live destroys Trump in one perfect sketch.” – Slate.com, November 13 2016
“Woman destroys Trump as rant goes viral.” – news.com.au, December 6 2016
“Obama Destroys Trump in Contest.” – New Century Times, December 28 2016
“The Internet destroys Trump for continually tweeting.” – Raw Story, December 28, 2016
“Irish rapper destroys Trump.” – YouTube, January 16 2017
Trump must be the most destroyed entity in global history. Even Australia’s car industry is in better shape. But there he was again on the weekend, impossibly signing executive orders and even speaking to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, presumably via ouija board.
Forget living in a post-truth world. We’re living in a post-life world. All hail Trump, the first ghost president.

Monday, January 30, 2017

How A History Teacher Gets Fired

Commentary at end.

0-year-old Sutter Middle School (Folsom, CA) teacher Woody Hart hanged both a Confederate flag and a Union flag during his lesson on the Civil War.
In a public statement (via the Sacramento Bee), Folsom Cordova Unified School District made suggested that he may have hung up the flag for some reason other than to teach the history lesson.
“We recognize that regardless of context, to many of our students, families, and staff, the Confederate flag is a racist symbol of hate,” the statement reads. “Although this matter is under investigation, it is important to reiterate: Any employee who is found to engage in behavior that creates an unsafe environment for students will face full consequences, including the possibility of initiating termination proceedings.”
“In this case, the flag — which was found across the room from a Civil War Union flag, potentially in preparation of a history activity — was removed from the classroom before school began today,” it continues. “It is our schools’ responsibility to provide a safe learning environment for all children.”
The school district also announced Hart’s “retirement.”
I recall in the final days of my career as a teacher of juniors in advanced placement American History in the mid-1980's. We happened to be studying World War II. You should know I didn't teach revisionist history. The students were taught the dropping of the Atom Bombs were justified and given reasons why. in addition, on the walls of my classroom I hung the flags of the United States, the Empire of Japan, Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy along with those of Great Britain and France. Not once was I threatened with expulsion. Thank goodness for me. I would have told the administration and the School Board to shove it where the sun don't shine. But hey, that's the way I am.

For Democrats The Immigration Shoe Is On The Other Foot

Richard Pollock at the Daily Caller offers this flashback — one that’s not without irony:
Despite today’s outrage over President Donald Trump’s refugee executive order, many liberals in 1975 were part of a chorus of big name Democrats who refused to accept any Vietnamese refugees when millions were trying to escape South Vietnam as it fell to the communists.
They even opposed orphans.
The chorus was led by Jerry Brown who, then as now, was the governor of California. The “no to refugees” chorus also included George McGovern, the leading Democratic leftist of the day, and Joe Biden who, then as now, was wrong about nearly everything.
The sharpest opposition came from California and was led by Gov. Brown. Julia Taft, who in 1975 headed up President Ford’s Inter-agency Task Force on Indochinese refugee resettlement, recalled “our biggest problem came from California due to Brown.” The eccentric governor even attempted to prevent planes carrying Vietnamese refugees from landing at Travis Air Force Base outside San Francisco.
What drove the opposition to taking in refugees who had worked with or supported the U.S. during the Vietnam War and whose lives, therefore, obviously were at risk when Saigon fell to the Communists? Was there any record of pro-U.S. South Vietnamese engaging in acts of terrorism against the U.S.? Of course not.
PJ Media

Liberals: Peace Through Weakness

This is what I've heard in the past few days. If we upset Islamic terrorists they will become very angry with the US and perform acts of terrorism.

Fox News just hired an Obama employee who once stated, "we need to hire terrorists so they'll like us".

Doesn't it make you want to gag? Donald Trump is doing what we asked him to do. The protesters are Georges inspired activists, Muslims and folks who bathe when water is available. Toothbrushes? Never heard of them. Clean underwear? What's that?

If you happen to be on the right side of the aisle never fear. This country is on the right tract. The Women's March, the protesting at airports over immigration, whatever, it only makes the Left look worse than possible.

Trust me, folks, we are on the right path.

Who Will Be On Bunk Bed Patrol

The Irving Texas-based Boy Scouts of America says it will allow transgender children who identify as boys to enroll in its boys-only programs.
The organization announced it had made the decision to begin basing enrollment in its boys-only programs on the gender a child or parent lists on the application to become a scout. The organization had previously held a policy that relied on the gender listed on a child's birth certificate for those programs.

"The hope is the girls aren't really hot. The boys will go crazy. Chances are though he/she will look like Rosie O'Donnell.

Benito Mussolini's Twin Attacks Trump Policies After Only Ten Days

President Obama 'is heartened by the level of engagement taking place in communities around the country,' according to a statement released by his post-presidential office.

Ten days in and Barack 'fill-in-the-blank' Obama has begun criticizing Trump's immigration policies. Go figure. Evidently, normal Americans weren't allowed to verbally attack, burn, riot after the Ft. Hood killer got off for workplace violence.

Rush got it right today. He predicted the man who loves himself the most wouldn't and couldn't go much longer without butting in. Speaking of butt---------. Oh, that isn't fair. I was going to write something about a piece of toilet paper trying to find a place to be used but it would have come out as disrespectful.

UK Daily Mail

Justin Tredeau Is So Stupid He Could Head The DNC

Two students including one of 'Moroccan origin' have been arrested for the slaughter of six people at a Quebec mosque which came a day after Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau condemned Donald Trump's controversial travel ban.
Alexandre Bissonnette, 27, and Mohamed Khadir were named by TVA as the two suspects shortly after the attack at Quebec City Islamic Cultural Center at around 8pm on Sunday night

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4170500/Five-dead-GUNMEN-open-fire-Mosque-Quebec-City.html#ixzz4XGJqAzfZ

Why The Media Is In A Thither

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Why Raincoats Aren't Yellow

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Why Don't Protesters Set Themselves On Fire

I could care less if yahoos are protesting at America's airports against the President's travel ban against Muslims from seven distinct countries. I like it. It's why the great unwashed elected him.

Did you know that of all the Syrian refugees who have come into this nation 99.5% were Muslim? What the hell happened to the Christians? Did they say, "No, I don't want to go. I'd rather stay in Agrippa and be crucified or beheaded by ISIS"?

In 2011 Obama put a six month moratorium on Muslims from Iraq coming to America. He didn't want to but a number of them, we found out, were Al-Qaeda operatives. I bet he was devastated. I mean, his own kind snuck into the country and almost got away with it.

I happened to read the Minneapolis Star Tribune today along with the Columbus Dispatch. At least one thousand strong(I didn't see one Black in the crowd-Somalians had to feel under represented) protested. One thousand? Is that the best they can do? I'd say George Soros wasted a lot of money.

Chick-fil-A gets a thousand times more that that for Saturday morning breakfast and all they offer are good cheers and the promise they won't open on Sunday because it's God's day.

I say, if you're going to have a protest do something  positive about it. Signs are meaningless. Why not set yourself or on fire?

Who Said Journalists Aren't Biased

An October study from the Center for Public Integrity found that Hillary Clinton collected 96 per cent of the money that journalists and their employers contributed to presidential candidates during the 2016 cycle.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4169248/Kellyanne-says-TV-newspapers-fire-biased-pundits.html#ixzz4XBAvFSUM

Where Were You When I Was Single


Saturday, January 28, 2017

Why Californians Appear Confused

Chief Heather Fong (left), is the first SFPD female, lesbian chief of police.
Theresa Sparks (center),  a former male, is president of the San Francisco Police Commission, CEO of a multi-million dollar sex toy retailer, and a transgender woman.
Sgt. Stephan Thorne (right), a former female, is the first transgender male SFPD police officer.
Their Representative in Congress is Nancy Pelosi.

Touche' Chelsea Handler

Chicago Play Targets Barron Trump

play scheduled to open Saturday night in Chicago targets Barron Trump, the ten-year-old son of newly sworn in President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump.
The play, titled, “Barron Trump Up Past Bedtime”, stars comedian Shannon Noll as Barron and is set for the Revival Theater in Hyde Park, the neighborhood of Trump’s predecessor former President Barack Obama. Melania Trump will also be targeted in character on stage. But the main target, of course, is President Trump.
After eight years of presidential children being off limits (to the point news articles about them disappeared after White House warnings), they are “fair game” now that a Republican is president. A headline about the play at the Chicago Reader makes that very point about young Barron Trump being “fair game”: Barron Trump is fair game in Barron Trump: Up Past Bedtime
Gateway Pundit

Nancy Pelosi Proud Of Women's Marchers

During Saturday’s Weekly Address, House Minority Leader Representative Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said, “Congratulations to the courageous organizers of the Women’s March – who enabled women and their families to demonstrate our values, our unity, and our good spirit – in crowds that dwarfed the inaugural turnout.” And vowed Democrats will stand their ground on Obamacare. From Breitbart.
So pleased to hear the embarrassing words of the Catholic Church's hypocritical member of the House of Representatives speak out for her favorite Pr0-Abortion clientele including a myriad of sluts and ho's

Fauxcahontas: Screws Over The Downtrodden

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) has failed to disclose a $1.3 million line of credit provided to her by Bank of America, the Washington Free Beacon reports:

Warren argued that financial disclosures are needed to ‘reveal potentially damaging information that may undermine fitness to serve’ and that nominees with ‘complex financial histories’ need to be ‘forthcoming and transparent.’ Warren, meanwhile, continues to skirt congressional ethics laws by failing to include a $1.3 million line of credit against her Cambridge, Massachusetts, home on financial disclosure forms.

“Another example of this shady lady in action — she claims to fight for the downtrodden, but checks the box to claim minority status, takes zero-interest loans from Harvard to buy her mansion, says in 2012 that she doesn’t own stocks, only mutual funds, claims to be the ‘intellectual mother’ of the Occupy movement until it turns into a PR disaster — is anyone suprised by this latest?” Boston talk radio king Howie Carr tells Breitbart News.

Friday, January 27, 2017

When Abortion Stopped Making Sense

Nor could we have imagined how high abortion numbers would climb. In the 43 years since Roe v. Wade, there have been 59 million abortions. It’s hard even to grasp a number that big. 

Twenty years ago, someone told me that, if the names of all those lost babies were inscribed on a wall, like the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, the wall would have to stretch for 50 miles. It’s 20 years later now, and that wall would have to stretch twice as far. But no names could be written on it; those babies had no names. 

We expected that abortion would be rare. What we didn’t realize was that, once abortion becomes available, it becomes the most attractive option for everyone around the pregnant woman. If she has an abortion, it’s like the pregnancy never existed. No one is inconvenienced.

Not until sonograms became available.

By Frederica Matthews-Green, National Review(a former pro-abortion advocate 

Thursday, January 26, 2017

It's Only A Number

Yesterday happened to be my birthday. In real years it was number seventy-one. My ex-boss, he's now eighty-one, always said, "it's only a number". He's right of course. What else could it be. But, in my analytical way of thinking my lifespan can be anything I want it to be depending on the pending situation.

If I happen to be at the top of my game; feeling good with few aches and pains I could tell people I'm sixty. Last August a lady in a grocery store told me this. I asked her if her name was Mrs. Magoo but she didn't get the joke.

Last evening I took my son-in-law and my grandson to an NHL hockey game between the Arizona Coyotes and the Vancouver Canucks. The lad is a huger than huge hockey kid and this was his first game ever in person. To say he was excited would be like asking would I like it if Shania Twain called me for a date.
The boy's excitement made feel like 35.

I'm writing this at 1 am Mountain Time. I have to awaken at 7:30 am. Trust me when I awaken number will be around 105.

Liars And Lies

Michael Moore Is Angry

Image may                                                          contain: one                                                          or more                                                          people,                                                          eyeglasses,                                                          meme and text

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Who Exactly Were The Protesting Women

I happen to be waiting for the Iowa Hawkeyes to play a basketball game on the Big Ten Network and all of a sudden it hit me. Why do leftist women think they should have so much power in the country politically, socially, environmentally and everything that goes along with it? Jane Fonda, you remember the 79 year old activist, went to New York City to protest Trump's proclamation on the northern climes about the Dakota pipeline. She flew there in her own gas guzzling jet. Yet, the hundred people who attended proclaimed her as an icon for their cause.

I happen to adore my wife. She's a women, a female, a wife, a mother. She's wonderful yet she isn't an activist of any sort and doesn't care to be. I would consider my wife an icon.

Madonna, as you know, was one of the main speakers at the anti-Trump Women's March in NYC last week. Many consider her an icon. Word to the wise. My adorable wife has never taken off her top in public and to show her breasts. They were used to nurture our children.

Donald Trump has been castigated by hundreds of thousands of women for being crude and vile because of a taped conversation he had with one Billy Bush of E Entertainment ten years ago. In Trump's defense he had no idea the tape was taking place. Basically, from what I understand, this is the reason why he's considered a no go for the office of the presidency. I find this incredulous considering he never has taken a hummer in the Oval Office or has been said about JFK, "He needed sex from someone other than his wife on a weekly basis to relieve the tension of the office" In those days the press kept secrets quiet, maybe.

Three weeks ago my wife and I entertained three couples for dinner. All of us are proclaimed Christians who follow the laws of the Ten Commandments. We all quote scripture. We love each other and we want to do what is best for our fellow man. In the course of the evening our conversation the subject of Trump's taped conversation was discussed. To a man we all said, "From our twenties to the present we would hate having our wives and children know what we have said about women in our talks about women. The embarrassment would be overwhelming. Think about it. Men can be disgusting in so many ways---when they are with men.

Men say things. It might be to prove our manhood or to make others think we're more manly than we are. We talk about sex and what we'd like to do with women. It's a man thing. If you don't understand get over it.

As for these women who did all the marching I'd like to ask them about their husbands. Are they pure? Have they ever considered an affair with another man? If Donald Trump is so disgusting why is it, and general statistics tell us so, why do so many women have sexual trysts? In Washington DC there were 500,000 women protesting the disgusting Trump(remember though, most were pro abortionists and funded by 50 George Soros organizations). It is estimated by pollsters that beginning in the 1970's, after prayer was eliminated from our schools and society, 20% of married women commit adultery. Figure it out for yourselves, thousands of these protestinf saints are shacking p with guys other than their betrothed.

So, consider the 500,000 protesting Trump in D.C. Of all the married women there 20% are adulterers.

Then I hear this: But Donald Trump has cheated on two wives to marry a third. Well, Madonna married two men and is now living with a third without taking a marital vow and she's considered an icon. Hollywood stars who have married numerous men--Ahem! Jane Fonda is thought of as an icon.

Referring once again to Zsa Zsa Gabor a Hollywood icon she was betrothed nine times and the American people fawned over her.

Who remembers Mary Magdalene? She was a prostitute who turned her life over to Jesus Christ. Why isn't she an icon. Why is Donald Trump so chastised for his beliefs? I have the easy answer. He has become anit-abortion and this irritates the godless in our society.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

A Feel Good Story You Won't Read About In The MSM

Rosalynd Harris, a waitress and professional dancer,  was left a $450 tip by Trump supporters at Busboys and Poets
Rosalynd Harris, a waitress and professional dancer,  was left a $450 tip by Trumpsupporters at Busboys and Poets
Three Trump supporters from West Texas left a 25-year-old waitress a 625 per cent tip along with a heartwarming note.
Rosalynd Harris was working at Busboys and Poets in Washington D.C. on Monday. She assumed the three men at one of her tables were likely in town for President Trump's inauguration.
She told WUSA9: 'I could tell they were from the south because they had their cowboy hats on and I was like "Oh, you're not from the city."'
Harris participated in the Women's March two days before she met the men.
The men confirmed they were in town for the inauguration. They also complimented Harris's smile and personality.
When the men left the restaurant, Harris came to their table to discover they left her a $450 tip on their $72 bill. 
Along with the gratuity, the men wrote on the receipt: 'We may come from different cultures and may disagree on certain issues, but if everyone would share their smile and kindness like your beautiful smile, our country will come together as one people.'

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4154804/Washington-D-C-waitress-receives-450-tip-kind-note.html#ixzz4WnQ72dg4

Illegal Votes: A Distinct Possibility

Somewhere between 38,000 and almost 2.8 million non-citizens voted in the 2008 elections, according to a study published in Electoral Studies journal in 2014.
Old Dominion University professors Jesse Richman and David Earnest, the study’s co-authors, concluded that “some non-citizens participate in U.S. elections, and that this participation has been large enough to change meaningful election outcomes including Electoral College votes, and Congressional elections.”
Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2017/01/24/study-claims-up-to-2-8-million-non-citizens-voted-in-2008/#ixzz4WnOZfeu7

Has Fox News Lost Their Collective Minds

State Department Airhead
Marie Harf Joins Fox News
American Thinker, by Daniel John Sobieski    Original Article
Posted By: magnante- 1/25/2017 8:18:37 AM     Post Reply
No, this is not a headline from the Onion, but rather the stark reality of the parallel universe the once hard-edge and hard news Fox News has slowly descended into. Former State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf, who earned her 15 minutes of fame by publicly claiming the best way to defeat ISIS was not to bomb them but to hire them, has signed on to be a Fox News contributor. (snip) We are not making this up. Fox News, presumably in the interests of being “fair and balanced,” has hired an Obama administration.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Hope And Change

This Is Called Either Irony Or Being Slutty

Diogene Middle Finger

The only obscene part of Trump's body is his hair.

How To Lose Your Job If You Are A Secret Service Agent

A senior U.S. Secret Service agent posted Facebook condemnations of President Trump during the past seven months, including one in which she said she wouldn't want to "take a bullet" for him.
She explained herself saying she viewed his presidential candidacy as a "disaster" for the country, and especially for women and minorities.
Kerry O'Grady, the special agent in charge of the Secret Service's Denver district, oversees coordination with Washington-based advance teams for all presidential candidate and presidential trips to the area, including all upcoming or future trips by the president, vice president or Trump administration officials.

Washington Examiner
O'Grady later took down her post and apologized. Didn't Madonna do the same? Don't all liberals say they're sorry after they've threatened a person's life? Thought so.

A Message About The Kotex Mafia

When I saw the image above I thought what a sheep, and how ignorant. Ladies, I ask you, who is telling you what you can or can't do with your Vajayjay.  You can give away, you can sell it, you can even put it on display for the entire world to see if you wish.  

But in this day and age, with all that is available to you, if you lay down and get pregnant, you've already made your "CHOICE". Believing the results of your actions (in this case your irresponsibility) and then your "CHOICE" of the most selfish one act a woman can participating in, that of killing your unborn baby, is somehow in any way the responsibility of the other 170,000,000 taxpayers to help fund it is nonsense. 

While the law of the land through a twisted interpretation of rights,  your "CHOICE" isn't entitled to have your action be funded by the government anymore then my right to self defense (firmly ensconced in the Bill of Rights - Google It) means the government help fund my weapon of choice, or to fund my Church or my Free Speech.  You conveniently blind yourself to what Planned Parenthood was organized for in the first place. It had nothing to do with womens health.

I doubt very seriously the Founders could have every envisioned a government they created participating in funding of the selfish slaughter of future generations in the name of womens health , or involvement in supporting private "killing for profit" operations.

From Diogenes Middle Finger

Obama's Most Egregious Acts Against The Military(You May Not Have Heard About)

A proposed U.S. Army handbook from 2012 ordered soldiers not to make any nasty comments about the Taliban or criticize the common practice of pedophilia in Afghanistan.

In December 2014, the Army punished Chaplain Joseph Lawhorn for listing Bible verses as an optional resource in a suicide prevention training class.

The Robins Air Force Base in Georgia banned the greeting “Have a blessed day” in March 2015 after a non-religious, anonymous airman bitterly complained that the greeting made him feel as though he was supposed to believe that a higher power affected the course of his day. 

In April 2015, Army ROTC cadets at Arizona State University said they were pressured by leadership to walk around in bright red high heels as part of the university’s “Walk A Mile In Her Shoes” event. The event was intended to raise awareness about sexual violence faced by women.

Again in April 2015, The Daily Caller broke the story that a Department of Defense-approved training course referred to the U.S. Constitution, the Declaration of Independence and the Bible as “historical influences that allow sexism to continue.” This presentation was created by the Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute.

The Daily Caller News Foundation exclusively reported in November 2016 that a training lesson on domestic violence in the Navy stated that abusers use male privilege by “insisting on traditional gender roles.”

Navy chaplain Wes Modder, who retired in 2016, declared in an interview as he was leaving that the military has become openly hostile to Christianity, and his own experience bears witness to this fact.
“If you’re a Christian and you come into the military today, it’s going to be difficult for you,” Modder said.
The Navy tried to fire Modder after a gay activist officer tried to bait him into answering controversial questions on homosexuality and same-sex marriage. After answering from a Biblical perspective, the Navy removed Modder from duties. It was only when Modder contacted the legal defense group First Liberty that he was able to retire without trouble.

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